What Your Underwear Says About Your Personality Type

What Your Underwear Says About Your PersonalityType Fashion has long been a big part of people’slives throughout history.

It was back in 1926 when economist George Taylor showcased somethingcalled the Hemline Index.

It revealed that when a country was about to enter into a recession, women were more likely to wear longer dresses whereas during times of prosperity the hemlineson dresses would be reduced.

But what we wear under our clothes is justas integral to our personalities as our outerwear.

Whether it be a pair of boy shorts, or a thong, or some ‘granny panties, ’ here are things that your underwear reveals about your personality.

Here are ten of the most common types of underwearout there.

Pick one that you wear on the most regular basis and see if it matches with yourmost dominant personality traits.

Before we begin this video, don’t forgetto subscribe to our channel for more daily tips like this and turn on notifications soyou never miss our new videos! The t string.

The T-string is a scandalouspiece of underwear that is usually reserved for those who are extremely comfortable intheir own skin.

People who regularly wear this form of underwear are confident, independentand not shy to show off what they have.

There are studies to support this conclusion.

For example, in 2005 a study conducted byJoseph Benz at the University of Nebraska found that men were more likely to exaggeratetheir financial independence and willingness to commit while women were more likely tobe deceptive in regards to their body image.

This meant that men were more likely to dressin a way that accentuated their wealth or status while women would dress in a mannerthat showed off their physique.

The g string.

The G-string is similar to theT-string but the characteristics differ.

Someone who regularly wears a G-string is usuallya person who can balance work and pleasure with ease.

These types of people are comfortablein their own skin but also willing to reveals parts of themselves both physically and mentally.

Thongs are generally reserved for those whoare ambitious, motivated and driven to succeed.

Discomfort and being out of your comfort zoneisn’t something that really bothers them and their motivation to reach their goalscannot only define them as a person but also inspire others as well.

If you wear a g stringyou are probably comfortable with your body and your sexuality, and love stepping outsideof your comfort zone.

You thrive off of excitement and adventure and aren’t ashamed to be whoyou are! Keep watching til the very end, because afterwe tell you about what your underwear reveals about your personality, we’ll give you alittle test that can reveal even more about your personality! The tanga: In 2010, a study was conductedto identify which colors were deemed more desirable and attractive by the opposite sex.

The researchers found that wearing red clothes resulted in a higher rating of attractivenessby the opposite sex as opposed to wearing other colors.

The tanga is a type of underwearthat is usually preferred by those people who are traditional in nature but progressivein thoughts.

They can enjoy the simple things in life but they also require their closecircle of friends to be open-minded and current.

People who wear red tangas, in particular, are usually seen as more attractive by the opposite sex.

The bikini.

The bikini is usually worn bywomen who are outdoorsy, athletic, and sporty.

These underwear are usually worn by womenwho are extremely comfortable with their own bodies and they can also be playful and sexybut can be serious and practical as well.


The cheeky underwear is usually wornby people who are cheeky as well.

These people tend to be alert, smart, witty and funny.

They are quick to respond to a joke or a jest and love to be playful and charming.

In astudy conducted by Timothy Brown and other researchers at the Department of Psychologyat Old Dominion University, they found that posture and the way people moved could greatlyaffect people’s judgment of their attractiveness.

The study found that males who wore tightfitting clothes ranked higher on the perception of masculinity than those who wore baggierclothes.

Hipster underwear.

Hipster underwear?! Isthat actually a thing? Well, it sure is, and people who wear hipster underwear tend tokeep to themselves but don’t necessarily avoid social contact.

They are usually markedby a multitude of layers of personality.

The “hipster” underwear is a cross betweenshorts and underwear.

These are usually worn by people who are reclusive and quiet.

Justwhen you think you know who they are they surprise you with another layer of their personalities.

Boy shorts.

Boy shorts are usually worn bythose with an outgoing personality and those who are sporty and athletic.

These peopleare usually outgoing and charming and love to engage in outdoor activities.

In a 1982study conducted by Solomon and Schopler, they found that men were actually more self-consciousthan females when it came to personal dress sense and how the public viewed them.

Classic Briefs.

The classic briefs.

If theseclassics are your preferred form of underwear then most likely you are someone who caresabout practicality and comfort over aesthetics and appearances.

You are also someone whocan remain calm in a difficult situation and will think of solutions rather than panicking.

High waisted underwear.

The high waisted underwearis for those who are easy going and fun loving.

They don’t really care much for other people’sopinions but they have the innate ability to comfort and make those around them feelmuch better.

Now that you know what your underwear canreveal about your personality, here’s an extra test that will tell you even more aboutyour personality! What you see in these next pictures can say a lot about personality types! What animal are you most like?To determineyour personality, just take a quick glance at the image and see which animal jumps outat you first.

The first animal you see might say a lot about what you are like as a person.

Whichever one stands out to you the most isthe one that says the most about your personality.

Here is the image.

Look at it very quicklyand see which animal stands out to you the most.

Alright, you’ve seen the picture, and nowthe big question: which animal did you see first? What type of person are you really? Butterfly: If you saw the butterfly first, then you are the kind of person who is comfortable with change.

You are flexible, adaptable, and transformative.

Crab: Like the crustacean, you have a hardexterior that is difficult to break through, but on the inside, you are soft, caring, andloyal to a fault.

Dog: The canine qualities you possess makeyou loyal, selfless, and brave.

You are willing to stand up for the people you love and willalways be by their side.

Dove: Like the universal symbol of peace, if you saw the dove first, you are calm, peaceful and full of love.

You are nurturing and wishto care for others.

Hawk: if the hawk was the first animal yousaw, it means that you are focused, driven and rigid, much like the predator of the skies.

Praying Mantis: Like the mantis, you are patient, and also a master of your domain.

You have strong guiding principles, and you trust yourselfmore than anything.

Rooster: If this was the first animal yousaw, then you are persistent and tough.

You don’t let anything stand in your way, andwill work hard toward your goals.

Stallion: You are wild, free, and ambitious.

You are not afraid to put the work in for what you want.

You are also not afraid tofight for what you believe in.

Wolf: Fierce and fearless, you have a personalitythat stands out, even in a crowd.

Like the wolf, you can walk alone or in a pack.

So, did we get it right about your personalitytype? What is your personality type? Let us know in the comments section below! Enjoyed this video? Hit the like button andsubscribe to our channel for more videos like this! Thanks for watching!.