Women Try Identifying Men's Underwear | Ft. Aakansha & Arushi | Ok Tested

Hope these are not already worn briefs from everyone's homes.

My hand inside it is feeling really weird.

It looks like it's been knitted by grandma okay.

They pocket with like buttons over here! It's quite open from the back.

This is sexy!! “chadi jawani meri chaal mastani” Today we are going to do some bad talks.

Today we are going to talk about some intimate stuff.



We are going down.





So basically today we're gonna be guessing .


or identifying men's underwear.

Have you ever like.



been with a man.


and wondered.


what style of brief is he wearing? That's like wonderwear not underwear.

Whose's interested in the packaging? It's the product one is interested in.


I have only seen it while I have to not see it later.


It's just for two minutes that we get a glance at it usually.

We will see the face or the underwear lying down? Men have a similar relationship with their crotch.


Just like we have with our boobs.

When they not give it proper.



lift or support.



It will bounce around.

I feel like Akanksha and Arushi are married and.


They have seen more of life than we have.


So obviously they will be able to guess more.

They might have more knowledge on this.

Men actually have their set type of undies.

They wear only one or two type.

And beyond that you don'y get to know.

Even if you go and buy.

You just know it at the first sight.

I guess boxers are the all time famous.

I have also worn boxers.

They are extremely comfortable.

So one of my cousin plays cricket okay.

So he has like L guards and all.

We had gone to his place for dinner.

So one of my other cousin's kid He picked up that L guard of all things.

And he is like see a mask to wear in Delhi!! N95!! Oh my best friend really says that.


I asked him.


cause he plays football.

So he said boxers aew the best to wear while playing football.

Because brief seems very tight.

The air can't even pass.

“Bring in the kachas bro!!!” We are not just Kapoor and Pushp.

We are also ready.

I have seen this.

Everyone has seen this.

The first thing me and Arushi noticed.



was the ass.

They pocket with like buttons over here! But what's the purpose ? There's a di*k hole here.


Mystery of my life is solved.

So many people pee outside you know.

So I thought if they do it like this.


then they will get butt naked.

But no! They have a pocket over here.

That's why they go around peeingEVERYWHERE (Both) If this will not be available only then the public urination will stop.

One should stop making these.

When they will have to try the other way round .

Only then they will stop urinating in public.

Anyway this is not a pocket.

This is a fly.

And the pocket is here.

but what the purpose?! In men's normal clothes the pocket aren't there.

And the boxers have it? What does this mean? What is this? We don't have money to carry.

We are women.

What will we do with pockets? We don't have money with us right? What's the point of giving us pockets? Their briefs have pockets man.

I think it's designed in such a way.

That you can wear them in home as well.

I will roam around in these in summers.

As shorts right? We can use these as pajamas at night.

When you have to sleep.

We literally not second guessing.

It's boxers.

It is established Boxers.

(Both) Dude my butt is hurting looking at this okay.

Look at it's back side!!! OH MY GOD! What is this? That's basically what a thong does.

This is a thong.

How can someone wear these!? Do you guys also worry about panty lines? Wait, wait , wait, wait.

I am so confused.

Is it thong or what? Is it thong or is it just v shaped brief? No it's not v shaped brief.

Why have I not seen anyone wear this ? If I had seen someone wearing this.


That would have been so traumatic for me.


That maybe my brain has erased the memory.

So I can't think of it.

Honestly I have never come across anyone.

Who's worn this.

In real life.

And I think it wouldn't be comfortable also.

Because it is so fu*king tight.

It's like what we do to our bra straps.

In my experience of thongs.

This looks is very uncomfortable .

specially from the back area.



the crack.

It's gonna itch like a bitch.

I think this is a thong.

It looks super uncomfortable.

It feels weird looking at it.

I think it's a jockstrap.

Used by sports people.

So again their babies don't go around.

This is my favorite kind of men's underwear.

Cause it's also comfy and gives you a shape.

This looks very comfortable.

Because this seems to give very cosy kind of feeling .

That everything is safe.

It's perfect.

Why do they have such bright belts? I think this is the one that upper waist kind.

I don't understand We are told not to show stuff like these.

And they are asked to show? Exactly !What the f*ck? So this is trunk.

Right? No man.

I am a little confused Because.



These are briefs.

Do you think these are trunks? Let's see it from front.

This has no access dude One can't pee.

Then it's good no.

He's a decent guy.

He will use the washroom.

This is a trunk.

No man .


these are briefs.



This is a trunk.

Aren't trunks higher than this? Yes, I guess so.

I would like to apologize to all the men.

I have underestimated.

By not looking at their underwear.

Exactly Let's go with trunks.

Then if it's wrong.

I guess I will say.


I told you so.

These are boxer briefs.

Next one please.

This is niceeeeee.

Look at this.




this is so transparent.

It's making me really uncomfortable.

This actually look nice.

And they are hot also.

They seem comfortable.

It can be worn under skinny jeans.

This is really stretchy.

Where ever this swimming competition is happening.



I would like to go.

I know right.

This is good for the swimmers.


like the whole man.

But not good for the swimmers inside.

This is really tight.

(Both) It's tight from the thigh region and from here also.

I think the last one was a little longer.

And had more breathing space.

When is the next Olympic? I want to see the swimming event.

Will have to see.

This is brief.

100%? Yes, this is brief.

This is brief.

I think these are trunks.

Shall we go on to the next one? OOOOH DAYUM! I' am sexy and I know it' Okay now I am freaking confused.

because I have said thongs for the other one.

And this also looks like thong.

What kind of joke is this? They have turned it into panty! These are for women! What is this then? I don't know.

Do you know any other names also? I don't even know those man.

I know g string.

But this is not g string.

Now I realize how my husband is not.



experimental with underwears.


It looks very uncomfortable.

Also the material looks like the one for swimming trunks.

The elastic seems very loose man.

This will slip.

When you will dive the underwear would be somewhere else.

And you will be in water.

This must be a gym supporter kind.





I think so I don't know the name.



But it looks like that.

These are not brief because brief would have .


like a band here.

I think we're gonna go with 'swimming chaddi' 'Swim chads' Swimming briefs in a way.



(Both) WOOOOH! This is sexy! Okay from the front it looks like normal.




Like regular .


boy next door.

From the back it's like Christian grey! It's definitely not something to do with kink.

Because the fabric is practical.

I have seen women who had something like these.

Basically what is does is that it gives support from the bottom.

So that that the butt.


Becomes a little lifted.

This is like wearing underwire bra.

Do men worry about their bum? I am guessing so If anyone is suffering from loose motions.


this is easy.

This is perfect to use for loo in villages.

You don't have to put in much efforts.

Phew! Have you seen Munna bhai MBBS? Complete open from back.

This is a jockstrap.

(Both) So you apparently wear this.


when you take part in any physical activity or sports.

How does the back of a jockstrap look like? I haven't seen it.

So we will go for jockstrap for this .


and we would like to change the answer for the previous one.

Thongs!that could be thongs.

Next Level! This looks familiar.

This is the worst ever that I have seen.

This is the uncle kind brief.

Yes, because it's covering to much of the bum.

I think this is the most common one.

This is the everyday kind.

And the material is also good.

This is very common.

A lot of people wear it.

Although I have never been with anyone who's worn this.

No I have.

NO!Not like I have not dated.

This could also be a great women's underwear.

A nice place to put in your sanitary pads.

But it looks comfortable So I can imagine why guys would wear it.

I like these.



thick straps.



in men's underwear.

You know it gives so much support.

This is v shaped.

Low rise briefs.

This is not an underwear.

You can plant a money plant in it though.

Hey! g string is here!!! It's like a really small backpack.

This is mankini.

I can put it here at side and put some money in it.

And just go to get vegetables.

EWW I would gift this to my husband to save him from Delhi pollution.

That is it.

Mankini puppet.

'Do you find me sexy?' EWW I don't think this can hold the person.


I mean the person's goods.

It's called a Mankini.

of course you wear it on a beach and all.

Just to hide the crotch area and still.


reveal so much.

This is called a Mankini.

Bring on the next one.

What is this bag? Little pouch.

Oh my god this is like those old kind mom's bag.

Used in old times.

For putting coins in it.

It looks like it's been knitted by grandma okay Sitting to knit and saying.



This is really cool.

I can wear it.

What are you going to put in it Sadhika? This is like ballet socks.

So am just imagining that how do you wear it.

This is the whole unit.


you put it in like this.


and tie it up.

It's better to put a sock then! What the f*ck! It's written L on it.

Is there any smaller size than this? It's a strapless d*ck pouch.

(Both) This is our medal.

Thank you! We already knew.

That we won't be able to guess more.

It's fine But we learnt new things.

It kind of unsettling how much we know about men's underwear.

It's been a good experience.

Informative experience.

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