Love Tie with Underwear 2

we continue with the second part of this ritual to have it at your feet spell to have it at your feet and despair of wishes well we already have our underwear already dry dried in the moonlight and kept in the dark in the room now tonight let's continue

with this second part and well let's start this way the first thing we should do is with this nail with a metal tip we must write our name on the candle red in this way I'm going to notice my name Joseph world i be world on this other

black candle we will write down the name of the other person we want come to us I will write a anyone's name love night there the name of the other is noted person Now we will do the following with the oil made of olives we will only wet

our finger once with a little bit only we will gather in the candle like this throughout the candle again with olive oil in all truth above all it has to cover our first name now we will do the same on this other candle we must pass the olive

oil are the two candles once we have this the red candle goes on the left the black candle goes to the right Now what we will do will be with the thread Red high several laps several laps thus towards we turn them first the red thread and sides

they have to stay the same for later be able to stop together now in black thread see you too several laps and cut with that it reaches that's fine with that we will see ensure that the candles look good and that both can stand still Now that we

have them like this, we will light and now we will place them here this ritual requires patience and whenever we are doing all this we will be thinking about the person remember the one on the red on the left the right black to right now once we have

that we go with the photo you can use a paper and write down the name of the person and if you have a photo to we will notice our name our name on the forehead of the person and now will notice in my name now I do not

want this person in the picture be seen that's why I'm covering it what we must do is leave the photo put it here on watch leave it like this with our name noted on the forehead and I will show with our name noted on the forehead of the

person and leave it here until finish the two candles are going to end once the candles are finished it will remain a candle waste the candle wax will remain then and now in the video I have here from another ritual that I did before I show black candle

waste and red candle that this is what we are going to meet us when both candles finish then we will follow the ritual I will show you this, remember this it ends until it ends then once the candles our underwear will do what next we will put our

clothes like this then now we will put the photo here of the person and above what we will do will be as first throw him the cinnamon powder as well as the photo we will ride cinnamon powder well everything like that now that we put that next will

be the pepper we will put the pepper in grains up there like that that's enough for that and finally the wormwood we had saved the wormwood we had saved of the first stage of the ritual we will place it we will leave like this and we will place

there as it is now the debris from those candles sold out we will also put them inside of what our underwear is and of all this work try not to touch it with hand always take it out with a knife or with something that I can scrape and

take out these waste now once we have everything this reminds us that our clothes