Hemp Underwear Are the Best EVER? Unboxing, Fashion Show, and WAMA Review

>> Hello, my friends.

Christmas edition; youcan see my Christmas tree in the background here.

I have a, what feels like, a Christmaspresent that I am going to unbox with you.

This is all about underwear today.

So if youhave been following me for a while, you know that I'm very particular about my “Lady Bits”—that's the name of my book.

But, anyway, I am.

I actually prefer not to use tamponsor anything that is actually inserted during my period because I don't want those toxinsinside of my body.

And I'm very, very particular about putting non-toxic clothing on my bodyas much as I can.

I mean, I'm not perfect, but I do try to shop for things that are alittle bit more sustainable and organic, especially as far as things that are directly on me likemy underwear.

So I was really excited to learn about hemp underwear.

It's the world's mostsustainable fabric.

So it's not only better for you, but it's also better for the environment.

So I received some underwear from a company called WAMA.

I have an unboxing that I wantto do for you.

I want to tell you a little more about hemp, but I also want to show youthe items that I got.

And I will show some pictures, so if you're squeamish about seeingme in underwear—Well, first of all, if you're not squeamish about seeing me in underwear, and you're like watching, and you're like a creeper, [laughter] I'm talking to the dudes outthere—if you are, then don't worry, this is not going to be like sexy underwear pictures.

This is just, I'm showing you whether or not they're going to provide VPL's, visible pantylines, etc.

That's what I care about when I'm shopping for underwear; I want somethingthat's comfortable and it doesn't really cut in.

So I was provided this underwear fromthe company, but this is going to be an honest review.

This is truly the first time I'veopened the package.

All I did was cut the tape; I have not even looked inside.

I'm soexcited.

Okay, so I'm opening the package, and the first thing I see is I have a littlebag—which is always fun—and it says “You are awesome.

Your purchase of hemp underwearhas helped preserve nature, and you have chosen the perfect fabric to protect your privatesnaturally.

” I love that.

Okay, so look it, I told you I hadn't opened it yet.

It's beautifullywrapped.

This really does feel like Christmas.

Okay, so I have loads of undies in here.

Thisis so exciting for me.

I'm going to go ahead and take out one at a time and just show themto you.

I believe this is their hipster.

So this is a size—I got a size small, whichis the size that I normally use.

So this is their hipster.

It is kind of like a boy cut.

Their little label is on the bottom.

It has a green inner band.

It says on the insideit is “53% hemp, 44% organic cotton, and 3% spandex.

Wash cold.

Dry low.

Do not bleach.

Designed in USA.

Made in China.

” But I know there are some concerns about manufacturingpractices in China.

This company does have full transparency about their manufacturingpractices in China, and they use materials and manufacturing practices that are goodfor the environment and good for the laborers.

Good to know.

So here is this one.

I willshow in the inset picture later when I try them on.

You'll see, probably I'll be showingright now what they actually look like on.

And just so you know, they're nice and stretchy.

So they've got some good stretch to them.

And I like how it looks like they're not goingto cut in on the butt cheeks, which I definitely appreciate.

Okay, here is a thong; I dolove my thongs.

Here is the thong; same materials.

It has the green inner band; it's nice andstretchy.

I think I might have also received it in another color as well.

That's the problemwith unboxings, is you can't really plan ahead.

Our next one is a brief.

It's not a super—like, again, I think that this elastic band is going to be really good for my likes, like how I like to wear things.

It looks like it's not going to cut in on my thighs or mybutt a lot which I really appreciate.

The only one I'm not going to show you is thethong, but I'll go ahead and show the other ones in the images.

Okay, so let's go aheadand take a look at those.

[MUSIC] Okay, so I'm wearing one of the underwearstill right now and I love them; I love these underwear.

They're really comfortable, again, super stretchy.

They don't cut in.

I really like the green color.

I really like the black.

And, again, what I really love is that hemp is a super sustainable fabric.

It uses 50%less water than cotton.

It naturally replenishes the soil, and it doesn't require any pesticidesor herbicides to grow really well.

This is an easy to grow—well I don't know abouteasy to grow, I'm not a hemp farmer—but it's a crop that is more sustainable to growthan other crops out there, and it creates a really strong, super durable fabric.

Infact, I read that it's the most durable, like strongest fabric there is.

And yet, becauseof the addition of that little bit of organic cotton and the little bit of spandex, theseare also nice and stretchy.

Again, the fact that they have spandex in them helps makethem comfortable.

The hemp, luckily, is the majority of the material in these underwear, and so that's where—the majority of the fabric is a sustainable fabric next to yourprivates.

The hemp fabric also has naturally antibacterial properties, so it's going tohelp keep you fresh and clean feeling.

I love them.

I'm like so happy wearing them rightnow.

[Laughter] So if you are interested in this too, then check out—I have a link.

You can easily shop through my link, and you can find all of the information you'd likeabout hemp and about their products.

You could do shopping for men and women.

It's a reallykind and caring company.

They have been wonderful in reaching out to me and chatting with me.

And I love supporting businesses that care and this business does.

They care about theenvironment; they care about their customers, and I recommend them.

Definitely check outWAMA.

I definitely like hemp underwear now.

This is now my new thing, I think.

It's gota little bit of a nubby texture.

I didn't show that to you earlier, but slightly a bitof nub to it, which just kind of makes you feel like you're wearing something a littlebit more natural, a little bit more unique.

Check them out.

The video notes have all ofthe links you need.

Until next time, remember: Eat clean, move every day, and you will shinebrighter.

I'll see you next time.



Yooowas popping loyalist welcome backto the channel this is Dimez ENT aka glitch guru andtoday's GTA 5 online video I'm going to be showing you guys how you can get theia a badge and a police badge in GTA 5 online alright so to start this glitchoff we're gonna start

off in director mode and you guys will need to have oneof your bird characters unlocked if you guys don't know where to get that from Iwill leave a link to a video so you can get your bird unlocked so we're gonna gointo actors animals and we're gonna share

list our bird you want to makesure that you use a bird that can fly so a pigeon should work the crow shit workas well and a seagull but I'm using a Chicken Hawk here so I'm just gonnapress triangle now say shortlist my bird all right then I'm gonna

back out andI'm gonna go down to online characters and we're gonna shortlist our onlinecharacter as well so I have a really dope outfit here with blue joggers on itI'm gonna want to put a I double a badge on it for a minuteso I'm gonna show you guys how

to do it here in this video so now that we haveour online character we're going to shortlist it by pressing triangle orwife–your on xbox and then we're just going to back out and exit to story mode well you guys get back into story modeall you need to do

is start up an invite-only session when you get onlinemake your way over to the clothing store and we're gonna purchase a brand newoutfit that is standard something very simple now there's an entire section forstandard outfits I'm going to show you guys where it's located you want to walkup

front hit right on the d-pad to browse the outfits go down to whereit says standard and we're gonna purchase the stoop outfit and we'regonna put it on we're gonna wear it now that we have it on we're gonna go intoour interaction menu and we're gonna take off all

the accessories on thisoutfit parachute the glasses the hat make sure that you remove everyaccessory on this outfit once you have everything removed walk back up to thecounter and save this outfit as is now you guys want to make your way overto the time trial the time trial has

been moved over to the docks I'm goingto show you guys exactly where it is right here on the mat so take a lookthis is where the time trial is so once you guys make it over here hop out ofthe vehicle for a second open up your interaction menu

and godown to spawn location you want to make sure your spawn location is set to lastlocation once you guys have that go into style and put on a parachute bag and weback out of this menu now we should get the rock star cloud Savin icon to showup at

the bottom right there it is once it disappears hop in the vehicledrive into the time trial hit right on the d-pad and switch to a story modecharacter when you get to story mode you guys just want to go back into directormode so open up the interaction menu and

go down to director mode and start it up now go into your shortlist actors andyou should have two characters here you should have your very short listed andyour on line character if you have any of the characters here remove them butfrom here we're just going to hold up

on the left analog stick to flick betweenour online character and our bird and what's going to happen is every time wego back to the bird it's going to duplicate and eventually our characteris going to glitch out and we will be able to get modded outfits after thatpoint but

this is going to take 26 to 30 minutes to happen so you guys can go afkhere you can put your controller down just make sure that you put a rubberband on it so it can keep flicking between these two characters andeventually your character will spawn over here on

the haystack that's what wewant that's going to take 26 to 30 minutes now we're just gonna go back andforth a few more times after we see our character spawn on the haystack I'mstill flicking back and forth to make sure that our character is gonna stayover there once you

see the character is not going back over to the trailerremove the bird from your short list by pressing triangle and it's going tobring you back over here now what you guys want to do is back out go intoactors beach bums and scroll through these outfits and press square

to changeyour appearance or X if you're on Xbox to change your appearance and you wantto keep scrolling down and changing the appearance over each one of thesecategories to make sure that your character does not turn back into anormal character we want to keep the modded outfits a lot

of people arehaving trouble with this part right here if you do turn back into a normalcharacter just rishe Ortloff your bird and flick between your characters oncemore but now what you guys need to do is find an outfit that has a christmas maskon it I found one like

this and shortlisting press triangle to shortlistit now suggest you guys find maybe one or two more and shortlist those as wellbut one or two should do now for the people that have done this blush beforeyou guys can actually back out and go into your recently used and you

canreassure less actors that you've used before with the outfits that they hadalright so if they had the elf mask on there like the one without glasses whenwe come back here the elf mask will still be on it and we can reassure itlist it and we can take it

online because it has a Christmas mask on it soI'm going to rish or list that actor because I want to take those bluejoggers and I want to take them online and I want to put a badge on them aswell I ate a bad so I'm gonna now remove

my online character from the shirt listby pressing triangle and then I'm a back out going to actors and go down toemergency services and this is where we're gonna get our AAA badge from Ilike to hover over paramedic and then just press square to change the parentsand you want

to do this until you find an outfit that has the iea badge and thepolice badge on it may take a while now when searching through these outfits youguys want to take your time because you can easily skip past the outfit that youwant it so I finally found one

with the iaa badge and a police badge on it sowhat we're gonna do is hover over paramedic back out back out again gointo our shirtless actors and before we go in we're gonna get ready to hit up onthe d-pad all right just hold up on the d-pad now

so we're gonna selectshirtless actors hold up on the d-pad it's going to immediately transfer ouria a batch to all of our actors in our short list so now we can take thisonline with any of the outfits that is in our short list so I'm gonna take itonline with

the blue joggers of course I wanted this with the blue joggers for along time so I'm gonna select this outfit and I'mgonna take it into director mode once in director mode with it I'm just gonnawait for like 30 seconds and then i'ma hold down on the d-pad and

we're gonnaswitch to a story mode character just like that now that we're in story modewe're gonna wait here for approximately 30 more seconds all right now we'regonna start up an invite-only session when you get into the invite-onlysession you should see that you have the outfit on you will

get this alertmessage that's fine all you guys want to do is hit continue it's gonna take usback into story mode but just start up another invite-only session now now whenwe get back on a line you should have the outfit and you won't have an errormessage at this time

around and you should have everything all you shouldhave the iaa batch plus the cop badge as well and if you don't have the outfit onthat means something on your outfit was blacklisted so be very careful what youbring back now once you are online with the outfit all you

need to do is savethe outfit you can do that over at a clothing store or you can go home and doit like I'm doing here and I'm making some modifications to the outfit to makeit look a lot cleaner and as you guys can see the iaa badge is

now showing itwasn't showing before because the body armor was covering it but if this videodid help you guys please let me know by hitting the like button subscribe to thechannel turn on post notifications so you don't miss a single video and leavea comment down below but that's it

that's all we have time for this shitboy damn Z and T aka glitch guru officially you peace remember stay lowdon't forget to click one of these videos right here on the screen

Heather's Closet Brushed Knit Drawstring Elastic Waist 2-Pocket Pull-on Joggers | Heather Dubrow…

black or the gray there is a yummy delicious brushed knit pan to that shawl oh you'll never want to get out of it now you do have a coordinating jogger when you buy them together you get three dollars off and reduced shipping and handling so that's how a

lot of people are going to shop we're gonna talk about the jogger right now in your choice of black or heather gray you're looking at item number seven four seven five seven eight buy them with the shawl collar tie front wrap it will become 39:56 for this great

pair of joggers Heather you know we all know you and recognize you from our TV screen and people call you fancy loved your tailored style and you brought that same great style right into such a relatable easy to wear pant I have a hard and fast rule about

what you're wearing in the house you should always look good there's no excuse to look sloppy I don't care if you live alone you live with your partner your family your kids always look good throw away the ratty t-shirts throw away the oversized cook because when you feel

good and you look in the mirror and you feel put together it influences your mood trust me on this so what I created here was a jogger pant and top that are so soft and they're not just soft on the outside they're soft on the inside so when

you put them on you feel like you're wearing the coziest yummiest pair of pants they have pockets in them and they really fit more like a pant so you've got that trusting in the front you've got that jogger bottom in there and pair it with the shawl collar

wrap top now let me show you this I'm wearing it here look at how fabulous it is I mean literally I'm wearing it with like pants and a top you could wear this over jeans there's so many ways to wear it I have mine tied in the back

to make it a little tighter but you can also I love the shawl collar I love shawl collar so you can tie it in the front if they can condition super cozy with it yes well here's hundreds and hundreds of people shopping with heather dubrow exclusive to get

in on the on the pieces we're on our way to a sellout in a lot of pieces so I'm bringing Sarris Gilbert in one of your most beloved in-house fashion experts to help you find your right size we're cutting extra small through 3x Sarah how is Heather Dubrow

is closet running compared to the other brands we all shop for true to size here at shop HQ Heather's closet is going to run on our typical size chart so order whatever it is that you order in Kate analogous red company we're gonna pop that chart right up

on your screen for you really easy to follow so that top row that's Heather's closet size extra small through extra-large then we give you a numeric conventional size and then a bust a waist and the hip measurement line those up grab your corresponding size the women's size chart

1x 2x and 3x again giving you that numeric conventional size a bust a waist and a hip measurement and enjoy thank you Sarah thank you for helping us find our right size on top of the delicious fabric on top of the amazing fit Heather I'm so impressed with

how easy these are to care for I mean I know your personal set you've worn over and over again no pilling no loss of color no fuss that is so important when we're looking at designer pieces like this it's very very important and just in the same way

we were talking about not having to dryclean pieces I can't tell you I hate getting a pair of beautiful sweats home and washing them and they all of a sudden look old after the first time like what's the point of that these are my personal sets and they

still look amazing I've watched them so many times now I love that in studio there you have them styled with the Carroll sandal it's really very very chic so I want to show you that this set is so chic you can wear it out but it's also so

affordable and so comfortable and delicious you're gonna want to wear it at home you get both get the black and the gray mix-and-match with each other mix-and-match with the rest of your wardrobe now's the time to do so lowest price we've offered pricing Oh

Jogger’s Lung Collapsed After Running with Mask On – Goody News (15 May 20)

A man decides to skion a Singapore road Another man thinks that a Maseratishouldn’t belong in an HDB carpark And a jogger who ran with a masksuffered a lung collapse Hi, this is @thatguyboonand welcome back back to another episodeof Stranger Things (lol jk) Things have gotten a lotstranger in Singapore lately When you think skiing Singapore’s probably thefurthest country from your mind Yes, we might’ve resolvedthe snow problem by building an entire(snow) city but skiing is a wholenew ball game Not to this gentleman, though who was filmed skiing on theroad in the CBD near Lau Pa Sat Some netizens were wondering if this is actually allowedon Singapore roads It's not and the police are nowinvestigating the incident Fun fact: travelling on rollerskates, inline skates or any other devices resembling theseon Singapore roads is a traffic offence I guess you can say that his lifemight go downhill from now on Singaporeans do not have agood impression of Maserati Maserati ever since someinfluencers got their hands on one Turns out, the dislikefor Maserati cars might be even strongerthan expected On 9 May at around 5.

30am a black Lexus came across a blackMaserati parked in a HDB carpark As though they couldn'tbelieve their eyes (and) that a Maserati owneractually stays in an HDB the car stopped andreversed for a better look A man appeared on thescreen of the recording gestured and spoke angrilybefore going back out of frame Subsequently, a masked manentered the frame again and went all 'Hulk' on theinnocent car before escaping Here’s how the car lookedlike after the assault The owner of the vehicleonly knew about it after police officers calledher down to identify it Police investigations areongoing to find out why the Maserati was beatenuntil it mati-ed (died) *hoxy* Okay, that was bad(failed pun) -reconnecting to-#failedhost Before CB, asking us to gofor a run is practically like klling us softly But now, it’s like theentire block is gearing to go for a jogevery single day If you’re one of them good for you just make sure not tomask up when you run A 26-year-old in Wuhan startedjogging about half a month ago Because he doesn’t wantto contract Covid-19 he kept his mask on whenhe jogged on 7 May About 4km into his runhe felt a pain in his chest and tried to push through it but failed Even after reaching homehe did not feel better Worried, his family sent himto the hospital where it was found that his leftlung had collapsed and was compressed by 90% Doctors are advising peoplenot to exercise with masks on as a sudden pressure in thelungs could lead to a rupture Singapore doctors haveadvised similarly but said that it couldtrigger heart attacks But whatever it isit’s not good So if you want to jog, justdo it without your mask Last thing before I go off Just when you thought 7-Elevencouldn’t up their game anymore They prove you wrong with their fans fans 7-Eleven is now selling stuff that you would never imaginethem selling First up is the Ding Tai Fungstyle Garlic Fried Rice guaranteed to leave yourmouth smelling garlicky for the next few hours Not that you care since we’reall stuck at home anyway Priced $6.

50, it can feed up to fourpeople, or two people of my size The best part? Cooking it is even easierthan making Dalgona coffee The second is what we’ve allwanted in our lives since 21 Apr Check out the Brown SugarBubble Tea Gummy the perfect solution toall your BBT cravings All you need is to makesome brown sugar syrup have a glass of fresh milk ready and throw them togetherwith some of these sweets for your very own diy BrownSugar Bubble Fresh Milk Taste not guaranteed(picture for illustration only) And last but not least Fans While CB has been really effectiveat changing us into homebodies it did not changeSingapore’s weather No matter weather you’re lookingfor a 16”, uber powerful fan or a 1″ bear fan that doesn'tlook like it's helpful they have it all That’s all from me today andI’ll see you tomorrow for another roundof Goody News Peace~ Like our video and subscribe to our YouTube Channel Hit the notification button and check outthe two videos up above Also, download our Goody Feed app so you won'tmiss out on any app-exclusive content.

GTA 5 Online How To Get Any Colored Joggers 1.46! (Gta 5 Glitches)

I saw my wristI don't wanna mail it hey hey what is going on guys it is your boy NightlyPowerhere bring you back with another GTA 5 video in today's GTA online video I'mgonna be showing you the joggers method on the director mode glitch so you guyscan get any

color charges super easy and quick so if you guys do happen to enjoytoday's video why not go ahead and smash that like button and with that beingsaid let's get straight into the video the guys started we're gonna set ourspawn location to last location now we're gonna make our

way over to thetime trial we're gonna start the time trial and we're gonna press down on thed-pad and select any story mode character when you get back to story mode go aheadand enter director mode now from director mode you want to go to yourshortlist and in your shortlist

you should have a bird and your onlinecharacter and from there you want to scroll between your online character andyour bird and you want to get your online character onto the haystack once you get your online character onthe haystack go ahead and delete your online character off the shortlist

nowback out go into actors go into beach box and select board lockers if you seeyour online character with the crew t-shirt press X to change yourcharacter's appearance if you start seeing modded outfits you're good to gobut if the outfit change into default to right to mode outfitsdon't worry

back out go into online character and shortlist your onlinecharacter so now in your shortlist you want to scroll between your onlinecharacter and your bird you want to try to get your online character back ontothe haystack if scrolling between your onlinecharacter and the bird doesn't work go ahead and

select the online characterwhen you spawn outside you want to press down on the d-pad and select the costumetrailer when you return to the casting trailer you want to scroll between yourbird and your online kitchen and this time your online character should betransferred onto the haystack now we're going

to delete our online characterfrom the shore list then we're gonna go back into actors we're gonna go intobeach bums and select or locker now we're gonna see our online characterwith the crew t-shirt from there we're gonna press X to change the character'sappearance now blot it off it should

start appearing every time we switch thecharacter's appearance now we're gonna look for an outfit that either hasrecent patent suit Ron pants or joggers then we're gonna shortlist that outfit once we have got the office a changeback to default director mode outfits we're gonna go into our short list

andwe're gonna select the outfit we just shortlisted now when we get outsidewe're gonna press down on the d-pad and select the casting trailer now when youget back you want to scroll between the bird and your shortlisted outfit andwhat should happen is the shortlisted outfit will be transferred onto

thehaystack so this time we're not gonna delete anything from the shortlist we'rejust gonna go straight into actors and we're gonna go into any of thecategories I'm gonna start looking for modded outfits as you change thecharacter's appearance you should start seeing more outfits with the joggerstron pants or racing

pens to pop up more frequently if you find an outfit you like make surethe outfit has a crystal mask then go ahead and shortlist the outfit as you're looking for modern outfits ifthe Alpha is changing to default director more outfits don't worry justgo back into your shortlist and

select any outfit with the joggers and scrollbetween the bird and that outfit if that doesn't work just go ahead and selectthe outfit and when you go outside press down on a B pet and select the castingtrailer and when you return your scroll between the bird and the outfit

with thejoggers and it should transfer the outfit onto the haystack you to save the outfit what you want to dois go into your shortlist and select the outfit now you want to go ahead andcheck for any blacklisted components on the outfit and once that's completedpress down on the

d-pad and select any soymilk character now when you get intostory mode you should have the outfit in story mode from there you want to goahead and start up an invite-only session now when you get into GTA online you'llget an error message it'll kick you back into story mode

fromthere you want to go ahead and start up another invite-only session and ifeverything was done correctly when you spot it to online the second time youshould have the outfit you guys enjoyed the video why don't goahead and smash the like button and it's been your boy NightlyPower peace



Greetings friends gamers, in this new video tutorial of the channel we will teach you how to place the joggers of colors for female character innew generation without the need for menu mod and in this new video tutorialwe are accompanied by the sexy and beautiful Natalia La Bora who nowwill be contributing with us here in the channel, welcome Natalia to the channel “Hi guys, my name is NataliaLa Bora, you can call me Naty and together we will be creating content for everyoneyou, and so with this warm welcome Natalia, without losing moretime we go straight to our second character, we press the buttonoptions, we go directly to GTA online and we are going to change character, press x, and it will automatically Uploading to the cloud is important that you knowthat when performing this glitch all sets that you have previouslysaved will be lost and we are already here in the cloud ofrockstar friend gamer it is important that know that for this glitch torun your main character female must be in box numberone, otherwise it won't work once loaded the kinematics we willproceed to select the character secondary press x, and now wean alert is going to ask us that if we want to copy the level ofour main character at secondary press circle for no andNow we will proceed to choose sex of our secondary character in thiscase has to be male once selected we will save andcontinue, you write any kind of name finished press x, and now it won't jumpanother alert asking us yes we want to skip or skip the tutorial, we will press x, and they will lower us from the cloud an open session where there will beother players if you are killed by any of them orif there are faults in the connection of the netThe glitch will not work.

“My cute loves, now we are in the online mode with the male character, you activate the passive mode and go to a store ofnearest clothes ” Eduard! What are the clothes we need to make the joggers? well beautiful Natalia, to be able to place the joggers toour secondary character we have to wear special clothes onbottom garments, for this, by effects of aesthetics of the set I have decidedremove both the upper garments like shoes, once in thebottom garments let's go to section of the shorts and shorts we will select from number 9 to the number 18, given that those shortsthe joggers grant us, both black like the colored joggers thenwe are going to keep the short number 9, which in this case it will allow us to obtainthe black joggers we are placing, very well, finished, let's save number 10, the number 10 will allow us to get the joggerswhite we are going to place it here I am saving as finished I back off withcircle, I'm going to number 11, we 11 going to give the brown joggers come onto place it here alright let's go it's overwe go back with a circle we record the number 12, joggers 12, we are going toallow to get the gray joggers of Gray, we are recording it here, we are saving, let's finish back off let's go with the number 13, for the number 13 friendsgamers, let's get the joggers of color blue we are placing, we are donewe go back with a circle let's record the number 14, number 14 let's get too the joggers red, red as fireRed as the candle, hell red, already we have finished we will go tonumber 15, from number 15 we will get now in this case the color joggerspink, pink for all those girls cute that love pink, let'sput it here, recommended the number 15 let's put it right here I have it, finished, we go back withcircle, let's go to number 16, of the number 16 let's get the color joggerspurple let's put it here, purple very well we have it finishedlet's select friend gamer the number 17, with number 17 we will be able toget the orange joggers let's put it here excellent here we have the word and finally we will save the number18 which in this case allows us to obtain the green joggers we aresaving here, 18 to get joggers green okWe have finished all this here, which has looked like beautiful Natalia all thisinformation Well Eduard of course, yes, this information has been “ricolina”, oops, “ricolina”, tasty and so let's go directly to the modecreator let's press the button options and we will go to gta online and wewe go to the creative mode press x, y it will automatically charge us to thecloud and good gamers friends we already we found here in the creative mode come onto press the options button let's go directly to gta online and we are going togo to choose character we press x, so they load us saidmode and well friends gamers we alreadyWe found here in the rockstar cloud here the fundamental step is to erase themale secondary character let's wait for the kinematics to end, there we select the character secondary we will press square, we confirm that we want to delete let's write the word “delete” excellent, finished, let's wait forerase the character and now let's press circle isimportant to press the circle so that redirect you to story modethere we have it we press circle on you will appear depending on youradvance with Franklin, with Trevor or with Michael, and we are here in the modestory let's press options let's go go to gta online, play gta online, youyou go to any session of your preference they all serve I'm going to go to sessionfriends closed, press x, and well gamers friends we are herewith our main female character accompanied by my great friend la bellaNatalia La bora, let's go directly to the section ofclothes, let's go to the saved sets and here we have thejoggers friend gamer we have placed the numbering of the type ofshort you have to choose in the male secondary character and herewe have what each numbering gives the number 9 for blacks, number 10white, number 11 brown, number 12 gray, the 13 blue, 14 red, 15 pink, 16 purple, 17 orangeand 18 green exclusive to you gamer friend the most important thing is that aOnce the jogger type is selected you can come straight totop garments and place any top garment type without any typeof problem, as you can see here what we have if you want to place some kind offootwear with these character joggers feminine you can also do multiplecombinations as you can see about all skate shoes to be able toget the combination of joggers with ankles invisible, all right, here we have itlet's leave the black backside and good friend gamer I hope you areenchanting all this material, here I want to hear the opinion ofNatalia La Bora who collaborated enormously with us Natalia that youthis material has seemed like I want too watch the joggers because you tooyou just did “They were great, they came out of one andEasy it is, look, there is the color black, white coffee, gray, blue, red pink, purple, orange, green, those are thesets with joggers and they stayed fascinating, excellent Natalia delightedreally having worked on this material with you by your side we will beworking together again like that the crew members titans ofElite and good friends gamers for all you invite them to participatenow enormously in everything we bring for you, both the channel of NataniaLa Bora, so I ask you to subscribe also to your channelexclusive presenter of Eduard Navarro because from this moment we willdo uploading daily 1 to 2 videos related to tricks, glitches setsand what you were asking for tournaments in different activities withexclusive awards for both new and old generationNatalia pleasure has been for me I hope that we can see each other promptly untila new opportunity gamer friend “Goodbye my loves, ” until next time, bye.

How To Wear Skinny Joggers For Men | Wear Skinny Tracksuit Bottoms | Men’s Skinny Sweatpants

good afternoon gentlemen I'm only it's made me that guy and today's video is gonna be about skinny joggers or tracksuit trousers or training pants or whatever you like to call them they're now a very fashionable garment and you're seeing a lot of celebs wearing them and that's today we're gonna give you a few tips which we like on skinny training pants skinny trackies skinny joggers first things first is they have to actually be skinny right but how skinny I hear you cry well we do not want baggy tracksuit bombs baggy joggers then you're gonna look at best like Rocky running up those stairs in the 80s or at worst you're gonna look like one of these dudes I kind of 90s or early thousands hip-hop throwback who probably is gonna stab you it is most likely in jail now who don't need to know about the skinny track is crazy you don't want to be like that definitely know one of the in jail not a nice place okay so yes I'm off leg on as usual but yeah we got to make a distinction between skinny and baggy jockeys first and then we also must make a distinction between skinny and too skinny so as you can see with my check my trackies they are kind of skinny at the ankle right but they're not hyper skinny they're more just tapered off around my calves and a little bit on my knee but they're not super super skinny right see that we've got a few sort of patterns around the thigh area and these interesting zip things going on I always really like those in the skinny tracksuit it makes it clear that it's one of these sort of New Age urban stylists fashion track suits and not to sound for the gym and by the way it never wear a skinny tracksuit to the gym they make you sweat disgustingly all right they really are not for training ok so yeah so we can see that they're skinny ish around the ankle the car of the knee even on my thighs but they're not hyper skinny like this sorry excuse for a human being you're seeing right now wearing this super skinny check – I just don't get it taxi – meant to be comfortable that does not look comfortable look how all that ridiculously tight is over the car it just looks done right so go for a skinny taxi bottom which mimics the one I'm wearing and not something too skinny where I can see the shape of every crevice and muscle on your leg it's not about that okay right and so now we're also looking at a guy in a full tracksuit today I'm just wearing you know the skinny trackies and the t-shirt but I actually really like the full tracksuit look as well there's something super cool and oh but about it so check out this look there's a couple of nice examples of full skinny track suits on here very cool our next point has to be about the shoes you wear this is the most important thing about skinny track is you can get away of just wearing a nice long line t-shirt like I'm wearing but your shoes is the major issue thus you can see I am wearing a pair of Air Russia running shoes generally low-key running shoes are great we often mention Nike Rochelle because they are cheap they are everywhere and they work with a lot of things and skinny track suits is no exception I've got the no socks on today or ankle socks which you know it's a nice summer vibe and looks pretty cool with that is you know that's optional but these shoes are small and they're low key and thus they work really well with the skinnies alright other shoes we really like and we're going to flash up now first we got our new Balance 998 super cool look great the skinny jeans or skinny jockeys then we've got these Flyknit Air Max the pattern looks great and it adds an extra so of urban fashion element in there then we've got the classic Air Max 90 s match the cowlick of the color up so the trackies a nice pair up here and then finally in the UK we've got these are very popular these kind of round toe dream or classics bit of a 90s throwback again but they also have that shape and that low-key sort of vibe to them which looks really cool with track II so those are a few ideas for what trained us to wear with them all right why the shoes are so important is because if you were a big clumpy like basketball trainers some Jordans are too big for example to wear with trackies this off take away from that look that's sporting vibe and they look too big to the skinny nature of the ankle and you find that with skinny jeans and big bulky clumpy trainers as well that's the ones we showed you generally tend to be running shoes they're much more stream line their fashion running shoes remember that this is not strictly a casual look yes it's it's sort of you know day where it's not smart casual it's not smart or am I talking about all right it's a casual look but it's a fashion casual look so one thing which really works and I always like is to mix up an outfit like I'm wearing plain longline t-shirt accessory look we have brown they're beige mixing with my skinny jockeys all right even the watch has got a bit of gold going on mixing a game with the trackies but finally is to top that off with the call leather jacket and hoodie I check out the link now that is to our video on cool other jackets and outerwear though and I'm going to show you one example of a look I really like with Jackie all right okay guys so there we have it with a little leather jacket on as I said check out another jacket video to see how to team it up on which ones go over the hoodie and our favorite leathers but it also gives another element to the skinny G skinny jeans skinny tracksuit bottoms look so there we have it this is a classic leather bomber and I can even walk in the old school hair again in beige maxing up matching up with my skinny jockeys for this kind of cool Street look urban look right so there we go there we have it gentlemen check out the videos on hats as well flashing up now so you know which is the right kind actually wearing at the moment okay fellows so there we have it I hope you liked our skinny tracky looks and ideas on how to rock them 2017 I'm ollie it's may be that guy if you liked the video give us a like subscribe leave a comment and of course check out the website make me that guide.

com for more information on what we can do for you your lifestyle and your fashion sense peace [Music].

Joggers Masculinos (METODO FACIL) GTA V Online PS4 | XBOX ONE | PC FUNCIONANDO 2020

Greetings friends gamers in this newchannel tutorial video we're going to teach how to get any kind ofjoggers and place any type of garment lower than the sets, without theneed for menu mod and for new generation, and in this video section Imeeting accompanied by the delegate of the crew “D14BL1LL4”.

greetings D14BL1LL4 from chile so we are leaving directly to our secondcharacter we press options we are going to gta online, we are going to changecharacter, press x, automatically it's going to load us to the cloud and it'simportant that you know that when doing this glitch all the sets you havepreviously saved will be lost and we are already here in the cloud ofrockstar is also important that remember that for this glitch torun your main character male must be in the boxnumber 1 once loaded the kinematics we will proceed to select thesecondary character we press x, y now we are going to skip an alertwondering if we want to copy the level of our main character atsecondary we press circle for notNow we will proceed to choose sex of the secondary characterin this case it has to be feminine let's go save and continueyou write any type of name finishedpress x, and now it will jump an alert asking us yeswe want to skip the tutorial we press x, and they will lower us from thecloud to an open session where there will be other playersif you are killed by any of them or if you have failures in the connection of thenet the glitch won't work and wellGamers friends we are here with our secondary character in modeonline we will press the touchpad we will activate the passive mode and wewe will direct to the clothing store more close to our surroundingsfor aesthetic effects of the set we will go directly to the section ofthe upper garments we will enter let's go straight to the jacketsof skin and in leather jackets we will select number 40 let'slook for it at full speed very well, leather padded, we leave all this we are going togo to the lower garments section let's go to the leather pantsand of the leather pants we are going to select from number 28 to 37I repeat friend Gamer of number 28 from the tight trousersuntil number 37 everyone will give us the garment recipientinferior which is essential for put on the joggers, the pantsof equipment and any pants any other set to the set thatyou want to create then in this case let's select the pantstight icing number 28 I leave all this we will be walking towardsshoes section, very good, and in the shoes let's go to the tennis shoessport and in sport tennis let's select number 28 sportsblack once selected sales of all this we will continue walkingwe are going to put some gloves on our set we will go to the section of theaccessories we will proceed to enter and in the accessories we will go to thegloves and in gloves we are going to select number 50 wool glovesblack once selected let's proceed to save the whole setthis what interests us I repeat is the bottom garmentleather pants from 28 to 37 that we are going to allow the joggers to get thisalso works on PS3 gamer friend we will press square and we willsave we will place it here “JOGGERS” or whatever you want to putThis is the main element, we leave all thisand now what are we going to do, let's go to creative mode and then we changecharacter, press options let's gta online let's go to the creative modepress x and well gamers friends we are already here in thecreator mode let's press the button optionswe will go to gta online and we will choose character press xwe confirm and we are here in the cloudfrom Rockstar the fundamental step is delete our secondary characterlet's wait for it to finish loading the kinematics very well let's select itpress square confirm that we want to delete we write the worddelete finished, let's wait for him to erase thecharacter and once the character is deleted we willpress circle to redirect us to story mode very good circle and well gamers friends we are alreadyhere in story mode let's press optionslet's go to gta online, let's go directly to play online gta you goto any session of your preference they all serve I'm going to the sessionof friends closed, we press x and well friends gamers we are already here inonline mode with our character male principallet's go straight to him section of clothing, let'senter, let's go to the sets saved and how can you see herewe have the set with joggers yes press x, we cannot select theset in view of the garment invisible receiver of joggers ispatched by rockstar in such a way that to unlock it we needenter an activity in this case “Poly Corrupt “What are we going to do? You leaveall this, let's go directly to section of the lower garments we goto enter and here in the lower garments we will choose the pants thatwe want to place the whole in this case let's go to the pantstactics and we will place the pants black stroke, once selectedwe get out of all this and we are going to “cop corrupt “with a friend or a friend inthis case I'm going to go with “D14BL1LL4” I press options we go to gta online, activities, play an activity, created by Rockstar we're going to go to modeversus and we are going to “corrupt cop” press x and well friends gamers we are already here in polycorrupt, we will place the clothes of the player, let's confirm theconfiguration, we will invite our friend D1ABL1LL4, once being our friend with we, our friend are going to playand well, being here in the second configuration panel, let's go to theown sets and what are we going to do? let's choose the joggers set, let's gohere, very well, there we have passed, practically, we have the clothes thatwe placed when we were creating and the team pants in this case youhappened to the set called joggers come on to go ready to playand well friends gamers we already we found here in the activity of polycorrupt here we have the set with theTotally striking joggers with the white studded tennis we have herethe black hooded jacket and the checkered inner shirt, which we are going todo let's press the touchpad let's go to style, let's go toaccessories and you will be placed in this case the LCD headset, you can put onthe respirator, you can put on any piece of this that are inAmmu Nation once placed you leave of all this, we press the button above, press x in the list of activities and we left the activity presssquare and then x and good friend gamer we are alreadyhere in the online mode we will go to all speed to the Ammu Nation that we haveclosest we will proceed to save setand already being inside the Ammu Nation we go to proceed to enter, let's save it andwe will keep it in the other box, in this case we are going to place joggers blacks let's go to the clothing store tocontinue with the explanation let's wait for it to finish savingthe whole very well good gamers friends already being in the nextclothing store let's go to the section of the bottom garments we will proceedto enter to give another example and we will go now to team pants onteam pants choose any of your preference allserve gamers friends in this case I'm going to choose sand combat pantsI get out of all this and what we do press options, go to gta online, activities, play an activity, created by Rockstar we're going to go to modeversus and we're going to corrupt cop with D14BL1LL4, we confirm here with x, and nowbeing here in the activity of poly corrupt let's go to clothes in thiscase we will place the player again we will confirm theconfiguration we will invite our friend D14BL1LL4 and once united our friend D14BL1LL4 let's play well here we are with the wholecurrent, what are we going to do? let's go to setjoggers and ready to play and well we are here again incorrupt cop here you go again gamer friend we have now placed theset in this case the pants Sand tacticians What are we going to do? touchpad, style, accessories, put on what you want, I put the hearing aid ofLCD I get out of all this, we press button up list of activities, square and wecome on and we are here again inonline mode we will go again to Ammu Nation to save the set and already here in the Ammu Nation we willenter the clothes, we press square and we are going to place it here we are going tosave it in this case as the “tacticians” very good, “sand” let's finishand we go again to the clothing store to choose another bottom garment alreadywe are here again in the store of clothinglet's go directly now to section of the lower garments we goto make another example I repeat, this is all for that you pass the joggers to the sets, let's go to team pants and here let's choose now, let's choose theforests, I get out of all this, and again again corrupt cop, we press options, gtaonline, activities, play a activity, created by Rockstar andwe go to versus mode, corrupt cop press xand already being here in corrupt cop we go to the player's clothesWe confirm the configuration and invite to our friend D1ABL1LL4, very well, aonce united we will play and once again here in thesecond configuration, let's go to the own sets we have positionscurrently the green tacticians and we choose joggers, ready to playand well we are here poly corrupt activity againhere we have our character with the green tactics, press touchpad let's go tostyle, accessories, we stand any implement in this case II put on an LCD headset, I get out of all this we press button up, then x in list of activities, square and we go and well we already appeared here in the modeon-line let's go straight to himNearest Ammu Nation and once Ammu Nation is already there, we will proceed to enter, we will save it and here we have the tacticians inthis green case in the same way everything we havedone works with the other pants tacticians now let's go to the store ofclothes to continue the explanation and good gamers friends we are alreadyhere in the clothing store we are also accompanied by friend Chandreexcellent runner from PS3 now on PS4 just like friend D1ABL1LL4, bothcrew delegates and what are we going to do now being here in the clothing storeas you can see we have already placed the first pants in this case thetactical pants and we have placed the the team pants I'm going to pressthe touchpad I go to style and in this case I'm going to place the black joggerswhat will happen here I can go directly to the top garments andin the upper garments I can choose any type of top garment, inthis case the one that I want, I can do multiple combinations and the joggers don'tyou will lose friends gamer here we have we will do otherscombinations as you can see, very Well, we have here, we will enter here tovests the sets of various combinationsvery well look how we have here the whole appreciate it in all its splendorboth with vest with the joggers the same will also happen ifwe use the pants in this case tactics, press touchpad I'm going to style, I'm going touse in this case the sand tacticians and in the same way gamer friend you canenter here you can change any type of top garment you will keep onIn this case, the group will not lose it very well then you save it you edit it andit also happens in the same way with green tacticians or any other kind oftactics, what happens? that in this kind of sets you can't choose anytype of footwear therefore if this video is supported enough i'm goingto create the video with all the tennis for the joggers so you can'tcreate directly, select it from the secondary character, toMain, then, what are we going to do? now friend gamer, let's godirectly now to the section of clothing where the setswe will make special combinations I'm going to enter the sand setsengines I'm going to get into the creature space and I'm going to choose which one I'm going tochoose this one the creature is here green space very well I'veselected what am I going to do I leave all this and pressed options, gta onlineactivities, play an activity, created by Rockstar, we're going to go to modeversus and we're going to corrupt cop press x and well we are here in polycorrupt, let's go to clothes, let's place of the player, we will confirm theconfiguration, let's invite the crew friendsand well once united both Chandre like D1ABL1LL4, let's playand well we are here we will go directly to own sets andwe choose joggers let's get ready to play and well gamer friends we are alreadyhere with our main character male in corrupt cop watches howthis combination is seen with the legs of the monster here with our charactermain and here we have practically the invisible hip or buttocks withwhite sneakers with studs What else can you ask gamer friend? and what are we going todo? we press the touchpad, we are going to go towards style, accessories, we putany accessory here, I wear the hearing aid I get out of all this and nowpress the button above, then x, square y we leave the activity and well gamers friends we are here with ourmain character with the buttocks invisible and here we have this setdeluxe and well we are here entering theAmmu Nation we will enter directly to the section of the upper garments andhere you have it watch it until monster legs get out of thosewhite sneakers with studs let's proceed to save it in this case i'm going toplace here green legs you put what youyou want this is to do the indicationin this case we are using the bottom garments of sets ofsand we leave all this and go againto the clothing store and well friends we are here againagain here in the clothing store with D14BL1LL4 and Chandre we will enter theclothing store let's go back to set section, all right, come onto enter let's go to diver sets now, of diver choose the one you want look at that there are multiple wonderful sets withbottom garment colors very really attractive I will choose inthis case we are going to test with the squeaky orange I get out of all this and welet's go to options, gta online, activities play activity, created by Rockstar wewe are going to go to versus mode and we are going to corrupt cop press x, and wewe found here in corrupt poly let's choose the player's clothes againlet's invite our gamers friends of the crewonce united we will play and well now we meet here again in thecorrupt poly options panel we will go to own sets and we willjoggers ready to play and now friend gamer look at him how theset now we have the garment bottom of the diver suit here whatyou have to appreciate it in all its splendor quite combined you can domultiple combinations then with others garments that we are going to mention moreGo ahead and what do we do? we press touchpad we are going to go to the accessory style inin this case we are going to place the LCD hearing aid, we get out of all this, press button up, then x, square and we go and we are here again inonline mode we will go to Ammu Nation to save the set and being here directly in theupper garments section let's go in let's save theset in this case I'm going to place orange diver you can choose anybottom garment the one you want from your preference for you to do variouscombinations very well let's do another examplegamer friend let's go to the store of clothes and well we're still here withFriends gamers DL14BL1LL4 and Chandre let's go to the clothing store let's goagain to the section of the sets let's go in and here you can chooseGamer friend, whatever you want, you can put the flight set and place theset previously created the garments you can go directly belowalso towards overalls sets let's make the example here and I'm going tochoosing the scientist also serves the fumigator the quarantine danger in thethat you want any bottom garment it is going to happen to him of that there is no doubtso what are we going to do comes out of everything this we press options, gta onlineactivities, play an activity, created by Rockstar we're going to go versusand we go to corrupt cop we press x, and well we are here incorrupt cop let's go to clothes we're going to place the player let's confirm theconfiguration we will invite the Gamers friends of the session and oncetogether let's play once here again in thesecondary configuration panel come on to go to own sets and we choosejoggers let's get ready to play good friends gamer look how we have herethis set totally created for you and here we have it placing thejumpsuit pants in overalls also very striking herewe are with our friend devil already we have white studded sneakersand what are we going to do? we press touchpad let's go to the style, accessories, you choose anyone in this case any accessory you get out of everythingthis we press the button above, then x, and we got out of corrupt copand we are here again in online mode we will go to Ammu Nationto save it and like the previous and already being directly in the Ammu Nation withthat we will go directly to the section of the top garments orsets we press square and what we keep in this case we putlower or lower scientificwhat is white you can do it with blue, you can do it with yellow orthe black one, whatever you want let's go to the clothing store to explainimportant regarding garments inferiors that we are placing goodGamer friends we are here in the store of clothes with D14BL1LL4 and Chandre come onto get in very well now this point is very important the sets that youchoose to pass undergarments that be complete sets when I talk aboutcomplete sets I mean by example flight sets I mean inthis case to overalls sets because it is practically a single garmentcomplete from top to bottom at sand sets engines allthat you can observe here if you want also that in this case I didn't show themyou can pass we will go here to luminous suits these suits are fineyou can pass them friends gamers anyone of them without any problems theelectrical suit as is the steps What we seeyou can also go to the line suits lethal any of them you canhappen as we are explaining and combining them with various types ofjoggers how can you observe them the only disadvantage whenyou place for example a set that passes the garments of a complete set isthat you can't choose the top garment that is for example the set ofscientific blow overalls overalls yes I go directly to the suit bagsor to the bags and I want to put another garment remove the set Why? this happensbecause the sets or the garment lower blow monkey belongs to acomplete set only for tactical pants or pantsteam you can place the top garment that you you want the one of your preference, or “anyanother bottom garment alone that you don't be attached to a top garment youyou can place any set “and you can put from that set all thatyou want but if the whole the garment bottom this is a single garmentyou can only pass the garment bottom and you can't change the partsuperior so friend I hope you support me with handyman abovein this video pack I'm uploading from sets especially of joggers and garmentslower, if I see that this video is very supported, that there are many likes, manycomments, I promise I will be uploading a video with all the tennis whatas soon as possible for you to do all the multiple combinations so withoutmore nothing to say is deployed it dismiss his exclusive friend eduardNavarrese friend D14BL1LL4 delegate of the crew andthe chandre friend too, will be up to a new opportunity until nextBye.


hey what's going on guys it's your boyNightlyPower here bring you back with another GTA 5 video in today's GTAonline video I'll be showing you guys a new method on how to freeze theChristmas masks on GTA online so if you guys do happen to enjoy today's videowhen I go

ahead and smash the like button and before I get straight intotoday's video shall i goes to these people on screen if you guys want to shout out in my nextvideo go ahead and comment hashtag nightly power in the comment sectionbelow now with that being said let's getstraight into

the video to get started you want to make your way over todirector mode now you're gonna shortlist your bird and your online character onceyou have your burden online character in your shortlist then make your way overto GTA online next make your way over to the table trial then

set your spawnlocation to last location enter the table trial then push down on the d-padand select any story mode character now when you get back to story mode makeyour way over to director mode next you're going down to your shortlist andyou're gonna scroll between the bird and your

online character you're gonna dothis process for about 25 minutes or until your online character gets on tothe haystack once your online character gets on thehaystack you're going to over duplicate the birds which means you're going tokeep scrolling between the bird and your online character in the short list

bydoing this it ensures that the outfits in direct mode don't change back intodefault directional outfits while you're looking for modern outfits next you're going to remove the burn offthe shortlist then you're going into actors beach bum and you want to changethe character's appearance if you see my outfits

that you've done incorrectly ifnot just go back to animals and short list of bird and get the onlinecharacter on the haystack from here I like to scroll through thedifferent actors and make sure that the outfits don't change back into defaultdirectional outfits the new method on how to freeze

theChristmas mask is to shoreless one outfit with the Christmas basket thismethod allows you to freeze the Christmas Mass within 15 minutes if youguys are consistent with this glitch you guys will not have a problem in freezingthe Chris's mask in 15 minutes so shoreless one outfit with theChristmas mash

now it's very important you showed us the correct outfit withthe Christmas masks they are for Christmas Mass that I know worth everytime because I use them before they are the reindeer the penguin the elf and theSnowman if you have any of these Chris's mask on any outfit in

your shouldersyou'll be able to leap direct mode go to online then come back and the outfitswill still have the Chris mask on it after you show list an outfit with thecorrect Christmas basket go to your shoulders and remove your onlinecharacter from the shortlist next go to actors and

you want to change thecharacter's appearance twice then going to back out go back into your shouldershover over the outfit in the short list then quickly go back into actors andchange the character's appearance twice you're going to keep doing this for 15minutes or you freeze the Christus mask on

the outfit after you freeze the christen mask onthe outfits go ahead and shortlist an outfit you wanna bring into a line makesure the outfit doesn't have any blacklisted components such as a copbelt these hands or any Christmas components other than the Christmas masknow once you have shoulders to

the oven you want to bring it to online go intoyour shortlist and take it out of the trailer now you're gonna push down onthe d-pad and select the story mode character now when you get to story modeyou should have the outfit in story mode now you can open

up the pause menu andyou're going to start up an invite-only session now if everything was donecorrectly when you spawn into online you should have the outfit and then fromthere just make your way over to a clothing store and save your outfit ifyou guys enjoyed the video why not

go ahead and smash the like button and withthat being said it's been your boy NightlyPower peace out when it comes to me


Yooo what's poppin loyalist welcome backto the channel this is Dimez ENT aka glitch guru andthis GTA 5 online video I'm gonna be showing you guys how to make this reallydope all black joggers trash orange vests mighty trihard outfit for thefemale character it's gonna be really dope so we're

gonna be doing male tofemale transfer so to get this started swap over to your male character andthese are the components you need to have on here so for our first outfitmerge we want to put on the black leopard boxer shorts which are locatedin the category shorts once we

have that go into tops and we're gonna go down tot-shirts and we're gonna put on the Charco t-shirt next we're gonna go overhere to sneakers and we're gonna put on the pink plain high tops now go overhere to accessory so we can put on our merger gloves which

are the lightwoodland tactical gloves once we have that we're gonna put on our Krampus maskour transfer mask whichever one you have and then we'lljust save this outfit so this is gonna be the very first outfit that we use tomerge to get the black Jagger's but we also need

to build a second outfit so wecan get the orange trash vest which I suggest you guys make right now and saveit to a slut you don't have to save it but it's gonna save some time so Isuggest you guys save the help into a slut if you can

so I have this outfitnow saved to a slut now we're gonna show you guys the components for the orangetrash invest alright so this is what you guys need to have on go over to browseoutfits go to closed highlife and put on the smooth white suit after you havethat

back out go over head to tops business shirts go down to white cupshirt all right the white cuff shirt once wehave that back out go to suit vests and we're gonna put on the gray fitted suitvest once you guys have that back out go into pants go to

fitted suit pants andwe're gonna put on the blue Continental pants once you guys have that back outgo over here to the sneaker section again and we're gonna put on the pinkplain high tops now we're gonna put on our merger gloves the light woodlandtactical gloves and once we have

that finally we're gonna put on our transfermask our Krampus mask or whichever one you guys have whichever at Christmasmass you guys have and you're doing the transfer with now that we have oursecond merge outfit built I suggest you guys go over here and save it once youhave it

saved we're gonna start by switching back to the first outfit thatwe made right here and this is the outfit we're gonna be using to get theblack joggers so once you guys are wearing this outfit make it down to thetime trial start the time trial up and then swap

characters so or if there's anevent going on in your session you guys can be just wearing those components andswap characters right there on the spot so to get the black joggers once againwe're putting on that outfit that we made first and when we swap to ourfemale character we

will have the black joggers on so from here we're gonna godown to a clothing store and the first thing I did when I made it down to theclothing store was I went into sweaters and I put on the black turtleneck sothat's what you guys want to do after

you have that back out go over to shoesand we're gonna put on the black plain high tops next we're gonna go over headto accessories gloves and we're gonna put on the black TAC gloves now all weneed to do is save this outfit to slot 19 so we can

merge it with our secondoutfit that we will be bringing online next which is the orange trashy busoutfit so save this outfit right here to slot 19 once you guys have done thatwe're just gonna swap characters once some moreso back to our male character and now we're gonna put

on this outfit righthere that we made with the white suit and we're gonna start the time trial uponce again and you only need to start the time trial if there isn't an eventgoing on in your session already so there's no events going on in my sessionso I'm just

gonna start the time trial up and then swap characters so we'reswapping back to our female character now and when we load in online we shouldhave on the orange trash vests so from here all we need to do is start up thejob crooked cop and you will need somebody

to join you so you guys can doauto invite make sure you set the clothing to player owned and thenconfirm the settings once you have somebody join youall you need to do is from here on this screen go down to owned outfit switch itonce to the left and once

back to the right and that's gonna merge the trashvests with this outfit so once you guys do that just ready up and wait for thisjob to start so as soon as you can you guys want toopen up the interaction menu go to style accessories gear and you guys

want toput on a hairpiece and then open up your phone and quit the job once you guys dothat you'll be back in the session with the outfit on and now we just want to gosave this outfit at a clothing store or anywhere you guys want to go to

save itI'm gonna throw a black parachute on it as well and then save the outfit againnow we're gonna do a telescope village so we can do a mask and hat or helmetwhatever you guys want to do so I'm gonna put on the black specs mask I'm arun past

a telescope hit right on the d-pad press and hold the touchpad downinto the interaction menu opens go to style accessories helmets and we'regonna look for the black bulletproof helmet here so there it is and then I'mgonna just walk away from the telescope and bone that's gonna merge the

maskwith the helmet so I'm gonna go back over here and do it again so we can getthe glasses on it as well so run past the telescope right on the d-pad pressand hold the touchpad down into the interaction menu pops open once it doesgo to style accessories and

we're gonna go into glasses and we're gonna put onthe mono outlaw goggles so the mono outlaw goggles and then oncewe walk away from the telescope is gonna merge it with the mask and the helmetand boom just like that we are done with this modded outfit ladies and gentlemenwe

have our orange trash vest we have the black joggersoh man this outfit is looking really dope if you guys liked this one pleaseleave a like on this video let's try to get this video up to 200 likesas always I'm trying to get this channel up to 100,000 likes

and I need each andevery single one of you guys watching this video to do me a favor hit thatlike button subscribe to the channel turn off those notifications if you'renew please help me help you you guys and keep bringing you these great gt5 onlinevideos until next time this

is your boy glitch guru officialy you peace stay low


Yooo what's poppin loyalist welcome back tothe channel this is Dimez ENT AKA glitch guru and this GTA 5 online video i'mgonna be showing you guys how to make a really dope already mighty trying outfitit's gonna have the red joggers and we're gonna put the helmet on it at

theend as well so it's gonna be really dope sadly is gonna be for our femalecharacters so we're gonna be doing male to female transfer glitch so to get thisglitch started the very first thing we're gonna do is come to our femalecharacter and we're gonna put on a deadline

outfit and save it to slot 19once we have that safety slot 19 we're gonna swap over to our male characterand we're gonna put on these following components so for the shirt we're gonnago to designer t-shirts and we're gonna put on the blue stripe the capra t-shirtonce we have

that we're gonna back out go over here to the pants section next and we're gonna go down to shorts andyou guys want to put on the white heart boxer shorts once we have that we'regonna go over here to the sneaker section and we're gonna put on the paintplain

high-tops now for the gloves we're gonna put onour merch gloves which are the light woodland tactical gloves the very lastthing that we'll need is our transfer mask so if you guys got the Krampus maskyou can use that or if you have the stock and you guys can use

that as wellbut once you guys have your mask on and all of these components make your wayover to the tom trout and we're gonna start that up or if there's an eventgoing on in your session you guys don't even need to come over to the Tom troutall you

have to do is just swap characters once you're wearing all ofthe components but since there's not an event going on I'm gonna use the timetrial this is the only way to do it so hit right on the d-pad to start up thetown trout once we've done that we're

just gonna press Start bring up theoptions menu and then we're just gonna swap characters now when you load themwith your female character you'll see that you have on the red joggers we wantto now merge this with the red tron type in order to do that we need to

start upthe job crooked cop you will need at least one person to join you for thisjob so we're in a public session so I'm just gonna invite everybody that's inthis session and put it on auto invite as well once you guys get to the confirmsetting screen of the

job set the clothing to player owned from there youguys want to set the matchmaking to open and I suggest you guys Auto invite onceyou guys get here you want to go down to owned outfit and switch it once to theleft and switch it once back to the right

and the outfit will merge fromhere just ready up when a mission starts all you guys need to do from here isopen up the interaction menu go to style accessories put on the earpiecerebreather glasses something like that back out of the interaction may you openup your phone and quit

the job now you should be back in the public sessionwith the outfit on from here we're just going to go down to the clothing storeand save this outfit now I'm gonna show you guys how to put the tran helmet backonto this outfit so what we're gonna do is

make our way over to our apartmentand we're gonna do the telescope glitch you guys just need to make sure thatsure where'd the outfit with the helmet so go over there back to the outfitssection and put on the outfit deadlines the red one from there all we have to

dois make sure that we have ran this outfit and we're gonna run past thetelescope so when we run past the telescopewe're gonna hit right on the d-pad and then we're gonna press and hold thetouchpad down what should happen is the interaction that you should pop openfrom here we're

gonna go to style outfits and we're gonna select theoutfit that we have saved with our red joggers and our Tron top boom once youguys walk away from the telescope you'll see that you havehelmet on this outfit now is really built looking so this is how you guysget this

outfit all rent mighty trying outfit real dope looking let me know ifthis is a try her outfit guys down in the comment section belowtrying to start making some really dope try our outfits for you guys so let meknow what you guys think our really try hard outfits alright

so that's it forthis video it's always I'm trying to get this channel to 100,000 subscribers andI need each and every single one of you guys watching – do me a favor hit thatlike button subscribe to the channel turn on post notifications if you're newso you don't miss a

single video and share this video with a friend but untilnext time this is your boy glitch guru fishel II yeah please remember stay lowor you click one of those videos on the screen bro