Reviewing FREE Underwear From Wish! (Wish Review)

[Music] hello there lovely person of youtubeland and welcome to the channel taxes dummies I will be the cheapest rubbish from wish and race other places for your viewing pleasure may be seen there watching this on the toilet don't forget cell wipin for lunch strengthening I don't know because I do anyway you're watching this right today I have been to they lovely land over which and was I've been on the lovely land a wish well I'll tell you why because every man needs free under fence yes us men we get through lots and lots of Underpants in our lives and which has free Underpants just rolling along notice for loads affairs a free pen snowfall hey why not that make a fun video so yes I've ordered four pairs of pants to test today if you're American you call it underwear I'm British I'm gonna call it pants see no I'm going on about right one of the pairs I ordered the most sensible pair which is the men's fashion underwear shorts men boxes Underpants short briefs CG you know AC job with Gigi then I know it's Gigi which obviously free I'm not arriving the most sensible pair rather for the reason not arriving is because the Select keeps trying to send them out the country Chinese customs aren't of near me of it they send it back to the seller they said that gives it another go and it's doing customs ping-pong I don't know why they won't let out the country probably because they are so bad contest those I've got three other payers of ludicrous Underpants to test for you today so we're gonna have fun with those so without further ado is time to head over the table of broken dreams and broken tack to see today's item let's go and as always sweet [Music] it's our decision taping the open three you know peace out [Music] and welcome top friends type of broken dreams and broken sir where you guessed it the magic happens explosion yes friends we like explosions right today's pair of pants with explosion and pants on today's show and be grateful all the way from China inside this packet we have got swing our first pair of lovely pants right these are medium let's take a look like on this very swanky packet not bad for nothing so they pay varying degrees of postage right we have got some bright orange pants or under pants if you're American or under crackers if you like weird right there go they are your your medium orange pants and they nice they've had it's very very slippery material and they look like they're gonna be extremely tight and if they are extremely tight you'll probably better see everything through these array right how we're selling these lovely Underpants I live in this you can see them will I talk about them there are 20 18 mins comfy brief bull seamless underwear i silk boxer briefs your underpants and as you can see they are completely free like all of these pants it's a running theme right time check out the description description is where it is that hello hello welcome to our store thanks quality is the first with best serviced customers all are our now customers order our what you're trying to do to us friends fashion design 100% brand new high quality hope they're friendly if something else is worn these I'm very very peed of material polyester and the color is as picture shown no it's not because in the picture they're black these are orange will you do in to us and the the star they've come for is casual because you can just walk down the street with these on presumably size medium large extra large extra extra large icons the smallest which is a medium normally I'll go for small in pants cuz I've got a very thin waist but yeah these are a medium although they do look on the small side my normal pants are actually bigger than these and please note there was a tutor free difference two to three percent difference according to manual measurements yet because you've made really small pants they're supposed to be medium please check the measurement chart carefully before you buy the item because one inch equals 2.

5 force enemy is and please know that slight color difference should be acceptable to to light and screen these are orange well we want your black you've given us orange what you get one x fashion underwear array thanks wish right occasionally when occasionally all the time you like check out their customer comments what a customers they've worn these pants think of the pants so let's take a look at a couple first one is from Karan enough of that cuz I will get done for copyright the front is completely flat so my mood is very uncomfortable Karan refers to his mood as his penis so his penis is very uncomfortable I'm not blooming surprise they're probably being strangled and suffocated inside these very small pants Michael very very very small fit in there is free very zen that means that is how small they are can only get one legged gonna get one leg in for sake his patron Michael rolling around on his bedroom floor which finally I was like oh my god Michael right next nice from Ivan gets from name a good strong Viking name the material kids but they were made for midgets he's a gold and the last one is from Christian see small and this is for women not men I'm very upset after weighing all this time to receive their and it is not why I expected oh god you guys make me that's all right moving swiftly on so our second pair of under crack is here they are no no goes that way up from the Royal Mayo there's neither postman's nothing delivered to me ever again because all these things are clearly marked as men's underwear what must he think of me by the next one is this very red lacy number whoo look at them look how completely see-through they are but yes these are your Nan's net curtains made into pants array and as you'll notice there was no elastic so one they probably will not stay up and they will constantly fall down these are also a medium and these are frickin huge like twice the size of our pants there is no consensus on the size medium in China obviously right let's head to wish and see what he'll wishes sewn these pants and I wish I was more prepared because I'm completely on the wrong slides right talk amongst yourselves so I get this ready the wrong way of your tablet dreams right here we go there are the men's underwear lace enhance pouch bikini briefs pants so the rest is in French I'm a reader now and once again they are free a running theme on this show and it's a looker description they are men's sissy underwear lace from enhance pouch briefs sorry bikini briefs pants and information especially as part of that sentence you need some full stops guys that is another line so I'll let you off they include one-piece men's underwear men's grid phone pouch briefs underwear hot sexy smooth and comfortable don't any of those things and perfect for lingerie night whore pleasure please check the size clearly before purchasing right these meant to give me support where is the support in these parents seriously is is that is that the support there cuz I ain't supporting 9 right let's have a look once again at a customer comment right we have got Marcus yes Marcus he's given it one star I ordered extra large must been plenty huge they sell weights a small I ripped them lift on now piggy you Marcus these are medium and they're bloody huge we or China ponies literally a whole net curtain but your Nan's well happy right next one is from Ethan he already large and is quite big maybe just swap with the other guy even and Marcus you to swap pens I'm a 32 waist front pouch isn't big enough milk quite like the pitches the plumbing in these reviews is people are going to complain that the young pants are too small for their penis is literally one-upmanship if you ever go on any of these pants and on the air comments people are literally complaining that their penis is too large of these pants they're probably not they're just like to feel better just by typing that how Martin sighs em is my normal size but em is too big and it is also a very poor quality it looks like the item in the picture but it is a cheap ripoff a ripoff of what the I'm in the picture it looks like the I'm in the picture what are you going on about man and there they are your customer comments right obviously pair number three is here the third and final pair and yes we have saved the best til last because these are it's a pouch yay loving already it's a pouch foam we get less and less material as the pants go on so this is um knows right that's a pouch for your bits and then obviously these bits go round your hips and this bit goes up your bum and yeah it's the things we've seen on the beach in and this is also medium and the size of the Hat you put on an elephant Jesus Christ right okay what is called its head to wish and find out they are the six II men's charming strips g-string underwear pouch brief from bikini panty black and once again they are three or three not number three and yet businesses come in black and minor white because I've gone for the white ones and yeah I've gone for medium yeah again right funds will provide you more freedom movement very comfortable to wear and easily wash these very confidently falling down after time the planet will completely show your charm Chalmers in penis be the best collection of any points in your wardrobe you're really selling it to us sound description a super sexy panty close-fitting underwear chic and attractive comfortable to wear low-rise design material is spandex other thing is spandex pants like lycra these are clearly cotton cotton Don to you color is black no they're not free one size fits most oh one size fit one size fits the most it's the most war elephants packet includes one times men's men's pansy no due to health regulations we regret to inform you that we cannot accept returns on intimate apparel only defective products will be offered exchange or still credit please be reminded that due to lighting effects and blah-blah-blah-blah-blah color might be slightly different yes their white powder black wine oh the black in the picture I ordered white bear yellow different color right anyway and our first one comes from the man who buff is among a lot of stuff on which it is Jesus Jesus's loss of words because given it five stars thanks Jesus he wrote a Galilee wearing a thong right high next one let's go swiftly away from that one it's terry free Hannon I love them great fit even when I am hard oh shut up right moving swiftly on next one can't get any worse than the next day if you're about 12 years old you go Kiyo got seriously coil is the police like knock on your door in the next five seconds I'd be very very surprised if you're about 12 years old you can wear this what the fuck man seriously do you like 12 year olds wearing this kind of thing Kyle what is wrong with you man 12 year old should not be wearing sexy Fong's are gonna get your head checked or run and himself in finibus police station right Shane hoping get some sensibility one one size does not fit all in this have a really small tackle as you can see their one-upmanship here again Shane has the biggest tackle in the land and his tackle will fit these pants so yeah they are your customer comments moving swiftly away [Music] [Music].