Hello and welcome to todays video! today i'm going to show you some favorites from Loungeunderwear.

com that this video is in collaboration with because, November 24th they will start their BLACK FRIDAY SALE so if you're interested in buying something from them, look out for this sale cause it's going to be so SO good i'm going to put a link to their website and the names of all the items I show you in this video in the description box so you can just check there if there's something you want to look closer at or want to buy but if so, wait three days until November 29th cause that's when the SALE starts!! i'm going to read some info of my phone just so you know and I have a cold so i'm sorry if I sniffle my way through this video or if I speak unclear my throat is not on top right now first thing I have to show you is a set that's called Reborn set it's a pair of leggings and a top I've chosen the color beige (SAND) but it comes in many other colors as well, i'll show you them here this material is SO soft, honestly.

The company is called Lounge underwear and these things really are for LOUNGING, they're super comfy, soft and stretcy the top is pretty short, it ends right under the breasts i've seen others that lives in countries that's a bit warmer than Sweden, wear it as a normal top and that works perfectly, it just depends on how you feel and how much you want to show and I chose to wear it with a hoodie over and that works perfect as well just a really nice pair of leggings, full length high waisted and the waistband is makes the leggings tight at the waist which I think is good it's not too tight so that they become uncomfortable, the band is very stretchy but you get a bit more of a snatched waist and you know that I love that next up is another set, a black set as you can see here these leggings are if possible, even softer than the ones before VERY stretchy and very high waisted which I think is really good it says LOUNGE both on the top and on the leggings just a little logo there which is really cute the top in this set is not as cropped as the one before so this is more like a normal tank top with thin straps this is sold as a set but you can choose different sizes on the top and on the leggings so if you order a size S in the top you can choose a size M in the leggings which is great because not everyone has the same size on tops as in bottoms you can also choose different sizes in the reborn set I forgot to say that before this set is called Minimal set i think next is a sweatshirt, and I mean HOW cute is this color?! the color is called Mint and the color is exactly like mint or like pear ice cream I would say it comes in five different colors: Lemon, Pink, Blue, Mint and Lilac it's fleece lined as you can see here the shoulders are a bit “dropped” a bit further down to get that oversized fit i'm wearing a size Medium in this but you can absolutely choose a larger size for a more oversized look and it has the little logo that says LOUNGE here super comfy and just lounge lounge lounge the company name is Lounge UNDERWEAR so of course they sell underwear I chose this set that's called Balcony bra and thong set adjustable and stretchy bands, they're a bit thin which I think is pretty the thing I like about it is that it's in lace but it has a underwire which gives you support the lace is not hard or uncomfortable it's very soft but you still get the right support and it holds everything in place and then we have the panties which is also in lace both the bra and the thong has this band that says lounge so the bra fits very nice underneath the boobs as well and the panties, same there the lace is very soft.

These panties are only avaliable in a thong cut but they have a lot of other panties with the “normal” panty line the last things I have to show you are a pair of joggers and a t-shirt it's the joggers i'm wearing now these joggers are CRAZY comfortable for real the material is super thick and they are so damn soft and the LOUNGE logo is on the pocket and they're adjustable in the waist of course they are avaliable in other colors as well next is the top, it's a t-shirt called just “cropped t-shirt” it's also avaliable in many different colors I will show them here just a really nice basic top I like that it's cropped and the end of the t-shirt it's a raw edge and it's a bit “rolled up” which I like, I think it's a nice detail this top will be sold with a 50% discount on the black friday sale damn that screaming hurt my throat so bad so if you want to buy one of these shirts you have to be quick cause this will sell out FAST this is a very popular item according to the company so with a 50% discount this will just yes, that's it! that's all the products I have to show you let's get the screen to fullsize again.

Did I do it? let's talk a bit about returns it's not unusual to go a bit crazy on a sale, trust me I know if you want to return something to Lounge Underwear you get 60 days to return or exchange and if you buy something from their outlet , they have an outlet section as well you can only exchange the product so you won't get your money back but you can exchange your product that's all I had to say I don't think there was anything else like I said, Black Friday Sale starts November 24th and it ends December 2 like i said before, i'm sorry about my voice and how fast i've been talking in this video this went super fast don't forget to subscribe, like and comment this video if you want to anyway, THANK YOU so much for watching and i'll see you in my next video! XO having a cold is so damn boring, and this grey weather is really not helping sorry about the bitterness but can't we at least have some sun.

#2: Laura and Vanessa Marano discuss flip phones, and underwear color…

I wished I loved anything as much as heloves Moana I'm serious my boy the son my son my son the boythe boy however you want to say it he just walks around the house all day longgoing fly Maui bird fly cuz Maui turns into a hawk but it's a phase thoughright like there's gonna be a new thing that's all he watches and this weekendthe mission is to get him onto a different movie cuz I'm serious he walksaround the house you just cuz Maui goes Jehu so he's watching on going Jehu andI just walk around the house going I can see what's happening yeah it's the BrettDavern show brought to you by idobi radio in partnership with nice guydigital and recorded live in beautiful North Hollywood California on today'sepisode the Murano sisters you know Laura from Austin & Ally.

Vanessamy personal favorite switched at birth and they both just finished filmingprojects together now let's get to the guy who graduated high school threetimes that's me your new best friend Brett Davern! listen up everybodyalmost starting to cough this is our show thank you for joining us live on idobi radioyoutube or wherever you get your podcast if you want to join in the fun of today'sepisode you can call or email the show any time the phone number is1888-99-idobi all right that's enough of that we gotlots of show Katie just throws it off no slow fade for Katie just shut it off I'mI'm doing a lot of things right now that's a show to get to today but beforewe get to all that hi there Boy Wonder hey and Katie Leclerc it's nationalhandbag day Bret oh my gosh national handbag day well I guess Ican't celebrate you could have a man purse though okay I mean I gave all mineto charity listen before we really do get goingtoday and before we get to all the fun in the music right off the top of theshow I have to apologize it's episode two and I'm already apologizing on theair perfect because I have to apologize for something that happened yesterday inthe beginning of the show I was shouting out people and mentioning people whomake this show possible and in listening back to the show yesterday I realizedthat I didn't mention Katie so oh I didn't mention her and I didn't thinkher and I meant to it's in my notes I can prove it to you I'll show you thenotes I meant to but I didn't so I'm sorryhonestly I could not do this without you your tenacity passion ambitioncreativity some might say painfully persnicketyattention to detail this show absolutely would not and does not exist without youthank you wow thank you hit the music thank you for watching on youtube orlistening to the podcast version of the breath Tavern show if you were listeninglive on I dobut radio you'd be hearing real music right now instead of thismessage and whatever song this is sometimes the rules just won't let usplay real music on YouTube or the podcasting it's not a big deal justputting it out there back with more show in a second hey Brett wonder dad here dad – boywonder during the show I thought I heard you mentioned not receiving an email asof yet or sending one thought I'd support your show and staff by sendingone along in support and congratulating idobi on the premiere of the Bret Davernshow and taking it to the next level cool stuff keep up the great work andmuch success to you and idobi love the camera guy Wayne that is the greatestthing ever and what that is everyone is the first ever email to the BDSfans@idobi.

com email address and it was sent by boy wonders dad and we love winweight is amazing shout out to Wayne I responded to Wayne I replied I told themthat Dan's actually a piece of shit and oh wait no wait I'm kiddingno I responded I think very warmly and Wayne you're amazing thank you so muchfor listening oh no I said his real name Oh No well maybe he people didn't hearit boy wonders amazing and we love him we love the boy and he gets to come backevery day every day until he messes up really bad or until they throw us offthe air they haven't fired me whichever one happens first Vanessa Marano welcometo the show thanks for being here wait let me unmute your microphone there yougo oh I can talk there she is we're stillgetting used to this whole radio thing I'm sorry you're just over there talkingand I'm the only one that could hear you that's true but that's alright welcometo the show again thank you for having me where's your sister oh that's a greatquestion what is happening uh or Marano has severe problem with being on time -ha that's okay is it because she has a flip phone it is probably because theinability to live in reality really so like the reality of what timeyou have to be at places in reality that you know people have smartphones but nowshe is she is in a lyft on the way here right she is any lyft on the way herestill just so like parking isn't an issue no oh yeah no there she has noexcuse and you said she was pretty close to the studio no they live close to eachother carpool with the person that's alright I'll let it go we talked to youthat's right that's fine good I have tons of questions for you tons oh I didmy homework excellent oh I'm ready to go believe me I'm gonnainterrupt you for a second to say that I just that's usually my job on the showbut you can go for it I just want you to know that Laura Marano is here niceshe's gonna walk in live like a like a rock star eventually in the middle ofquestions let's do this listen in this town we live in like being fashionablylate it's fashionable it's true it's a fashion now being late seems like it'ssomething that you are not though I am NOT late you are a moral person I amvery punctual yeah me too I try to be five minutes five minutes early is ontime for me absolutely right yeah come on why is being on time soimportant to you being on time is so important to me because it does notthrow off the schedule for the rest of the day it's also respectful of people'stime and yeah I just think why be late and have that anxiety piece do you getearly to like auditions and meetings and stuffoh so early I meet you to the point where like I mean I don't know if thishas happened to you but like you're there and they're like we're not insession yeah well I've shown up a day early before oh oh yeah yeah right yeahI misread the emails yeah cuz sometimes you just read Wednesday and so then youjust go on Wednesday but it was Wednesday three weeks from thenabsolutely and then your honor you don't look at the date agents sending youauditions three weeks in advance that's it that's the kind of very rarely ithappens but it has happened that's all I'm saying it's usually not it's usuallylike oh take a meeting and like you know you go in there and you're like my nameis Vanessa these are the positive attributes that I have and they're likeoh my god that's so interesting and then you never hear from anybody exactly Vanessa you're born on Halloweenyes so you got a birthday coming up I do anddo you go buckwild on Halloween do you celebrate like crazy then I mean a buckwild do you mean in my pajamas going to bed early what yes this year we areplanning on going to provide this year I've done the the West HollywoodHalloween parade twice yeah I've done it twice but I have never done it oh you'refine you're fine it's alright sit down put thoseheadphones on there let me wait let me know your microphone I just figured outhow to do this there you go thank you we were just talking to Vanessa aboutpeople who are late or on time no actually we were talking about Halloweenand your birthday we were talking about we were first focusing on people who arelate are you one of those Halloween people that dress up both of you I meannow it's her birthday well yeah we were talking about that I just I just want toshare a the the Golden Nugget of the fact that Vanessa's birthday isHalloween yeah the doctor delivered her in a bunny suit yes pretty girl thedoctor showed up in a bunny suit I would like my version better well that's yeahyou want to put on gloves when you're delivering a child that's hilariousthat's like something out of a sitcom it really is awesome oh my gosh alrightwell now let's see I gotta get my head around all this stuff so Laura okay holdon I can't I figured I'm asking questions about allright Vanessa Halloween birth you can focus on me first she's just she's likemy nice to have multiple guests here so I'm like my head is swimming Laura yes Iheard you have a flip phone Wow there it is everybody can go to youtube and seeLaura's flip phone no what's up you just don't want thesmart phone you just want the flip phone have you always had the flip phoneyou never had an iPhone really yes they're in a smart phone so awesomeI do Chi folks I have an iPad that house cellular oh okaybut I love my flip phone for a variety of reasons I drop it all the time rightsure and one you don't have to worry about it breaking oh it does feel nicedoing this this is the part of it I miss you're talking to someone sell that stock in a hurry I didn't knowagain it appears kids on Wall Street was that like a super old man I'm actuallykind of jealous of your flip phone I mean I'm bringing it back the thing isis that I have to get directions to places when I'm in the car yeah for thatit's a whole thing yeah I know it doesn't make senseyes it seems like it's more trouble you know what I'm gonna come out with I'mgonna come out with I'm a settlement Urban Outfitters a plug in flip phone toyour iPhone so then you're holding the flip phone with a cord attached maybe ormaybe two it's not a flip it's a regular phone right it's pink so I have one ofthose I will say it kind of negates the whole like having like the hands-freeright right right but it makes you feel a little it makes me feel good yeah wellbut I missed having a regular phone tucked under my shoulder between my earand my shoulder because the phone you can do it but it's not it'snot doesn't have the right field it'll always like fall alright this has beenhot phone talk with the Marano sisters welcome to the showguys let's get into we're good we're goodI'm still getting used to this whole second day seconds a day to day to girlsI was doing a podcast for a whole year before this but it was way lessorganized ladies so you guys both grew up in California yeah yesagoura hills or close to it the valley in the valley at the end of the sanfordno I live sort of Agoura Hills G adjacent now you know I'm out there youknow it's it's it's the valley life it's it's it's a nice drive but also drivemm-hmm it's a nice long drive you got to plan an hour everywhere you go no matterwhere you are that's true if you live in Burbank not necessarily I yes yes yeah Iknow I don't have a leg to stand on right now currently but I will say Iknow many people many of people who live in Burbank who don't have to leavebecause they're going to are you going to Holly what time are they going toHollywood it's out it's like it's so funny because it's like such a part ofour like literally traffic or arguing arguing okay I like that I like thattraffic I think is part of everyone's family are you guys is your familyItalian yeah oh so like loud and using the using the hands all the time we Iuse my hands but oh you got to get this one going yeah this is the one everybodygo to YouTube see this gesture this is the ones like of course the fist bite isthe greatest when you get mad you're like it's our just I love that that'samazing let's talk about some first gigs in the business shall wegreat let's go way back wait I've done my research everybody okayLaura first gig Joan of Arcadia sound rail without a trace I was close wellI'm a newbie has shown of Arcadia first I think if you scroll well because theydon't organize it by like when you started there still though you did Joanof Arcadia in 2004 which makes you like eight or nine when you were doing thatyou started young I serve well you both did yeah Wow Iprobably I did my first commercial at like five and then I got without a tracewe get other thing that are like six mmm and you guys did without a tracetogether we did you guys work together a number of times yeah actually reallyjust that time and then but there's something recently I so without a tracewas both of our first like theatrical like I'm on a TV show yeah and we playedsisters and then because she looked like me look like me and then we were abackground voices on Finding Nemo nice I saw that on there I like to think we'llnever know I know we were voices in the background right you still have abackstory every fish really they give you a whole Bachelor Oh more I gaveherself the backstory well as any good actor does what are those moments whereyou're like I'm like I'm related to right now we're gonna take a break we'llcome back and talk way more about Jonathan and we'll also take any of yourphone calls out there if you have phone questions for the Murano sisters call1-888-99-idobi we'll be right back after this thank you for watching on youtube or forlistening to the podcast version of our show we love you if you are listeninglive on a idobi radio you'd be hearing real music right now instead of thismessage sometimes rules don't allow us to play that kind of stuff on youtube oron the podcast just puttin it out there back with more show in a few seconds oh my gosh back on the Big Showtons of fun during the break lots of craziness going on lots of Instagramlive in going on craziness wait let me unmute some microphones there we go nowwe're all back yeah we're all back togetherdo you like Instagram live okay I was actually gonna ask a question foreveryone I've never saved my Instagram live because I feel like it'soverwhelming should I save it I think you should save it yeah yeah because ifpeople like if they can't tune in for the live then they get to you know enjoythat's part of the like surprise like oh oh that's true you know I mean like heyyou missed out sucka well like enough in a in a fun way likehey I love you you missed out because usually my tan scrim lights are like 30minutes and I'm like oh yeah no that's a long time yeah because it saves instories if they couldn't jump on within 30 minutes like come on we're not realfans anyway I'm just kidding Lord and say that I did sweets to me no one everit gives me angry tweets no yes I have tried to okay you guys let's talk aboutthis alright I have tried to start like Twitter warswith people I just because I've never had one I understand this feeling I'venever had one what we have an arbitrary fake beef you can't tell anything aboutwhat if I hate stripes I've just I've tried I hate stripes Laura how dare youwear stripes I hate them I love plaid I like I love if you guysare watching on YouTube right now you can see what I'm talking about Laura'sgot this real grace triped shirt on and I'm just saying yes oh we got a callerLaura that is not oh let's put them on the air and here we go hello hi hi who'sthis my name is Aruchi where are you calling from I'm from Austin Texasoh nice how how old are you I'm 16 all right hey thanks for calling my name isBrett and this is my show and our guests they are Laura and Vanessa Maran I don't want to say Romano I don't know anyway hi how are you hi oh my god goodhow are you guys really good you do you have any questions for Laura or Vanessaor me I just want to say that like I've watched Switched At Birth I think like threetimes yeah yeah I can't wait for the next season and also I used to lostAustin and Ally with my brother and I love now you can start listening to thebread Tavern shoe every morning cuz we're gonna have a lot more yeah likethis – I know I love the baggage claim airport wellthanks for calling what's going on in Austin today what are your plans for theday uh no well actually my school has a four-day weekend which is super fun soI'm just gonna catch up on homework because I procrastinated know not a lotof fun well thanks for listening to the show and thanks for calling thank you somuch it was so nice to talk to everyone all righthave a good day oh that was so sweet nice I love taking phone calls I feellike so many people have the most awesome names and then I have like Laurawhich is awesome I love Laura I love Laura oh that's good I'm glad thatyou're saying that so your name doesn't get offended I want to make sure otherpeople have Laura like what we're did is it like a family name oranything what's the story behind it I don't think I think we actually uh momhas like a great like a grandmother of someone supposedly it's a family name wedon't know anyone else in the family named Laura my Vanessa mine was abasically a compromise mm-hm is what mine was my beautiful mom wanted to nameme Mariah Mariah Marie Morano to be exact Wow you think I'm having troublesaying Vanessa Marano forget it with that one forget about it yeah so myfather opposed that because you know why would you support it yeah and his wholeargument was that he wanted a name that the Italians could pronounce and thepeople from the Bronx could pronounce that my mom's side of the family's fromRhode Island so my grandparents had a heavy Rhode Island accent so he neededthem not to butcher my name right now and because Vanessa has so many vowelsit's usually easy to pronounce except if your name's Bret Davern who's on therehi this is Bret in North Hollywood California who's this you got to turndown the radio talk into your phone hello hello hi this is Brett who's yes hi hi what's your namehi hi Alex where're you calling from today you actually surprised where I'mfrom I'm from Hong Kong Kong checking in what's up Alex say hi to Laura andVanessa Marano I'm such a fan of you have you ever beento Hong Kong Laura I've never been a to hong kong I'm always wanted I've never inAsia really where are you Vanessa I was this close to going to Hong Kongactually really yes I did a movie that a teenager from Hong Kong actually wroteWow yeah oh yeah it was very cool I wrote a story about American teenagersbecause he was like I was in Pasadena actually Huntingt gardens oh yeah i druggedyour lens body on switched at birth was Pasadena in downtown LA I forgot that weknow Alex do you have any questions for them while we have you on the phone oh Ithink my only question I don't really I didn't think if this would work but umlike my question would be like what I'm for a minuteand Katie was like the number one thing you missed in switch at birth and but Istill remember yourself I miss seeing Katie's face every day I do stillremember a lot of ASL I'm not sure let's show us show us show us on the radio let's see here I love you I know I knownice to meet ya I know I don't know how to sign go to YouTube after you want tosay switchovers actually I'm inspired me to ourselvesvery cool inspiring yeah in China do they do you think I'm Chinese signlanguage over there yeah right cuz that's something I learned on switchdiffer yeah yeah yeah it's not the same sign language in every cut interestisn't that crazy it's yeah thanks for coming vital wordslike one of my favorite TV shows thanks for calling Alex have a great day inHong Kong actually isn't technology awesome I mean it's incredible like nono one 800-number she's fine we're paying the bill I thinkI think yeah that's how it works we pay the bill for that if you are listeninganywhere in the world I'll pay the bill just call in that is one place I'vealways wanted to go I went to Japan a year ago with some buddies you soundlike a dudes trip amazing but I feel like I mean Japan was incredible butthat's I feel like it's really like the Gateway to Asia sort of you know what Imean like we didn't get past it you know like India really into the nitty-grittyof Asia it's right there and plus like I mean well Japan was awesome but like Ikind of want to just get lost in like you know somewhere I want to throw itback back on and pretend like I'm Leo in the beach okay except for all thegangrene and sharks the beach oh the beach we will be back with more of yourphone calls don't forget you can call if you're listening anywhere in the worldI've just announced I'll pay the phone bill1 888 9 9 I do bi give us a call during the break we'lltake those phone calls and put you on hold and we'll be right back with tonsmore fun with the Romano sisters thank you for watching on youtube or listeningto the podcast version of the breath Tavern show if you were listening liveon I dobut radio you'd be hearing real music right now instead of this messageand whatever song this is sometimes the rules just won't let us play real musicon YouTube or the podcast it's not a big deal just putting it out there back withmore show in a second all right back on the bread tavern showwith the Murano sisters you guys really got to go to youtube and watch Katie runthis computer it's a thing of beauty I'm telling you it's like she's gotforearms over there we got more phone calls right Katie we do we've got Adamall right hit up Adam Adam Adam can you hear whoa Adams got my issue with thecoughing Adam are you there yeah hello hi Adam this is Brett in North Hollywoodwhere you cry I'm great man we are calling I think this voice sounds familiarthis odd is oddly familiar what hello yeah I you know what I'm a fan of thisvoice sounds like Vanessa's answering machine strangelyenough all right somebody explain to the host what's going on somebody explain ohwait hold on let me unmute your microphone getting better at this okaygo ahead okay yeah okayso Adam you used to work on switched at birth is that correct that is correctall right I've got it now Adam while we have you on the phone tell us the mostembarrassing story you can about Vanessa and/or Katie from switched at birth Wow Wow there's so many I just rememberthrowing orders hey don't make me mute your microphone Adam stalking Adam atfloor go ahead Adam I I remember okay and I used to carpool to and fro one point we might or might not havehave thrown tomatoes out of our window in the window what a drive-by tomateowing to my car they were cherry tomatoes why not that's the ultimatequestion a week later I felt like there were still there were so many throwninto my car all right we gotta get to left or right Adam thank you so much forcalling and telling us that story all right should we take that one quick oneor should we play left or right what time is it no we got time take that onereal quick and then we'll do it hello this is Bret in North HollywoodCalifornia who's this ben hi ben where you calling from over at turnout huhEastern Ohio I'm doing great nice Ben do you have a question for theladies my wife and I been watching a Switzer birth for a long long time so wewere wondering probably your favorite episode our favoritewhat if episode where it would have been like what if you know they had found outabout the switch and apparently that meant I would have had a bob yeah fun toplay with the characters what was that a little bit so it's time for a shake upyeah we did one weird one every season my favorite weird one is the danceepisode that was my least favorite I don't dance don't ask me Laura becauseI'm Adam tell us the story of like an awkward moment for them on their setwhat was an awkward moment for you on your set like Austin Alireally no come on tell me like the one you're not supposed to tell people didyou step on Ross's foot that's the one I want to hear no but I definitely gotstepped on oh really yeah you're just so much smaller yeahI'm small it's funny we're actually like really far in height and I don't thinkit's cuz you were allowed to wear heels in your show yeah that was very nicelady and I were not allowed to work her there I'm sorry I interrupted you thoughwhat's the story what's the awkward moment well no no I was I was I wasgonna make a joke about pregnancy but I felt like that might not pregnancy isalways funny they were all awesome we just have like the best time there'slike just so many times and we laughed on set or I ran into things or I fell orI fell again or I flipped over in a chair well we were episode four Jesse itwas totally cool yeah are you klutz no hey Ben thanks for calling man we got torun but uh thanks for listening to show thanks for calling in yeah thank you Ienjoyed it alright guys one last thing to do withyou here and thank you to everyone who called in and joined in the fun today weneed a shirt alright one last thing to do with you guys before we let you gowe're gonna do this with all of our guests on the show I have two notecardsone in each hand I'm gonna put them behind my back they each contain a lineof questioning you're gonna tell me right or left and that determines theline of questioning hence the game right or left is one all right so tell me youleft your right do we each fit no I'm gonna see you the same line the question you pick the game ten questionsten questions it's the purple one everybody if you're watching on YouTubehere we go ready question number one most used emoji I'm not like um happyblushing smiley face with no teeth lots nice I like that she's actually makingsure it's the most number two celebrity crush Jon Stewart that's a great answerthank you Wow um mine has always been and probably will always be GeorgeClooney oh yeah you can't go wrong with a silver-haired Fox no George Clooneylike season two er dr.

Doug that's right you watch er hell yeah I'm a huge yardwhat I've learned today oh yeah oh definitely I knew that about Brett myfirst my first ever movie that I was ever in what julianna margulies was init as well it was all I could do to keep from like grno that would have been incredible number three most watched movie of alltime so it might not necessarily be your favorite movie but what movie do youthink you've seen the most amount they are movie saving Zoey um saving Zoey andalso only 50 first dates oh oh I mean also by the way because it's always on movies we love moviesyeah number four what's next for the Murano sisters oh we have we've owned amovie together and we did we produced and started a movie together where weplay sisters for the first time in 15 years that was really exciting so we'rea size by email yeah when you might or might not have been sister fish or wewere so but yeah what was very exciting and so we've been in the editing processright now and we've seen it that's really cool yeah it was really cool I'vealso we've just I've just seen our faces so many times is that gonna make thefestival rounds or like where can we it's still like we have the rough cutbut we've been we just start something I'm sure you guys will be talking abouton social media and stuff so people can follow along it's really excited becauseit's something we've wanted to do for a really really long time we did rights tothe book for 10 years with our mom so what's the what's the story liner what'swhat's it about basically I like to say it's like a love story between twosisters and it takes place a year after the older sister was murdered Oh theyounger sister finds her diary and realizes her sister was not the personshe thought she was Wow number five did you ever have an AI M screen name and ifso what was it I did I actually oh come I swear I didn'twhy do didn't first of all yeah I cha you yeah you had an I did not have doyou know they just announced a I am is dying yeah number 15th last day yeah Iknow mine just for posterity my AOL Instant Messenger screen name wassnowboard kid eight spelled snw BRD kid eight so my friends like to tease methat it could have been Snowbird eight that's rudeKatie what was yours toes and socks yeah I feel like I should change them I feellike I changed it a few times you changed I have to create like a newaccount I think you're talking about something entirely different you did nothave an why don't you tell them to sixth grade Laura Morana I will because LauraMarano had no access to AOL unless than I love it what question are we on Ohquestion number six the Rolling Stones or the Beatles a little while ago meansthe Beatles I love both oh good they're gonna argue again I mean music I mean II have heard both what you don't have a preference the Rolling Stone the the onein West world's that they did a the one where he's like screaming yeah yeah youcan't always get what you want right now are we way we might not be on the air noseriously maybe not yeah we're not hold on let's get it back pause it's okayit's okay okay you gonna quit that you like literally go up and quit okay we'reon hello we're back okay we're back everybody sorry technical difficultiesgo painted black and I know that because of Westworld you can't always get whatyou want I know that from Glee and then satisfaction and I know that from thatBritney Spears where she covered it oh yeah we weretalking rolling stones but I'm gonna need a prep so so are you going so areyou going to go with Rolling Stone okay so after all that Rolling Stones talk Ringo number seven I ripped thisquestion off from the Actors Studio whole line of questioning so I don'tfeel bad from some french guy that used to be the question I asked but you wantto answer it no we're on the Internet you can saywhatever you want no the question I want to ask you from the actor studio is whatsound noise or word do you absolutely hate what moist no modulate modulatethat's right you don't like modulate no thanks dad solet's talk about your least favorite we're not other people's I just hate anysort of slurs and by the way the question covers sounds and stuff toolike not just words so it sounds noisy any sort of slur anysort of weight little bit yeah yeah do you mean like a number aids oh boy thisis yeah this is my question I'm just gonna keep going with it we did it for ayear on the podcast here we go question number eight everybody um so okaybackstory backstory when the podcast first started all of our guests weredudes and I thought it'd be funny to ask himboxers or briefs at the age old dude question right but then we startedgetting female guests and so I was like oh crap I can't abandon this line ofquestioning now it's become a bit right so when there's ladies here I ask itlike this boy shorts wait what was it oh yeah boyshorts chi-chi's granny panties commando or other I don't know I'm still tryingto figure it out like that style other just covers everything else or maybe other entices me as well without lookingdo you know what color you're wearing today number nine what is your go-tocoffee shop order you walk up you don't really see the menu you just know whatyou want and you just I'm gonna need one what's your go-to I need to know I don'tfeel the same thing every it depends on the day maybe if you're wearing otherother you know you go pumpkin spice it's usually a latte okay Laurie you don'tdrink coffee hot water you don't drink coffee I don't drink coffee never neverhave you ever tried it um years ago and I a little bit yeahyeah it's an acquired taste I just saw the clock we are running long all rightfinal question number 10 it's the most important question of all this questiontells me everything that I need to know about you it's a simple question buthonestly your answer wow that's really funny actually your your answer tells meeverything I need to know about you and thank you for being here by the wayLaura Marano and Vanessa Marano good job I'm getting better at it what is yourfavorite fruit butt I got no idea I just won nectarinethat's a wrap everybody on another addition to the bread Davern show whoowe did it we men say goodbye producer Katie bye say goodbye Boy Wonder producer Katie is on Twitter at KatieLeClair there's a see at the end of that but it's silent you figure it out BoyWonder doesn't have a Twitter account at BoyWonder he head I'm sure he's got his own Twitter account because I don't want togive out his real name on the air we're not gonna tell you what it is we'regonna have to make you a new toy right now I'm on twitter at be da VV two V'sin there as in this was very much better than yesterday and we'll continue to tryto get better every day thank you for listening live on Adoberadio you can also subscribe to the podcast version of the show on itunesgoogle play music or youtube if you like what you heard guys just tell a friendthat's all we ask the show is free you can call us forfree hey everything's for free all we ask is that if you liked what you heardyou recommend it to a friend and that you listen again tomorrow you can alsofollow the show on any of the social medias at bread tavern show or go toBret Davin show calm for archived episodes photos and much more today'sguests Laura Marano Vanessa rock rub on her morado jacket so close can be founda hunt twitter at laura marano at Vanessa Marano two S's in Vanessasame names for Instagram same name that keeps it easy Vanessa didn't know shewas unsure once again for Boy Wonder and Katie LeClair I'm Brett reminding all ofyou to be kind and take care of each other we'll see you tomorrowthat was our show good night good morning New Zealand or Australian band Ican't remember which one of us.

Why Underwear Shopping is Actually the Worst (a rant by Dana)

Okay, I know this is a little bit of a differentkind of video, but I'm sorry I just have to get this off my chest.

Or, uh, my behind, I guess.

Hey everyone, Dana here! And today I am ranting about my underwearshopping experience.

I went underwear shopping the other day.

For the first time in Germany.

Oh my God, Dana! You haven’t bought new underwear in 8 yearssince you moved to Germany? No, it’s just that I always bought it whenI went back to the U.


because I knew exactly what kind of underwear I liked there.

I had been buying the same kind of underwearfor 8 years.

And I could just go into the store, grab thebrand and style and size that I liked, and I was done and out of there in 3 minutes tops.

But then, the last few trips back to the U.


to my horror I discovered that the store had stopped selling my kind of underwear.

After all those years, it was just gone.

Not carried anywhere that I could find.

I held out for as long as I could, but finallyI was forced to go searching for new underwear again, and it has been as horrible and exhaustingand frustrating as I knew it would be.

Which is why I tried to avoid doing it foras long as I could.

Okay, so what’s the big deal here? Well, when it comes to underwear there aremany different kinds.

There are thongs and boyshorts and hipstersand bikinis and briefs and bikini briefs — which, by the way, during my Great Underwear Searchof 2018, in Germany I saw that a lot of the underwear was labeled with English names, which at first I was like, hey that's helpful! But then I noticed there was also a lot ofoverlap among those last three names: bikinis, briefs, and bikini-briefs, so I’m not reallysure exactly what the difference is between those ones, at least not really here in Germany, so for the purpose of this video I am just going to refer to that general kind of underwearas bikini-briefs.

And so if I bought a thong, then of courseI wouldn’t be surprised if it rides up my butt.

That’s what thongs do.

But if I buy anything else — bikinis, briefs, bikini briefs, hipsters, whatever — I buy them because I want something that actuallycovers the butt.

Not rides up it.

So I went to the store with that in mind.

And 97 percent of all the bikini-brief typeunderwear that I found at the store would not do.

I could already tell just from holding themup, one by one, and looking at them that 97 percent of the bikini-briefs in the storewere these horrible kind of imposter bikini-briefs.

They look like bikini-briefs, they’re labeledas bikini, brief or something in between, but they must secretly want to be thongs, I just know it, because just by looking at them I could tell that I would take twosteps in them — one, two — and they’d be doing the thong thing.

In the end I spent 37 euros on 9 pairs ofnot-supposed-to-be-thongs underwear, brought them home, washed them, tried them on, andone pair, one single pair did not try to become a thong.

After an hour and a half of shopping one pairpast the not-trying-to-be-a-thong test.

One pair was apparently happy and satisfiedwith its lot in life, while the other 8 strove to be something they weren’t: a thong.

Which obviously will not do because I needmore than one pair of underwear.

So it looks like I will be heading back tostore to try again.

Unfortunately, very unfortunately that onesingle happy to not be a thong underwear that I found was on sale, which I was really ecstaticabout at the time that I bought it, but now I realize it’s kind of unfortunate becauseI can’t just go back to the store and buy 15 more of those.

The search continues.

So yeah.

That’s my underwear rant.

That's basically it.

I guess I'll just end it like that.

And I know that in the grand scheme of thingsthis is not really that big of a deal.

Sometimes you just need a little rant aboutsomething “unimportant.

” Get that off your chest or behind or whatever, and maybe some of you out there watching this have experienced this as well? So my question for you is: Have you experiencedthis trying-to-be-a-thong underwear frustration? And what “unimportant” things would youlike to rant about? Now is your chance.

Please let me know in the comments below.

Thanks so much for watching.

I hope you enjoyed this video.

I am planning to start a new series answeringyour questions.

Question about living abroad, questions aboutlife, questions about kind of whatever.

I got the inspiration to start this seriesfrom the Cari Antwortet videos on Easy German and also the #SawaalSaturday video serieson MostlySane, and I will link to both of those down in the description below.

Both really awesome channels, and if you gocheck them out please tell them that I sent you.

And if you want to submit a question to me, please leave it down in the comments below with the hashtag #AskDana.

If you liked this video please think aboutgiving it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe for more videos on Sundays and Wednesdays.

And now a Danke Drawing that I drew to saythank you, thank you, thank you, thank you so much to our patrons on Patreon, who help make thesevideos possible.

Thank you so much for your support.

If you would like to support our videos andour work, you can find a link to our Patreon page down in the description box below.

Until next time, auf Wiedersehen! One, two.



one two.





Rant off.

Rant done.


(ENG) 160318 Would B.A.P buy $100000 underwear if the bathhouse they're in caught on fire?

Extreme Dilemma Discussion Round.

1 – B.


P ver.

If a gangster spat in your girlfriend's face / A.

stand B.

can't stand YG: B JH: A <100% serious> JH: I am only 21 yrs old JH: they'd probably beat me up a lot Your marriage partner? / A.

comes on too hard from the beginning B.

only holds hands for 10 yrs HC and JU: B



only?> HC: After I'll take care of it.



(rest is omitted) DH and YJ: A DH: As expected DH and YJ: 10 yrs is a bit.



YJ: If I love her how can we just hold hands? DH: 10 yrs is a bit much A date with who? / A.

Seolhyun(AOA) standing signboard B.

Kim Sook (Comedian) DH and YJ: B YJ: Of course! DH: A standing signboard is kinda (lol) DH: something only crazy people would pick YJ: We're not weird people HC and JU: B HC: A real person is better Are those born in '93 and fast '94 (Jan to Mar) 'friends'? *Korean culture / A.

Yes B.

No (hyung-dongsaeng relationship) YJ: A / DH: B DH: B! B! (excited) YJ: It's A~ / DH: He's fast '94 YJ: Didn't you say A? DH: I said B.

B! YJ: It's A why did you say B DH: I'm born in '93 and Youngjae is a fast '94 DH: This kind of system is gone.



the rules are gone!!! YJ: It's gone but it's already.



DH: Dongsaeng! He's younger but he keeps YJ: What do you know? DH: I do know (coy) YJ: (You don't understand) a fast-born's feelings YJ: *sigh* seriously 24hr real-time reality show for 100 billion won ($100000) / A.

Do B.

Don't JH: A / YG: B JH: All of that? JH: Then of course B.

YG: They said it's 100 billion.



the appearance fee YG: 24 hours.



Is it only for one day? JH: Ah, really? JH: Still.



I choose B JH: To the point of taking a poo how is that okay? JH: I have an image DH: Ah.



Unity! *what soldiers say(?) YJ: (Yoo joong ki) Are you still sexy?

Song Joongki B.

Jin Goo YJ: B DH: Heh.



DH: Then I'm A YJ: Jin Goo is really cool DH: Ah~ He's a work of art YJ: Ah~ DH: Yoon Lieutenant is just too pretty

Song Hye Gyo B.

Kim Jiwon> YJ and DH: B DH: Did you watch it? YJ: 'Do you know what concept this is?' YJ: It's an angel! HC: B / JU: A HC and JU: Oh? HC: Song Joongki? He doesn't match you

Buy B.

Don't buy YJ and DH: A! YJ: First buy it of course! DH: This.



we might have to fold our singing careers so.



YJ: Because of the 1000 dollars DH: I can give up 1000 dollars YJ: W.




We can just earn a lot of money DH: That's right What if the price were increased to 100, 000 dollars? YJ and DH: A DH: If I had the money I must buy it!! YJ: Even if it's 100, 000 dollars I must buy it DH: If I don't have it, then it can't be helped DH: but If I do I would buy it YJ: Since we have to earn morn than 100, 000 dollars DH: If we're talking about Jongup.





(Huh? what did you say? *_*) DH: He'd be okay with B HC: A JU: Ah.




JU: well.



(too difficult) JU: B! (finally! he decided) HC: You wouldn't buy? JU: I'll carry a bowl and come out! JU: I'll cover my face with the bowl and come out (heh) DH: If we're talking about Jongup.






DH: He doesn't need to wear anything



yup> .


I made this video to give y’all my opinion on Knixteen PERIOD PANTIES.

Knix sent me a few of their period panties from their teen line.

Let me tell you, I LOVE THEM! it's so hot up here alrighty hey guys what's up welcome backto my channel so my question for you is do you hate your period like I do I havehad I hate my period and I hate tampons I mean I know like they're so mucheasier but no no thank you mmm so I use pads but pads can sometimesbe a little tricky because sometimes they come really really thick or theycome really really thin and you're like excuse me sometimes they're like way toolong sometimes they like stick down there and you're just like uh oh youknow Sam so I have the perfect solution of course I dolast week I had my period every month when I have my period I always burnperiod panting I guess they're just underwear with a built-in pad with themthey make my life so much easier usually I do have to wear a pad with thembecause my flow it's quite happy so cuz I'm in our early bloomers so you know yeah this week I want to try out newperiod panties and so I'll write out the mixed team period panties yay so theysent me four so basically today's video is going to be me reviewing these and Ieven logged every day mostly every day not every single day but almost everyday I was on my period last week and Nick seen actually did send me of theseperiod panties but I've been wanting to try this for a really really long timebecause I've heard these are the best type to try and have I have twodifferent types I think one leg has a pocket like I can't wear like tightpants for it's not good here is what the first pair look like this is a smallthis by the way is I think it's bikini but as you guys can see this is wherethe pad is it's black so we can't really tell but here is the pad right here andit's really really amazing I you guys will see but this I mean a small itemeven those and also this is the medium this is like the boy short type of thingas you guys can see it they come down lower and of course they have pad rightthere but um yes so now I'm going to show youguys blog part at this video because I wanted to show you my actual experienceand like each day what I was feeling and like how it was this period actuallyonly lasted I think four or five days not a long time usually it's just awhole entire week seven whole days but it wasn't like that the sense oh youknow okay so here is that footage hey guys what's up so it is day one ofperiod day and when period panties so so far they are holding up great um if Ididn't have such a heavy freaking flow I wouldn't have to wear a pad with thembecause I was damn I try not to wear a pad with them but that didn't reallywork so that's what we're doing will bring so yes I'll give you updatesduring the day and yeah hey guys so it is my second check-in of the day andthey're holding up pretty well goddess and actually really comfortable I likethe material of them a lot cuz it doesn't feel like I'm wearing underwearI don't know if that's weird but like you can't see them on my pants so yeahI'm very excited I just want to check in I've been just laying down because I washaving super bad cramps so I was just kind of laying down now I'm gonna curlmy hair and go film another video so yeah hey guys so update number three onday one um so far so good Rams are not hurting anymore which isgreat anyway they are holding up perfectly and guess I'm just wanting toupdate you guys we're about to go to Target so yeah hey guys so it is timingwait day for avoid me underwear but see you guys it's day two because I do filmeven past three or two days but that's okay they are holding up pretty well Igotta say they're really really nice they feel really nice I know it sounds abit weird I haven't been wearing a patter than the last couple days okayfocus on the frame face I haven't been wearing a pad the last couple days whichwhat I was going to say before I was rudely cut off was that I haven't beenwearing a pad the last couple days and it's been going great cousin it wasn'tbleeding through anything it was completely fine I didn't feelsquishy and splashy down there it felt completely fine like I was justwearing regular pad or just regular underwear so yesthought I'd share that so by I have to say my favorite type where the boy shortmediums did wear all of them and to see which ones were my favorite I alsodidn't have second pairs of like my favorite ones stuff but I like thesebecause I like how they come down lower and they're a little bit morehigh-waisted I have to say the bikini type was a little low for my liking butthat's totally fine if you like that you like it if you don't you don't you knowso the first day I did wear a path with them because I didn't really know whatwas gonna happen and I was moving a lot on Saturday I started my period Saturdayby the okay and I just wanted to make sure then I decided a couple days afterthat I would wear with out of had and they worked absolutely fine there was nobleeding through but yeah I really really like the material because it wasvery very soft on my skin and you know on your period you're a little sensitivedown there it was really stretchy – so like I can move innate young yeah Ireally really highly recommend these I also like how they weren't giving me anyunderwear lines on my pants or anything which was super super nice the paditself is actually not that thick which I was surprised but it still soakedeverything up and I know what this video is just so gross it probably is but youknow what I'll have a link in the description down below if you guys aregoing to check these out and honestly this is my honest opinion I just Ireally like them and next month anyway I love you guys so so much and don'tforget never stuff of this room buzz oh my gosh and yeah I'll see you guys nexttime see on Saturday and yeah love you guys.

Underwear Mistakes You Never Knew You Were Making

There's a good chance you didn't put a lotof thought into your underwear when you got dressed today.

You're probably worrying more about the clothesthat go on top of those underwear, right? Turns out that might not be the best move— your lady bits deserve some consideration, and grabbing the wrong pair can have someseriously unpleasant side effects.

Here are the underwear mistakes you shouldavoid the next time you get dressed.

Not wearing cotton Let's face it, ladies, cotton underwear maynot be the sexiest choice you can make — but it's the healthiest.

Donnica Moore, M.


, told The Huffington Post, “Silk and synthetic fabrics are not breathable, which increases the risk of moisture being trapped and retained, which can create a yeastor bacterial infection.

” She added that if you must wear underwearmade from synthetic fabrics, you should at least choose a pair with a cotton-lined crotch.

Limit the silky panties to special occasions— especially those where they won't stay on very long.

Wearing thongs Thongs may be the perfect solution to pantylines when you're rocking your yoga pants, but they come with risks that are just, well, gross.


Jill M.

Rabin told The Huffington Post, “That thong may be depositing colonic bacteriainto your vagina or urethra.

” If that's still not enough to make you readyto trash your thongs, irritation from the thin material can also lead to skin tags onthe vulva and rectum.

Rabin added that choosing cotton thongs, wearingthem for short periods of time, and keeping yourself clean will probably keep you healthy…but is it worth it? Wearing underwear to bed It might not be a bad idea to go commandounder those comfy pajamas of yours.

Trapped moisture can lead to increased bacteriaand even yeast infections, and wearing underwear 24/7 can increase that risk.

Michigan State University ob-gyn Nancy Herta, M.


, told Glamour, “Allowing that area to get some air helpsto keep it dry and clean.

” If you can't bring yourself to ditch the underwearevery night, try it out for at least a couple nights a week and see if you notice any improvements.

Not wearing them during the day Just because it's better to let your ladyparts breathe while you sleep doesn't mean you should plan on going commando all day, every day.

Melissa Goist, M.

D, told Health that whileit's okay every now and then, it's definitely not advisable to go without underwear in somesituations.

According to Goist, going sans-panties whileyou wear clothing that causes friction, like jeans, can actually lead to chafing and sores— which can eventually become infected.

No, thank you! Wearing the wrong cut for your body Just because there's a style of underwearthat you think looks the cutest, doesn't mean that style will look the cutest on you.

Lingerie expert Tomima Edmark told The Berrythat there are five basic shapes for rear ends, and it's important that you choose theunderwear style that best fits yours.

If you don't, you could end up with undiesthat bunch or pull — and that doesn't look or feel good.

Not changing underwear after a workout Sitting around in your sweaty clothes andunderwear after a workout may do more than make you smell a little ripe.

According to Jen Gunter, M.


, it can leadto a female version of “jock itch.

” She told Glamour that while it probably won'tgive you an internal infection, it's not uncommon for women to develop intertrigo, an itchy, yeast-induced issue in the groin area that's usually accompanied by a rash.

Since it's often brought on by moisture andfriction, changing into a clean and dry pair of underwear post-workout can go a long waytoward keeping this uncomfortable condition at bay.

Laundering them all wrong According to Donnica Moore, M.


, your underwearrequires special detergent.

She told The Huffington Post one issue shesees a lot of is contact dermatitis.

She says, “The No.

1 cause of that is your laundry detergent.

The tissues that your panties come into contactwith are a lot more sensitive than your elbows.

” Moore recommended choosing a hypoallergenicdetergent — or at least choosing one that's not heavy on the perfumes.

When it's time to dry them, remember, theycall them “delicates” for a reason.

Lingerie expert Jenny Altman explained toWomen's Health that throwing them in the dryer can cause the elastic in your underwear toget saggy fast.

Instead, try using a drying rack or clothingline.

Wearing shapewear too often Those Spanx may give you gorgeous curves, but they could be doing more harm than good if you're wearing them too often.

Keri Peterson, M.


, told Women's Health, “If they're worn too tightly and too often, the compression has ramifications.

” Shapewear works by compressing your body, but according to Peterson, all that squeezing can actually cause a whole host of issues, like acid reflux and incontinence.

If worn too often they can even cause yourorgans to shift — yikes! Peterson says if you don't have any underlying health issues, it's fine to wear shapewear from time to time, but overdoing it can cause major issues.

Not buying new ones We buy new sweaters and shoes at the slightesthint of changing seasons, but how many of us are guilty of wearing the same pantiesuntil they're literally falling apart? Not only do those old undies not look great, but Dr.

Melissa Piliang, a dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic, told Health that theycan actually cause problems.

She explains, “Once the elastic is failed and they're notstaying in place and causing extra rubbing and shifting around, it's time to throw themout and get some new ones.

” Figure out what works for you When it comes down to it, it's important tochoose an underwear that feels as good as it looks.

While some of the information we've mentionedhere might be a bummer to your underwear drawer, you'll find there are still plenty of choicesout there that look great, feel great, and aren't bad for your health.

Thanks for watching! Click The List icon to subscribe to our YouTubechannel.

Plus check out all this cool stuff we knowyou'll love, too!.

Keep Your Underwear On | Pastor Vlad

keep your underwear on so it's gonna beabout purity we heard about purpose this morning we talked we heard aboutrepentance yesterday I believe that God is wanting to take us into holiness andtake us into purity for us to fulfill our purpose and the title you're gonnasee the word that comes in the scripture in just a moment but I want to tell youstart out with the fact that purity is something that most of us desire toolittle and we desire it too late walking in purity is what God wants forus we have the holy spirit who is holy and God wants us to live in purity Ijust finished a book called single ready to mingle it's gonna be released in inthe summer and it deals about dating I hear a lot about relationships in thechurch I preached a lot of sermons on the relationships we hear a lot aboutkeeping your virginity which is very important but Bible doesn't talk a lotabout dating how to find your spouse how to find mr.

rightthe Bible's emphasis is very huge on sexual purity because purity applies toyour singleness and it applies to your married life purity applies to ateenager and purity applies to an adult it applies to a son and it also appliesto the father it applies to a teenager and it applies to the pastorpurity is not only to a person who is trying to get married and trying to keeptheir virginity because see purity is more than virginity you can be a virginand not be pure but you can't live in purity and not walk in virginity as asingle person I lost my virginity at the age of 24 on the wedding night to mywife the greatest day in my life some of you just don't know what to dowith that information absolute they do nothing just keepstaring at me but that is the day you look forward toand we keep our virginity so that we can lose it to the right person at the righttime right but I can tell you one thing that when I got married and and you knowwe had that physical relationship and something that we continued I wasn'tliving pure all my teenage years or all my even young adult years some of youknow my testimony of how the Lord delivered me from the from the demonicspirit of pornography you can live in virginity as a young person and not walkin purity in fact some people use the holy V as a sense of pride whilein reality the only thing that they have is the holy V but there is no purity inthe life at all and so today my message is not going to be just to keep yourvirginity keep your physical purity I want to talk about purity I'm going totalk about how to live in purity here how to live in purity in here it is thewill of God that you live your life it is the will of God that you live yourlife before you get married and when you get married the idea that once they getmarried purity will not be necessary is extremely wrong I cannot tell you howmany people would reach out to me through social media and in personalcontact who are married and who thought that once they get married their puritylife will be fixed when they will no longer need to restrain their urges forsex marriage doesn't fix purity if it would God wouldn't send the Holy Spiritto live in you God will give you a ring the Holy Spirit is the one that helps usto live holy so I want you we're going to look at few verses right now toexplain what the purity is and then dive in into practically how to walk inpurity Psalm Psalm 24 verse 4 it says this who can ascend the hill of the Lordor who may stand in this holy place he who has clean hands everybody said cleanhands everybody look wave your hands at me your hands both of your hands nowclean hands notice that clean hands and then it says after that pure heartpoint to your heart clean hands pure heart have you noticed it doesn't saypure hands it's says clean hands so hands is something you can seecorrect a heart is something you cannot see correctso purity is not physical cleanness is physical purity is invisible it's a hardissue it's something you cannot see purity is not virginity virginity isclean hands and God says when you walk into my presence I want your hands to beclean means I want you to have physical purity physical cleanness but that isnot what the purity is purity is pure come on so clean hands is something youcan see and pure heart is something nobody else can see let's look at onemore verse and that's in the New Testament in Matthew chapter 5 verse 8everybody knows that blessed are the what blessed are the what for they shallsee God so God is saying that pure in heart it's interesting it doesn't saypure in the body meaning you can keep yourself clean you can keep yourselffrom sexual connections you can keep yourself even from dating and at thesame time be perverted in the heart and in the mind and the Bible doesn't saythose who have virginity will see God it says those who have purity in heart theproblem with the church folk is the church folk judge us based on ourphysical purity physical cleanness and they cannot see our inward and the heartpurity and therefore you can remain a total perverton the inside but because you're a virgin and you're not sleeping aroundand you're not dating anybody that anybody can see in church and if you aredating you're doing so secretly that you don't post it on social media that youcan still walk around with a sense of pride and with the sense of godlinesswhen I was in the Ukraine we lived there we had this thing where my mom and mydad would have guests over and the guests you know how in Ukraine theydon't plan days in a head they just tell you we're coming so 15 minutes later themomma and daddy would come but there was five of us I'm the oldest of five andshe will tell us to do this she would say clean the house so we had 15 minutesto clean the house you can't clean the house in 15 minutes you need five hoursthe kind of mess we would make we needed five hours to clean the house but we had15 minutes so what we would do is what every Ukrainian teenager learned to dois we would take advantage of the space behind the couches and under the bedsbecause that space is there for a reason so we would take everything that wasvisible that you could see and we would quickly put it behind the couch whatdidn't fit behind the couch when underneath of all the beds why so thatin ten minutes when the guests would come in they would see a clean house butit only looked clean to them we all knew god forbidyou look behind the couch see purity is what's behind the couch cleanness iswhat people see purity is an inward issue the emphasis that we place andhonestly wrongly I have been placing for a long time in my ministry is undercleanness make sure you look clean make sure that you change your status onFacebook you're still saying that you're in complicated relationship with thatboyfriend change that to single make sure that you don't do this physicallyand you don't do that and that's very important clean hands God says cleanhands we need to have clean hands but this is where I stop and God talks aboutthe place behind the couch the pure heart we're gonna look at one more verseabout purity and then we're gonna talk about how to walk in purity Exoduschapter 28 verse 42 and 42 43 and this is the verse that I got the title of themessage for keep your underwear on Exodus chapter 28 verse 42 says thefollowing and you shall make for them linen trousers tocover their nakedness they shall reach from their waist to their thighsand they shall be upon Aaron and his sons when they come into the tabernacleof meeting or when they come near the altar to minister in the holy place thatthey do not incur iniquity and die it shall be a statue forever to him and hisdescendants after him when I was younger and I was reading this verse what it wassaying God tells to Moses that I want you to make trousers I did notunderstand what trousers meant I thought it was some deep word for some kind of aspiritual activity so when I saw trousers I was like Amen and waist downas I praise God the glory of God and then I read it a simple translation whatit didn't use word trousers it says undergarments and some translation saysthis you should make them under wears hmm I was like disgusting I'll flip thatpage I don't want to read about God talking about undies to Moses say heymake sure our Aaron wears underwear suit to church I mean imagine this that's inyour Bible where God tells Aaron Moses make sure Aaron and all of his sons whenthey come to worship make sure they have their underwears oh God okay all rightall right an God says and there's the particular ones I want Iwant their height to be particular God is that I don't want just any kind ofunderwears I want a particular kind of underwears now there's one thing aboutcan I borrow you and I'll tell you the way every situation I use it to embarrasspeople so you'll be embarrassed come over here come right here uh-huh yeahunderwear you know what underwear is it's something that's under what youwear very simple can I ask you a question right now do you think he wasan underwear or not based on what you see take a picture ofit so we can post it and we don't know in fact now you you hope he does youbelieve he does you have really good faith but honestly nobody knows whybecause an underwear is something that you wear under what people see I want tosee this God tells priests you will dress outward leave something thatpeople will see you will put the garment of righteousness you will put thegarment of praise you will put the breastplate of righteousness you willplay put the shoes of this God says all of that is great and when you come tochurch people will say Amen a man of God a woman of God you know look at how sheworships look at her Bible has like a yellow pink everywhere look she even hasa notebook look I mean she takes photos of thequotes and posted a woman is a woman of God she posts every single day a photofrom a different angle and puts a scripture in the bottom to inspire theworld that's the only discipleship and evangelism she does by hey she's doingit for the glory of God and so you're looking on the outside you look man thisis awesome but see when God says when you come into my presence God is askingstay there God is asking one thing he says what's under all of thatdo you have an underwear meaning what's under what you present God tells Aaronif you show up in my presence I know if you got your undies on and if you don'thave them on could you be kind to put up the verse again he says this he says theywill incur iniquity and die for not because they didn't wear a garment it'sbecause they did not wear an underwear in his presence you need purity to be inGod's presence you need purity to be in God's presence and you need purity forrelationships for those of you who one day will be married you will understandwithout purity your relationship with your wife is not going to be good andmany people want to live pure because they don't want to have hidden sin andshame in front of the spouse by God in here says to Aaron and to his sons hesays I want you to wear an underwear because I get offended when you come inand your stuff is not covered to make the matters worse you know what he saidthis shall be a statue until the coming of Jesus Christand after that I'll remove that no it does not say that if you look in thescreen behind me it says this shall be a statue for him and his descendantsforever meaning as the royal priesthood of the New Testament God is stillexpecting you to wear an underwear in his presence now of course I'm notspeaking about an underwear that you buy in Walmart I am talking about an area ofour life that's hidden from the public eye an area of our life that'shidden from the newsfeed from the feet of our Instagram from the stories of ourInstagram from the facebook from the snapchat the areas of our life that arehidden that are under your wear the purity the life the private life righthere and right here God says that life that purity is what I look at when youcome into my presence purity is wearing your underwear in God's presence purityis taking care of your private inward thought life emotion life where nobodyelse can see it well nobody can track it where nobody can have an evidenceagainst you but it's right here and this right here in God says when you comeinto my presence you better wear an underwear meaning you better come inpurity and pure it is not that you don't have a boyfriend oh I'm pure why cuz I'mnot dating anybody oh I'm pure why because I'm not sleepingI'm pure why I don't watch porn I'm pure why because I don't masturbate I'm purewhy because you know what I have not had a sexual encounter since the last time Ibroke up and I'll repent that says you know that is great that's clean handsbut that's not purity of heart purity ofheart is what's happening here and what's happening right herethat's a purity of heart thank you so much do you have underwear my god have mercy I just asked a simple quick sort o okay please Godokay well but then can i really take his word for it no but we're not gonnawant for a check this between him and God in other words I can ask you hey areyou living pure uh-huh but in reality only you and God knowsthat only you and God knows that and that's what I want to talk about forjust a few remaining of the moments is how to walk in that pure did thismessage and I saw the moment I announced this some some older people got up andleft and which is fine this this purity message is not for the singles it's forus as the men and women of God and it applies to the married folk as much asit applies to the single folk so let's open to Paul's instruction I'm gonnagive you three simple points of how to walk in purity and I believe the HolySpirit is gonna do something very special as we hear this brief messageand it will be easy to remember this verse it's to 222 second Timothy chapter2 verse 22 so for twos second Timothy chapter twoverse 22 very simple can we read it together on the count of three in ascreen behind me one two three I did okay so we'regonna read it one more time because I messed it up one two three amen amen amen put your hands together for yourself youdid an amazing job some of you could not read the Bible today you just didthat's your Bible reading plan for today hallelujah verse of the day my god andso we're gonna break this verse down into three simple parts and let thisverse speak to us the first thing that I want you to see in reaching purity isthat Paul says to pursue peace righteousness so to pursue purity pursue pursue sowrite this down if you taking notes is that purity is not a point you crossit's a pursuit and ongoing pursuit or pursuit after Jesus purity is not apoint you reach oh when I get married then I'm pure oh when I stop consumingpornography I am pure when I stop staring at girls butts then I'm purewhen I stop looking for ladies who wearing yoga pants in the gym I'm purethe same thing can be applied to girls when I stop doing this then I'm purepurity is not a certain level you reach where you stop struggling Paul doesn'tsay purity is a point it's a constant ongoing pursuit when you stop pursuingyou stop purity even if you don't commit physical sexual immoral sins purity isnot a point you reach it's a pursuit after Jesus so the goalis not to pursue purity the goal is to pursue Jesus and as you pursue Jesus thepurity becomes a result my problem was I got introduced to pornography at avery young age I think it was about 12 years of age it was the first time thatin the Ukraine somebody showed black and white magazine photos it was half of thepage that was ripped up I can't recall what I saw but I just remember that Isaw for the first time women who could not afford clothes and I thought it wasfunny I didn't think of anything sensual or sexual or arousing in itexcept I knew that it was probably wrong and I knew that if my dad finds out I'mgonna get a Ukrainian Holy Ghost Pentecostal spanking so I hid thoseimages like David hid God's Word in his heart I hid him in my pocket and then Ilost them somewhere and never thought anything about it until we moved theUnited States and about six months into being in the United States and some ofyou heard my testimony and I'm just gonna repeat it for those who have notheard it before an American neighbor asked us to househis seven or eight cats and gave us the key payment for seven days for us totake care of his house and as we were taking care of his house it was always adream of mine to be able to see how white people live for those of youoccasions please forgive me but that was thirteen year old dream that I had okaymy dream was to see what they have in a refrigerator I wanted to see what theyhave in their basement I wanted to see what they have in the shed outside and Iwanted to see what they have in their closet I wanted to see everythingwithout them knowing I'm looking at it so this was a perfect opportunity to seea fulfillment on my dream having a keys to this guy's house for seven daysfeeding his cats and guess what I did I went everywhere I checked under the bedI checked behind I was just this curious cat walking around checking every singlething and then up I stumbled upon a closet a bunch of VHS tapes with theywere pornography tapes but I convinced myself that it could have been mighthave been what if perhaps it's like Billy Graham's or Kathryn Kuhlman'scrusade tapes put in the wrong tape covers I'm not lying to you I actuallyhad that thought circulating in my head and so I wanted to do just to checkdouble check and so I put the tape in unfortunately it was not a KathrynKuhlman or Billy Graham's crusade it was ungodly wicked horrible I didn't stopwatched it felt really really really nasty really horrible I felt likesomebody put me in the pile of poop and kept me there for 40 minutes and itsmelled good until you get out and in you're like it just it just felt like Iwanted to screw up stuff I don't mean just it was so disgusting and I saidI'll never ever do it again only to do it again the next day only to do itagain the next day the next day until I was now praying and hoping that theneighbor will come back and take the keys away because I could not stop thiswas the day where we had no internet the only internet we had is we had the AOLsix-month a trial period I don't know if you guys remember those for those of youyeah and after the six months you don't buy the Internet you buy and you getanother CD cd-rom put for six months so that was the day this was the day wherewe there was no television my parents were so Pentecostal we didn't even havea television in their house so this was the day we're living pure was easierand so after this encounter with a neighbor's house I was like my godplease forgive me I'll never do it again only eight months later to find out likea drug addict addicted to drugs I found myself being addicted to consumingpornography left me feeling dirty I was a disciplined man I thought I was adisciplined man I was disgusted with myself I hated myself I started topreach at that time already a young man I would go to my pastor foraccountability and I'm gonna share my delivering story in just a moment but inmy mind I developed this thing that I was not pure I wasn't pure though I wasa virgin I wasn't pure and in my mind I said this if God gives me freedom frompornography I will be pure so purity in my mind was this reaching apoint what I no longer watch pornography and that's the problem that's not whatpurity is purity is not reaching a point where you don't do that sin that you doright now that's not purity Paul says to pursue meaning if you don't pursue ityou can't walk in purity and even if you stop a consuming pornography even if youstop sleeping with your boyfriend even if you repent oflesbian lifestyle even if you walk away from sexual immorality you get marriedand you have an ongoing physical intimacy that doesn't guarantee purityif you park your devotional spiritual life in the garage of your religiosityand after I got delivered from pornography I found out the battle wouldlust the battle in the struggle here continued but there was this sense ofpride I no longer watch the stuff so I am good but see if you're not pursuingyou're not pure purity is that a point you reach purity is a pursuit after GodI want you to see this verse about Samuel in the First Samuel about SaulI'm sorry in the First Samuel chapter 15 verse 11 it says the following I greatlyregret that I have set up Saul as a king for he has turned back from following meand he has not preformed my Commandments it grieved Samuel and he cried out tothe Lord all night could you underline if you believe underline in your Bibleis not a sin what it says over there he has not followed me God didn't accuseSaul for not believing in him he didn't excuse all for turning his back on thetemple sacrifices of the lambs he says you know Saul used to be follow meeverywhere I was he followed me I go right he goes I'm sorry camera people hegoes right I go left I go to uncomfortable places and and Saul usedto do exactly that he goes right behind me right behind me right behind me rightbehind me he goes right behind me everywhere I went and then somethinghappens sit over there he arrived listen he arrived I go he'ssitting he's not doing anything bad he's not following means there is no morepursuit he parked on the side of his particular breakthrough for Saul it washe became a king for you is you beat that addiction and then this is whatthis says I want you to see the scripture it says when he stoppedfollowing me he says an has not performed my Commandments any time youpark at the particular level with your walk with God you start compromisingphysically it always happens it's a matter of time for Saul he starteddisobeying God in that area in that area why because the pursuit is the onlything that keeps me in purity so the root of my purity is the pursuit of Godthe result of my pursuit of God is pure lifestyle now you compared with whatI'm saying you can come back thank you start following again my god hallelujahthank you Jesus so the first thing that I wanted toshare with you guys today about purity is the point it's not a it's not a pointyou reach you you don't park at a particular time or a particular becauseI find people who when they are needing to be free from a particular sin theyare pursuing God they're desperate and then when you reach the freedom from thesin there becomes this complacent parking when you sit down where you parkat that freedom and you say you know what I am good I arrived but that's notwhat purity is that's what freedom is that's not what purity is what purity isis a constant pursuit if you got free from that addiction if you got deliveredfrom that God says the same way you were pursuing me what you were addictedcontinue to pursue me otherwise some other addiction will slip you back inand you will not be performing my Commandments because you're not pursuingme purity it is the pursuit somebody say Amen if you write things downwrite this down we need purity to be in God's presence and we need God'spresence to live pure we need purity to live in God's presence and we need God'spresence to be pure the fruit of the Holy Spirit is self-control it doesn'tsay it's the work of the Holy Spirit it's the fruit fruits I see how my treesin the backyard produce fruit there is no sweating there is no child but likeyou know like oh yeah you don't see striving you seeyielding trees naturally produce the holy spirit is saying this is that ifyou make it your goal to pursue me without striving without purityself-control all those things will begin to come natural effortlessly the onlyeffort you have to put in is to run after him so all their effort is not tobe free it's to run when you put the effort to run God says I put the effortto bring purity that even when you free I blend deeper levels of purity withevery season of your life because being free is not God's goal God's goal ispurity of heart you can be free but not walk in purity and that's why some of uswhat happens is that we walk in freedom and we think well I beat this sin I beatthat addiction I no longer struggle with that but at the same time the purity ofheart is deeper than that and you can't do that by trying to make yourself pureyou can only do that by putting an effort to pursue and God says now thatyou put in a time to pursue I'm not talking about just showing up to churchI am NOT talking about having a YouVersion Bible app pop a verse in themorning and I read one verse I'm now fed with God you know what I'm not likepleasantly plum but I need more than a crumb to get me fed oh I just pray Ichewed on my favorite KLOVE song and my way to work and those 10 minutes whileI'm eating my burrito from Taco Bell and I'm also putting on my makeup and I'mspending my time with God now that is a great thing that you have going with theLord I applaud you but that looks more to me like being parked in a garage thanpursuing you got to pursue the Lord you got to pursue the Holy Spirit if youwant to live in purity number 2 if we look at the verse again in 2nd Timothychapter 2 verse 22 it says flee youthful lusts but pursue so the secondthing that I want you to write this down is that we are not called to fight lustbut to flee it God didn't anoint us to fight lust heonly called us to flee lust he called you and I to fight Satan but not lust Ifind it interesting that the Bible nowhere says for us to fight lust italways says to flee lust but to fight the devil can I tell you something lustis stronger than the devil you can beat the devil you can't beat lust the onlyway you beat lust is run from it at the same time as you're running from Godyou're running from the from lust you never call to run from the devil you'recalled to run from lust because lust is bigger than the devilwhy is lust worse than the devil it's because it connects to something insideof you called flesh and so God says through Paul to my generation he says itto me he says it to you he says this he doesn't say fighthe says run from it I don't want to run from it I can beat it that's yourproblem I can I tell you how many young men have come up and say pastor Vladpray for me why I'm fighting with lust and that's the problemstop fighting I said where in the Bible did you see God called you to fight withlust that is why you're losing cause you're picking a fight with an enemy Godthinks you can't win and you're asking me to help you win when God says youcan't how is it like I can't pray for you to fight lust I can only pray for you toobey the Bible and flee lust you never see Joseph fighting Potiphar's wife hedidn't try to evangelize to her because if he would try to evangelize to herboth of them would go to lake of fire you don't see Joseph laying hands on herand casting out a spirit of harlotry out of her Joseph goes into the house andthe moment that she can start giving him those dirty looks and she's been doingit for a very long he looked at that and he kept on walkinghe pretty much started ignoring her and she grabbed on him and he what did he docan they say come over here I know your daddy didn't love you let me pour somelove of the father you know what you know woman what you need you just needlove like you're fishing for lust you never had it actually somebody loves youyour husband hasn't been paying attention to you you know let me justright here on my shoulder no Joseph ran from her I'm gonna give you practicalthings now on how to fully lust underneath of this point right down acut off the hand which in other words means remove trigger points in your lifecut off the hand what I mean by fleeing lust is this is that there are things inour life that are trigger points for lust that they need to be simply cut offJesus says if your hand causes you to sin what did he say he didn't say bringit to an altar call he did not say have the pastor pray for your hand what doesJesus say but my hand is also used to help peopleit's only sinning on one day out of the month the rest of the 29 days it's doinggood I need God to change my hand and this is the problem is that where notfleeing situations we're on good days are good it's just on the weekdaysthey're pulling us into sin Potifer's wife is not always lustful andhorny shouldn't have said that words sorry bleep that out.

Potifer's wife isnot always like that she's a nice woman she just has those days where she actsyou like this I can't just run from her and this is what I find with people youneed to identify your hand that causes you to sin for some of you it's verysimple it's your Instagram but half of the other time that you don't fall intosin Instagram is good you fellowship with other people you even broughtpeople to church because of that and so what you're doing is saying Lord sanctifymy Instagram because using good things and god's idea for youto flee lust is for you to remove even if it's doing good things for you ongood days so this is what we do instead of cutting off the hand which is whatGod says we come up and say Lord deliver me I have people that come up all thetime and say pastor Vlad pray for me because I'm battling with lust myresponse is that you shouldn't be battling you should be fleeing ok playfor me to help me to flee lust second question I ask is this which hand are wecutting today oh no pastor I'm gonna keep all my handsall my feet and all my fingers and say you can't receive freedom from lustwithout something being removed what's being removed well well well what'sbeing removed no it's just all in my heart that's the Jesus did not say cutyour heart he says cut a trigger point there istrigger points for lust for some people the trigger points is simple it's atnight they relax I believe a single person a person who is not marriedshould not have free time I believe when you say free time devil says my time forthe single unmarried people especially young men free time in the evening torelax is demonic time you should stay as busy as you possibly can did you knowwhy Joseph didn't commit sin with Potiphar's wife he was busy in the housedid you know why David fell in with sin with Bathsheba it's because David got upin the evening on the balcony after he slept all day instead of fighting he wasrelaxing and that's why Satan got him he couldn't get Joseph like that so removefree time so what do you want me to do never have a free time nope you've beensinging to Jesus you gave him you all your whole life it's not yours so whatdo you do with free time you read you write you stay away from free timebecause it that's your trigger point what else is your trigger point could itbe snapchat what else there could be could be internet but I can't believeyou would say for me to turn off my internet until God brings that deliver Ican't live without the internet well then you need to make a decision do youwant to live in sin or do you want to live in freedom but I want to live freewithout internet I want to live free I'm sorry with the internet Jesus did nothave internet survived you will be just fine I used itfor my homework stop lying to yourself you don't even go to school I doresearch what research do you do I need to stay current with the news the newsis very simple there's the whole thing going on in the government Donald Trumpis the president and everybody hates him that's about the news for the next twoyears I just described it to you well I need to stay I need to stay see you haveto ask yourself a question if you're serious about fleeing then you have tobe serious about removing a hand I remember I was free already and fewyears ago I start getting I start sensing that I'm being tempted withInstagram there's a popular page on Instagram you know where like you clickin between the buttons over there and it puts just different random pictures andI started to in my free time look through scroll through the Instagramjust to numb the fact that I was busy with other stuff and scrolling throughbut deep inside my flesh was looking for this it was looking for skin I know itwas looking for I know what I was scrolling for I wasn't clicking onanything but I was hoping to see something I'm a married manand I'm a pastor but nobody can see that this continued for a few weeks I didn'tlook at it but I just kept scrolling hoping my flesh was hoping to find skinand until I realized I'm coming to the edge of the cliff already and I'mbeginning to sense the same temptations that I experienced when I was in bondagebut a my justification is this I'm not committing sin I'm not looking atanything and I am chilling and so and then I told my wife about it a lot oftimes husbands come and say I struggle with lust and I said tell your wifeshe'll deliver you oh no she'll kill me I was like that's what I mean bydelivering you trust me I can tell anybody except mywife but I knew I had to tell my wife and the reason why I had to tell her isbecause a few days before that she started to say this is that something iswrong with with us I said everything is fine I take you on a date you're a happywoman you got everything that you need but secretly already I know something ishappening there and this women they have this like Holy Ghost antennas they knoweverything that's wrong you can cover it Delete the browser history everything and shecomes in she's like I just I just feel like we're not close and you're notputting Polonius and her like always just so amazing I booked a vacation Ibought a ring for you and I cleaned your car and everything and the woman's likenope that's not gonna cut it you're doing something wrong and my wife youknow she's not a prophetess but she was just kind of complaining about somethingwas going on I remember it was Friday night we're about to go to sleep and Ican't sleep and the Holy Spirit said Vlad if you don't tell your wife you're gonnafall back into pornography tomorrow he said you're comingl you're playing gamesalready you're coming close and you are doing what's wrong it's about a fewyears ago so I tell her and I'm expecting like you know and I woulddeserve a because it would help me maybe to be delivered from that and so my wifeshe she did not do that she she got on her like she sat down in the bed and shelaid hands on me and I was delivered like she didn't beatme praise be to God she prayed for me she put I rememberwho's like holy I've never had this happen as like lord I just pray you willdeliver this wicked perverted person she didn't say like thatshe didn't say like that she just said kind words after she prayed I said I'mturning off Instagram and for about 12 months I removed Instagramcompletely didn't lock in one time even though I felt delivered I knew one thingthe devil has me on the hook but the problem with Instagram is that I wasgetting good followers like I was really hoping to break 5, 000 followers and Iwas this close and I am free already why don't need to turn off my Instagram myhand is good I see you have to understand it's good on good days ifit's a tool in the hands of the devil on the bad days that means the good andthe has to go and this is where a lot of usare saying huh I don't think I agree with youkeep living in sin stop you know what stop asking God to deliver you if you'renot obedient to his word stop asking stop coming to the altar andsaying Lord do this Jesus said clearly if you want to be free from lust he didnot say have pastor pray for you he did not say have anointed man put his handon your head and were you to follow the power of God then you get up and youkeep using exactly the same trigger point if you want to flee from lust thatmeans you have to remove trigger points what is your trigger point identifiedand remove it the second part about fleeing lusts that's not just thetrigger points don't eat of the tree meaning there are certain things youcan't remove you just have to not look at and discipline your eyes not to lookat for example God didn't call you to remove Victoria who has no secrets fromthe mall you can't you know answer I know some of you you really want tochange your city and you want to change all of that but in reality you're gonnafail in that you can't remove that if you're working out and you're going tothe gym you know you're not gonna go to every single girl and say hey could you nexttime wear something a little bit more baggier you can't go to every singlegirl in church and say hey could you please wear a skirt a little bit longerand you know like this part little bit closer God gave you clothes to cover notto reveal didn't your mama tell you that you know and all this stuff you can't dothat because that's not practical there are things in life that will be triggerpoints that you cannot remove it's out of your controlin that case you have to do that what God told Adam to do with the tree ofknowledge of good and evil don't eat of it meaning don't stare if that girl isthat dressed up like you're supposed to dress up balance your eyes if Victoriahas no more secrets keep walking in the mall don't look ather if you are in the gym and somebody's right in front of you and they reallyare showing you know other parts of their body that I've been working on foreverjust bounce your eyes God says this is simple that don't look atit if you're like Samson you're not gonna control your eyes if you're gonnalose them the enemy is gonna take it now for the ladiesthis applies also I know from there's a lot of there's a surge of lust that wentin with the young women in our generation today where now the addictionto pornography is actually coming close to the addiction that men have topornography if you can lower it down just a little bit I know you're tryingto tell me that it's my time and I appreciate that and so but what I wouldencourage you ladies is this as also is for you lust is something different itcould be maybe in the form of lusting to have somebody else's bodyto be like somebody else I remember I met a pastor a good friend of mine agood teacher and I asked him something about social media and he says you knowa lot me and my wife we walked away completely from from Instagram and and Isaid you know why did your wife left Instagram she said it brought so muchdepression and anxiety to her trying to compare her real life to everybodyelse's fake life she says she though she's beautiful shejust couldn't live with that and she's just trying to live up to everybody'sbeautiful cool-lookin you know with filters family and she decided tocompletely walk away from that saying you know what that's the tree that ourgeneration has the tree of knowledge of good and evil the tree of Instagram andI'm not eating of that that's not gonna be a part of my life and maybe that'sthe that's the thing that you have to take where you have to run from thingsthat bring you this this food of the devil and you can't remove the tree youjust have to remove yourself from digesting it there are so many triggerpoints all around in our generation today they will be begging for yourattention and some things you cannot remove they're gonna be there no matterwhat you have to discipline your eyes that you move your eyes that you moveyour heart from it another part about how to walk from that is not only we cutoff the hand not only we don't eat from the tree and we're bringing in this tothe close is that if you don't want to want to fall into sexual sin stopflirting with that sin and stop flirting meaning is this is that we stop asking aquestion how close can I get to the cliff without falling into it andhonestly I just shared with you my story that happened to me a few years ago andmy excuse was this is how close can I getto looking at stuff that without falling into looking at pornography and that's aproblem is that when you start flirting you will fall I love the fact thatJoseph did not ask you know what sleeping with Potiphar's wife is areally bad idea but flirting with her chatting with her direct messaging hersending her emojis is not bad idea a lot of us the problem why we fall intosexual sin is because we don't flee instead of fleeing sexual sin we flirtmeaning we flirt with situations we flirt with people knowing we're notcalled to be in that relationship you have no business as a young manmessaging a young lady in your church in a casual way would you still do that ifyou would have a wife no that means that has to stop today oh you snapchattinginstead of sending snaps to that person would you do that if you would have awife today no did you know that the Bible says blessed is the man who findsa wife it doesn't say blessed is the man who finds a girlfriend meaning she'sbeen acting like a wife before she became a wife act like a husband actlike a wife before you become one stay away from flirting with people flirtingwith situations and pushing your limits as close to the cliff as you can withoutcommitting the sin that will condemn you to hell and that's called fleeing I loveJoseph and Joseph drives me like crazy because I look at this guy and I'm likemy god he got rejected he got bullied he got abused this guy has a deathcertificate laying at home he is dead to his family he has no church he has noaccountability partner he has no pastor he has no Bible he hasno church services yet when sexual temptation presents to a man who had asame biological body that you and I have he doesn't flirt he flees we have achurch we have a credibility we have teachings and purity we have parents wehave everything and we flirt with sin and why is that I find two things thatare different between Joseph and my generation one is Joseph told Potiphar's wife this he says I cannot do this great wickedness before Godwe call sexual sin great weakness I have a weakness brother Joseph didn'tsee sexual sin as weakness he saw it as wickedness we call it defeat Joseph called it disobedience that means sexual sin has to be redefined in your mindit's not a weakness weakness is if you can't lift 300 pounds that's a weaknessweakness is something physical weakness is not consuming pornography that's nota weakness that's wickedness and Joseph didn't seesleeping with somebody's wife as a weakness he saw it as a wickedness ifyou want to overcome sexual sin you have to stop redefining sin as the world seesit and you have to say it it's not a mistake mistake is if you forgot mynumber that's a mistake mistake is not if you're staring at somebody's buttthat's a sin that's willful deliberate choice to sin and when you start seeingit like that then you approach it with repentance instead of I'm working on itI can't lift you plates in the gym I'm working on it that's my weakness butthat is the gym the purity is now like that if you're I'm not walking in purityGod does it see like I can't live to play God says you are a wicked sinnerand the response to that is Lord I'll repent but if you see your sexual sin asa weakness guess what you're gonna do with it you're gonna work on it insteadof repent another thing that I see in Joseph that's different than than us isthat Joseph he fled because he had a fear of God we flirt because we know thegrace of God Joseph fled cause he had a fear of Godwe flirt because we know the grace of God the grace is with God loves you nomatter what and that's the problem how come he had no anointing and he ran fromsexual sin and we have a generation today trapped in sexual sin becausewe're loaded with the grace of God and this little of the fear of God are youcomprende and lastly, so the first thing we mentioned is that purity is not a point it's a pursuit secondly we mentioned isif in order to win we have to flee not fight means you have to run fromsituations that are wicked you have to cut yourself away from people that arewrong you have to remove all of that andlastly what I'm going to share with you and we're going to pray second Timothychapter 2 verse 22 it says this it says flee youthful lusts pursue righteousnesspeace and joy and all of this stuff and then there's this one phrase would yoube kind to give me that verse one more time Second Timothy chapter 2verse 22 it says the following is that but pursue righteousness faith lovepeace and I want you to see this part it says with those who call on the name ofthe Lord out of the pure heart so my third and last and I believe a mostimportant thing to walk in purity and that is this purity must be pursued inthe community no community no purity paul tells timothy if you want to livein purity flee pursue and then he says this with those who are calling on theLord from a pure heart that means you cannot be pure in the vacuum you cannotbe pure on your own you need others Hebrews chapter 12 verse 1 it says thatbefore you seek and run after God it says surround yourself with a cloud ofwitnesses I like to say like this your crowd creates a cloud over your lifebecause this is what your friends do to you friends provide influence influenceeverybody influence have you noticed when you said what influence in the wordinfluence is three-letter word that's flu you know how influence works like aflu you catch it when somebody else has it and they're around you when you arearound people who are in lust and they're your friends you catch spirit oflusts the same way you catch a flu simply by being around them Paul saysyou want to walk in purity he says you cannot do it because purityand lust is contagious you put yourself in a group of peoplewho are in purity and it's a matter of time purity begins to come upon youbecause your crowd creates your cloud there's a spiritual influence that comesupon you your tribe creates your vibe the vibes you feel inside is all createdby the tribe you have the scripture says this good habits are corrupted it saysthis do not be misled bad company corrupts good habits meaning if you havegood habits bad company they will be corrupted your mama and daddy might haveraised you up and said this is the right way to do it I always tell parents thisdon't pray for your kids pray for your kids friends everythingyou planted in them their friends will destroy it good habits meaning you buildthose habits for years mama told you daddy told you you put yourself in a badenvironment few years and one thing that environment does it works like a flu youcatch it you don't have a flu but because you're open to the in flu in fluinfluence of your friends you catch the cussing you catch the drinking you catchthe lying you catch the cheating you catch the crush having a crush on yourboyfriend you how you catch everything like a flu and good habitsmorals that your mama your daddy gave you are being destroyed because you'resurrounded with people and that's why Paul says to Timothy flee lust pursuepurity with with the right people are you with me David had the oldest son hisname was Amnon.

Amnon was his all the son this guy was supposed to be the nextking instead of Solomon and one day Amnon then has a crush on his half-sisterTamar meaning he wasn't supposed to like herlet's just put her in our in our vocabulary he had liked somebody Godsays he shouldn't be liking like non-christian I just put it like thatand he liked her so much he became sick you know when it's lustif it makes you sick love makes you healthy usually he becomes sick and hisfriend comes thing says amigo what's going on I see you're sick you're noteating and he says this he said I'm in love with Tamar and watch this hisfriend tells him I have a solution for you you tell your dad that you're sickdon't tell him the truth that you love Tamar and tell him you have a feverhave Tamar come and cook get all the servants out and when Tamar cooks infront of you do with her as you desire and Amnon then has no brainswhy because anytime you have friends that influences you you always lose yourbrains always that's how that's how it works your friends they influence youand you stop thinking for yourself because that's the power of friendshipthat's why Paul says surround yourself with people who are right so they'llinfluence you in the right way and you lose your brain in a good way and Amnondoes exactly what his stupid wicked demonic friend told him his dad comesand instead of telling dad you know what dad I got a loss the problemcan you pray for me he lies to his mentor's but exposes his to his friendshis mentor his dad could have prayed that demon out of him but his friendcounseled him into his funeral rapes Tamar hates Tamar a few years later hedies never becomes a king why everything God had planned for him was destroyed itwasn't because he had a lust problem it's because he had the wrong friendswho didn't deal with his lust correctly you can have a problem with lust putyourself in a great group of people and I'm telling you lust will no longer be aproblem you can have a you can have purity put yourself on agroup of wrong people and your purity is no longer gonna be there amenthank you for watching this content I know this was a blessing to you we wouldlike to ask you to subscribe to our Channel and click on the Bell on ourchannel so that each time we upload something you can be notified don'tforget to share this content with your friends and family and on social mediawe're so thankful to you better is that good enough the best is yet to come.

Live Day Trading – How I Made $400 in My Underwear

Good morning, it isClay at Claytrader.


This will be a live trade video where I hopefully can capture some trades as they unfold live.

Market's been opened up about 40 minutes.

Got a late start.

But seeing BPTH withsome good nice action, so I thought hey, you know what? Might be an opportunity atsome quality live trade video.

So here we are.

First order at 22.

75 ifit can pull back here, represented by the green line.

So there is a bit more of the pull back.

So I'll keep a close eye on it, and if it looks like itwants to work its way down at least, well, I'll keep it rolling now.

It's starting to move again.

There's the break.

And it stopped.

Where did it go? All right, well, at this point, need to change that down to 25.

Pretty sure it stoppeda penny above my order.

Low of that candle.

Yep, 22.


Literally right there 22.


So it's gonna be one of those one I see.

All right, well.

Can't get any closer thana penny, but all right.

Let's see if it wants topull back a little bit more.

All right, I have anorder at 5.

75 here on RBZ.

See if it wants to pullback here a little bit.

And 5.


I will keep you updated.

Pulling back some.

And then that fast rightup back up above six.

There we go back down at.

In other words, there's a good chance I'm.

There we go.

I'm in.

Just for my first 1000 shares.

I would like more than 1000.

And I'm in at 5.


So let's see what thisthing wants to do here.

It's giving me 45 of the1000 that I wanted to sell.

So yeah, that's somewhat annoying.

Again, if you're new, I wanted to sell 1000, but it's only giving me 45 of the 1000 that I wanted to sell.

There we go.

So out there for $150, and as you saw, very, very jumpy.

We're sitting at 45.

45, and if you watch, in the blink of an eye, all of a sudden that went to green.

Meaning my entire order got filled in literally a microsecond.

If you missed it, just scroll back, and you'll see what I mean.

Sitting, sitting, sitting.

Literally 45.

And then in the blink of an eye, boom.

I would be interested inplaying this one again if it wants to pull back some more.

What is that right there? Yeah.

So if it wants to pull back to 5.

35ish, I would be interested at that point, but we'll see if itwants to do that or not.

I have an order at 38.


Nice, got those.

Looking like I'm gonnabe able to get some more down at 37.


Got those.

So just 1000 shares.

My average is at 37.


So if it can get up tothat green line there, then I am in the green.

But if it wants to pull back some more, I will gladly get some at 36.

55 and 36.


Okay, going for the break.

Like I said, if thatcandle can get up there and hit that green line, then I am in the green.

So let's see if it can hitthat green line or not.

All right, I will go ahead and pause, and if it looks like I'm gonna be able to get some more shares, or if it's looking like I mightbe able to take some profit, I'll get the video rolling.

All right, it's trying to work its way up to that green line.

So let's see if the pricecan make its way up there.

All right, never mind.

I will go ahead and pause.

Okay, it's trying to make a move up.

The spread opens upquite a bit on this one, so it's kinda hard to track.

But it's one where it could, in the blink of an eye, make a move.

(laughs) Just like that, it made its move, and I am out for $250.

So, I'm actually prettyexcited just because I would have totally, I wasthinking about pausing it, but I let it go, and literally I couldn't havescripted that any better.

Literally, in the blink of an eye, both of those were filled just like that.

So there we go, $250.

And if it wants to pull back some more, I may be interested.

All right, it is almost justan hour left on the day, so I'm going to head off I think unless this thing wantsto all of a sudden flush.

So maybe as I do my wrap up, I'll put an order out there, and if it wants to flush then maybe I will get another trade.

But double checking, 35.


Yeah, so, but if not, I dowanna wrap things up here.

If you enjoyed thisvideo then before you go the easiest way to communicate to me, hey, Clay, I enjoyed this video.

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com and check out the online community there.

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Then you have the chatroom tour.

I've made all these alerts.

So both RBZ and JMIA wereboth alerted in the room.

Actually I got RBZ from anothermember of the community, so that kinda goes to show, it is really team work there.

I am a human being with only two eyeballs, so I miss out on things too.

So I benefit from other's alerts.

But JMIA was alerted.

And yeah, good solid day for the room.

If you're interested inlearning how to use charts and technical analysis inorder to implement trade plans and such, I do offeronline courses on that.

So you can go to the siteagain, claytrader.

com, and check that out.

But if nothing, if you don'tspend a dime, that's okay.

Like I said, if you want meto keep making these videos, then hit that like buttonand subscribe to the channel.

And given it's looking like it's not gonna flush to the down side, I'm just gonna cancel thatorder and call it a day.

So 400 bucks on the daywith very minimal effort and very minimal really paying attention.

I will take it.

I'll see you back next week.

One of the biggest questions that I get is hey Clay, how do you findthe stocks that you trade? So what I've done is puttogether a free resource guide where I talked about the tools that I use to locate stocks that I find interesting and think may have potential.

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And best part, it's completely free.

Thanks for watching the video.

Let me know if you have any questions.


J.D. Pardo on Cop Dad, Starting a Gang & Underwear Modeling

[Applause] I'm good you were one of the few actors out here who actually grew up in LA that's right I'm gonna corn right yeah yeah it's rare it's weird yeah panorama city from San Fernando rama city that's serious in Panorama City right it's it's a pretty city is

right there on I was born on that Kaiser on Rosco and Woodman oh yes I know exactly where that is I used to live over in that right in that area there yeah you know a lot of auto part picking yeah the Tommy Tommy's it's Tommy's burgers yet

right sure Tommy's and then you have the Budweiser plant I smelled Adam right we could smell the barley yeah miles I'm out what did your parents do my mother worked for state fund insurance and my father was a LAPD officer Oh a rash a rampart and a Marine

so I was really screwed oh yeah you can't get away with anything bad and I would just love to say you know to our military men and women out there serving this great country thank you that fear yeah here oh is that right yeah we talked to your

dad he did some interrogating I'm not sure I should say this but he did something I'm gonna say it anyway he did some interrogating for the Marines and what time is a kid I said it's a pot what do you do if they don't talk and he's just

like they always talk Wow it's your essence you ever tried to get one run one passed them or no no no idea is there anything is are there good things about having a dad who's in the LAPD or yeah yeah you know he would he would give me

his cop card my sisters and I a cop card said you know lieutenant Pardo with this little badge on it you get pulled over did you get pulled over and they laid a gun they say license registration you hand over the license with the little card and and

they just wait for them to say wow um alright did they then call him and say hey by the way your son those times they didn't appreciate it so yeah I'm just oh you got pulled over a lot then it sounds like because you had the card you

didn't have to obey the rules ah you know what as a cop son you try not to as as strange that sounds I want to see where you want to be a rebel right you want to feel like you don't be too clean-cut well no kid wants to

be done clean-cut yeah my neighborhood friends and I we actually tried to start a gang oh that's great I'm sure dad appreciated that I grew up with a couple of guys memo mark Simon one was half african-american half Filipino the other one was african-american the other one was

Mexican and we call ourselves the mixed-up brothers Wow and did you guys do any crimes or was there any initiation or anything like that no we just kind of it's not a gang anything at least we were afraid to yeah you know if you guys played chess you

know you'd be called the chess club the chest yeah did you so did you ever think about doing that about being in the military or law enforcement or anything like dad no I think my dad knew what a tough job it was you know and he wanted I

guess you know my parents are immigrants my father's from Argentina Bolivia South America and my mother's from El Salvador and you know immigrants you want your children to get an education you want right be a professional so my parents really wanted me to be a doctor that was

all the path that they wanted me well maybe you'll play a doctor like yeah how did you get into acting what was your first acting job I act you know it was really difficult I mean you know it's it's super hard right everything when you're just starting out

I knew nothing it's not like I had anyone to count on so my first job was through modeling oh I literally walked into LA models to drop some headshot for friend and they were like you know let's let's take polar and see what happens and know a couple

months later right book tommy girl fragrance campaigns oh wow and now you would say to other two young people typically when some of you walk into an office and someone says let's take some Polaroids they should leave right better I don't know what it is it was it

look it was a great time in my life because it taught me about the camera it taught me about I'm from Panama City right like it's so the business is foreign to me but that job took me to Ford models in New York which took me to Italy

and for whatever reason when you're auditioning in in modeling you're always taking off your clothes and dancing in your underwear I do that every job I have I mean it could be like Wilsons Leather can't pay for a jacket and they're like great like this is JD Pardo

this is a director this is a casting director are you ready and you're like yeah and you just take off your clothes and they put some music on your dancing your underwear really and now you go from dancing around your underwear to part of a biker gang on

this show absolutely yeah yeah it's MC how funny is that this is a you gain Ville I know you gained a good how much weight did you gain oh go this roll muscle I just saw the picture yeah this is a this is from how old long ago

was this photograph taken God you gotta love the hair yeah this is when you start in growing pains right isn't that day yes thank you that was for the premiere I believe for Cinderella story ah all right well look at that you really are a Cinderella so I

made it make it well the show is called Mayans MC it airs Tuesday nights 10 o'clock on FX please JD Pardo everybody [Applause] thanks for watching and remember every time you click the subscribe button one of your enemies gets destroyed

Vespucci Beach – Jeep Gladiator and Underwear Patrol | GTA 5 LSPDFR Episode 397

Sheriff's Department do not run itokay let's throw that away and grabbed my taser out from somewhere and let'stry oh he's going for a car come on dude try it try it try try taser taser taserI frickin missed it damn it come here dude stop running buddy you'regonna get yourself tased he's doing hardcore parkour over thosefrickin rocks Oh oh geezlet's just have this guy right there get in the car get in the car okay thank youbulletproof windows get down on the ground Welcome to mikegolden Games andwelcome back to another episode of LSPDFR this episode is subscriber requested bykid pigeon and he wanted us to do an underwear Patrol well that's a first Ibelieve this was requested from the real-life mod episode where we wentcamping and you know I woke up and basically this outfit you know thatshirt end underwear but so we do have a badge on today we are with the LosSantos Sheriff's Department and we're gonna be doing a beach patrol in theseflip-flops because why not and then we got the freakin beautiful 2020 JeepGladiator Rubicon oh look at this thing this thing is so badass I hope you guysdo enjoy this episode and you hopefully don't get turned off by you know theuniform it's it's a one-off thing let me know if you guys want to see more ofthis it's pretty funny and honestly I don't know where the actual underwearcame from I've never seen it before up until like a month or two ago and it wasjust in the game I don't know if it was added with eup because I've gone throughthe game files I've gone through the multiplayer or GTA online and have notbeen able to find them I was just curious where they came from becauseI've never seen them in the game before so anyways dispatch we are heading eastnear red desert Avenue you can show me available there we go and we areavailable for calls now so I hope you guys do enjoy this episode of course I'mdrinking a Red Bull right now you know it always helps you know get you in themood and that gives you a little extra energy boost oh it looks like we got ajogger here yeah let's do a little bit of water crossing while we're waitingfor something to happen it's my first person see how this looks you shouldn't be too deep doesn't evenlook like it's coming in the cab a bit let's see let's flip back around thisway and let's see how deep does this actually get ah it's like right up tothe bottom of the door maybe an inch or so above it Bob we have the snorkel onhere so this thing should be pretty good let's see dispatch is there anythinggoing on around the beach doesn't look like it Roger that dispatch willcontinue heading south-southeast your Southwest southeast okay I was rightokay anyways I will keep going this way a lot of people at the beach today it'sa beautiful day it's like 80 degrees out right now man these people are talkingall over the place me again it's been a little bit sincewe've done a jeep patrol so just to show you the interior around this again ifyou are new to the channel we have the blue accents and then the tube doorswith some leather seats I believe that saddle brown saddle brownseats and it was let's keep moving this way logging in progress Roger thatdispatch we'll head over there code 3 we are about 0.

45 miles from the locationwe'll get over there as quick as possible so we do have the police hornbut we don't actually have any sirens on this truck I would be awesome if the modcreator could turn this into an Els vehicle because it is such a goodlooking truck and he was just bitch we are about a point one from the locationso we're like a block away we're coming up to the location now let's see arethey whoa whoa whoa okay they got a gun dispatch I'll get my sidearm out heregot the shoulder holster sir Sheriff's Department drop the weapon right now sirget on the ground Sheriff's Department dispatch suspect is heading north onbass City Avenue and fugg Street bug street did I read that right comingthrough Sheriff's Department coming through people do it I don't want totackle you if you get too close to me you're gonna get tackled – sure sirI'm a dude stop running okay let's throw that away and grabbed my taser out fromsomewhere and let's try oh he's going for a car come on dude try it try it tryit try it taser taser taser I die frickin mr.

Demming come here dude stop running buddy you're gonna get yourself tasedhe's doing hardcore parkour over those frickin rocks dude I need you to stoprunning from me ooh watch it dude watch it watch it watch the teaser taser taserdang it just out of range just let me get additional units over here codethree we're heading east on Pelham Ino Avenue chasing the guy on foot it's alittle hard to run in these flip-flops not the best choice of footwear for thisepisode that's all right let's try to keep going after this guyyeah it would be cool if they made the toe shoes you know they had theBillboard and everything in the game when it first came out and yourcharacter could never get those shoes you know the little toe shoes they'relike form fit to your feet and yet a lot of people hate them a lot of people lovethem you know it's a love/hate situation here man taser taser taser yestaser successfully deployed watch your hands Sheriff's Department dude on theground don't try to run you're gonna keep getting taste if you try to run forme dude all right get down on the ground dude come onlet's go surrender yes I am in my underwear right now oh we got usdetective shown up hey a man I got this hands behind your backThank You Golf sirs for showing up thank you seriouslybuster cherry in custody dispatch let's question really quick so you want totell me what you were doing today you needed some fresh air so you wereholding somebody at gunpoint give anything illegal any anything that'ssharp that's gonna send me cookie and stick me no you don't okay you want tellme where you came from first you have the right not to answerokay I'm gonna patch it I understand still did don't try anything stupid heylet's grab a cigarette cool hmm Red Bull so gooda box of okay afford sheriff badge use needles and a small pouch of the greenstuff okay this guy's going away for a felony the small pouch of the greenstuff technically it's legal in Los Santos so that I mean it's not a bigdeal use needles though that is definitelyillegal okay dispatch I'm gonna need a transfer unit down here he had multipleinteractions we'll just say I should tase the guy in the freakin nuts becausehe didn't tell me about the needles but that's all right I didn't get stabbed byhim this much we need to transfer you compounding Avenue in Rockford Drive wehave another upstream right down the road all right here we gohey officer right over here I hope you guys are enjoying the episode so far sothere's a limit don't you guys think in the comments below you don't maybe hitthat like button too that does help me out want to do that also if you have itmaybe kids are subscribing as well show me unavailable until I get back to myJeep gladiator it's uh it's pretty far down this way so I'll see you guys oncewe get back to the Jeep gladiator oh look at this thing seriously let me knowin the comments below what you guys think of this I think it looks sofreakin beautiful oh man I need to get my exhaust fixed on my Jeep it's a 2004Jeep Wrangler Rubicon it's got Dana 44 front and rear axles with lockingdifferentials but yeah it's I gotta get a new exhaust on itI believe that catalytic converters are completely shot out so basically I neednew cats and then I was thinking about upgrading to a 3 inch piping and becauseit's like a 2 and a quarter I believe piping and if I upgrade it tothat you know way more air flow should increase horsepower but I don't know howthe engine would respond to that so I mean I could ask you guys if you knowyou you know are into vehicles would a 3 inch tubing work on a jeep rubicon2004 it's the 4.

0 motor anyways let's get over this little hill they're allfreakin beautiful alright but yeah so my guys saying that and thenalso I want to get a flowmaster super 44 mufflers installed on that as well so itshould sound really good when it's done you know I'm hoping in the next fewweeks of getting it done but at the time of this recording let's just saysomething happened at work and I'm not currently working at the moment I'm justgonna leave it there I'm not gonna go into it because it's yeah I'm not gonnalet's say it's something legally is going on so anyways let's just keepgoing this way and see what else the day brings dispatch we are heading north onVitus street you can show me available I forgot I was unavailablelet's drive down this way see how far we can get into the water this will tell ushow how deep this truck can actually go oh that is deep see I don't know if thesnorkel actually does anything I don't think it does let's test it out come on come on keep going I mean theengine is fully underwater right now I don't believe I have invincibility onthat is freakin badass this snorkel actually works oh that was a hard hit that's an exposure stop Rockford DriveRoger that dispatch we'll head over there code three we're about point sevenfrom the location get out of this way coming through he'sbeen working I think I flooded the horn and it's not working you can see I'mholding on the horn that's not good you can hear all the water inside theJeep still – it's crazy I just realized got blue tow hooks aswell that is freakin badass let's gun it up here this Jeep iscompletely flooded right now we need to try to get all this water out of it Ijust spent we're a bit unseen now see where are they man this thing feels soheavy now with the water in it dismembered Evan unseen now does shehave a top on I think she does so I'm not gonna have to blur anything out mamSheriff's Department what's going on today my friend thought this would be afunny joke so she's supposed to me right now butshe's not because I believe I changed the ne file so I wouldn't have to messwith that ma'am you're free to go alright I'llgive you a ride home still come on give the suspect to ride him come on manbefore I do that I want to do this you know realistically if I can get apaycheck wait a sec buddy ma'am I just need to get a paycheck onyou what's your ID Riley Walker's born 11 17 1998 licensedand active warrants okay ma'am come on you're free to go oh shoot did I screwit up by doing that let me try this and we'll see I'll puther in the back of the vehicle and then we're gonna take her to her home thismod menu may have messed up with the mission because technically she'ssupposed to get into vehicle on her own accord and then we drive her to herhouse we'll see if this works can I I'll shootbecause it's a civilian vehicle of won't let me do that let me see if I get inthe vehicle where are you going dude get in the Jeep okay I think it glitched outbecause the water it's technically destroyed but it's not letting me getinside it because yeah it's technically destroyed so I'll give me one secondhere um so we're gonna say we picked her upand took her to her home because it's a little glitching out right now so we'llignore that we'll just head back to the beach now I hope you guys are enjoyingthe episode so far any other news get through this waythere no big deal no big deal and yeah let's just get back over to the beachyou know what I think we'll go to the northern part of the beach now so we'llhead over this way on to Bay City Avenue and you know we could turn over this way yeah you know what we could just gostraight through this way get on the beach here and then get on the littletrail get the lifeguards over there somebody playing guitar combate s let'sget over this way sheriffs farming coming through comingthrough hey man how's it going keep up the goodwork man beautiful stuff man beautiful stuff let's keep moving down this waykeep patrolling around the beach all right let's see we just got people ontheir cell phones people walking around it says there's an ATM there I don'tthink there is though anyways to see anything in the alleyway now looks likewhoa all right thought I saw a ladder I'm like you know I've never used thatladder before I might try it we've got a 503 collect okay great ocean highway andplead obey dispatch why are you sending that to me that's blame County that isnot the Sheriff's Department or the Los Santos Sheriff's Department okay anywayswe'll get back on the beach here let's go first person for a little bit oh manI love doing first-first patrols in the chief just cuz it's so friggin badass hehad the doors off sometimes you have the top off I've got it on today you knowit's a hot day out we want the protection from the Sun but the nicedoors open you know it's the whole open feel it is friggin awesomegang attack what Roger that dispatch we're heading over there now we'reheading south near Red Desert Avenue I'll shoot ooh those a hard one this waydo not want to crash dispatch we are about a half a mile from the locationwe're trying to get over there now oh that was a major error let's go back inthird person now oh boy I really hope you guys are enjoying this episodeseriously hit that like button if you do that really does help me out when you dothat oh shoot oh did that guy just get hit by the freaking umbrellaall right dispatch we're arriving on scene now you need to get digitally inChilton hairpin three pull up over this way flip around and take cover here getthe air 15 out Sheriff's Department drop ittake him down one suspect neutralized reloading I where are they where arethey staying freakin cover what are you doing what are you doing okay it'sgetting a little laggy wait are they on vehicles okay I don't know why it'sgetting so laggy hold on let me pause it I don't know why it's getting so laggythat's not good we're gonna crash the game any second now let's see if I canshoot them yeah like slow-motion right nowdead and the red car it is getting laggy is all I've never had to get this lagdamn we're like one frame of free thick Ican't even talk right now okay we're a little better on the lag eNOS damn Idon't know why it's so laggy my guess is there's police vehicles that are spawnedand because I had to revert to another copy of GTA the texture files are 4kinstead of 2k and it's it's lagging up a bunch so okay guys I'm gonna leave thisepisode here I hope you guys enjoyed it let me know what you thought in thecomments below mittens are subscribing if you haven'talready and have a great day guys take it easyoh this cheap gladiator is so friggin beautiful let's put that AR away andlet's just get in this thing cool I guess take it easy.

Armour For Your Package? The SECRET Origins Of Men's Underwear!

Where Did Underwear Come From (The Evolutionof Underwear) [0:00:00][Music] So, let’s start things off the most interestingstyle of underwear in all of human history.

What am I talking about, gents? The codpiece.

So, the origins of the codpiece are interestingbecause it was a total accident.

You see, in the 14th Century, most men didn’twear underwear.

The only guys wearing underwear were thosewith money and they were wearing it to protect their outer clothing, they wore a very simplelinen loincloth.

Now, the fashion trends at the time encouragedmen’s of means to actually wear stockings a.




Now, these stockings were in two pieces, onefor each leg and these trends went on it moved higher and higher up a man’s legs.

Eventually, these stockings went up so highin a man’s legs they were connected at the back right above the buttocks.

And what this did is it overemphasized attentionto the genitals.

And, at this point the codpiece was createdto help cover up the crotch.

But, something funny happened at this point, somebody decided, you know what? Why cover this up? Let’s celebrate a man’s crotch.

So, for the next hundred years, we saw codpiecesshaped and padded not to conceal, but to emphasize a man’s penis.

They had metal codpieces designed for suitsof armor.

Seriously, if you go to the Tower of London, you look at King Henry VIII’s armor, you will see this huge codpiece.

In today’s video, gents, we’re havingfun.

We’re talking about the evolution of men’sunderwear.

So, let’s start things off by going to theGarden of Eden.

Let’s look at the fall.

What happens? Adam bites into the apple.

He realizes he’s naked, Eve realizes thatshe’s naked and they went to cover themselves.

What did they grab? A fig leaf.

Fig leaves on average about 8 inches long.

That’s going to be fine for most peoplemost guys out there.

Well, really would a fig leaf would that giveany support? No.

Let’s – what was truly probably the firstpiece of underwear? The loincloth.

We go back 7, 000 years, archeologists havefound leather loincloths which actually did a pretty good job of giving you support.

And this takes us to the core point of whywas underwear invented.

Initially, it was about to give a supportand to protect us because if you’re out there hunting, if you’re out there movingaround in vegetation, if you are out there being active, you do no want – you knowyou don’t want the boy – twig and berries to be out there flapping in the wind.

A loincloth, a simple strip of material thatpasses between the legs and goes around the waist is going to do a decent job of keepingeverything in its place.

Now, the first civilization that made it reallyclear that underwear was an important garment in their day-to-day lives, the Egyptians.

In 3000 BC, what we see on the Pyramids isthat they wore loincloths.

Now, over the next thousand years, there weremany other civilizations which started using the loincloth.

We see a pop up over in Japan, we see a popup over in Hawaii, but the Egyptians are credited being the ones that really put it on the map.

Now, the funny thing about underwear is thatwe went thousands and thousands of years without really any innovation and then, in the lasthundred years we have had tons of innovation.

Now, one of the coolest innovations that I’veseen is coming from the company SHEATH.

What they’ve done is they’ve created underwearthat has a package for your package.

Yes, guys, a dual pouch where basically ittakes care of the boys.

This has to be one of the most comfortablepair of underwear I’ve ever worn.

Now, gents, SHEATH is the sponsor of today’svideo and I’m proud to bring them to you because it’s a veteran-owned business.

I love their story.

Robert, he’s over he’s deployed and he’shaving a lot of chaffing issues.

If he gets out and he has this single-mindedmission, he is going to create the best underwear for guys that simply are tired of having toadjust, tired of all of the pain down there if they’re really sensitive.

These guys are constantly innovating listeningto their customers and creating the best underwear on the planet when it comes to comfort, whenit comes to taking care of the boys.

They’ve got now a wider range of selection, so if you’re looking for cold weather base layers, if you want underwear that has a longerinseam like 6 inches, they’ve got you covered.

And, for the 8% of my audience that’s womenor for guys that just want to present their wife with a gift, check out the new women’sunderwear over at SHEATH.

And, let’s talk about the material.

Incredibly soft, they’re using micromodaland spandex and I can tell you this stuff is durable.

I’ve got pairs that he sent me three yearsago that I’ve washed probably over a hundred times.

Yes, I wear and I use this underwear, I thinkis just a great product.

I’m linking to SHEATH down in the descriptionwith the best deal you’re going to find out there.

I love this company, I’m proud to supportthem.

Go check them out.

So now, let’s go to the Middle Ages.

We talked about the codpiece, but closelywith the codpiece was the braies.

And, the braies was a very simple codpiecethat basically held up it was attached to the loincloth, but the idea with the braieswas to provide a bit of modesty.

But, if a man had to urinate he needs to takecare of business, it was something you could just drop down and then you could, yeah, getdone what needed to be done.

Now, something big happened in the 18th Centuryand that is we saw the spinning jenny machines and we saw the cotton gin.

All of a sudden, being able to produce andmass manufacture clothing became a possibility.

You see the reason underwear was so simpleup to this point is because everyone had to pretty much make it for themselves or it wasvery costly you would hire someone to make one off pieces.

[0:05:02]Now, in the 1840’s, 1850’s, 1860’s, we saw underwear little bits popping up hereand there, but it was in 1868 that we saw the union suit pop up.

Now, the union suit was a one piece frontbuttoning garment that would extend all the way out to the wrist all the way down to theankles and actually had a back flap.

Now, from the union suit, we actually sawthe evolution of long johns which got their names from a boxer, John Sullivan who usedto wear them in the ring.

Now, when you look at the union suit, youmay be wondering why did they make it so complex.

Well, don’t worry because in 1874, theycame out with a jockstrap.

Now, what’s interesting about the jockstrapis the inventor, C.


Bennett, he had a bike company and that’s what he was focused inon.

And, as a biker he realized, hey, he neededsome support, so he created the jockstrap to actually help fellow bikers and that turnedout to be something that just sold really well.

So, it was in 1935 that men’s underwearas we know it really started to take off.

There’s a company, Coopers Incorporated, they came out with the jockey shorts also known as the wide strap over in the UK, nowadays, known as the tidy widy.

When this hit the market, we’re talkingtens of thousands were sold immediately.

And, by the way, that company eventually becameknown as Jockey.

Now, in the 1930’s we saw another modernclassic introduced the boxer shorts.

Now, similar to the widy tidies, boxer shortsstarted off as simple white cotton garments, but eventually we see over the years thatthey’ve evolved they’ve really taken on a wide variety of colors a wide variety ofstyles, but really the boxer shorts have elastic, they’ve got a very loose fit and they werereally for the guy that maybe wanted a more modest look, he wanted something that maybehe could wear in and around the house and not be showing off his whole package.

In the 1940’s we saw innovation in underwearall of a sudden go to zero.

Why? Because we had World War II going on, allof a sudden we’re rationing things.

So, all the rubber that was used in the elasticsof the waistbands was pulled out.

We actually took a step back in 1950’s, 60’s, started to see a little bit of innovation here with different materials, but it wasin 1980’s that we started to see things picked up.

So, let’s talk about boxer briefs.

In the 1980 movie, American Gigolo, RichardGere wore boxer briefs and all of a sudden, millions of people are exposed to this newstyle of great-looking underwear and all of a sudden, they started flying right off theshelves.

This new style was basically taking the silhouetteof the boxer and basically slimming it up.

They were able to leverage new materials thatwere now made available and the boxer brief was born.

And, what about bikini briefs? Well, gentlemen, there are some parts of historythat I will choose to forget.

So, what video to watch next? Check out this one, ten life and style tipslearned in the military.

I talk about my time in the United StatesMarine Corps, some of the tips some of the tricks that I can share with you guys, therest they’re top secrets I can’t share everything.

No, just kidding.

I have a lot of fun in this video.

Go check it out, guys.

I will link to it down in the description.

[0:07:58] End of audio.

Luna Undies (Menstrual Underwear) Review

Hey everybody, this is Jackie from reusable menstrual cups.

com and today I'm going to do a quick review video of the Luna undies, so they are basically Period panties and you can see them here So basically the way it works with this company is that they have their underwear and then inside here is a waterproof layer Plus there's also some absorbent padding So it's equivalent to about around one tampon worth and then the underwear also come with this extra kind of cloth pad here.

You can put it inside the underwear and then it just increases the capacity to say like around Probably two tampons worth or something like that so you Can also buy additional inserts like if you just want to wear these all day and then you just change out the insert it's pretty easy to do you put it in like a wet bag or something like that that the company also sells or you can Just buy them on Amazon Yeah.

So anyway, I tried out these underwear and normally I'd wear a menstrual cup But just as a way of testing them I didn't use it and I just wore this alone I mean, I was actually a little bit nervous.

It's not really my style.

I don't really like to do that I generally wear like a cloth pad or menstrual Underwear as like a backup to something else.

So I would rarely kind of wear them alone.

But um I did feel nervous but Thankfully these actually stood up to the test.

So, I mean I wore it when I had my heaviest flow probably for like a few hours just when I was hanging around the house doing some work and Yeah, there was no leaks, no disaster anything like that.

So Yeah, as far as absorbency and like kind of leak proof miss goes I would give it definitely an A+ The other thing I love about these underwear is that they are super comfortable So the fabric is just super soft and that's really nice cotton I mean if they actually just inserted to make like regular underwear that weren't period panty style.

I would be all over it I mean actually all over it Yeah, so they sell like a few different kinds of Luna undies, so these ones I'm pretty sure are the hipsters They also sell some boxer briefs, bikini style and then a brief style So the boxer brief in particular is pretty cool.

They actually just look like men's boxers So if you're the and a person who doesn't really feel comfortable wearing panties But you want kind of a nice solution for dealing with your period then check out Luna undies boxer briefs and they might just kind of be exactly what you're looking for and kind of the other cool thing about these is that Luna undies are based in Vancouver.

So I quite recently actually went to their office and I got to check out all the undies So I saw a whole massive rack filled with all the sizes and then I saw the other side had all the Luna pads on it and all the colors and styles and All that kind of stuff and I met some of the people there they were super nice and welcoming And yes, it's a really nice Canadian company and the product was made in Vancouver, Canada So I'm all about that products that are made in North America or Europe They're usually just higher in quality And yeah Just kind of manufacturing standards that you could pretty much just trust that they'll be safe To put right next to your body during your period Alright, so definitely Luna undies I give them a two thumbs up and then I'm gonna do another review about their new paths Performa pads But also just in case you're wondering I give them also a two thumbs up Good job, Luna pads.

You guys know what you're doing for Sure in the world of period panties and Reusable cloth pads.

So if you want more information head over to my website to see my full review of this product I'll put the link down in the notes below and then also hit like and subscribe to not miss a thing Alright until next time bye everybody.

Trying Butt Enhancing Underwear

– I don't even know what to fucking say.

Hi everyone, my name is Tyler Oakley, and you know how your phoneis always listening to you, and then later suggests something as like, an ad onInstagram, or on Facebook, depending on what you hadpreviously talked about, like, a minute ago? I find it to be really creepy.

The suggested ads are always hit or miss, usually more miss than hit.

But sometimes I can't help but buy what they tell me to buy.

So I've just received a packageof a thing that I bought based on what I was toldto buy from the internet.

I don't know what I could have been specifically talking about.

I mean, I talk about butts all the time, or ass all the time, I feel like it's on brand? But there must have been aconversation somewhere, sometime, about me wanting my buttto be a little bit bigger.

Hence, my latest purchase.

Now I have gotten complimentsabout my butt in the past, so don't think that myderriere is lacking, because you may recall whenI was on RuPaul's Drag Race, the Queen Herself, RuPaul told me: – Tyler, you have a fat ass, don't you.

– Ma'am! So it's not like I'm justsome, like, flat-assed bitch.

It's there! It's not ginormous, it's not like a pancake, it's just kind of like, “listen.



” I've had no complaints.

I find it to be proportional, I'm happy with it, I don't want to change it, though I do add squats to my routine.

If it never changedagain, I'd be pretty okay.

With all of that said, yes, I saw an ad forbutt enhancing underwear, yes I purchased three pairs.

Okay, we have the Butt Booster System.

This could be me.

Luxurious, comfortable underwearand silicone padded inserts that will give you the Bubble Butt– Bubble Butt is capitalized– that you desire.

Hmm, okay.

I can't believethis is my first hall video.

Okay, so I've got a few things that I feel like I shouldopen in front of you.

We'll see if we like them.

Because I kind of got justlike a variety of everything because I didn't know what I would like.

Okay, so, first up is briefs; spandex, blue.

I went with a small because I'm petite.

They just look like aswimsuit to be honest.




(laughs) Butt.

On the back you see itlooks like it's like there's just room.

But if you look inside there are places where you can insert some goodies.

So pause on these, lets seewhat other underwear I got.

Okay, so here we have.



(laughs) No! These are mesh, boxer briefs.

I just feel like (lips smacking) yeah.

I don't know if I can putthese on in front of you guys.

Maybe these are a little bit different.

Oh noooo (gags loudly).

Okay, so, you can't tell, can you tell? I don't know.

You think these are just underwear.

They have scammed you, because they're the sameprice as the boxer black mesh, but with half the fabric because there's a holeon both sides of it.

Just in case you're lookingto show a little bit of the side of your thigh.

I'm imagining putting theseon like normal underwear, but then putting your armsthrough these (laughs).

Somewhere, someone inthe world didn't know how to put these on and they resulted in the smallest, tightest, gremlin-y, like.



Okay, so before we even get to the padding I need you to just understand this is what we're working with.

I just need to know, who islike, getting turned on by this? Is this cute? Ew, I feel gross.

So those are all the underwear options that you can get on the website.

Thank God I went and got all of them.

But those underwearare nothing without the final piece to the puzzle, bitch.

Here we have (laughs)the silicone inserts.

(loud smack) Okay, well, it sounds like you're slapping an ass.

So in theory I take these, I put them in the underwear.

Okay, so there's two pocketsin the butt (giggles).

Am I doing that right?(loud suggestive snorting) Oh, wow.

(laughs) It's going to look like I'mwearing a diaper! (shrill growl) I got one pad in.

I wonder what it looks like just one pad.

Like I've only beendoing squats on one leg.

She got one thick cheek, honey! Honestly, these pocketsare kind of revolutionary.

You know how people smuggle, like, drugs up their ass when they're going country to country, and TSA's like patting 'emdown and they're like “ugh!” TSA patting me downlike, “oooh, she thick.

” And I'm like “oooh, it ain't that!” Okay, so I put the underwear on.

Before I show you, mygut reaction at first is, it's really cold! Like, the silicone isvery chilly on my butt.

So! What we think? (laughs) Oh! (laughs loudly) The best surprise is whatit feels like to sit.

I feel like I am wearing adiaper that's lasted two days.

It's packed to the brim.

It is not right, it's not okay.

I don't even know whatto fucking say (laughs).

So, I'm not going to show you everything, because when they said”mesh, ” they weren't joking.

Everything's mesh-y, except where the padding to the butt is.

And it feels a little bad.

Oh wait, can you see? So here's the situation.

Who's seeing this and is like “oh yeah!” It's strange because notonly is there, obviously, a hole on the side, but like there's mesheverywhere except right here.

It feels like I'm just smugglingpancakes in here, honestly.

If I had to give this one areview, it's maybe a pass.

It's a no for me.

The mesh is a hot mesh.

Okay so I just put on theButt Booster underwear underneath my jeans, and while they lookedridiculous over the jeans, I guess that's like a “duh, ” I gotta say, if you didn't know, bitch, you would just look at thisass and think, “she thick.

” (surprised screm) I'm not gonna lie, Iwas a bit of a skeptic, and borderline justhere to make fun of it, but, bitch! It feels like I havethe messiest, dirtiest, most cram-packed diaper on.

It's not a good feeling, butI'm sure you get used to it.

I do feel like if anybodygot like a firm grasp, they could really grab just, silicone.

So I've been squeezing my own ass trying to feel like ifit feels like an ass.

But it's like, you knowwhen your hand is asleep, and you're touching your own hand and it doesn't feellike your hand anymore? I feel like that's what it feels like.

I feel like my butt's just asleep, and I'm just squeezing my own ass and trying to feel anything.

This is all silicone.

This is not my butt at all.

And even when I do this, it's like all of my buttis moving without my body.

Does it move? But I gotta say, it'slike, not a bad look.

And honestly, the amountof people in Los Angeles that I know with fake tits, or fake nose, or fakethis, or fake that.



I'm just kind of like, “well bitch, why not?” Okay, so in conclusion, if youhave been targeted with ads for this product, if youare curious about them, if this makes you feel moreconfident and comfortable, go get yourself a pair.

Part of me wants to wearthis for the rest of the day.

I'm seeing my friends later, my boyfriend's coming over, I fell like I kind ofwant to read the room, and see if anyone'schecking out this thickness.

I'm not going to lie, I am curious about whether or not people will be able totell if this is padding.

I would be a little afraidof people falling in love with my big voluptuous booty, and then me coming home andtaking them off and like, oh.

It's a little bit of false advertizing, but you gotta lure in the men somehow.

Okay, so that is all Ihave for you guys today.

What a fun little review.

If you like this video, give it a thumbs up.

Let me know in the commentswhat I should try next.

I feel like this might bemy new favorite obsession.

Trying these weird, crazyproducts that I get targeted with.

That's all I have for youguys today, have a good life.

I honestly feel like I'm sitting on a huge cushion right now.

It's strange and bizarre and I want out.

Okay, that's all I havefor you guys today.

Have a good life.


(ENG) 제 팬티좀 그만물어보세요 Stop Asking About my Underwear (koreangay)

Why are you asking what f****** color my underwear is? You creep.

Why are you asking what color my underwear is? What are you gonna do if I tell you? I really wanna know why you come in and f****** ask about .



NamgyuTV (Namgyu is 20)What kind of stream is this? We just have a good time together.

How old am I? How old do I look? (?)I'm 20.

(What are you gonna do about it) Yeah, I'm 20.

Chat: He's in his late 20s.

Chat: He's 28.

What do you mean 'late 20's'! I'm already 30? I'm not 30! I'm 20.

20! You think I'm 30? ME? Are you crazy? Whenever I do a drinking stream, I go out to the convenience store to buy alcohol.

I had a pile of booze this high.

He didn't ask for my ID, so I asked him why.

“Why aren't you asking for my ID?” (Why would he?)He just said it wasn't necessary.

He said he didn't need to for me.

I was so hurt.

Isn't that a little much? He just didn't need to for me.

If I put my hair down and go out like this, people think I'm still a student.



(The events leading up to the incident)My nose is stuffy, and it's making me a little dizzy.

I have a bunch of symptoms all at once.



What's WCIYU? What does WCIYU? Chat: 'What Color Is Your Underwear'? What color is my underwear? Why are you asking what f****** color my underwear is? You creep.

Why are you asking what color my underwear is? What are you gonna do if I tell you? I really wanna know why you come in and f****** ask about, like.



“What color are your socks today” “What color is your underwear today?” I cannot for the life of me understand what these people are thinking.

It's a joke? Guys, how is that a joke.

People ask me that a lot.

I know what that means.

What's WCIYU? What does WCIYU mean? WHAT DOES WCIYU MEAN? Honestly, I don't know what you kids are saying these days.

I'm not with it.

(I'm the new generation too)Kids these days aren't using KakaoTalk.

Minors aren't using KakaoTalk anymore.

They use Facebook Messenger.

Isn't that weird? I heard they talk through Facebook Messenger.

Can you even have a conversation over Facebook Messenger? “This is unimaginable.

” We used to use.



and we still do.



We used KakaoTalk a lot.

“This place smells like a retirement home.

” Look at your face and then try talking to me again.

(Listening to a description of Facebook Messenger) Oh, I get it.

The chat goes off to the side? (Middle-aged man is amazed at technology) Wow, that's something.

Okay, I got it.

Chat: Was it like a new whole new world?Did I enjoy my adventure into a new world? Are you crazy? I'm part of the new generation too! And I think you mean new generation, not new world.

Can you learn Korean before you talk to me.

People use DMs a lot? Me too! I have Instagram DMs too.

I sent a DM two hours ago.




(He wants to be in the in crowd) (They talk about Korean slang that doesn't translate, I'm sorry ㅠㅠ I tried my best so that you guys could understand.

)When I was 22.



this guy was an old man to me back then.

When I got a message on an app, I'd just.



“Mister, please don't talk to me.

I like people my own age.

” “Mister, f*** off.

” That's what I was like.

Now that I'm getting to that age.



Don't cry.



Don't cry.



But just because of that WCIYU.






Why do you wanna know what color my underwear is.

Chat: Do you know what JaManChu means? Do I know what 'JaManChu means? That sounds like something dirty.



It means you like natural relationships? I thought “that”.



(?) If you touch it.



If you touch it, it's assult.



I thought it was something like that.

I thought it was talking about touching someone's thingy.



(How embarrassing) That's what I thought.

Chat: Try guessing what InManChu means.




? InManChu.



What's that.










If you touch a human, it's assault.

If you touch a human, it's assault.



no? If you touch a human, you're gross.

Is it something like that? No? Isn't it something like that? Chat: He can't live in the real world.

Chat: old old old old old old What? I'm old? You guys are crazy> Now people are calling me old.

I'm 25 and people are calling me old.

It means you like structured dates? (Old man is shocked at the new generation's slang) You like structured dates? And JaManChu is mastur.



JaManChu is.






you prefer natural meet-ups.




I just.




It just slipped out of my mouth.

I was shook too, guys.

Chat: You were gonna say 'Prefer Arbitrary Meet-ups, ' right? Yeah, that's what I was gonna say.

That's what I was trying to say.

There was no other meaning.

[There's some word play that doesn't translate.

Basically he said 'masturbation' and they're using a similar-sounding word.

Sorry ㅠㅠ] So, guys.

It's okay to not know some slang.

Then do you know what Jonen means? OTL? Do you guys know what that means? You have no idea, huh! “Who even are you.