Colleen Ballinger ADDRESSES Sending Underwear To A Minor & Racist Past

Colleen Ballinger is addressing some recentmajor backlash she’s received from racially insensitive videos from her past and interactionswith a minor fan.

BUT, she is determined to try and put allof the backlash behind her thanks to her new YouTube video.

What’s up you guys, it’s Sussan Mouradhere with Clevver News and nobody thought 2020 would bring a major scandal that involvesColleen Ballinger aka Miranda Sings, but here we are.

So, where to begin? Well if you’ve been on the YouTube gamefor a while you know that 14 years ago Colleen and her sister Rachel were posting YouTubevideos as teenagers… in a very different time! And I would like to first give a quick triggerwarning as the videos you will see are racially and culturally insensitive and completelyunacceptable, Colleen even admitted this.

So please only continue watching if you feelcomfortable doing so.

Recently, one of Colleen’s early videosresurfaced in which she and her sister both do impressions based off of what she describedas quote, “Latina character stereotypes.

” In the now deleted video that has begun toresurface online, Colleen and her sister can be seen posing with dark and exaggerated makeupas they act out racial stereotypes.

But this video wasn’t the only example ofColleen’s distasteful behaviour that the internet dug up.

Now, fans of Colleen know that one quirkything she does to interact with her subscribers and followers is send out random items asgiveaways including pieces of toilet paper, old shoes, and even a pair of underwear.

Unfortunately… the pair of ladies underwearwas sent to a minor who is a male.

Which, if you could guess, did not go overwell, and the teen’s mother even had to get involved.

Yeah, not a good look.

And Colleen agrees.

But, now it seems as though she is tryingto right all those wrongs that she has accumulated over the years by addressing all of the skeletonsin her closet throughout the years.

In the new 13-minute video titled, “AddressingEverything”, Colleen also addressed how she body-shamed a woman that she sat nextto on an airplane when she was younger as well as how she talked about making the decisionto put her family dog down when she was younger in a very insensitive way.

For Colleen’s first topic, she talked abouther video and comments about Latin American women, and well, this is what she had to say.

Colleen went on to add that she is QUOTE “ashamedand embarrassed that she ever thought this was okay.

” She went on to call herself a quote “shelteredteenager” who was “stupid, ignorant, and clearly extremely culturally insenstive.

” She went on to conclude and advise her fansthat racial stereotypes are “not funny” and are “not a joke.

” Before switching topics, Colleen said thata couple of years later she and her sister realized how inappropriate the video was andthey took it down on their own terms, not out of fear of getting caught, but becauseit was wrong.

And when it came to the backlash that shereceived for talking about racism because of the things she said 14 years ago, thisis what she had to say.

Now, to go back to the underwear scandal.

Colleen went on to say that at the time, shethought the underwear was no different than the taco costumes and bobby pins that shehad given away in the past.

She went on to add that she quote “doesn’tknow what part of her brain was missing at the time” when she thought that it was agood idea.

The teen who won the prize has since addressedthe underwear scandal and even revealed that his mom was uncomfortable by the entire thing.

In the video, Colleen addressed those accusationsand opened up about her relationship with this fan in particular saying, Many fans in her YouTube comments appear tobe on board with the apology and let Colleen know that they fully have her support withone fan writing “Colleen actually owned up to what she did without saying anyone’snames or crying.

She doesn’t deserve to be canceled.

” Another wrote, “Youtubers! watch and learn:She’s not crying or twisting her words to make it seem like it wasn’t her fault.

it’s very easy!” And another user called Colleen “mature”writing, “She’s being a mature person.

and maybe other people should realize thateveryone grows from their mistakes.



how would all these people attacking Colleen feelif we brought up their mistakes and their past?? It's disgusting that everyone hates Colleenfor her past mistakes.

She's a queen and she’s trying to put contentout there for everyone to feel comfort through this difficult time.

I love you Colleen and I'm glad that you addressedthe truth and were mature about it.

” However, many fans on Twitter weren’t asunderstanding over the whole ordeal and didn’t hold back when sharing their thoughts.

One fan wrote, “You’re missing the pointthat Colleen interacting in that intimidate personal level with a 15-year-old fan forso long is just plain wrong to begin with.

Lies or not!” Another said, “Inappropriate at best, engagingwith a minor in such a way, you really should know better.

I hope you take time away to be with yourson and family.

Read some books, reflect and slow down.

Your videos are becoming increasingly manicand needy.

” Clearly, fans are split on Colleen’s apology.

So, I guess the only question left to askis, what do you all think? Be sure to let us know in the comments belowbelow.

And to find out what Colleen previously toldClevver about Cancel Culture, click right over here for another Clevver Video I’m Sussan Mourad and I’ll see you soon.