Trying on a "sexy" underwear haul from Wish

– Let's put 'em on! (thuds)(beep) (gasps) Oh my God, I can show you the back.

Oh my God.


(beep) (boops Pokemon Route one melody) (slurping) Of all the songs to have stuck in my head.

I've got the Pokemon themesong stuck in my head.

But when you start the game and you're in the forestfirst hunting Pokemon.

I'm also out of breath.

'Cause I was dancing tothe Pokemon theme song.

(jolly electronic Pokemonmusic, Brad hums along) (crackling) Hello! (laughs) That was very Mrs Doubtfire, hello.

Hello beautiful humans.

My name is Brad Guy, welcome back to the wackinessthat is my channel.

(laughs) Oh, look at this, look at this, it's my big old faceunderneath my regular face, they're both quite big.

If you didn't see last week's video, I did a full 10K subscriber special green screen extravaganza, it was intense.

Took me about 10 hours to edit and I had a fewannouncements in that video.

One of them being that Inow have merch available.

(children cheering) Yes! So you can click the link down below to go to Brad Guy's Merch Store.

And I would love to know, do you want more colors, do you want more designs, do you want things like bags, and phone cases, andframed dick-pics? (laughs) So again the link to mybrand new merch store is in the description down below, mwah.

Okay speaking of clothing, there is a website that I am obsessed with and I've made it nosecret on this channel.

It's an app called Wish, and Wish, if I could sumit up in one sentence.

It's just buying very cheap imported junk.

And if you're anything like me your Facebook news feed is filled with really questionablesuggestions from Wish that they think you wat to purchase.

And it's like “When in my life “will I ever need a plastic contraption “to keep my nostrils more open?” Like, actually, I just thought of, I thought of a purposefor that thing.

(laughs) Inappropriate! And I was on Wish the other day and it just keptsuggesting underwear to me and it was reallybombarding me, and (laughs) I honestly am such a gullible sucker.

I'm a real consumer, I love spending money.

So I decided to go on a little Wish app underwear shopping spree.

And well, I got some veryinteresting, let's look.

So there's three of them in here and to give you a little sneak peek there is a leopard print G-string in this plastic bag right here.

So luckily I shaved my pubesbefore this week's video.

Didn't get a spray tan so you're gonna see alot of pasty Brad Guy in some very skimpy Wish underwear.

(laughing and clapping) I'm gonna have to text my Mom again and say this is anothervideo you can't watch because your Son is putting himself in a compromising position onthe internet for all to see.

Hi Mom, how are you? Yeah I'm good, no emergency.

I just wanted to let youknow that this week's video, maybe don't watch becauseI will be prancing around in a leopard print G-string.

So best to avert your eyes.

(chuckles) What? What? Dad had the same one? Well tell him to send me a pic.

(squelching) (cheerful psychedelic music)(squelching) I'm gonna start with what Ifeel like is the most tame.

I keep spitting, everysingle frickin' video, I'm just spitty, spitty spit.

(rustling)Which is unlike me.

Oh by the way, I don't wear underwear.

I haven't worn underwearin over two years, it's just not my, not my cup of tea.

But lemon and ginger withcinnamon certainly is.

(slurping) When I did see these on the wish app they did look a little bit unpractical.

It looked like you wouldget tangled up very easily.

(laughs) Here it is.

And as you can see on the rightleg there is this netting.

Da da da da da, na na, na na.

Na na na na na dah da da dah.

What is happening? Ooh, I hate it.

This is really interesting, I feel like my legs.



This leg looks like a Christmas ham and this leg is just incognito.

(laughs) It's a really odd contrast.

Ooh, yeah.

It's actually giving mefive wedgies along my leg.

But if you just wanted a pair of undies that was only 50% of theactual fabric required to give you the protectionand comfort you need in a pair of underwear, then this, my friend, is the perfect pair of underwear for you.

So they can (beep) off.

(crackling) Undies number two, which come in thisbeautiful sealed package.

(gasps) Oh I love the(laughs) the amount of fabric.

Ooh, these are actuallysick, I'm into these.

Let's put 'em on! (thuds)(beep) Ooh, I slipped! (laughs) I just (beep) slipped.

Oh no.

It doesn't cover enough for YouTube.

Oh my God, I can show you the back.

Oh my God.


Whoooo! Here is the front ofthis leopard print thong.

Oh my God! (screaming) I don't know if I could show this.

I feel carnivorous, I feel dangerous, I feel really exposed.

(laughs) And this is an extra large.

(crackling) Oh okay, so when I saw this pair I thought “Oh lovely, something a bit more formal.

” If you're going to awedding or a bar mitzvah you can wear this formal attirein the form of underwear.

It is essentially an entire body thong and this little string goesall the way up around your neck and it has a bow tie, aah! I am a little bit nervous aboutthis little piece of fabric going to places where.



I was going to say places where people haven't ventured beforebut that's, that's a lie.

Okay let's put on thisformal, formal thong.

Formal thong? Formal thong? (humming The Bridal Chorus) (Laughing) What is happening? Oh my God, the string'sactually disappeared.

I hope I find it.

This is really comfortable.

Surprisingly, this is themost comfy pair of undies that I've gotten from Wish, ever.

I just don't know where orwhen I would ever wear it.

But maybe if you go into ajob interview or something that is a bit more formal, you can wear a shirt under here and then just put thiselastic over your collar and then you don't have to do a bow tie, your bow tie is connectedto your undies, convenience.

Oh, this is super cute! I, yes, I'm really into it.

Aw, I've just come up with new innovation for the formal undies.

It could be sort of an avant garde, French maid inspired sexy look.

Very comfortable.

(snaps)(laughs) (crackling) I am sorry that I do have to blur content that is why I do have my special Patreon where you can get uncensored content which will just be me andmy fleshy white bum in.



(laughs) In some ridiculous underwear.

Also if you wanna be a littlebit more clothed than I am you can click the link downbelow to my merch store.

And I would love it if youcould comment down below and tell me which of thethree pairs of undies was your favorite.

I'm honestly gonna say, I feel like it's the formal undies.

Only because they're the most comfortable, I can already picture anevent I can wear them to, and I look fricken cute in it, all right? I feel cute.

(laughs) (crackling) Thank you so much, I wasjust rubbing my nipples.

Thank you so much for watching.

If this is your first time watching then please hit the subscribe button and join the Brad Guy familyto which I am the daddy.

Also hit the notificationbell so you're notified every single time I uploadthis A-grade YouTube content.

Have an excellent day, an excellent life, peace and love to you, mwah!.

Storytime with Ms. Meleesa – Polar Bear's Underwear

hi friends it's miss Melissa from Skokie Public Library I've missed seeing everyone so very much and I would really like to share a story with you the story is polar bears underwear by two para tu perra with permission from chronicle books now before we can open the book

we have to take this off and it says polar bear has lost his underwear quick help him find it are you ready to help him find it okay so we take that off and we're ready to go poor polar bear he can't find his underwear what's the matter

asks his friend Mouse I've lost my underwear well what kind of errand underwear were you wearing today polar bear I can't remember don't worry polar bear we'll look for it together Oh Thank You Mouse polar bears underwear look at this colorful striped underwear is this your parent polar

bear no this is not my underwear whose underwear is it let's find out it's zebras underwear and it's his favorite pair too he looks very fancy in this pair of underwear this pair has treats all over it it looks delicious is this your pear polar bear no it

is a 9 mouse whose underwear is it no no no no no what kind of an animal is this that's right it's a pig and it's pigs underwear and pig is eating a donut here's an itty-bitty pair of underwear with flowers all over it this pair looks too

small for you bear I agree but whose underwear is it it's butterflies underwear Oh have you ever seen a butterfly wearing underwear I don't think I have this underwear says I love mice oh this must be your para poner bear no this is not my underwear at all

well whose underwear is it Oh No it's cats underwear run Wow polka dot underwear with ruffles this isn't your pair of polar bear is it let's have a look wiggle wiggle wiggle it squids underwear and he has ten legs can you help me count just legs let's go

one two three four five six seven eight nine ten we've got wet hands Wiggly legs this pair of carrot underwear is upside down is this your pear polar bear oh no way no way but whose underwear is it it's Bunny's underwear and it looks great on her head

have you ever worn your underwear on your head just for fun hmm here is some white underwear whose pair could this be look closer look closer polar bear you are wearing your underwear your pairs are lost at all oh I forgot I forgot that I put on my

new white underwear today I had no idea that I was wearing my underwear all along Mouse I'm glad that you found your pair of underwear polar bear there's a song that we can sing polar bears underwear so clean and so white he loves his pair because it's bright

polar bears underwear so comfy and new would you like to wear a pair too and that was polar bears underwear I'm glad he found it let's sing the roly poly song do you remember how it goes do you remember that you roll your hands in front of you

remember at first we'll go up to the ceiling and then we'll go down to the ground ready roly poly roly poly up up up up up Roly roly poly Roly roly poly down down down down down down next let's go out how far out can you oh and

then we'll bring it back in roly poly roly poly Roly roly poly Roly roly poly in in in in in next we'll go very slowly and then very quickly our best will go fast roly poly roly poly slow slow slow slow slow slow Roly roly poly Roly roly

poly best best best best best best that was awesome how fast for you though good job my goodness let's sing a goodbye song now see you later alligator in a while crocodile give a hug ladybug blow a kiss jellyfish see you soon big baboon out the door dinosaur

take care polar bear wave goodbye butterfly thank you so much for sharing a story with me and I'll see you next time Oh bye

Conformity – Underwear, Bras, Tight Clothing

so today I want to talk about clothingand particularly underwear panties or bras and get people to understand thatit is a conforming thing you can form it's all we do we conform the Society ofwhat everybody does we think that we need underwear because we're justtalking so we're underwear and

we need to wearlingerie we need all these things they conform your breasts and never metallittle lining or whatever they call it that's really constricting and I'veheard that it could even cause breast cancer some people say well I need towear it for certain reasons if I had if I'm

wearing a miniskirt or somethinglike that I need to wear it certainly for certain things you know so in thatcase I mean there are certain cases maybe you may need to wear you know likea sports bra or something like that that doesn't strictly as much but still in myopinion

conforming this is really conforming to society you know justbasically just carry and we care about what other peoplethink about us and it's like who cares what other people think about uslet them think whatever they want who careslike like who cares if we love ourselves enough a lot it's

like I just don't wantto be part of this society on it like get away from it that's really what weought to do if you really want to get back to living eating love for all lifeand I thought about this for a very long time and it's like now

I don't wear anyunderwear no I don't wear anything that restricts me I tried to wear a littlebit more like less constricting clothing so things like shorts or or pads thathave elastic e-band and that's what I wear because I don't like to restrict Iwear sandals a lot I wear

no sleeveless shirts because I just don't want to berestricted I I don't wear watches I don't wear jewelry because I don't wantto be restricted it it kind of makes me feel like closed like there's somethingwrong you know I don't like that in fact I rather just were nothing

but if I dothat I will be thrown in jail because that's not how our society you know wejust come on facing everything and it's sad that we do sad that we came in thiswar I mean it's how we're good we came into this world naked and thenall of

a sudden like blanket around this it's like Iunderstand maybe if it's cold or something but otherwise it's soridiculous to be in this world where we ultimately are coming is the world makeit and then we are told told um you up to come for them and we have to

cover upthe way to follow everybody because you don't like to be different we don't likeyou guys have duck so-called ugly duck and it's like hey wait a minute come onwe got to be who we are ourselves we got to be the natural beautiful being thatwe are that we

were born and I understand if there's something notsomething is not right as in if it's restricting us so if we have four bornwhere let's say I don't know something in our noses or something their earswe need a surgery in order to correct something that's really harming us okayI

understand that if we're doing it for vanity reasons or for just conformingputting bras on and whatever we're doing because we're performing if we're doingit because of health reasons and I understand okay we're doing it becauseof health reasons well we're doing for aesthetic reasons and pleasing peopleand we're doing

it all because we don't want our nipples social or somethinglike ridiculous like this like oh I don't understandso the whole idea really about these videos and I've been thinking aboutthese things for a very long time and it is a controversial issue I mean there'sa lot of things controversial

people just don't like talking or people don'tlike going against because bull fact is that we're we live in a society in amaterialistic world materialism is that vanity is materialism soultimately it's about conform conforming to society standards and once you startloving ourselves more we don't really care what society

thinks about us wedon't care what people think about us they can say all they want we are livingin our body we're living in this world the way we want to live and forget aboutwhat other people think so what if something is showing so what if yeah ifsomething I'll

just you know some clothing item has a stain on it whogives a shit I mean does not really matter does that really what makes aperson know it's there in inner beauty that really makes a person and theirinner beauty let's the outer beauty shine that's what really shines it's

notreally what you put on your face it's not really what you wear on your bodyit's not the brand-name clothing it's not the watcher gold watch it's not thisor that it's really what's inside if you're kind and caring and loving andcompassionate or it's all life if you're vegan or

evolved you get like this isthe most beautiful thing and it shines through you and the more you eat WholeFoods and raw foods and the more you love yourself and the more you you don'tcare about what other people think and it's like yeah I mean yeah there aretimes when

you have to care about what other people think in a sense like youkind of have to care and since certain things for example if you were to createa service or product and and you just he was releasing it to the publicyou just want people's opinions about what they

think about this product orwhatever you know and that sense kind of yes but kind of also have to do it onyour own and figure and and understand thatthis is really what I want even if the majority of people don't like it orwhatever in some way you have to

conform but when it comes to our bodies no andit comes to our the way we look or the way we dressno now of course you cannot just totally different from other people in a senselike totally opposite like we cannot look like a clown or something of coursewe're not

gonna put on a wig of a clown and you know I mean yeah we can dress upand we can you know go for some costume party or whatever a Halloween orwhatever right just just to have fun but when it comes to action wearing likejust regular everyday clothes and

conforming and performing two cidersstandards meaning let's put on a suit because it looks you know look good in asuit and tie or you look good in this and bad or you look good with your hairwet and putting gel in it or whatever it's like who cares okay I

look maybe Imight look a little bit better but the kids you know so I just want to tacklethese something that people don't talk I don't hear people to people talkingabout them and people really if we are really to live in this world and to havehigh self esteem of

ourselves you have to stop performing that's whatit is basically now we cannot not conform completely because there arecertain things that we just have to conform to society you know like theseare policies we're going over the borders we have to go through all thisvigorous my love for all life

so we're justliving basically with a lot of violence and that's why we have all thesesecurities and checkpoints and police checkpoints and our recent policeofficers and so forth so we really need to live more we have to live more withlove and stop causing violence to any living being and

living thing out therestop with all the stones and stop with love for all life including ourselvesstop caring what what people think about usand that's really about a so this video was really about all this stuff when itcomes to bras and underwear and things like it restricts us stop

wearing themthey probably cause negative health implications and if you want to live Ilove living without wearing underwear because it's so freeing even though Ihate wearing any kind of clothing but sometimes you must because I live on amountain right now and ultimately it does get cold so I have

to put sometimesclothes on you know but otherwise I would ratherlive with I would love mother or like live withoutclothes and people think oh I can help you guys I love clothes I can never benaked and whatever and it's because they have low self-esteem of themselves verylow self-esteem they

ultimately are and there's a motor running here outsidewhen I'm walking so that's what you hear the noise and there and there's a lot ofwind as well I'm gonna try and go away from the motorbut anyways going back to the topic people care about what others think ofthem and

it's like excuse me I couldn't care less what other peoplethink and they can say whatever they want they can do whatever they want andhe said okay that's okay who cares you know I love I'm withsomebody I love them for who they are and now what they want to

be or whothey're trying to act like or what society wants them to be how what peoplethink of them or whatever I just want them to be who they arethemselves natural beauty you know anything attached to them and that'swhat I want to be as well I don't want to

conformI hate conforming you know I've always been that person that didn't want toconform and now more than ever that's who I amand I don't conform much it's like possibly canI want to just live the life that I want to live and yeah we're known for a putnonconformist in

jail before nonconformist in jail I don't considermyself to be Canadian I don't consider myself to be any nationality I considermyself to be an earthling I consider myself to be ageless I consider myselfto be natural beauty I don't care about conforming I don't wear underwear Idon't wear I hardly

ever wear socks I tried toomuch as I can't walk barefoot but still I'm learning about that and what elseyeah I do whatever I can to share veganism with others and to live as muchraw eating much much as much as much raw food as I possibly can and that's

reallywho I am you love it or you don't love it and you don't love my messages okaygo watch another youtube video another channel you know but otherwise that'sreally about it everybody please like I hope you learned something there's notreally much more but I hope you enjoy this video

I loveyou all you're all so beautiful without havingto conform to society standards beauty standards and what Beauty truly iswearing tight this and tight that and it's like no no no okay everybody thanksfor listening and watching and I'll see you soon

Underwear Through the Ages at the Indiana Historical Society


































































Signing photos of me in my underwear! August Faves | Hannah Witton

– There is a skylight right above me and I'm filming in the afternoon, so I really hope that thesun doesn't move too much 'cause if I go like here, ow, sun in my eyes.

So welcome to my August favourites video.

I've got quite a few things, we've got some books, some films, some TV, some fashion, some other bits and bobs.

But first of all, I oftenget asked the question, when I have my hair likethis, “How do you do that?” 'Cause you know, I've gotthese nice, natural waves, like beachy, chill locks.

No, Hannah, stop it.

But in all seriousness, whenI do have my hair like this, I do get asked, “How do you do your hair?” And the answer is I wash my hair and then when it's like semi-dry, I tie it in a French plait and I keep it in that French plait all day and I sleep in it and the next morning, I take it out and it looks like this, this is actually now day two, so I then plaited it again in the evening and like oh, look at these, look at these beautiful waves.

I like it, because it means I don't have to botherwith curling my hair, it is the lazy person's way of creating these great curls.

Also I feel like, when I curl it, it doesn't look as good as this, it looks too like formedand like ringlety, 'cause I just have no idea what I'm doing.

Anyway, that was a tangent.

First up in my favourites is books.

So everything that I'mreading at the moment is either an audio book or on Kindle, because all of my stuff is in storage and I don't wanna bebuying any physical books, but I also, I'm in a bit ofa reading slump right now, like I did read two books in August, but after I finished those two books, I'm just kinda like, ah, I've not really got my teethstuck into anything yet, I don't know, I need some recommendations for some like easy, lessthan 400 pages, fiction.

But I also like missreading physical books, so I'm also in my headlike waiting to move, so I can start reading physicalbooks again, I don't know.

Anyway, one of the books thatI absolutely loved in August was The Miseducation of Cameron Post.

Now this is being made into amovie, which is out very soon, may even already be out, I'm not sure.

So the book is set in the'90s in Montana, I think, and it starts with young Cameron Post, about 12 years old I think, and she kisses a girl, that she's been friends with for years and her parents tragically diein a car crash that same day and Cameron has two thoughts.

One, she's kind of glad, that she'll never have to tell her parents, that she kissed a girl and two, she thinks that she'sto blame, because she sinned and then it kind of follows herthroughout her teenage years and she ends up being sentto a conversion therapy camp by her religious aunt, who isthe one that looks after her after her parents had passed.

It is brilliant, I would highlyrecommend reading the book and I cannot wait to see the film.

The next book that is a favourite is worlds apart from Cameron Post.

It is the book we read forBanging Book Club in August and it's called He'sJust Not That Into You, which you may recognise, because it was also turned into a film in the early noughties and oh boy, you can tell it's fromthe early noughties.

I actually read this book around the time that the film came out and I remember loving it, thinking it was hilariousand really groundbreaking and I do still think it's very funny, but it just doesn't stand up, like it's written bywriters of Sex In the City.

If you can get passed howheteronormative it is, there is some decent advice in there.

At first, on my recent re-read, I was like 10, 20 pages inand I thought I can't do this, just because of the likehorrific stereotyping and gender roles, just like telling women to never make the firstmove and never call a guy, or never ask a guy outand things like that.

But I pushed through and it does stand up, in terms of like it's still funny.

So the structure of the book is things like he'sjust not that into you, if he's not calling you, he's just not that into you, if he's married to someone else, he's just not that in to you, if he isn't asking you out, he's just not that into you, if he's not marrying you and each section is women writing in with their problems and the author, male, responding and then there's also a female author, who chimes in with her thoughtsat the end of each chapter.

I think one place, thatit is still really good is that a lot of these scenarios, that these women are writing in with are still extremely common andare like borderline abusive and just signs of unhealthy relationships and the author just takes acomplete like no BS approach, which I find very refreshing, it calls out a lot of shitty behaviour and ultimately I doagree with the premise, which is that if someoneis not just into you, why would you be with them? You want to be with someone, who is super into you, so why waste your time datingpeople, who don't like you? It is a relic, so ifyou do want to read it, I would proceed with caution.

I have not re-watched the film, that might be even more problematic.

Okay, I have talked forever and we've only just gotten passed books.

So in TV, naturally, Orange is the New Black season six, is it? It's back and I love it, I am still invested inso many of the characters and there are now newcharacters, I just still love it, I just still love it, I think I'm about halfwaythrough the season.

I know some people whojust kind of like binge, I can't, I can't binge, I can maybe do likethree episodes at a time.

And then my second TVfavourite is also on Netflix and it's Final Space, which is a cartoon created by Olan Rogers, who is another YouTuber and he posted the pilot of that like two or so years ago on his channel and now it's a Netflix series and I'm just like yes, this is incredible! It's very weird, I feel like if you likethings like Adventure Time and Rick and Morty, you would like this.

It's just weird, butalso I'm just very proud that someone from the YouTube community created this thing and it's on Netflix, so I'm just like yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Oh, also David Tennant doesone of the voices in it, so that is pretty cool.

Next up we've got some films.

I actually went to the cinema, I went to see Incredibles 2 and I loved it, I love Elastigirl.

The first Incredibles isvery dear to my heart, so I was worried, but I thinkI'm pretty much in agreement with the rest of theworld, that it was great, Incredibles 2 did not let us down and then the other film that I watched, which is a Netflix originalfilm is Annihilation and I loved it, it was so creepy and dark.

It's by the same people whomade Ex Machina, I think, and I have had nightmaresabout Ex Machina, that is no joke, I love Ex Machina, I think I wanna see it again, but I have had nightmares about it and I expect to be havingnightmares about Annihilation too.

Basically this woman's armyhusband has gone missing and then suddenly hereappears after 12 months and he was on like thissuper-secret mission and she wants to go and findout what happened to him and so hm, hm, hm, hm.

In August, it was Summer in the City, which is this big YouTubeconvention that happens in London and I have been for the last like six or seven years, I think and it was absolutely amazing.

I did a whole bunch of panels and then in the spare time I had, I was just at my merch standmeeting loads of you guys and it was so lovely to actually be able tohave conversations with you and see all your faces.

If you weren't at Summer in the City, my merch is now available online, if you would like to get some, this T-shirt is one of them, duh-duh-duh.

Let me tell you the storyand meaning behind this.

So there's also this notebook and it says When Life Gives You Lemons, Sell Lemonade and basically that hasbeen my ethos this year, life really did give me awhole bunch of lemons this year and I just very muchhave a glass is half full approach to life and Ithink it's kind of meta, that I'm like ha, when life isshit, try and profit off it, also buy my merch.

No, but seriously, justmake good of bad situations, silver linings and all of that.

So this is a lemon withdollar bills for leaves.

I am in love with this design, it was done by Pearl Thompson, and I'll leave her linksin the description, so you can check out more of her work.

Yeah, the notebook is lined on the inside and the T-shirt is unisexand I am five foot, so I'm very small, andI wear an extra small.

And then the other thingsthat are now available that we had at SitC, which is kind of strange, are prints of the Linda Blacker photos, so there's me in my underwear and there is also me in my underwear.

I love that these exist andthey are such gorgeous photos, I know it's me in them, butlike they're gorgeous photos.

But it was very strange, 'cause I was like signing pictures of me in my underwear at Summer in the City, just like this is weird, but I'm okay with it.

I currently have mine rolled up, but they will be going upin my new bedroom very soon and also Summer in theCity have an award ceremony and I am so grateful, I wonthe Community Spirit Award, so thank you all, I feel likethis belongs to all of us, even though like I physically have it, but it's the Community SpiritAward, so it's our community.

When Tom Burns was announcing the winner, he was like, “This person has had a year, ” and I was like, oh, it's me, I've had a year, that's me.

Thank you all for nominating me for that and for being part of my community, and thanks to SitC as well, I love this.

Now onto some fashion items and I feel like in thelast few favourites videos, I have been showing you lotsof items, that I've bought new and I have affiliatelinks for, but not today, 'cause I very much believe inlike second-hand charity shop, all of that jazz, but you know, sometimes you need new clothes.

So I was back home in Manchester recently and my sister was throwingout a bunch of clothes from her wardrobe and I was just like, let me look in there first, so I got a few hand-me-downsfrom my little sister.

First of all is this likecorduroy dungaree dress, it is so cute, it's like maroony colour, it's a dungaree dress, what more do you want? And then the other thingI got is this two-piece, so these are trousers and they just about fit me, I mean, they fit me, butthey're just very tight, which means I can't walk upstairs, 'cause I'm terrified it's going to rip, oh, yeah, danger zone inthe bum area right there.

And then this like matching crop top, which has these and you just like tie 'em Britney Spears style at the front.

So there you go, thoseare my August favourites, I hope you enjoyed this video, please do give it a thumbsup, if you enjoyed it and let me know some of the things, that you have been enjoying this month and if you have anyrecommendations, let me know and don't forget to subscribe, 'cause I make new videos every week.


(light mellow music).

Sewing DIY Underwear (out of kelp!)

hello Frida here, so according to thetitle we are DIY in our own underwear out of kelp, or wait, what, have Imisunderstood something? well I have all these tops here that forsome reason are no longer worthy of being in my closet anymore, and I'vedonated or sold all the ones

that I could, or thought anyone would want andas someone who likes to sew I'm thinking; that's a lot of fabric and thatnaturally leads to; let's sew some knickers, so here we have our fabric andfor underwear we need “fold over elastic” so here comes the fun part of findingmatching

or nicely contrasting colors of this I chose to work with this stripedsweater, never really like the top, love the fabric, for this project you're goingto need a pattern you like I'm using a slightly modified version of the “Avahigh-waisted panties” from Ohhh Lulu I'll link that below, to start

I am cuttingthe front from the back along the seams to get two pieces to work wit,h I hopeyou have dedicated fabric scissors, paper dulls scissors, lock them up if you haveto! I'm giving myself the extra complication of trying to match thestripes by using this fabric, here I am

making sure I have enough fabric for thefront and back piece and to match the stripes I have chosen to start by this darkerpurple stripe, and it's important to make sure that the outer side corners matchup as the pattern calls for one side to be”on the fold” I have

folded the fabric and is now pinning it so the stripesmatches up all along the fabric, you can see that I'm making sure that the pinpoint goes through the exact same point on the upper and lower fabric parts, dothe same to the other fabric piece making sure that the

corner lines upwith the dark purple stripe on both pieces I am working on my ironing board whichis hollow so I can stick the pins right through securing the paper pattern tothe fabric to the board but you don't have to do that obviously marking around the pattern if this

wasnot striped I would probably just cut straight around the paper as it sits butI am being a bit extra careful here putting in some extra pins in the fabricto hold everything secure while I cut there we go we have our back piece dothe exact same procedure with the

front piece matching up the outer side corner front piece equally important look how nicely those stripes lines up right on to the gusset it would be niceif I could continue the stripy pattern and here you have a speed up part of mefrantically searching for two matching parts on

the leftover fabric but no I had to give up and settle forfollowing this black stripe this part won't show much when wearing anyway we need two of these preferably matchingback, front and gusset, moving over to the sewing machine, fold over elastic andsuitable sewing thread, right we are starting

by attaching the gusset pieceto the back piece, with the back piece sandwiched between the gusset parts thathas the right sides facing towards the back piece Pin those together I do one at a time whileI'm pinning I'll talk a little about sewing stretch fabric with an ordinarysewing machine it

can be done and it's actually quite easy just use a narrowsort of medium length zig-zag stitch experiment a bit on leftover fabric andyou will see that it stretches with the fabric while at the same time making itlook nice from the right side on my Pfaff machine I have

the stitch settingat about two wide and one long I use this setting throughout the wholeproject and now we sew this together my patterncalls for half an inch seam allowance Here I am cutting notches in the fabricto help it follow the curved seam I am also going to trim

the seamallowance in a staggering way first check which side is the inside of thepanties and trim the fabric that will beclosest to your skin close to the seam and the middle one a little longerleaving the last one as is that seam is looking nice, now we aregoing to

attach the gusset piece to the front piece pinning them together but we are going to have to make alittle magic trick to get this piece to here so we scrunch slash roll up thefront and back pieces against the first gusset seam and bring the second gussetpiece under and

around pinning that in place to get gusset sandwich number twothat is not a sentence I ever thought I would say, sew this in place check which way is the inside of thepanties and do the staggered trimming of the seam allowance once againno need for notches since this

piece is straight and then the magic, turn thegusset side right out and tada! nice enclosed seams looking professional andcomfortable, okay time for fold-over elastics don't be afraid is not ascomplicated as it looks starting with one leg opening, place theelastic right side up on the wrong side of the

panties lining up a fold in theelastic with the edge of the fabric using the same zig zag stitch sew close tothe elastics edge while at the same time stretching the elastic slightly I knowthis sounds complicated but really you will get a feel for how much you have tostretch

the elastic to get a good fit and this is personal I like it tighteraround my legs but looser around my waist it depends on the pattern and yourbody too of course so just go for it and practice oh and remember there is no wrong sideto the fold over

elastic use whichever side you like best I'm going for theshiny side here cut the elastic at the edge of the fabric and trim off anyfabric sticking out along the side of the seam especially important around the gussetso it doesn't get too bulky then you are going to, wait

for it, fold over theelastic! holding the fold in place sew close to the edge of the elastic whilestretching it slightly as before make sure you are covering the stitches fromthe other seam look at that professional-lookingelastic the gusset is now totally enclosed nice right now do the same

tothe other leg opening I wish I could sew that fast in reality right time to sew a side seam and now Ihave to be careful to match up the stripes again after pinning the edge make sure thestripes are aligned further in from the edge remember we have half

an inch seamallowance and the stripes have to match where we are actually going to sew sewing the side seam it's a bit bulky withthe elastics but just take it slow trim the excess fabric look how nice that matches okay now stopdo not sew the other seam we are

going to attach a fold over elastic to the topedge first follow the same procedure as before butthis is easier since the edge is straight and there is no gusset as Isaid I like a looser fit here but that is personal when you arrive at the sideseam make sure

to fold it to the back I used a pin to hold it in place cut the elastic and trim along the seamthen fold it over and so as before now we can sew the side seam matchingthe stripes as on the other side I don't like to start sewing

at the elastic soI'm starting at the middle and then turning and going the other way endingby sewing over the elastics also make sure that elastics are linedup where you are going to sew not just at the edge trim the excess fabric and tack theelastic edges down towards the

back with a few stitches and look here we have a finished pair ofunderpants knickers underwear whatever you want to call them with matchingstripes and not even made of kelp now we can decorate them optional of course butit's nice to have something to identify the front when you don't

have any tagsat the back think dark tired mornings you can use ribbons buttons bows orwhatever you like I'm gonna use this button I'm assuming that you can sew ina button and if you can't there is surely a YouTube video about that toothere we are finished I am really

happy with this they fit perfectly and I go torepurpose that sweater I never used next time I'm going to show you how to workwith a downloadable PDF pattern and how to use the details of your clothingto decorate the underwear if you liked this video don't forget to give

it athumbs up and subscribe for more crafty content if you like what I do considersponsoring me via coffee to help make these videos possible thank you forwatching and see you next time

A Brief History of Men's Underwear

Boxers, briefs, trunks, tighty-whiteys.

Although some refer to underwear as “unmentionables, ”men’s underwear actually has a fascinating history that goes beyond its practical usesof protection, cleanliness, and modesty.

Alan Greenspan, the chair of the US FederalReserve from 1987 to 2006, suggested in an interview with National Public Radio, thatthe underwear industry is an indicator of US economic health because the purchase ofunderwear is somehow….

discretionary (a VERY debatable term!).

The idea that you can track underwear salesto economic growth actually has a name, “The Men’s Underwear Index, ” or MUI.

Men’s underwear styles and sales are alsoan important cultural indicator—a way of tracking how fashion, mores, and the ideaof what it means to present oneself as masculine have changed over time.

Today we're going “behind the belt” toinvestigate how the shape of men’s underwear in Europe and America provides insight intoboth the economy as well as changing notions of masculinity.

Before we get to the bottom of the topic athand, a brief nod to the first known covering of the male genitalia, the loincloth–a simplepiece of cloth or leather wrapped around the hips and groin.

Versions of the loincloth were developed indiverse cultures, ranging from ancient Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

The primary function of these garments wasto protect the genitals from the sun, the elements, and impact.

Our study of underwear, as a more stylishgarment that was (generally) worn underneath other clothing, however, actually begins in12th century Europe, when men shifted from wearing breeches on the outside, to wearingthem beneath long tunics.

As historian Shaun Cole reports, over thenext couple hundred years, breeches became shorter and tighter, and the waistline waslowered from above the stomach to the hips.

In Medieval Europe, wearing breeches was asignifier of morality.

Not only was it thought to be more hygienicto have a layer between the genitals and outer clothes, but also disguising the shape ofthe genitals was believed to promote modesty and chastity.

At the end of the 14th century, men’s undergarmentsappeared outside again as a way to assert power.

Enter the codpiece.

Originally the codpiece was simply a flapthat covered the relevant areas.

It would be attached to the hose and to ashort jacket and allowed men to urinate without removing their pants.

The codpiece could be lightly padded or madeout of leather to offer protection.

Over time, codpieces became increasingly decorativeand, well, increasingly increased.

Cole argues that the large codpiece was notmeant to offer a sexual invitation to women.

Instead, it served as what he calls, “anaggressive and eye-catching warning to men.

Its importance was concerned with social, temporal and territorial power rather than just sexual prowess.

” Codpieces eventually went out of fashion.

Historian Victoria Bartels explains that manycostume historians believe that it went out of style due to the more “feminine” lookthat came into vogue in the French and English courts.

Whatever the reason, by the 17th century, men were replacing the hose that ran up to the codpiece with an outer legging, whichthey wore over a set of “drawers, ” or linings tied below the knee and at the waist.

The ability to afford such garments was, again, a sign of the largeness of one’s purse.

18th and 19th century technological breakthroughsbrought underwear to the masses.

In the late 18th century, a material thatwas less likely to shrink (made out of cotton and wool) was manufactured.

This was ideal for constructing garments thatneeded to be washed (many, many times) in hot water.

In the 19th century, the arrival of the sewingmachine made it more efficient (and cheaper!) to construct clothes.

Although manufactured underwear was stilla “discretionary” purchase, the lowered price point made it more accessible to themasses.

Presumably, in this era, the Men’s UnderwearIndex was on an uptick.

Despite the invention of a form of elasticthat could be sewn into clothes, helping to keep them where they belong, 19th centuryunderwear was still bulky and uncomfortable.

In 1868, a patent was issued in America fora ladies’ undergarment that united an undershirt to a pair of drawers called a “union suit, ”which some referred to as “emancipation union under flannel” although I think thatwould be a better tagline for the birthday suit! It allowed more freedom of movement than affordedby multi-piece undergarments.

The men’s version of the union suit becamepopular on the frontier.

They became a scratchy, and not particularlyaesthetic, signifier attached to the myth of a rugged American masculinity.

If notions of masculinity were tied to themyth of dominating the frontier, they were also connected to athleticism.

At the end of the 19th century, bicycle “jockeys”delivered packages around cities paved with bumpy, cobblestone streets.

In last couple of decades of the 19th century, a Chicago-based sporting goods store patented an athletic supporter for these riders called(you guessed it) the “jock strap.

” Sears Roebuck mass marketed jockstraps intheir catalogues.

By the start of the 20th century, jock strapswere incorporated into team uniforms.

At the same time, the union suit was reinventedfor athletes.

In 1914, BVD sold a sleeveless version ofthe suit with shorter legs and made out of lightweight cotton.

According to legend, after the heavyweightboxer, Jack Dempsey, won the 1919 world title, Everlast began to market a long and loosestyle of underwear called “boxer shorts.

” Even though briefs were introduced as usefulto exercise at the start of the century in France, they didn’t catch on in Americauntil much later.

Although American manhood was often associatedwith domineering, pugilistic, and athletic qualities, in the 1920s, some were incorporatingmore traits associated with ideas of the “feminine” into men’s clothing.

According to fashion historian Daniel DelisHill, a 1925 edition of Men’s Wear reads: “…despite the alarm for many men thatathletic underwear in pink, pale blue, peach, blazer stripes, etc… has a feminine lookabout it, ‘such designs became widely available from mass merchandisers like Sears and MontgomeryWard.

” It’s interesting that pink, blue (and stripes?)were all lumped under the umbrella of feminine attire.

Much as men’s underwear became more colorful, it also became softer, due to declining silk prices and the mass-production of rayon inthe 1920s.

Soon this decorative undie trend spread toappreciating the masculine form itself.

In the 1930s, a Wisconsin company called Coopersintroduced the Jockey Y-cut brief.

According to an ad: “‘Jockeys’ are snugand brief, molded to your muscles… Built-in masculine support made of lightweight, porous, absorbent knitted fabric with the famous Y-front, no-gap front opening.

” When a Chicago Marshall Field’s store displayedjockey-clad mannequins in their windows, it caused a sensation.

30, 000 pairs were sold within three months.

Coopers renamed their company “Jockey”and even hired a plane called the “Mascu-liner” to deliver briefs across America.

Scholars Martin and Harold Koda offer an importantinsight: the 1935 launch of the jockey short coincides with the era that American beachesbegan to allow men to go topless.

The “erotics of the male were undergoingchange, ” they write, which represents “a sea-change in concepts of masculinity.

” This exuberance about the male form was temperedsomewhat by WWII.

Rubber was rationed and many manufacturersreverted to earlier ways of fastening underwear.

In the army, soldiers were issued olive drabcotton briefs and “long johns.

” And the infamous undies got their name fromchampion heavyweight boxer John L.

Sullivan, reinforcing the connection between idealizedmasculine athleticism and underoos.

Hill argues that WWII gas rationing causedthe long john to also have a resurgence on the home front.

But this tempering did not last for long.

After the war, the American economy was booming.

People had more money in their pockets andthere was demand for novelty, even in men’s underwear which is the thing underneath thosefat-filled pockets.

This meant new fabrics, shapes, patterns.

Manufacturers such as Sears and MontgomeryWard began selling men’s underwear with prints on it, which may denote a more playfulattitude towards the male body.

During the 1950s and 1960s, men’s pantswere being cut more tightly, including the marketing of bikinis to American men by familiarcompanies, including Jockey.

In the 1970s, men’s underwear branched outto include more extreme forms culminating in 1982 when Calvin Klein made some of thesedesigns mainstream, as it launched a line that included thongs, and g-strings.

Calvin Klein also placed visible brandingon waistbands.

The desire to show off the brand of one’sunderwear may be one factor contributing to the trend of “sagging, ” or exposing one’sunderwear above low-hung jeans.

This trend, first made popular by 1990s hip-hopartists, was viewed as a general desire to thwart authority and reject mainstream values.

It is an assertion of rebellion and, as such, is completely at one with the domineering, pugilistic, and athletic vision of Americanmasculinity behind earlier underwear trends.

There is also a strain of Puritanical “modesty”in American masculine culture.

Enter the enormously popular “boxer brief, ”which appeared in the early 1990s.

The ‘boxer brief” is an updated versionof the Victorian knit underwear.

It provides the support of a brief combinedwith the coverage of a boxer, without all of that annoying bunching.

These essentially-conservative garments areavailable in a wide variety of colors and materials.

As such, they offer a relatively safe spacefor personal expression.

But don’t be fooled.

These are a rather tight garment, designedto draw attention to conventional male anatomy.

Consider the boxer-briefs included in DuluthTrading Company's “Buck Naked” underwear brand, a line which the company describes as “Nopinch, No stink, No sweat” and markets as being “like wearing nothing at all.

” Because what’s more modest than going commando? These fashions suggest American men have becomeincreasingly comfortable with the idea that their bodies are sexually desirable.

And new shape-reducing options suggest thatsome associate thinness with allure.

So although the ties between men’s underweardesigns and changing ideals of masculinity have been as stubbornly stuck together asthe worst wedgie for hundreds of years, by the late 20th century the tides were changingto include more expressive and playful designs.

And today these discretionary unmentionablesare bucking the norms even more than ever before.


Charles Barkley Confesses He Hasn't Worn Underwear in 10 Years

-How is the golf game? Because I heard –well, I heard that you golf.

-You're going to start already.

-No, no, no, no.

[ Laughter ] No, I'm hopingit's a good ending.

-I can beat you.

[ Audience ohs ] -What? -Listen, do I call youa talk-show host, or a comedian? -Uh, talk-show host.

-Well a talk-show hostcan't beat me.

[ Laughter ] -They call me a comedian.

-A comediancan't beat me either.

[ Laughter ] I'm never — I'm never gonnalose all my skills.

-Because I've never –I've never — I've never played with you.

I never — -That's becauseyou're ducking me.

-I'm actually not that good, so I'm really worried.

-That's why you're ducking me.

-I know, yeah.

But if I really focused, I think maybe I can beat you.

-No, no, no.

I'm never going to be as badto lose to a talk-show comedian.

[ Laughter ] Yeah, no.

-Really? -Hey, listen, I'm a has-been, but I ain't never gonna lose all my skillsthat I can lose to you, Jimmy.

[ Laughter ] -Well, we should do it.

Maybe we'll do like three holes, or something like that.

-I mean, you went toOlive Garden.

Least you can go play golf witha brother.

[ Laughter, cheers, and applause ] Hey.

There's nowhere to go but up.

-That's right, that's right.

Oh, you know what I'm excitedto see you on? “Shark Tank” — I heard you'regonna be a guest shark.

-One of the coolest experiencesof my life.

-I love “Shark Tank.

” -I love it too.

Good friend of mine, Mark Cuban, asked me to be on it.

Everybody was wonderful –Mr.

Wonderful, Lori, Barbara.

-Did you — oh, you can't sayit, because it doesn't air yet.

But is it gonna be good? -Daymond — I don't want toforget Daymond.

I bought three products.

-You did?-I did.



-And? And?-I did.

Well, we're justgetting started.

We're doing our due diligenceright now.


-We've got to make sure peopleweren't lying.

-Oh, really?-Yeah.

So it was one of –I love the show.

-Me too.

I have thousands of ideas.

I have tons.

[ Laughter ] -You know, why don't you come onand be a guest shark? -Maybe I should come onand try to sell you something.

[ Laughter ] I might be better at that.

-I'll tell you what, it wasreally — I really loved it.

Everybody on the show was great.


-But I would do it againin a heartbeat.

But I bought three products.

You've got to watch to find outwhat they are.

I'm not allowed to say.

But I bought three products, and I'm really excited.

-Okay, good.

All right.

Next time you come back, you cantalk about it, and then we — -Well, no, listen, Jimmy, let's talk about it.

If any of these products hit, I'm never coming back.

[ Laughter and applause ] -At least he's honest.


No, seriously.

-At least he's honest.

-If any of these products hit, you never — -I'm never gonna see you again.

-I'm going to quit TNTand everything.

[ Laughter ] Seriously, if any of theseproducts hit, I'm gone.

-You're living on a boat.

-Yeah, I'm living ona boat somewhere.

I'm going to be playing golfmore than twice a day.

-Yeah, exactly, yeah.

-I'm going to beliving the dream.

-Tell me some of whatyou're doing for Alabama.

-You know, I got a couple ofthings going.

I got an Alabama futuresfarm fund.

I partner with five guys, and webring businesses to Alabama, or helping businessesthat are in Alabama.

I'm really excited about that, but there's two thingsI'm really excited about.

I gave black women$1 million to do start-ups.

But it's got to be I.


I told them no restaurantsand no hair salons.

[ Laughter ] -You have enough of those.

-We've got enough of those.


-So the women have been amazing, but it has to be in I.


But then I started this thingwith young black kids.

I want them to learn to be carpenters, electricians, and plumbers.

Because all these black kids think they're gonna playin the NBA.

They're not going to play inthe NBA, but they can be — There's nothing wrong withbeing a great carpenter, plumber, electrician, so that'swhat I've been doing all summer.

So I'm excited.

-That's pretty coolthat you're doing that.

I love that you're giving back.

-Thank you.

[ Cheers and applause ] -To Alabama.

Let's talk about the NBA.

Let's talk about TNT.

Let's talk about the show.

What a gang of cool peoplethat you love so much.

[ Laughter ] -Okay, let me get thisout the way because I know everybodywants to ask me two questions.

Yeah, the Warriors probablygoing to win again.

And LeBron is great, but the Lakers are not gonnabe any good.

Okay, now what else?[ Laughter ] Those are two questionsI'm asked a hundred times a day.

Who's gonna winthe championship? Probably the Golden StateWarriors.

How good arethe Lakers gonna be? LeBron is an amazing basketballplayer, an amazing man, but the Lakers are not gonna beany good.

Okay, that's the only twoquestions I'm asked every day.

-I won't want toask that question.

I want to ask, do you and Shaqreally hate each other? [ Laughter ] Well, no, it's justa tricky relationship.

-It's not tricky.

I hate him.

[ Laughter ] It's not tricky at all.

-Oh, my gosh.

How would you describe him? -He's a bully.

-Oh, come on.

-He's a bully.

-He is not.

-He thinks because he's big.

He's a big old Shrek look-alike.

[ Laughter ] He thinks –and he's so big he thinks he can justtalk down to people.

I mean, because, you know, we try to have a simplebasketball conversation.

And then like, “Well, you ain'twon no championship.

” I'm like, “We can still have abasketball conversation, Shrek.

” [ Laughter ] I do — Jimmy, I'm faking it.

If they didn't pay me, I wouldn't work with the goof.

[ Laughter ] -Oh, my gosh.

Well, we have a video questionfrom a fan of yours.


-I think he hasa question for you, and I think his nameis Shaquille.

Can we run the video? -Charles Barkley, a source close to me tells me you don't wear underwearwhen you arrive on TV.

How come you don't wear drawers? [ Laughter ] -You don't wear underwear? -Jimmy, about 10 years ago — [ Laughter ] -Keep talking.

-About 10 years ago, I found thatunderwear, drawers — in the South, we call them drawers.

I thought they were unnecessaryfor space in the house.

So I got all my drawers togetherand had a big old bonfire.

So, I've been 10 yearswithout underwear, and I feel good about it, Jimmy.

-Oh, my God.

[ Laughter ] We got to go to commercial.

Zoom in the camera.

Our thanks to Charles Barkley.


I DON'T WEAR UNDERWEAR??? | Unpopular Opinions

(upbeat music) – Hey David.

– Hey Crystal.

– We have a friend.

– Oh.

– Hey it's Ash, sowe're gonna talk about– – [David And Crystal] Unpopular opinions.

– We live life on the edge.

– We're extra edgy.

– To be honest, I might cut this out, it might be too controversial but Hamilton is only okay.

– [Ash] I agree.

– [Crystal] (excited screaming)I'm so glad I'm not alone.

– [Ash] We recently sawit live for the first time and I hadn't listened toany of the music before and I went to go see it andI was ready to walk away and like only listen to the soundtrack over and over and like become obsessed.

I was okay just experiencingit that one time.

– [Crystal] I'm like ready, I'm ready to be a part of this.

And I sat down, and I listened but it's fine.

– [David] How dare.

– [Crystal] And I saidit and Hannah was like that's gonna get you killed.

– I can't taste the differencebetween Coke, Coke Zero and Diet Coke, I guessit's not interesting 'cause I also don't care about Coke.

– Don't tell Elle Mills.

– Oh yeah.

– True, yeah.

– [Crystal] Elle Mills isjust waiting like what.

– Fight me Elle Mills.

– Elle Mills, Ash Hardell, in a Coca Cola Fight.

It'll make millions.

I saw a video a while backof you putting milk in before the cereal and everybodygot really upset about it.

– [David] I was just gonna say that.

– Yeah, I think that was justa one time thing for filming.

Then I tried to thinkabout how I typically do it and I'm not sure, itmight switch every time.

(David gasps) – No, you can not, just no, okay, there is no reason, it's just no.

[Ash] Oh, Okay.

I'm sorry.

– David's not one to talk, he takes one single bite out of a KitKat.

– What, that's weird! How is that satisfying? – It's just so delicious.

– I'm like why, what are youdoing, burn it with fire.

– I'm sorry.

– Don't.

– I'm so sorry.

– No you're not, not at all.

– I'm not, I'll do it again.

– I don't know who DavidDobrik or Liza Koshy are, like – Yeah.

– So that's just an ignorant opinion.

– [Crystal] Shots fired, shots fired.

(David imitates gun) You heard it here first, Ash Hardell wants to start beef with Elle Mills and Liza Koshy.

– No, I just don't knowanything about them.

– [David] That's amazing.

– Except that they're universally likable.

– I don't think this isunpopular but maybe it is, I think cats are not evil.

I know there's this internet thing of cats wanna kill you, LOL, I'm like, no they don't.

– I love cats more than dogs.

– I do too.

– [David] I love them both equally.

– Oh my God, I have avery unpopular opinion.

– [David] Ooh.

– Not all dogs are good dogs.

(David gasps) – Yeah.

(Crystal and Ash laughing) – I'm so glad you agreewith me on all of these.

Now, most dogs are good dogs, – Yeah, I agree.

just to clarify.

– I absolutely love and adore them but there are some bad dogs, it's okay.

– Some dogs require more patience and love than somehumans are able to give.

– [Crystal] Coming outhere with the wisdom, Ash is an old wise wizard.

– This might just be a weird opinion but I think that underwear's annoying.

(Crystal laughs) 80% of my life, I'm not wearing underwear.

– That's a fun fact.

– There you go.

– Listen, live your best life2K19, nobody needs underwear except for some people, I guess.

– That's a very definitive statement.

No one needs underwear exceptthe people who need underwear.

– [Crystal] Thank you forcoming and talking with us.

– Yeah.

– About things that areprobably gonna get us flamed on the internet, Ash.

– No problem.

– Pretty much.

– Thanks for inviting me.

– If you guys like Ash, which you should, Ash has a great channel, you should subscribe.

So now we dance, so just dance.

– Yes.

– [Ash] Oooh hoo hoo.

– Dance.

– [Crystal] That's good.

– [Ash] Doing moves.

(relaxed music).

We Try On Edible Underwear • Ladylike

we all know about edible underwear but how practical is it could we say wear it around the office it's ladylike and we're trying aníbal underwear mmm Kristin and I are at it again not with hoop skirts this time something a little different coach skirts here Devin have you ever worn edible underwear before no but I have an eating fruit by the foot and I think that's what this is right it's not I bought these at a store it's supposed to spice up your romantic life with your special person to be clear we're not gonna be like showing around our party makers to our co-workers although at this point no we will not be doing that so like neither of us has ever tried this but I have always thought that edible underwear seemed extremely impractical not wearable not fun kind of silly yeah and so I thought obviously we need to do it for a video that's what we do we just do impractical kind of silly in our office I wonder how long the edible underwear would last were we to say try it on take a little stroll around the office sit in our little desk chairs I'm wondering if you can smell it just because you know like if there's a strong strawberry scent and our body heat melts it a little bit because it's food like these are things I'm thinking about I don't know just a little disclaimer oh yeah so you're not supposed to be wearing this underwear first set in periods of time don't try this at home be cool to yourself I'm going to be giving myself a thorough little bath afterwards and so will Devin there I've done the dr.

rules disclaimer for this episode will housekeeping for you here's how this is gonna go we are going to get behind a little screen and then we're gonna try on two different pairs of edible underwear mm-hmm and then we're gonna go for like a little tour around our office and see how much we hate it that's what you're doing I'm gonna wear it on top of my jeans because I got my first East infection in seven years Devin wants to take care for downstairs area at this time I just feel like you shouldn't be throwing Twizzlers at an balance pH level I have visions of this video coming out and like parents being like how dare you do this we're not telling your kids to buy edible underwear we're just saying they should make fun of us while we were there exactly I'm going to Vegas this weekend and I'm gonna be taking one of these pairs with me so just wear for a little bit I think you're actually doing a little bit more of a dangerous thing than I am yeah raze the mistakes on this a little bit but like what better place to take edible underwear than Vegas Syrio drones lawns try this on bring me that underwear ladies oh my god who's the delivery girl Jenna's not trying anything on Jenna's just here to support us I hope that you guys you know you wear that underwear so I haven't seen any of the choices that Kristin has purchased okay the first one is candy g-string oh boy looks tasty this is totally photoshopped on I mean it's a quality packaging though it's like a tasteful black-and-white photo with a glossy all right are you ready try it on yeah I think this is like something that one would wear to a rave maybe I thought you're about to say wedding I'll hide into I ready Devon's back here she can help I'm the designated naked person yeah you want to hold it I can't hold it after so if I'm gonna hold it I gotta be holding it before well I'm just putting on over my jeans I would say here's the thing all of these underwear are one size so it's just kind of like whatever you get I think I can fit this around my head I'm the queen look at this nice little pattern that they have here oh the butt part is so reinforced kind of turn over your mouth it could be like a little surgical mask safety first everyone you can eat candy right now if you want to do oh my god you look like a weird Bane so I'm gonna try this on I am very afraid through the snap and the candies are gonna go everywhere diving in you've got some already toes on your bag does wait turn back you sure can all right I'm putting it on that's one leg one leg two leg a leg would it cover anything you lose act on your body it's not very functional no look how low it is I'm just rolling the candies up my butt yep and I'm just doing this for moral support I care okay I think I got this on it looks tasty here I need to see them yourself oh wow look at me aren't I just a candy Queen I can see the candy panty line look at that sweet panty line right there I can't really tell I have the jeans as a barrier right now but I feel like I would be very irritated with these little Smarties in between my butt cheeks so I'm wearing it so like you know how in the 80s all the people who wore swimsuits had like the really high cut legs that's where like the leg parts the case that stay out of my body right now does it make you feel sexy it does make me feel sugary should we try the candy I'm just want candy we've extras so my review of this one is huge it's dusty nice colors and it's a thong seems to fit well here's the thing I keep having to pull it up because it keeps we like to sit down in it I don't know hold on why are you sitting down like that something great of snapping it I did and for my next trick I will take them off pair number two is edible undies garment will dissolve in water or excessive moisture it's like a tropical down there you know did you just taste it no can I taste it denne no taste it smells like cotton candy this is the pair we have to put together it's like a little craft project oh good thing we have extra hands here's my body put it on me oh it's happening right now really some material taking it out may be used to look at it melts together I think that's how it's supposed to be done I don't think so the directions are in German so we don't actually know how to put this in French this has to be threaded through here oh no it came undone so here's what we're gonna have to do they haven't eat it I just put it lightly on my tongue that's all tastes a little bit like candy here's a completed pair of panties that I will be trying to put on my body this feels like it's gonna melt as soon as it gets on your body and probably will the heart part goes in the front I think the hard part is for that except for looking at the box oh yeah the heart is for them so we're trying to lift the underwear up gently oh no you can eat that now though I'm gonna tie this and I'm not oh oh no now it's like a little tail Karam good we're trying this again I will not give up on you heart but oh you may become like him just licking it doesn't solve your problems I lick my problems crosses in my head and the heart is actually torn to worthy so what we've learned from experiment one is that this is very delicate and not practical this would not stand a chance against my real vagina maybe you'd like your jeans are just like – tough guy these are from Zara so tragic yeah I'm gonna tuck this yeah up into here yep they really did the bare minimum when making this shape they were like just the heart and like a rectangle all right you hold this part I have this part right here is it working oh it's working oh no this is like a losing game of Tetris oh but can you tie that part to the other type or no well I for one think that we tried a lot harder than anybody else would have so now because we could not get the edible panties on either of our bodies we tried I will now just try to wear the candy g-string around the office and then Devin will go wear it in Vegas in Vegas cute vlog footage good morning it is the last day that we are in Vegas and I have stupidly saved this challenge for today so I'm going to be wearing these edible panties to the Vegas Airport and hoping that TSA doesn't take anything to me fingers crossed the office but the candy is caught in my dress I wear this underwear for 45 minutes through the TSA checkpoint question the first why I forgot that I was supposed to wear it in Vegas because it was doing making another video in Vegas so my mind was focused on that and then it was the last morning and I woke up and I went actually the little Smarties were draped out of my suitcase like you forgot about me all right we're ready to do see the panty line oh yes literally the thing about the underwear that I noticed the first is that the time it starts melting once it hits your skin is very short mine didn't melt that much oh my did it was like butter hitting the pan really yeah I wasn't that Mel what's cold in the Vegas Airport so maybe that's why this is like my gusset area gets toasty yes my chassis if you will No why are you walking like a penguin I'm trying to keep it up so every fourth step they roll down so I have to poop that's exciting I'm trying to strut oh I mean you can't tell like you just looked confident I know so I am wearing down there and the TSA checkpoint was actually out of order so I didn't go through the big whirly machine I would just went through a line with a dog the German Shepherd walked towards me his little nose was angled towards my couch and then the handler pulled him away to the next person so I just barely missed him so much that is like some free time ago but then I got out of the TSA line and I immediately which the bathroom to take them off it's all you've got my but I take this off however I wash for 10 minutes no anyway I think what we've learned today is that edible underwear are not practical in any way shape or form if you can get the lawn you definitely aren't going to wear them for very long if you like candy and if you like panties you will not like edible underwear which is counterintuitive keep your candy and your panties separate so try it on edible underwear laid each a seed lady got approved no don't just don't do it for your little vagina don't do it or really anything just don't do it.

This Is Why Underwear Has A "Pocket" Inside!

10 Things You Didn't Know The Purpose Of! Most of the objects we use on a daily basis have hidden features.

So get ready to discover 10 everyday things you didn't know the purpose of! After watching this video, you'll be able to surprise your smarty-pants friends who always seem to know everything.

But they probably don't know about these! Let's start! The first hidden feature is in women's underwear Have you ever noticed the little pouch in women's undies? No, it's not meant for storing things.

It's just a softer fabric that's left open so it doesn't feel uncomfortable.

Because the area is sensitive, comfort as well as hygiene are important, so this little pocket is made from a more hygienic material, like cotton.

The rest of the garment is usually made of polyester or fake silk, so this pocket offers extra protection for the delicate area.

Even if you your underwear doesn't have pockets, EVERYONE uses this next item.

Actually, you're probably using one to watch this video.



Smartphones have a feature no one knows about! There's a small hole in the back of your phone, most likely between the camera and the flash.

If you've ever wondered if it's there on purpose, the answer is “yes.

” It's to reduce the amount of external noises when you talk, so people can hear you better when you're making a call or recording audio.

So it's sort of like a microphone.

Sooo, did you flip your phone over to look for the hole?! Don't lie! The next one is all about your culinary skills.

Like most human beings, you probably love pasta, right? And why not? It's super tasty and easy to cook.

The problem is that it's difficult to know the right amount of pasta to put in the pot.

Has this ever happened to you: You meant to cook pasta for two and ended up cooking enough pasta to feed an army? Then you need a spoon like this! The hole in the middle is not just to drain the pasta and drain water, it also measures the right amount of pasta for one person.

Mamma mia, if only we'd known! Another thing that we all know are those little bags that come with shoe boxes.

They aren't air fresheners or candy! It's silica gel, which helps absorb moisture.

So if you usually throw them away after you've opened the box, you're making a big mistake! Silica gel packets have many uses, like drying out a wet cell phone, or making your clothes smell fresh.

Click on the video link to discover more genius hacks for this little bag that you figured was useless up until now.

Moving on! Sometimes you crave a Tic Tac because you want to freshen your breath, right? If you have trouble getting just one out of the box, try using the lid.

It's a dispenser so only one Tic Tac comes out at a time.

This makes it way easier to hand them out to all your friends.

Some people just need a hint! And if you like to have coffee in the morning before leaving the house, you may have noticed that most mugs have indentations on the bottom.

Can you guess what they're for? No, it's not so they're easy to stack up.



It's so the water can drain off when they're in the dishwasher.

That way they're dry when you take them out! Another thing that we all encounter pretty often are plastic soda bottles.

If you've ever wondered what that plastic ring between the lid and the bottle neck is for, the answer is simple: It's to make sure the gas from the soda doesn't escape, and the soda doesn't go flat.

When you break the seal to open the bottle, the gas doesn't take long to dissipate, no matter how hard you close it.

Who would have thought?! This next one is a total revelation.

If you've ever worn makeup, you've definitely used cotton pads at some point.

If you've ever wondered why the two sides aren't the same, it's because you've been using them wrong! As it turns out, the bumpy side is for applying makeup, while the flat side is for removing it.

The more you know! We're going to keep going with some style hacks.

If you live in a cold place, you probably have one of these pom-pom hats.

Sure, they look super cute, but did you know that originally that fluffy ball had a very important purpose? In the 18th century, French sailors started wearing these hats to protect their heads from the metal ceiling in their sleeping quarters.

I wonder how many times they bumped their heads before they came up with this idea.



Last but not least, for all the bookworms out there: Have you ever had to put a dog ear in your brand new book because you didn't have a bookmark? Well, next time, just use the dust jacket so you don't have to remember where you stopped, or ruin your book! Now you can start using all these things correctly! Tell us in the comments which one you're going to try first.

If you enjoyed this video, give it a Like, share it with your friends, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Also, make sure you check out these videos right here.

See you next time!.

How mills made Knoxville the World Underwear Capital

[Music] their services thanks for watching and good and finally knock CIL's history includes nicknames like the marble city scruffy city and so on ten News reporter Jim Athenians another nickname in the drawers of history that made Knoxville the underwear capital of the world it was incredible the number

of things not well made for the whole nation reflect on the vacant mill just beside downtown Knoxville and historian Jack Neely can spin a yarn about the past where for more than a century textiles told the tale of the city's economy hey one time there were thirteen textile

mills and not school it was enormous we're looking at the old standard knitting mill this is actually a later addition to knitting mill which has been here since about 1900 or so it was the single biggest employer in Knoxville at one time 3500 people work here claim to

be the biggest textile manufacturing plant in America for standard knitting and many other mills in town the long and short of it was underwear yeah well that's what was the underwear capital and it was because of all the underwear manufacturers they made mainly undergarments t-shirts underwear long johns

Union suits they'd call them in those days socks three different hosiery mills at one time they made I think 43 million garments a year just some incredible Ward number Knoxville had the workforce and the railroads to stitch and ship the latest styles across the country in the 1930s

that included the latest bombshell design of jockey shorts that could make every man resemble the brawny Tarzan well that's emboldened broidery on the benefits of briefs it's no fabrication to say Knoxville Mills truly supported the troops they ramped up production during Wars especially during World War two Knoxville

plants landed huge government contracts to cover the military by weaving thermal underwear for warmth and millions of white cotton t-shirts and boxer shorts especially appreciated by those trying to keep cool in the South Pacific the physical Depression of the tropics this air crew member recommends t-shirts under the

regulation shirt out of garments by themselves it's likely that anybody that was in the world war two was wearing something manufactured there nothing now after the war some of the mills here in Knoxville kept cranking out products for the military but by the mid 1950s many of the

mills here were just hanging on by a thread and some of the biggest operations including Appalachian Mills which was located right here on 17th Street had to shut down in 1956 yeah and that's why she lost ten percent of his population in the 1950s while most of the

mills unraveled standard Knitting Mills saw success by stitching one of the nation's most popular brands the help knit brand which you saw all over the country was all manufactured right here sales for standards soared during an era when men could double their comfort with cigarettes and health knit

tighty whities then the brand threaded its way into a new market of colorful expression in the 1960s and 70s we forget the t-shirts were just underwear for a long time there were all white until about the late 1960s and he started seeing pictures on t-shirts and a lot

of the cool new t-shirts with like keep on truckin and Mickey Mouse and all these things the hippies were wearing they made those here there's a hip side to underwear many fashion while most industries are forced to lay off workers standard has been lucky but even a behemoth

like standard knitting mill could not avoid the seismic shift unfolding overseas after a series of layoffs in the mid 1980s new ownership took over the mill in 1988 standard Knitting Mills sold out to Delta apparel workers were hoping Delta would save their jobs it only took a few

months for Delta to go from talking about new expansions in Knoxville to hanging hundreds of employees out to dry these employees were told just this morning that in 60 days they would be out of work it's reprehensible the way this company has behaved I think it stinks we

spent and raise their kids in this meal that's the saddest part leaving all your friends behind workers at the old standard knitting mill sewed their last stitches on August 11th 1989 since then many of the other old mills in town have become home to new businesses but standard

has struggled to find suitors for this sprawling space a place that still offers a reflection of the past when Mills intertwined to support the nation and made Knoxville the underwear capital of the world yeah and that might be funny to anybody that doesn't wear underwear but but I

everybody who does wear underwear it's it's an important time in Knoxville Jim Matheny WBAI our 10:00 news will leave the box or a brief discussion to you and yours Knoxville may have another claim to fame in the history of underwear yeah the website for bike athletics says the

very first jock straps were made in Knoxville back in 1874 they were made to protect people riding bicycles on cobblestone street soon oh yeah for what it's worth Jack Neely says he is still looking through old articles to insure that fable is true we learned so much about

Knoxville through gym Athena and Jack Neely and that's gonna do it for us thanks so much for watching

Underwear for Hikers/Backpackers stay tune for the BIG reveal!

senior hiker 77 I'm here with a anothershort video that I thought might interest some of my viewers andbackpackers and hikers it has to do with underwear I was searching YouTube tryingto find some videos on underwear specifically directed towardshikers and backpackers now I did find a lot of videos but there was mostly ofyoung men in just their skivvies and I didn't see a lot on backpacking orhiking I do think I can save you some money because I found two pair twodifferent manufacturers that made underwear that seemed to be specificallyfor hikers backpackers and outdoors people now one of them the name isex-officio and I'm gonna spell it for you because the first time I heard thatname I couldn't get my mind around ex-officio but it's spelled Exofficioand they make on undergarments a quite nice company and let me stepback and demonstrate what i'm talking about it i have to step back so you cansee the whole display now I've got my leggins onbecause I gonna save you from the scene of my spindly snow-white legs thathadn't seen a ray of Sun in at least fifty years so I've got my leggings onbut on top of the leggings I do have a pair of ex-officio underwear now theseare became became my go-to underwear for hiking now I prefer this particularstyle which is boxer briefs with a nine inch inseam now I like the 9 inchinseam because it just it just feels like an extra layer of skin and if youhave any issues with chafing down into crotch area then this seems to reduce thefriction anyway it works fine for me but now what's so good about him I looked attheir website they said it was 45% cotton and then there was infused withsomething Jade and they in some spandex but anyway it doesn't feel like cottonand it actually feels nice against your skin and it's it's stretchable and moveswith you when you hike and walk but the big thing that I think is most importantis you you know even the through hikers they don't need the two pair of theseunderwear because you can take them off they're not transparent but you holdthem up to the light you can see through them they thin but you can hand wash them shake them out and put them back on or worst case scenario you canput them in your pack towel and twist and twist dry and put them back onthat's the great thing about them now the only the only negative thing andit's a big one and that's the cost of them these this is a solid color theystart at $20 a pair if you want the fancy ones with prints and designs theygo up to $35 a pair which is a deal-breaker for a lot of people it wasfor me for a long long time to finally I managed to get two pair and that'smainly what I use when I hike until recently now the way you're gonna savemoney as I'm gonna take these down looks funny but I'm gonna introduce you tothese which is Fruit of the Loom they sold at Walmart and everything Isaid all accolades about the ex officios this fruited alone loom it's a microstretch and I'll put a link down in the description box in case you want to goto it but they come in a five pack and a three pack I've got two five packs whichgives me ten underwear but it's it's a polyester / spandex blend and it feelsgood in fact all the accolades for the ex-officio would apply to this you cannow this has the long the long legs also which I really like and the friction iseverything is now here's the best part about it thefive pack is $17.

50 for five which if my division is right that's three dollarsand fifty cents a pair now it's getting down to where we can afford them rightbut anyway I just wanted to introduce you to something case the ex-officio wasa little bit out of range but I've got to where now I bought two packs of thesethis has become my everyday underwear not just for hiking now I guess that'sall I had to reveal today but I guess I have a I have a I have a big reveal andI'm not so big reveal should have said small reveal I washoping it'd be a little cooler so I could blame it on the weather but that'sthe way it is thanks for watching you.

Would You Wear Your Underwear More Than Once?

the following program contains mature subject matter viewer discretion is advised it's time to get serious laundry it might not be your favorite chore but we all have to do it a new study suggests you may need to do it more often because 1 in 5 people wear their underwear at least twice before washing joining us now is the author of the penis book urologist dr.

Aaron Spitz full disclosure ok it is laundry day in my household so I'm going commando just it sounds like you need a little more underwear and your Quivers so you so 31 percent of men and 10 percent of women wear their underwear two or more times before washing about 1 out of 3 people happily that number would be higher honestly I think they're only getting about half the use out of it right like you you rotate then you inside out then you rotate 24 hours number two is the bodily fluid rule that if if you've gotten bodily fluids whether it be 1 2 or 3 that time to change both sexes Oh vaccine your boxers I'm feel like if you have such them put your underwear on without you haven't totally everybody's grandma told them like you have to change your underwear because if you get in a car accident [Applause] clapping out there women we I don't think we met think about that like I'm sorry you're gonna check my underwear actually warrants somebody else's dirty underwear no boys in my house they're all my size and you know I ran out I grabbed somebody else has turned out he had already worn it it was I think that if you sweat you should be maybe number four if you sweat and you have in your underwear is drenched it's time it's time to switch I agree if there's skid marks yes yes you're right about okay after sex probably all these things really what I will say if I may is there are now all these highly technical fibers used in underwear and there are actually some underwears now that are designed for trekking and backpacking and when I biked across the country and it was a 45 day trip this is 20-some odd years ago I had two pairs of underwear for the whole trip and I was washing them in creeks and because that's just a reality it's not as though just if you just wear a pair of highly technical all say boxer briefs that are breathable the truth is if you're not doing any of the things I mentioned like sweating profusely in them they are fine to wear for a couple days if you need you but we act honestly we act like if you ever wear your underwear more than 24 hours that you're the most disgusting person on earth and if you have yourself if yeah like it's not like something that happens at the 24 hour mark for women have vaginal discharge the area can get warm and moist it's a good environment for these ladies I suggest you change your underwear yes less than a doctor needle the thing is I mean not every but is you know as healthy and pristine as you and there are some guys out there who actually have fungal infections right now who have some kind of a bacterial infection going on right now and for those guys if they want to get rid of that infection they are gonna have to use clean underwear every time it gets moist or everyday and they're gonna have to use an antifungal and they're gonna have to keep that regimen up for a good solid two weeks to actually eliminate that we all agree that in general look obviously probably best idea to have fresh underwear every day but I think more importantly is not enough people wear breathable underwear yeah treat it like a good fine Cabernet Sauvignon let it breathe these compression shorts right everybody's wearing these compression shorts and and you know people are kind of proud to show themselves off of it but if it's too tight not only does it an even more intensely good environment for the bad bugs but you can get some skin breakdown and then those bugs can actually truly infect you easier so yeah laughs and breathe we did do a little poll to see if our viewers are guilty of this dirty deed we ask them whether or not they go without washing their underwear 10, 000 answered 42 percent admitted they've worn their underwear longer than a day honest Rach do you buy fruit of them you know what we have an honest crew let it breathe if you have a lot of moisture down there wash your underwear keep things dry certainly if you're worried you have an infection at that point in time it's probably worth talking you.

Reviewing FREE Underwear From Wish! (Wish Review)

[Music] hello there lovely person of youtubeland and welcome to the channel taxes dummies I will be the cheapest rubbish from wish and race other places for your viewing pleasure may be seen there watching this on the toilet don't forget cell wipin for lunch strengthening I don't know because I do anyway you're watching this right today I have been to they lovely land over which and was I've been on the lovely land a wish well I'll tell you why because every man needs free under fence yes us men we get through lots and lots of Underpants in our lives and which has free Underpants just rolling along notice for loads affairs a free pen snowfall hey why not that make a fun video so yes I've ordered four pairs of pants to test today if you're American you call it underwear I'm British I'm gonna call it pants see no I'm going on about right one of the pairs I ordered the most sensible pair which is the men's fashion underwear shorts men boxes Underpants short briefs CG you know AC job with Gigi then I know it's Gigi which obviously free I'm not arriving the most sensible pair rather for the reason not arriving is because the Select keeps trying to send them out the country Chinese customs aren't of near me of it they send it back to the seller they said that gives it another go and it's doing customs ping-pong I don't know why they won't let out the country probably because they are so bad contest those I've got three other payers of ludicrous Underpants to test for you today so we're gonna have fun with those so without further ado is time to head over the table of broken dreams and broken tack to see today's item let's go and as always sweet [Music] it's our decision taping the open three you know peace out [Music] and welcome top friends type of broken dreams and broken sir where you guessed it the magic happens explosion yes friends we like explosions right today's pair of pants with explosion and pants on today's show and be grateful all the way from China inside this packet we have got swing our first pair of lovely pants right these are medium let's take a look like on this very swanky packet not bad for nothing so they pay varying degrees of postage right we have got some bright orange pants or under pants if you're American or under crackers if you like weird right there go they are your your medium orange pants and they nice they've had it's very very slippery material and they look like they're gonna be extremely tight and if they are extremely tight you'll probably better see everything through these array right how we're selling these lovely Underpants I live in this you can see them will I talk about them there are 20 18 mins comfy brief bull seamless underwear i silk boxer briefs your underpants and as you can see they are completely free like all of these pants it's a running theme right time check out the description description is where it is that hello hello welcome to our store thanks quality is the first with best serviced customers all are our now customers order our what you're trying to do to us friends fashion design 100% brand new high quality hope they're friendly if something else is worn these I'm very very peed of material polyester and the color is as picture shown no it's not because in the picture they're black these are orange will you do in to us and the the star they've come for is casual because you can just walk down the street with these on presumably size medium large extra large extra extra large icons the smallest which is a medium normally I'll go for small in pants cuz I've got a very thin waist but yeah these are a medium although they do look on the small side my normal pants are actually bigger than these and please note there was a tutor free difference two to three percent difference according to manual measurements yet because you've made really small pants they're supposed to be medium please check the measurement chart carefully before you buy the item because one inch equals 2.

5 force enemy is and please know that slight color difference should be acceptable to to light and screen these are orange well we want your black you've given us orange what you get one x fashion underwear array thanks wish right occasionally when occasionally all the time you like check out their customer comments what a customers they've worn these pants think of the pants so let's take a look at a couple first one is from Karan enough of that cuz I will get done for copyright the front is completely flat so my mood is very uncomfortable Karan refers to his mood as his penis so his penis is very uncomfortable I'm not blooming surprise they're probably being strangled and suffocated inside these very small pants Michael very very very small fit in there is free very zen that means that is how small they are can only get one legged gonna get one leg in for sake his patron Michael rolling around on his bedroom floor which finally I was like oh my god Michael right next nice from Ivan gets from name a good strong Viking name the material kids but they were made for midgets he's a gold and the last one is from Christian see small and this is for women not men I'm very upset after weighing all this time to receive their and it is not why I expected oh god you guys make me that's all right moving swiftly on so our second pair of under crack is here they are no no goes that way up from the Royal Mayo there's neither postman's nothing delivered to me ever again because all these things are clearly marked as men's underwear what must he think of me by the next one is this very red lacy number whoo look at them look how completely see-through they are but yes these are your Nan's net curtains made into pants array and as you'll notice there was no elastic so one they probably will not stay up and they will constantly fall down these are also a medium and these are frickin huge like twice the size of our pants there is no consensus on the size medium in China obviously right let's head to wish and see what he'll wishes sewn these pants and I wish I was more prepared because I'm completely on the wrong slides right talk amongst yourselves so I get this ready the wrong way of your tablet dreams right here we go there are the men's underwear lace enhance pouch bikini briefs pants so the rest is in French I'm a reader now and once again they are free a running theme on this show and it's a looker description they are men's sissy underwear lace from enhance pouch briefs sorry bikini briefs pants and information especially as part of that sentence you need some full stops guys that is another line so I'll let you off they include one-piece men's underwear men's grid phone pouch briefs underwear hot sexy smooth and comfortable don't any of those things and perfect for lingerie night whore pleasure please check the size clearly before purchasing right these meant to give me support where is the support in these parents seriously is is that is that the support there cuz I ain't supporting 9 right let's have a look once again at a customer comment right we have got Marcus yes Marcus he's given it one star I ordered extra large must been plenty huge they sell weights a small I ripped them lift on now piggy you Marcus these are medium and they're bloody huge we or China ponies literally a whole net curtain but your Nan's well happy right next one is from Ethan he already large and is quite big maybe just swap with the other guy even and Marcus you to swap pens I'm a 32 waist front pouch isn't big enough milk quite like the pitches the plumbing in these reviews is people are going to complain that the young pants are too small for their penis is literally one-upmanship if you ever go on any of these pants and on the air comments people are literally complaining that their penis is too large of these pants they're probably not they're just like to feel better just by typing that how Martin sighs em is my normal size but em is too big and it is also a very poor quality it looks like the item in the picture but it is a cheap ripoff a ripoff of what the I'm in the picture it looks like the I'm in the picture what are you going on about man and there they are your customer comments right obviously pair number three is here the third and final pair and yes we have saved the best til last because these are it's a pouch yay loving already it's a pouch foam we get less and less material as the pants go on so this is um knows right that's a pouch for your bits and then obviously these bits go round your hips and this bit goes up your bum and yeah it's the things we've seen on the beach in and this is also medium and the size of the Hat you put on an elephant Jesus Christ right okay what is called its head to wish and find out they are the six II men's charming strips g-string underwear pouch brief from bikini panty black and once again they are three or three not number three and yet businesses come in black and minor white because I've gone for the white ones and yeah I've gone for medium yeah again right funds will provide you more freedom movement very comfortable to wear and easily wash these very confidently falling down after time the planet will completely show your charm Chalmers in penis be the best collection of any points in your wardrobe you're really selling it to us sound description a super sexy panty close-fitting underwear chic and attractive comfortable to wear low-rise design material is spandex other thing is spandex pants like lycra these are clearly cotton cotton Don to you color is black no they're not free one size fits most oh one size fit one size fits the most it's the most war elephants packet includes one times men's men's pansy no due to health regulations we regret to inform you that we cannot accept returns on intimate apparel only defective products will be offered exchange or still credit please be reminded that due to lighting effects and blah-blah-blah-blah-blah color might be slightly different yes their white powder black wine oh the black in the picture I ordered white bear yellow different color right anyway and our first one comes from the man who buff is among a lot of stuff on which it is Jesus Jesus's loss of words because given it five stars thanks Jesus he wrote a Galilee wearing a thong right high next one let's go swiftly away from that one it's terry free Hannon I love them great fit even when I am hard oh shut up right moving swiftly on next one can't get any worse than the next day if you're about 12 years old you go Kiyo got seriously coil is the police like knock on your door in the next five seconds I'd be very very surprised if you're about 12 years old you can wear this what the fuck man seriously do you like 12 year olds wearing this kind of thing Kyle what is wrong with you man 12 year old should not be wearing sexy Fong's are gonna get your head checked or run and himself in finibus police station right Shane hoping get some sensibility one one size does not fit all in this have a really small tackle as you can see their one-upmanship here again Shane has the biggest tackle in the land and his tackle will fit these pants so yeah they are your customer comments moving swiftly away [Music] [Music].