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what's up since TV today we're gonna talk about underwear now today's underwear comes in all kinds of different shapes and cuts and sizes and colors and materials there's just so many different ones out there and if your underwear uncomfortable you're definitely wearing the wrong ones if your underwear

too tight they can be really painful and cut off the circulation down there and if they're too loose and baggy well they just bunch up and you're constantly pulling them and tugging on them and trying to get him in the right place and they're just just so uncomfortable

ditch the underwear and go commando but that comes with its own set of problems too so finding the right pair of underwear the right fit the right cut for you is crucial because when you have the right underwear it can definitely prevent so many problems the first one

that comes to mind is chafing if you've got jeans on and something that's not the most comfortable material rubbing up against you it's really uncomfortable and can really really shape you down there and not to mention underwear can definitely prevent jock itch so you're not sweating and rubbing

your thighs together and it's just you don't want to swampy mess down there another benefit is as you can see behind me I live in Las Vegas and it's hot it's summertime and it's a hundred and ten degrees pretty much every day so you walk outside and you're

sweating I don't care who you are so you don't want sweat stains or you know wet stains on your pants that's just gross nobody wants to walk around like that not to mention if you go commando you don't wanna be flashing people for me if I go commando

you could pretty much see everything there's like nothing to hide and when I go through the airport security lines it always goes off for my junk I have to wear underwear going through the security line which is pretty embarrassing in the TSA line if they ask you if

you want to go to a private place or you're curled just doing it right there and I'm like whatever just do it right here I don't care they Pat you down right in front and it's it's kind of embarrassed but whatever and also guys have you ever up

your pants and without underwear on and got a little bit of skin stuck in there oh that's painful it's definitely happened to me a couple of times and I never want it to happen again today I've got something special for you guys I've got an unboxing video for

you guys now I know what's in this box but you guys don't well of course unless you've read the title and looked at the thumbnail but that's because this box is super discreet it doesn't say anything on it or who it's from just my dress which I scratched

out of course it doesn't say anything about underwear being in here shit I told you guys what was in it oh well let's open it if you're just here for the underwear modeling portion of the video stay tuned locals on the inside by the way guys this video

was sponsored by the underwear experts they deliver really cool stylish underwear how it works is you choose however many pairs you want one two or three and how often you want them every one two or three months their website is really cool you can pick whichever pairs you

want or you could just be surprised and have them send you whatever they want I went ahead and pick mine though because I'm pretty particular of what I put around my junk it's a valuable commodity for me plus they cater to your waist size so instead of a

small medium large extra large they send based on your waist size because some brands can run larger and some smaller you know depending on the brand depending on the cub depending on where they're made just how it is so they send it based on your waist size so

they're always gonna fit and plus you can change anything at any time they've got awesome customer service all right I'm not gonna bullshit anymore I know you guys are just waiting to see the underwear and waiting for me to try them on so let's do it let's see

what's in the box welcome to the underwear expert Club you're gonna love your new undies let's see what we got these are really awesome they feel super comfortable Wow what material is that you guys feel that made in Los Angeles that's pretty cool by a company Marco Marco

it looks like definitely the first pink pair of Underwood [Music] cool pattern I like it by two exists obviously like those a lot these ones are definitely a little bit out of my comfort zone but maybe I'll love them as you can see they're made by a pump

and they're really thin and actually like I said they do it by your weight size not necessarily small medium large so let's see these are larges these are mediums these guys are mediums too now these are more my style but you can get any kind of underwear you

want on underwear experts briefs boxer briefs trunks jockstrap thongs that's right any kind of underwear it's just to show you have a surprise fourth pair [Music] I gotta say I've never worn anything like this maybe a jockstrap when I was playing baseball at football when I was younger

blood um yeah look sure I'll be able to try these guys on for you but which parent you guys want to see me try out first let's do this pair all right really like this pair a lot they're super comfortable fit my junk really well and I don't

know I just love them they're probably gonna be one of my new favorite pair of underwear all right which one's next I'll make it a surprise [Music] all right those ones are super comfortable too I love the pattern on these and it's even got a little junk holder

so your junks not all over the place all right you already know which ones I'm gonna try on next so let's do [Music] now these ones are definitely a little bit out of my comfort zone but they're still really comfortable and I definitely have some uses for these

all right Thank You underwear experts I mean all of these are great as super good quality I mean they're all really cool underwear boxers briefs whatever you want to call them they gave me a coupon code for you guys for fifty five percent off your first month's order

so you really can't not order them for that I mean that's a great deal all right guys click on the link down below and use code sins TV to get fifty five percent off your first month's order because what guy doesn't need new underwear seriously I definitely need

some so this is great thank you for watching since TV Thank You underwear experts for sponsoring this video and don't forget to like this video subscribe to sins TV ring the notification bell and share this channel alright thank you guys I'll see you next time