Underwear for Hikers/Backpackers stay tune for the BIG reveal!

senior hiker 77 I'm here with a anothershort video that I thought might interest some of my viewers andbackpackers and hikers it has to do with underwear I was searching YouTube tryingto find some videos on underwear specifically directed towardshikers and backpackers now I did find a lot of videos but there was mostly ofyoung men in just their skivvies and I didn't see a lot on backpacking orhiking I do think I can save you some money because I found two pair twodifferent manufacturers that made underwear that seemed to be specificallyfor hikers backpackers and outdoors people now one of them the name isex-officio and I'm gonna spell it for you because the first time I heard thatname I couldn't get my mind around ex-officio but it's spelled Exofficioand they make on undergarments a quite nice company and let me stepback and demonstrate what i'm talking about it i have to step back so you cansee the whole display now I've got my leggins onbecause I gonna save you from the scene of my spindly snow-white legs thathadn't seen a ray of Sun in at least fifty years so I've got my leggings onbut on top of the leggings I do have a pair of ex-officio underwear now theseare became became my go-to underwear for hiking now I prefer this particularstyle which is boxer briefs with a nine inch inseam now I like the 9 inchinseam because it just it just feels like an extra layer of skin and if youhave any issues with chafing down into crotch area then this seems to reduce thefriction anyway it works fine for me but now what's so good about him I looked attheir website they said it was 45% cotton and then there was infused withsomething Jade and they in some spandex but anyway it doesn't feel like cottonand it actually feels nice against your skin and it's it's stretchable and moveswith you when you hike and walk but the big thing that I think is most importantis you you know even the through hikers they don't need the two pair of theseunderwear because you can take them off they're not transparent but you holdthem up to the light you can see through them they thin but you can hand wash them shake them out and put them back on or worst case scenario you canput them in your pack towel and twist and twist dry and put them back onthat's the great thing about them now the only the only negative thing andit's a big one and that's the cost of them these this is a solid color theystart at $20 a pair if you want the fancy ones with prints and designs theygo up to $35 a pair which is a deal-breaker for a lot of people it wasfor me for a long long time to finally I managed to get two pair and that'smainly what I use when I hike until recently now the way you're gonna savemoney as I'm gonna take these down looks funny but I'm gonna introduce you tothese which is Fruit of the Loom they sold at Walmart and everything Isaid all accolades about the ex officios this fruited alone loom it's a microstretch and I'll put a link down in the description box in case you want to goto it but they come in a five pack and a three pack I've got two five packs whichgives me ten underwear but it's it's a polyester / spandex blend and it feelsgood in fact all the accolades for the ex-officio would apply to this you cannow this has the long the long legs also which I really like and the friction iseverything is now here's the best part about it thefive pack is $17.

50 for five which if my division is right that's three dollarsand fifty cents a pair now it's getting down to where we can afford them rightbut anyway I just wanted to introduce you to something case the ex-officio wasa little bit out of range but I've got to where now I bought two packs of thesethis has become my everyday underwear not just for hiking now I guess that'sall I had to reveal today but I guess I have a I have a I have a big reveal andI'm not so big reveal should have said small reveal I washoping it'd be a little cooler so I could blame it on the weather but that'sthe way it is thanks for watching you.