Would You Wear Your Underwear More Than Once?

the following program contains mature subject matter viewer discretion is advised it's time to get serious laundry it might not be your favorite chore but we all have to do it a new study suggests you may need to do it more often because 1 in 5 people wear their underwear at least twice before washing joining us now is the author of the penis book urologist dr.

Aaron Spitz full disclosure ok it is laundry day in my household so I'm going commando just it sounds like you need a little more underwear and your Quivers so you so 31 percent of men and 10 percent of women wear their underwear two or more times before washing about 1 out of 3 people happily that number would be higher honestly I think they're only getting about half the use out of it right like you you rotate then you inside out then you rotate 24 hours number two is the bodily fluid rule that if if you've gotten bodily fluids whether it be 1 2 or 3 that time to change both sexes Oh vaccine your boxers I'm feel like if you have such them put your underwear on without you haven't totally everybody's grandma told them like you have to change your underwear because if you get in a car accident [Applause] clapping out there women we I don't think we met think about that like I'm sorry you're gonna check my underwear actually warrants somebody else's dirty underwear no boys in my house they're all my size and you know I ran out I grabbed somebody else has turned out he had already worn it it was I think that if you sweat you should be maybe number four if you sweat and you have in your underwear is drenched it's time it's time to switch I agree if there's skid marks yes yes you're right about okay after sex probably all these things really what I will say if I may is there are now all these highly technical fibers used in underwear and there are actually some underwears now that are designed for trekking and backpacking and when I biked across the country and it was a 45 day trip this is 20-some odd years ago I had two pairs of underwear for the whole trip and I was washing them in creeks and because that's just a reality it's not as though just if you just wear a pair of highly technical all say boxer briefs that are breathable the truth is if you're not doing any of the things I mentioned like sweating profusely in them they are fine to wear for a couple days if you need you but we act honestly we act like if you ever wear your underwear more than 24 hours that you're the most disgusting person on earth and if you have yourself if yeah like it's not like something that happens at the 24 hour mark for women have vaginal discharge the area can get warm and moist it's a good environment for these ladies I suggest you change your underwear yes less than a doctor needle the thing is I mean not every but is you know as healthy and pristine as you and there are some guys out there who actually have fungal infections right now who have some kind of a bacterial infection going on right now and for those guys if they want to get rid of that infection they are gonna have to use clean underwear every time it gets moist or everyday and they're gonna have to use an antifungal and they're gonna have to keep that regimen up for a good solid two weeks to actually eliminate that we all agree that in general look obviously probably best idea to have fresh underwear every day but I think more importantly is not enough people wear breathable underwear yeah treat it like a good fine Cabernet Sauvignon let it breathe these compression shorts right everybody's wearing these compression shorts and and you know people are kind of proud to show themselves off of it but if it's too tight not only does it an even more intensely good environment for the bad bugs but you can get some skin breakdown and then those bugs can actually truly infect you easier so yeah laughs and breathe we did do a little poll to see if our viewers are guilty of this dirty deed we ask them whether or not they go without washing their underwear 10, 000 answered 42 percent admitted they've worn their underwear longer than a day honest Rach do you buy fruit of them you know what we have an honest crew let it breathe if you have a lot of moisture down there wash your underwear keep things dry certainly if you're worried you have an infection at that point in time it's probably worth talking you.