top ten sexy movie underwear scenes these guys and gals look great my wife I mean she's just a cheap stripper David nice in regular clothing and even better without it welcome to our Channel and today we are counting down our picks for the top ten sexy movie underwear

scenes for this list we have looked at big screen scenes during which a character is underwear clad and we have ranked the sexiest although for this countdown anything sharp on you that I can stick myself with number 10 Salma Hayek Dogma 1999 a little retro new addition serves

as the soundtrack to this pseudo strip scene brought to us by Salma Hayek with her pale pink undies librarian glasses pigtails and bubblegum hey accounts is around the stage pitting one group of slack-jawed spectators against the other to see which will get her full attention in this case

it may be more about what you [Music] number nine Halle Berry swordfish 2001 Halle Berry was about as big a movie star as was walking this planet you don't like the situation she also happened to be one of the hottest women in Hollywood so when news broke that

she would be stripping off for swordfish the anticipation levels were ludicrous and we were not disappointed we are with Hugh Jackman as he voyeuristically walks into Barry bedroom and the gun in her hand does little to avert our gaze Jackman might be more concerned about the wire but

we see little bit lingerie and loveliness number 8 Liv Tyler Empire Records 1995 [Music] as if the schoolgirls skirt midriff top and solo dancing were not sexy enough Cory gets the chance of a lifetime when the former pop star she'd had been crushing on since her youth visits

Joe I have to bring Rex his lunch Berko is Joe I need to bring him his lunch Berko is Empire Records desperate for him to see her as more than a young groupie this overachiever pulls out all the stops you're sweet clearly unfazed by the half-naked girl in

front of him number seven Jessica Biel I now pronounce you chuck and Larry 2007 [Music] really what are you doing there when Adam Sandler read the script for this one he must have thought that Christmas had come early you could be the best body I've ever seen in

my life along with his birthday Thanksgiving the fourth of July and any other festival you can think of the scene begins with Jessica Biel's barely closed behind and it ends with her natural breasts horace sandler describes then her bodacious bahamas mamas if anything is a recipe for sexy

success then this is it by the way I mean nobody thinks they are everyone thinks they're fake but they are real we're sure the life of an actor can have its testing times number six Jamie Lee Curtis True Lies 1994 Mustard's West down slowly Jamie Lee Curtis wants

to feel more alive and her quest for excitement leads her here Arnold Schwarzenegger is her husband but she does not know it is he who sits before her [Music] it is a complicated trail of titular True Lies but we will worry about the complicated storyline when the strip

scene is over shall we Lee Curtis is a little awkward a little nervous [Music] number five margot robbie the wolf of wallstreet 2013 my wife naomi the Duchess of Bay Ridge Brooklyn the beginning of wolf of Wall Street involves Jordan Belfort trying to make you jealous of his

lavish lifestyle and all the cool shit he has and he wastes no no no no no my Ferrari was white like Don Johnson's and Miami Vice not ready time before he starts bragging about his wife played by Margot Robbie naomi is a blonde bombshell in every sense of

the term and she shows off her assets the one with my kind of mouth in the Ferrari so put your dick back in your pants