Stalking wild boar in your underwear

[Music] Max Götzfried is not a traditional stalker- the self-confessed crazy German stalks wild boar in his pants at night.

So this is what I wear when I go normal hunting.

When I go boar hunting this is what I wear, or what I don't wear.

To find out if there's method in his madnesswe are in central Germany just a few miles south of Frankfurt at his hunting ground.

He has thousands of acres to protect and if he doesn't manage it properly he faces massivefines.

If they don't come to me.

I have to go tothem.

Max shows Dom where they will be stalkingtonight.

There is plenty of damage and evidence of boar.



but how do you get to them? We will simply heat our steak over there, drop our trousers there and walk towards the wild boar.

For a clean shot and accurate identification, Max needs to leave the high seat and get into the long rye crop.

How do you rate this experience of stalkinginto a few yards from wild boar, barefoot, bare arsed naked maybe.

How does it rate foryou? It has been absolutely my favourite, becauseit is so much tension, you have to react on there, you have to prove that you have a lotof instincts.

You have to predict where they are going next, if they move into the field.

You have to look at the winds.

Sometimes you don't see anything and have them all aroundyou.

It is like you are standing in the group actually, one metre there, two metres there, three metres there and the big sow is chewing there, but of course you don't want to shootthe mother because then it is just woooer.



It is not easy and that is the tension.

Itis absolutely perfect.

I am very excited about the prospect of comingand joining you, but if you think I am crawling along a tractor wheeling when you haven'tgot any trousers on, I think we are going to have to have a discussion about that.

Well the thing is you will have to take offyour trousers as well.

There is no chance about it.

We don't have otters like you, nosnakes.

The one hedgehog maybe.

I will be in front I will cover you.

For me hunting wild boar is probably my favouriteshooting sport.

Absolutely love them as a quarry and lucky to get the opportunity tohunt them in the UK quite a bit under the moon.

I have also had the privilege of doinga driven hunt in Germany and also stalked them in the hills in Croatia.

But the soundof this and the opportunity to stalk so close to them at night just sounds like the mostexciting way to go hunting and with the exception of having to drop my trousers in a pub carpark I cannot wait.

We originally sold Dom on the idea that wewere out here to film barefoot stalking, which was bad enough, so to get him to strip offMax needs to convince him that it's all for a good cause.

So what we are going to do is put Max's claimabout silent stalking to the microphone test.

It is not just the difference in volume Max.

There is a big difference in the terms of sensitivity when you are wearing socks.

Yes of course because with your shoe you won'tfeel anything you will just smash it.

If you go in your barefoot you will feel somethingand you can avoid an obstacle then.

With trousers, skin is not as loud as any kind of textile.

So there is a lot of difference to that as well.

Dom needs a drink.

Handily enough, 200 yardsfrom where we will be stalking is a beer garden.

The noise of the pub is an advantage.

Maxuses whatever sound cover is on offer: a passing car, an aeroplane over head.

They all presentan opportunity to take a few steps closer to the boar.

And presumably if there is a large numberthat is easier for you to get close than if there is one on its own.

Yes of course because a single wild boar knowsthat it doesn't do any more noise than itself.

If there is a group and there is some noiseover there they will think it is a brother or sister.

A single wild boar is always verydifficult to stalk because he has ears.

They don't see very well but they have got earsand they will smell you and it is difficult.

With the darkness upon us, the time has arrivedfor the stalking and disrobing.

I hate you David.

But in all honesty, straightaway, having socks instead of shoes, you can feel the ground so much better.

David the camera man heads up to the high-seatto get an overview of events.

Max and Dom stalk the crop.

Both Max and Dom have Zeiss Victory nightvision kit to spot the animals.

Hunting with night vision riflescopes is not allowed inGermany, so Max has a traditonal scope on the rifle.

More about that later.

It's exciting for all concerned but even thoughthey get within feet of the boar there's just too much crop.

The wind and rain would normallyhave knocked over more of the standing crop by now, offering more shooting chances.

It is like being at a feast with Jabba theHutt, you can hear chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp all around.

You can see the corn moving throughthe night vision, but you couldn't actually see the animals.

I think whether the windwas swirling every now and then and you could hear a warning blow where they knew somethingwasn't right.

Then of course we got very, very close but I think they just weren't confidentenough to come out into the clearings, but as you can tell Max is on a mission to goto another area so we best go.

The other spots offer nothing so we get somewell earned rest before more reconnaissance work.

Max is happy there are boar on this farmlandtoo.

He has shot them close to here before.

A close inspection shows there is activity, plus there is a track leading to the crop and the woods behind.

Max explains to Dom just what kit he needsto do his job effectively.

In order really to say what animal is in frontof me if it is a sow or if it is a male or a piglet or not, I usually take a night visionas well not on a scope.

It is not allowed in Germany.

But in the normal observationoptics and that helps a lot.

It really helps you to see that this is something I can shoot, or I don't want, or not allowed to shoot.

It has to be easy to handle, it has to beeasy to carry in weight and very importantly it has to be only one eye, because it is artificiallight in it so when you look through it you will be totally blinded.

So it is importantto have only one eye and to have to do it on your not shooting eye.

Because then ifyou go into the scope and do your shooting eye you will be totally blind.

So there isno use in that.

So you need a single one and you need to do it on your non shooting eye.

So it is day two of the big boar hunt andwe are about to set out on second hunt and as you can see it is a beautiful evening, still.

It has been a warm day and we are quite optimistic.

We got very, very close to theboar last night, but without any success.

We have come to scout some different groundtoday.

We have got some good intelligence to suggest that there is boar activity inthis area at the moment.

So yes we are very hopeful and I know Max can't wait to get histrousers off.

And you? Not so keen.

Tonight Dom is taking a back seat and ourcameraman heads off with the crazy German.

Now and again, we have to knock out our brightIR light to stop interferring with the Zeiss.

In the darkness we can hear the boar moving.

It's a thrilling hunting experience ending with another close call.

It is getting windy and it tried to smellwhat was in front of it.

That is what hunting is like you are not always successful.

We return to the pub car park with a backbeatof soft rock.

This time, we're all scantily clad and get within just a few feet from aboar.

You can hear the Jabba the Hutt chewing sound, just as Dom describes.

We can alsosee the crop moving, but there's no shot.

It's just one animal.

We have to move backwardsto avoid it winding us.

The chewing stops and we manage to get the camera on our boarjust as it dives for cover.

Max was clearly too interested in listening to Whitesnake, and our chance is lost.

I actually heard her come out I actually spottedher with my night vision and actually put a finger in my ear expecting to hear a shotfrom Max, but when I glanced across he obviously hadn't actually seen her.

When I went to tryand let him know with a little tzzzz.





Because we were so close that was enough tosend her scurrying off.

So a fleeting glimpse is all we have had.

So proof that the stalkingmethods work.

We got so close again.

But when the crop is like this and you are stalkingindividual animals it feels like you are attempting the impossible, but we gave it a shot andwe have got a couple more places to check tonight fingers crossed but it is last chancesaloon.

With dawn on our heels we split up – Thistime we keep our distance as Max heads into a much shorter wheat crop.

He's spots a singleyoung female – and shoots.

The boar is hit but heads into thick cover.

It means Max putson more clothing than we ever knew he owned.

Filou tracks the boar though the wood and70 yards in Max shoots when the chance presents itself.

Spot what the camera is probably telling younow it is very close to dawn so it really was our last chance to get something and afterwhat can only be described as an eventful weekend we have finally managed to get a wildboar and I think Max has probably earned it he has put in some serious graft and someserious miles in his pink socks and he has introduced us to a whole new way of stalkingand I know that I will certainly go away with a few ideas to think about next time I go, perhaps a few new techniques to use whether or not it will result in stalking in my underpantsin the future I wouldn't have thought so.

I think the British countryside is prettysafe.

In terms of how to move quietly, in terms of how to listen more intently it hasbeen an indication and I am pleased for Max and I am pleased for us that we have managedto get what we came for.

We have spent the weirdest most wonderful48 hours with a crazy German boar fanatic, delivering heart pumping moments.

It's safeto say you would struggle to find more exhilarating things to do in a field with your trousersaround your ankles.