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Have you ever noticedhow much packaging waste we go throughwhen we have our period? ♪ [upbeat] Hey guys, it's Spencer.

so I have to admit, I am really into the save the turtles movementand I'm starting to actually pay attentionto all the single use plastic that I'm using every single day.

I found this amazing National Geographic article and it says that every womanuses between five and fifteen thousand pads and tampons in their lifetime.

The majority of which will end up in landfills as plastic waste.

So that'sgot me wondering.

Now, I've triedmenstrual cups before and it didn't work for me, but lately I've seen a lot of advertisingfor period underwear.

Now, could they be a cheaperand more sustainable alternative to padsand tampons? I want to puta few brands to the test and see if they work.

I mean, what makes periodunderwear even possible? ♪ ♪ Well, it's interestingbecause the fabrics that are in period proofunderwear have actually been around for a long time.

It just took a number of savvyand innovative entrepreneurs to apply the technologyto women's health.

So the best metaphorthat I can think of is kitty litterthat clumps.

So kitty litter that clumps, stores liquids in a solid so that you canscoop it out easily.

Period proof underwearis essentially doing the same thingwith your blood.

It's storing thatliquid moisture inside, until you saturate it laterand then it will rinse out.

Now, I will say, every brandhas different construction and so they're not allgoing to work exactly the same.

Look for discount codesand coupons and make sure that you take care of themreally well because they're more expensivethan traditional underwear.

Good luckwith your research.

Spencer: A quick search and it was clear, there was a lot of companies selling these.

Basically, wearing these eliminates the need for pads or tampons.

I decided on these three.


The Sleepover Shorts.


The Moondog Basic.

Lunapads: The Maia Bikini.

[chimes]♪ ♪ OK guys, it is kicking in.

I just spent almost $100on three pairs of underwear.

I mean, they are specialand if they cancel out pads and tampons, they could be worth it, but let's try this out.

[swoosh]♪ ♪ [rustling] It kind of feelslike a swimsuit.

You can kind of see, like, a little pad here.

They kind of justfeel like spandex shorts.

Like, I don't feel likeit has any protection.

That's why I'm so scared and I'mgoing to school right now.

Oh my gosh.

So, I've had them on for, from 10:00 in the morning till 3:00 now and it's, it's really strange because I was reallysceptical, but it's holding up pretty good.

[pop]♪ ♪ OK, so, these underwear look alot more like regular underwear and the pad on this, actually feels thinner than the other one.

So that fears mea little.



a lot.

OK guys, so I am now on hour sixwith the Moondog underwear on.

They're holdingup pretty good.

It doesn't feel like a diaper, but I want to say, like, they don't hold as much or like, I don't feel as secure as I did in the otherones from yesterday.

[pop]♪ ♪ The other one's feltlike a sporty material, but this is cottonand then they already have like thatbig absorbent pad, and then it also comeswith like these little flaps, and it camewith an extra pad and then this padis like, washable as well.


So, as you can see, my face is really red, because I just worked outwith the period underwear on and they held up really good and I still feel like, perfectly fine.

I want to say, so far, thatthese are like, my favourite pair that I've usedand they feel like the driest and the most comfortable.

OK guys, so I leaked.

[tires screech]Oh my gosh.

That's like, my biggest nightmare.

That's everyone'sbiggest nightmare.

So I'm lookingback at what happened, It's time to wrap this upand come to a final conclusion.

Are period underweara cheaper and more sustainable alternative to padsand tampons? I spent on average, $12 a month on period tampons, pads, and liners and period underwearrange anywhere from $20 to even more than$40 per pair.

And I would needto buy multiple pairs to fully eliminate the needfor disposable products.

So the up front costis more expensive, however you could be savingmore money in the long term.

It really depends onhow well you take care of your period underwear.

And what aboutpackaging waste? There definitely isn'tas much disposal waste with period underwear as thereis with tampons and pads, but there is a needto use a lot more water.

So, when you're washingand drying your period underwear it takes a lot of waterand a lot of time and which brand of periodunderwear did I like the best? Well, they all camewith pros and cons, so I had to relyon a ranking system.

Let's look at design, performance, comfort, and price.

As you can see, Knixteen came in second.

Now I really likedthis boy short style because they covereda lot more area, however they were the mostexpensive of the bunch, so.



Moondog came in first because of the comfort and the price was the best, plus they were the ones that felt and looked the mostlike everyday underwear.

And Lunapads came in last, but not by much.

I really like the designof these underwear and the replaceable insertis a great idea, however they weren'tthe greatest for leaks or odour.


So, I likeperiod underwear for comfort and sustainability, period.

Except they weren'tvery convenient, especially whileI was at school.

Here is my final verdict.

I would invest in periodunderwears for my light flow days and sleeping at night.

Now, if I do that I'll beable to slightly reduce the amount of tamponsand pads I'm purchasing and that might make a teenytiny difference in the amount of plastic wastethat I'm generating.

[pop] and hey, the more we talkabout stuff like this, the better it isfor all of us, right? ♪ ♪.