Modibodi Period Underwear Haul Part Two: Seamfree bikini and active swimwear brief!

Next pair is the seamfree bikini moderate to heavy absorbency same packaging the colour is tan size 8 extra small and Same thing on the back.

So on the back talks about the different absorbencies So I'll just mention so the pair before Was the heavy/overnight absorbency which equates to 15 to 20mls or two tampons or three teaspoons So it just gives you an idea You know If you know your flow kind of how many tampons you would go through in a certain period of time you can equate it to what absorbency period underwear you need So these ones are the moderate to heavy absorbency Which means they can hold 15 mls or one and a half to two tampons or two teaspoons So it's interesting because I'm going to show you.



again, sorry opened it.



I looove these, oh my goodness These are so nice and they came with a sticker on them which is a bit crushed and not really stuck anymore but it says I'm a bit snug at first But give me a wash and wear and I'll be super comfy so when you get these and you put them on you can expect them to feel a little bit tight, but They will Form into what they're supposed to be.

These are so nice and it's really nice to have like a tan pair, right? Cuz if you want to wear white jeans when you got your period if you want to be brave wear white jeans You know, you might want to have a tan pair of underwear.

And these are also the seam free So they're super silky smooth.

Oh my gosh These are 91% microfiber 9% polyamide and Spandex.

The lining is smart Merino microfiber and polyester So they're really nice I love them and now the absorbency.



I'll just flip them inside out so you can see Again, I've got the hygiene strip on there but that's where The absorbency starts Up the front there and you can see that it doesn't go as far up So that's like wearing a pad, right? You know when you wear a pad during the day like just a regular pad it sort of comes Comes up to your you know where your butt starts I guess but it doesn't come all the way up like that heavy overnight absorbency does Again, you can feel that there is padding in there But it's super nice Super smooth and not really thick at all.

I don't think anyone would be able to tell that you're wearing period underwear So I really love these These are the seam free bikini.

I will link everything below so you know exactly which ones I bought and then You can go check them out and see if there's anything that you like these also come in black, I think Next I might do the swimwear Swimwear is so exciting if you're someone who just only wears pads and you don't like wearing tampons at all Or you don't and that means that you don't really want to wear a menstrual cup either Going swimming is kind of like what do you do like, you can't wear a pad in the water, right? so to have the period proof swimwear is so exciting and I think These are really awesome for teens as well Like I know when I was a teenager, I didn't want to wear tampons at all So to have like a to have period proof swimwear that I could wear while swimming Without having to wear anything else is really exciting Now these are a light to moderate absorbency So they don't last like they're not as absorbent as the other pairs of underwear that I got.

A light to moderate absorbency is 10 mls or one to one and a half tampons or one to two teaspoons So it's still I mean, it's still plenty Especially if you're going to go swimming for what like an hour or a couple of hours I think it should be fine.

Depending on your flow.

Of course But this is the swimwear Really nice simple black you can wear these like with any kind of top a black top.

I love to mix and match swimwear.

So Yeah, you can just wear these with any different sort of top And I'll show you the absorbency on these.

I was really surprised by these because they are not Like I I'm surprised that they are even absorbent to be honest like that's how thin it is.

You can see it kind of Comes out there but yeah, it's like a.



I don't even know how to explain that It's kind of like a waterproof layer I guess And it's like a meshing so You would never know That someone was wearing period underwear.

I don't think when they're wearing these so that's super exciting.

I really love these so much potential Great for teens, I reckon Or young ones.

This is the seamfree bikini in the tan color I'm wondering if these might be a bit big for me because they kind of I dunno, you can see the absorbency there it looks kind of like bulky and it's like it's folding in a bit because it's too wide or something and then it feels like it's kind of Coming in a bit in my butt.

But I think I mean they said they're supposed to be tight, and they're not too tight, so.



Maybe I could go down a size But that is them But I think I could still wear these comfortably they feel so nice they're so smooth.

I wish you could touch them! Okay, I'm wearing the active swimwear brief bikini brief.

This is what they look like Sorry, just shake my butt at you Yeah, so they're super comfy really sleek great fit I think I don't think they look like period swimwear or period underwear at all.

The absorbency bit just sort of stops here But I don't think you can see that And the absorbency stops there as well I don't think you'd feel worried about wearing these to the beach if anyone's looking at your butt that closely then they deserve to see those things.

But that's those! So, that is my Modibodi period underwear haul done and dusted.

I hope you enjoyed it I hope you saw some styles that you liked and you might want to try them out yourself Thanks for watching me parade around in my underwear I hope it wasn't too sore for your eyes but I just wanted to show you what they look like on on coz I think it can make a huge difference and If you have any questions, please ask me in the comments below Or send me an email at hello@thebetterperiod.


I will link everything below so you can check out Modibodi for yourself if you have used Modibodi make sure you let me know because I'd love to hear your experiences and let The other viewers know if you have any hints or tips on What you found was the best with them, things that you think Could improve or any sizing tips that you have? That would be great to hear all about it.

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