Exercise Proof Period Panties?! Trying 3 Styles of Lilova Underwear


I love talking about my period so much, I'vealready made 3 videos about it that nobody asked for.

My co-workers know just as much about my cycleas they do our fish tacos.



mmm, tacos.

And my friends? Well, I don't have any friends because theyall got sick of listening to me talk about my period.

So clearly, women's health is something that'sreally important to me and something I find very interesting.

I love swapping embarrassing stories (I'vegot a lot of them, ) talking about birth control, sex, or lack thereof.

I just love it all.

But you wanna know what I don't love? Having my period.

Dealing with my period.

Being a woman.

Having my period.

Did I already say that? I can't remember because I HAVE MY PERIOD.

I spent the early years of my life wearingdiapers.



I'm sorry, I meant pads.

And I would continuously leak through them, around them, above them, and below them.

It was so whimsical it could have been a Dr.

Seuss book.

Eventually, I learned how to wear tampons.

And yet I still managed to bleed on all ofmy clothes, bedding, and even a couple of chairs.

But that wasn't even the most exciting partwas learning about Toxic Shock Syndrome in Seventeen magazine.

But don't worry, it's rare, so these mustbe fine.

And then period cups came on the scene.



affordable, eco-friendly, trendy as hell, and I can I wear them for 12 whole hours.



except when I put them in wrong and they leak.

Or better yet, dump out entirely out of mybody and all over my bed.

But don't worry, kids, that only happenedonce.

Hold on.



but in all seriousness, I havebeen a stan for my diva cup for many years now.

Loyally folding it up like a taco and shovingit inside of my taco.



mmm, tacos.

And that's how my periods have gone for thelast few years.



until one day I realized, I hate my diva cup.

And no I don't hate it enough to throw itout, this will still be part of my monthly period routine but it has proven to be veryinconsistent and unreliable on its own.

And it also gives me really bad cramps andthat's not normal.



what am I doing wrong? These are so hard to get right, that's allI'm saying.

So you know why we're here, you read the titleof this video.

This is Lilova.

They are a brand new product line of periodpanties that reached out to me and asked if I would review a few of their products.

After getting the e-mail, I immediately textedall of the women in my life telling them that I had finally made it.

Because this is the first time I've been askedto talk about my period! I'm gonna open this baby up and put theselittle ladies to the test.

So, in all reality, I could have used thispackage 2 days ago.

You get this cute postcard that has your careinstructions and 3 pairs, yay! The Mia Briefs retail for $32 and clearlyit is meant for your heaviest of days, this is apparently able to hold up to 2 tamponsworth of blood, or 20 mL.

As you can see there's a dainty lace detailingaround the trim and it feels really nice.

The outer layer is made from nylon, they aremade from 4 layers total which you can reach about on their website.

But so far first impressions are good.

The second pair is Mia Bikini and this issupposed to hold 1 1/2 tampons worth, with the same lace style.

These are $29 and more of a standard bikinistyle.

This is the Amber Bikini, and the Amber, aswell as their thong style (which I didn't get because I just don't know why I'd everwear a thong to bleed into, but that's just me) the Amber and the thong both, have colors, but I'm a simple woman so I just got black.

But the Amber Bikini is supposed to hold upto 2 tampons worth as well so I'm pretty excited.

I like the minimalistic style with a cross-stitchdetailing on the side.

These retail for $29 and this is the pairI'm most excited to try.

Without further ado, let's put these babiesto the test.

Hey guys, it is a few hours later and I'mactually just headed out the door to work and I'm wearing the Mia Briefs.

So far they're very comfortable and I likethe fit.

They're snug, not riding up.

I'm going to wear these solo with no tamponor diva cup, just the underwear, for my entire shift.



wish me luck.

Good morning everyone and welcome to day 2of trying out the Lilova period underwear.

I spent my entire shift last night wearingthe Mia briefs and I was really happy with them.

It absorbed well and never felt wet.

On my heaviest days I'd still wear the divacup but really comfortable, never noticed the underwear it was just a normal shift.

I could definitely see myself sleeping inthose.

So today I'm gonna try the Amber Bikini, myfavorite fit so far.

Great material, very stretchy.

I'm going to work out in these at the gym.

I've got a long workout ahead of me, I'm goingto pilates and then doing cardio and then working out with my personal trainer, so it'sgonna be a long one.

And then I'm gonna bring the Mia Bikini andchange into those after my workout and wear them for the rest of the day.

It was really dark by the end of yesterdayso I didn't film my overview, but I had a very long workout and honestly, I feel likeI'm gonna wear those even when I don't have my period.

They were moisture proof and it was so comfortablefor my entire workout, I'm obsessed.

Amber Bikini gets3 thumbs up from me.

After I showered, I put on the Mia Bikiniand unfortunately that is my least favorite.

The fit was all over the place, it had gaps.

You don't want gaps when you're bleeding, so the fit was weird.

Wouldn't purchase the Mia bikini but I wouldrepurchase the hiphuggers and the Amber Bikini – my favorite.

Remains dry, leak-proof.



on my heaviestdays I would wear them solo, at least not for an extended period of time, but in additionto my diva cup these are perfection and then on a medium to light day they are perfect.

All in all, I would recommend Lilova and I'mnow very curious to try the thong, despite what I said before, I think it'd be greaton a light day or when I'm spotting or even just to work out.

Period underwear.



you don't even need themfor your periods necessarily.

2 out of 3, definitely recommend! So there you have it, I hope this video taughtyou something and maybe even inspired you to try something new.

I encourage you to check out Lilova onlinevia the link below, and if you want to get your very own pair of period proof underwear, they are hooking all you huckleberries up with 20% your purchase using code HUCKLEBERRY20at checkout.

Thank you so much for watching and for indulgingme in my love for all things women-speak.

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I look forward to seeing you all again withanother video in the near future.

In the meantime I hope you're all doing verywell, I love you guys so much, peace!.