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3 PRO TIPS: Choosing the right men's underwear

I often get asked what type of underwearis great for my body instead of sounding like a broken record I thought I'llshare my wisdom Here are my 3 Pro tips Hi I'm Jason, the founder of 2 men's underwear brand 2EROS and SUPAWEAR 2 of Australia'smost innovative underwear brands Over the past decades men's underwear havegone through many advances and upgrades from fits to fabrics to construction butin today's lifestyle who actually has the time to go research all thissomething so essential should be simple and not overly thought-out here are mythree pro tips that you should be looking out for when choosing the rightunderwear Tip number 1: Know your body men with big legs: so your problem istight thighs so if you have a brand that offers an underwear that fits your legsthen great alternatively if you don't want to risk it choose an underwear thatdoesn't have leg ribbing usually a trunk with a natural hemline wouldbe a good option, alternatively you can always opt for a boxer a jockstrapor a thong.

Tall guys: okay so you've got the height advantage but when strippingdown to your bare essentials the thing you probably worry about a lot aboutit's the proportion so you know your great long legs or you have a great longtorso but sometimes when you wear a brief you might look a little bit.




So what I do suggest to balance the proportion is to go for a trunk so themore fabric you have down there as in length wise, the more proportionedyour legs and your height will be Shorter guys: Shorter guys wants to maketheir legs look longer so to extend accentuate the length of that leg is toshow more skin by doing so we suggest that your opt for a brief or a veryshort trunk by doing that you're exposing more skin on the side making itlook longer now the most versatile underwear for anybody shape would be ajockstrap although it was initially designed for athletes it's becoming partof every man's undies draw.

Why? because you're all protected at the front and it reduces all the wedgies from the back and it also frames your butt line nicely.

Now thongs: Thongs are definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Thongs are underwearthat sits between your butt cheeks It may be uncomfortable at first but sowas skinny jeans Tip number 2: Pouch Size Every brand has its own pouchstandard and you need to find a brand that suits you just like a nice fittedsuit.

Everyone's comfort level is different some people like it snug somepeople like it loose.

When choosing an underwear try to find a pouch that hascontours to allows your package to sit further away from your body.

This isn'tjust great for your health but it also offers a natural boost.

Check out our ClassicFit or our Curv Tech pouch underwear for our vision.

Tip number 3: fabrics I also did an in-depth video on this so if you haven't seen it go back and check itout.

Like any garment different fabric does different things for differentpurposes.

Here's my quick summary: Cotton and bamboo are low hypoallergenicfabrics and they're also great for cooler climates.

Modal: Modal feels likesilk, it's a luxuriously smooth fabric Polyester is great for digital printbecause the colors are vibrant and you won't get that washed off effect and great for performance underwear too.

If you add sweat wicking to polyester it's also quickdry performance fabric.

Performance Fabric like Nylon and Tactile is greatfor an all-rounder.

If you're an active guy throughout the whole day or youspend the day at work and then go to the gym you have to get a performanceunderwear, why? It's breathable it's a quick try and it performs with you whenyou're at the gym.

Performance fabric also pushes sweat away from the bodyinto the surface of the fabric to allow sweat to dry a lot quicker.

Blend thatwith silver and you also have antibacterial properties in yourunderwear Bonus tip: If you've got a killer v-lineshow it off! How? Choose a low-rise underwear and don't forget to measureyour hips and not your waist because your underwear sits low In summary number 1.

Find your fit number 2.

Find your pouch size and Number 3.

Choosethe fabric that suits your occasion! hope this helps if you've got any otherquestions please jot down in the comments below and I'll have it answered in the next video.

If you find this video helpfulget to give me a like and subscribe to the channel if you want to see morevideos just like this Ciao for now.

Live: Unboxing the world's cutest Amiga / Ladyfractic underwear mischief

Hello Computer Cooks and welcome to Perifractic's Retro Recipes Live! This is an exclusive Live Unboxing! Going out, initially, to my Patrons only Who are joining me right now on the live chat So, if you're watching this a little after the live broadcast Um.


wel, wel, welcome to Retro Recipes And to the, of course, the Boots CR375 that I've used in all of my live at videos Providing the music Alright, now, this first package is so big.




no pun intended.


But I'm gonna have to unbox it slightly off camera But we'll get started because this is the one that I am most excited to open up! Alright Oh! Can you guess (laughs).


Can you guess from that immediate reveal what is in here? Yep.

I think this has a Commodore flavor Ohh.


hey! I know what this is! Okay, let me get this out of the box So this guy reached out to me on Facebook and said he would like to donate, yes David, Amiga CD32 Here is it! This is the back of the box that I just opened But we'll get the tape player out of the way Take a good explore of all of this Wow! This is the world's first 32-BIT CD Games.





label Oh, console, that makes more sense now Hi Jacob.

Hi, David.

Thanks for joining us in the chat! Should we open this up?! I think we should! Yeah, that's.


the music isn't coming from the console I'm gonna go wide screen here just for a second, if I can And we'll take a little bit of a better look at this Oooh.


so exciting! So, I never owned one of these but I've had fond memories of having the promotional t-shirt Ahh! And now, finally, thanks to James who donated this to the channel I can actually say that I own an Amiga CD32! Now, we won't be plugging in and testing it just yet because James mentioned he hasn't tested the power supply So we don't want to risk any anything going bang And I think this did use a proprietary power connector there But yes, this is definitely one for Museum David! Ahh.


so cool! Maybe we can play our music on this in the future.


we'll retire the Boots Tape Machine Anyway, thank you James so much for that donation! I'm gonna put it safely away over here And we'll get cracking on With our next unboxing Um, let me know in the chat by the way if you did ever own a CD32 Beautiful machine! I'm so excited! This is like Christmas only I do it like three or four times a year So I'm a very lucky boy to have all these donors and my Patrons, as well If you want to join the Patron and just support this small Retro Channel I'll put a little link-y just here and that way you can join in in these live unboxings And check out all the other rewards that I offer like free music and books and that kind of thing on the channel I think actually, I did have a peek inside this Did I? Or was it was it opened by my shipping service? I think they may have checked this Oh, I know what this is! Fantastic! Okay.

So, this is a 3D printed power supply housing That is designed to fit with my little invention I came up with Of.




a new Commodore 64 power supply that I made using just USB wall warts And I put it in a case like this initially.


this is a spare case that I have I'll put a link to that video here so you can check out how I created that And it was literally a plug-and-play power supply creation It didn't use a lot of soldiering or any of that kind of stuff So this guy, he watched that video And he said he wanted to make a more Commodore-esque version of this On the chat: Yes indeed, this is cool! It is very reminiscent in that black Because we've got some ba.


look at that! All the specifications in case you were ever in doubt And there's the website, calaquin.

COM So, thank you for donating this! And hey James! James just joined us on the check James I don't know if he were here when we just unboxed your CD32 We took a very quick look at it Um.


but yeah, this all snaps together And create some more Commodore-esque housing for that USB wall wart option that I created Thank you so much calaquin.



go check out that website! See what other creations we have go in there I know someone else is also working on one of those It's another of my retro friends And we'll see if, if he comes through with an option It's a little smaller perhaps or has more ventilation because that was a concern Just to make sure things are well ventilated Ok, so this comes from.



Well, you can tell from the label This comes from thefuturewas8bit.

com And how ironic The Future actually was 8-bit Because here we are in the future And these guys have donated something Because I've got an idea for a future project A lot of you loved the LEGO Commodore 64 And I wondered if I could make a LEGO housing for the SD2IEC So The Future was 8-Bit.


they donated a few of these And honestly their SD2IEC is the one I've always used So you can check out retro-clouds.




com And in the future video, I'm gonna be seeing if I can turn this into a little LEGO Housing And I did ask them if they could make sure they included these little labels that they make So that I can stick that on the front of the LEGO version Beautiful I'm not sure when I'm gonna be able to get to that because I've got.


Not kidding.

My list of future videos is about.



What goes into the year 2021 right now And then I keep coming up with interim ideas that are kind of more topical So that list then gets pushed back and back But we will definitely be looking at that Then LEGO SD2IEC I told you I was a lucky boy, didn't I? Let's crack on.


what? Again, I have no memory or idea what this could be But if it's anything like the last ones.


I'm gonna be pretty excited What is it? “Dear Mr.

Retro Recipes.

As I have announced earlier, here's my video enhancement kit.

” I know.


so this is from Reinhard Grafl.


I think that's pronounced correctly Um.


and it's basically a replacement for the RF modulator, if I understand correctly So let's take a little lookey.


in here Thank you James on the chat.

Yeah, it definitely arrived in one piece, that CD32 This.




so that Yeah, that's like a piggyback option so you put your And it's called the C64 Mod Rev 1.


com/c0pperdragon .


with a zero And.


so therefore in here We must have our RF modulator replacement That is cool! Okay, so I can see where the pins would go And this would stick out the back And this may be for switching videos modes Maybe PAL NTSC although I don't think that's gonna be possible with only one VIC chip speaking of that Speaking of that, however, I am gonna be soon Publicly launching my VIC-Switch .


you may even have seen it if you're getting this video a little later And that's going to allow us to switch between PAL and NTSC video in one Commodore 64 So you have full compatibility But this is meant to enhance the Holder Bread Bin RF outputf And give you a lovely component output instead through this cable Thank you so much Reinhard! Hoping to check that out at some point in the future Um.


as for now, one of the last unboxings Let's see what we got in here Ooo! This is really heavy! Ohh.


It's one of those Helping Hands Hand holding things.




this allows you Hello?! Now you can get a better look at what's in here This allows you to hold PCBs and wires and cables using multiple arms and clips The clips should be in here too And it's just literally gives you a helping hand while you're doing your work And there's the base And this was donated by .


Do we.


do we have a note? We do (clears throat) Thank you so much, Oliver Merkel for my present! It is a present The Helping Sands Soldering with LED Magnifier Now, a funny story Along with getting this donation from Oliver.


I remembered him mentioning it but I also got a Christmas present from my niece And it's this Which is basically the same idea So, definitely, if I need not eight helping hands but sixteen I will be combining the two of those gifts together That is awesome.

Thank you Oliver, either way There is one more donation But I've just realized it's in the boot of my car.


or as we say in America (American accent) 'The trunk' So I'm gonna leave you with some music just for a few seconds while I dash outside.


try not to kick the dog And I'll be right back In the meantime, tell me some interesting gifts or donations or retro stuff you've got in there live chat I'll be back in two seconds! (It'll probably be about 30) Hey Guys, just sneaking on here real quick while he's out of the room People are always asking where he gets his fun retro clothes and.


surprise! I'm the one who buys them So, I wanted to show you guys this really fun thing that I got him And to spare you having him try them on They are, essentially, funderwear and There's a link in the description box below.


this is not sponsored You can get 20% off Um Look how fun these are! They're retro arcade games! And um.


yeah! Oh.


gosh! He's coming! Don't mention this in the live chat guys.

Thanks! I'll see you later! Bye! I'm back! Live TV.


anything can happen Alright, so Let's get unboxing because this.


I really want to show you! What did I miss? Alex says.


“The Tesla should be able to bring it by autopilot” Yeah .



it doesn't fit in the house.


I've tried.


Getting the car in the house And the garage is already a little bit in use with my Retro Recipe's Studio, if you didn't notice But this.


What could be inside this?! So excited! Oh ohh! Yes, yes, yes! Ahh.



Need I say more? These are Retro Pi Cases from Gigabyte Solutions Limited RetroPiCases.

com And let's just have a look at this Oh, my giddy aunt! And of course, they are Raspberry Pi 3D printed cases Complete with power LED And I belive.


These are the World's smallest Commodore Computers Don't you just love that so much?! Oh my gosh! Sorry.


Do you know, I-I've been waiting for the Spectrum Next to arrive And it still, it obviously hasn't arrived Which is fine.


they want to get it right But this.



This gives me that feel of having the ZX Spectrum finally That's it.


I guess it just.


Snaps together, huh? Now I don't have a Raspberry Pi handy, it's in use in another project right now But.


This is gonna just be lovely sitting in the museum there Giving me an option to boot up ZX Spectrum! And, of course, the World's smallest Commodore Amiga kind of.


Ready for the Retro Pi Package And look.


We can.


it just snaps together Don't want to risk breaking it but.



It just pushes Ah, that is so cool, isn't it!? You guys are great on the chat! What I really loved when he showed me the pictures of this was The SD card It's where the floppy drive would be on the Amiga Which is just the finishing touch, really That's it.

The World's smallest Commodore Amiga! And ZX Spectrum And Commodore 64 And.




you get the idea Thank you so much for that donation! And go check out his website again RetroPiCases.

com And that nearly wraps everything up Um.


I did get these Because it was these guys' 5th Anniversary recently And they sent me, and a lot of channels, they sent a bunch of stuff But I do have to say a big thank you to BCBWay! For helping me out and helping create these videos I honestly, probably, wouldn't be here if it was not for them And on top of all that, I have no hesitations recommending them Because they make absolutely fantastic quality stuff Thank you PCBWay! Before I wrap it up, because we are approaching that 20 minute mark I do want to say thanks to Mrs.

Perifractic She came home on day from Target and said, “Hey honey, I bought you this!” 'What sweetheart?' Um.


it says 'Try Me' There it is If you're a fan of the channel, you know, I love Asteroids! It was the only game I ever had on my first ever the computer, the Atari 400 And here it is In Mini-Arcade form Thank You Mrs.

Perifractic for that, as well Well guys, I am gonna wrap it up now As always, thank you to my Patrons for joining me I can't credit you in a live video, but I'll put all your names in the description of this video when it goes public And everyone else watching at home.


Join me next time as we'll be doing some stuff with all of these things that you've seen, at some point in the future! Thanks for watching! As always, comment below and Cheerio!.


Hello everybody, it is me Chaseypoo.

Today–I like how you do this and the “queer” shows up–it's me! Today's video is super exciting because it's co-hosted by Skell the life of the party [cricket effects] No, but for real news video is really exciting.

It took me about 35 minutes to set this up for you because I'm so excited cuz I wanted to do a video like this for such a long time where, um I kind of show you the different types of underwear I like to use to pack.


Yes, I've done it how to pack video which I'll link in the description below and as you can see right over here, I look hot as hell and sexy in those undies.

[tongue click] But what I've never done is actually just showing you a whole bunch of different types of underwear with my favorite packer that I'm just that I'm just gonna wear throughout the whole video.

So that's what I'm gonna be doing for you today.

And what better way to do this than to have an amazing sponsor like The Underwear Expert? Because you know what? They're expert! In what? Underwear! Ha! So I would like to thank Underwear Expert for sponsoring this video.

You can go to UnderwearExpert.

com and you can use my discount code which is UPPERCASE and you get fifty five percent off your first box.

That's a lot of money off! That's really–that's more than half–like come on and you can get a monthly box, you can get every second month, you can get one pair, two pair, three pair per month, whatever you want! And the best part which is literally like–[HAAH]–I love this–you get to choose the underwear.

So like these underwear aren't just like random underwear.

These are literally brand underwear.

Okay, you got Pump you guess have Garcon, Marco Marco, You have uh Blue Buck and you have Skull and Bones all of these brands all of these amazing brands that make such a colorful underwear and I'm gonna show you them.

I'm gonna show you my favorite ones and like make you [laughs] Look, okay.

They're really soft.

The point is just go to the website Okay, I'll put all the information in the description below and then we can have a good old gay time together.

Because you get to watch me just strut in my underwear.

And yeah, so just before we start just so everybody knows I'm gonna be wearing for the same packer for the entire video.

I'm wearing the Gendercat Amazeballs Three-inch supersoft.

I'll put the link in the description below.

I have reviewed it in the past.

I love it.

It's my favorite It's my favorite So this video's just gonna be like a favorite because I get to show you my favorite underwear and my favorite weiner [HAAH] and I get to wear like awesome shirts look listen toots let's just get on to it Okay, let's go.

You focusing? Okay, good.


Good good So I want to tell you is that I feel so much stability in these underwear and that's what I want to show you plus They have a really cool patterns, but you can not only get briefs so you can get boxer briefs You can get thongs.

You can get jock straps So I'm going to show you a variety of things just so that you know.

You know what you could be getting All right.

This right here is one of my favorite pair in terms of stability Okay.

Mike has these as well and we both of them just look hot in them This is blue buck.

Literally like the stability that you have in these underwear is just Amazing.

So we all know somebody who likes the simple white tighty whitey I think you could see my butt crack through this because these are a little bit see-through But I really really like them–they're so–I wish that you could feel them So there's some brands out there that everybody knows that you've heard about– it's twerking.

I'm kidding.

I canactually twerk.

I'm that not bad Oh, yeah, it's this Diesel and I'm like usually like not a fan of diesel But I saw these and I was like I need to get them and you know why you know, why? because of– I almost tripped because of you because of this because of this But they are very good support also, so that's good What's a really really really common emoji for a wiener a banana, right? No, is that not what the kids are doing these days? What are they doing instead, an eggplant? Oh look at [squeals] These are like my favorite, but–pa-choo, slap dat!– Mmm-hmm look at this and look at that.

Look at that.

MM! [MM slo-mo] No.

Oh, no my secret's out.

Oh, no my secret's out.

I'm not straight Can you tell by the underwear that I'm wearing? Yes, these are floral fuh-lor-ull on the floor ruhll, you know, I look really naked down there.

It's just because I'm feeling a little Cheeky, I'm kidding.

This videos gonna get demonetized if I show you my butt [high-pitched tongue rolling sound] [snapping] do we have any people here who live in like really cold climate because oh my god these underwear over here Code 22 very very very very thick but like warm I live in Canada and like it's always cold here So like, you know, my wieners not gonna get cold You know what? I totally get it if you don't like briefs or jock straps.

That's why Underwear Experts is So awesome because you have choices so ooh Yeah, look at seriously seriously, like I have never felt so Delicious because of underwear in my life and every month these just make me feel look Just look how good my package looks in them though they're like seriously.

This video is all about like packing underwear But like literally there's no one underwear that this looks bad in which is great if you gay like this and you don't know the brand Pump you need to get on this level because these are Super comfortable and once again, oh yeah.

Let me level with you a little bit come a little closer So I've known about a lot of these companies before I've known about Diesel before I've known about Uh Skull and Bones.

I've known about Wood I've known about Pump.

But what I'm about to show you is a company that I had no idea existed before Underwear Expert I promise you I'm not lying like I Have fallen in love with this company to the point where I'm like trying to contact them so that they can just send me everything Because their underwear is the softest underwear I've ever felt it fits my body.


So here's the thing I usually wear the H&M briefs Okay and those were the best and they were not expensive and they were soft and then H&M just stopped making them cuz People don't like briefs.

They like boxer briefs.

Well, no, I wanted briefs.

So I have been searching far and wide Okay for the last two years to find underwear that can replace this and I have found them.

This is the company I don't really know how to say their name, but I'm pretty sure it's Mossmann [moss man] Here is the beautiful Underwear that I have fallen in love with I even have a jock strap in the exact same pattern The pattern is beautiful the underwear just fit like a glove.

A glove on my butt They fit like a glove on my butt.

Like come on Oh, yeah, and what I love is it almost every single month? I've been able to choose a brand of underwear from this company, which makes me super happy Here's another pair of boxer briefs just for you.

Okay, this company is Marco Marco.

First of all the color.

Yes I also want to shout out this company like so much right now because they did an all trans Fashion runway of trans people wearing their stuff.

How amazing is that? So they're super trans friendly and it makes me feel like empowered to wear a company that I know Like is good for trans people.

So I'm actually really glad that underwear expert has Marco Marco and it just feels good You know what feels good like to be honest, like look I don't have a body like all these people who model on underwear expert and who make videos for them Who're all like super toned and are all in their ads and whatever.

I don't want to be like that.

I want to be like me I'm my body and that's who I am and I love that but I would love there to be more Representation of people who are just a little bit bigger, you know Just so that I could feel less alone.

And that other people could feel less alone because Having underwear like this like this is a large I wear extra large No, I think I'm gonna wear these today just feel really you know, you feel really good on my butt alright, I've been just strutting in my underwear like all day long and I'm sweaty because of these lights and it's ooh It's making me so excited to touch all of these underwear.

I'm about to show you my favorite pair so yeah, I have a favorite company because their underwear so nice, but I got this pair and I [HAAH HAAH] Heavy breathing cat meme thing because oh my god You're gonna understand in three seconds, aren't these just the most perfect Underwear for Chase Ross come on, and it's flamingos and it's blue and pink So they're like trans colors and it's flamingos Holla.

I feel like underwear expert put this in the box like let's add this to the catalog just so that Chase can pick them because there's so trans and his brand I Love it.

You know what I take it back.

I'm gonna wear these today.

Yes to be quite fair I don't know how this videos gonna turn up I just want you to know that I had so much fun filming it and you know Not that that's all that matters because of course.

I want you to be entertained I want you to get like good information But I will tell you that it was just really fun to walk around in my underwear and show you the underwear that I wear Day-to-day that I pack with because I–I have like stopped thinking of underwear as packing underwear.

I have now thought of underwear as just underwear because I feel like I have found a packer that works for me and The underwear that I get every month from underwear expert just they act as just they're just underwear to me now.

And yes They are just underwear.

But for the longest time, I always saw underwear as oh, is this a packable underwear? Can I pack in these underwear? And I don't have to think about that anymore because all pairs that I get now the–because they're these are like designer designer and they're brands they really take care of their underwear and they really make sure that they're fitted especially in the junk weiner area, so it makes me feel very Controlled like very compact very I just feel like really secure in the underwear anyways Please go to the underwear expert website use the link below because that's my link and I want them to know that you're coming from my link, use my discount code to get fifty five percent off Not fifty, fifty five percent off your first box, which is awesome And again, you can choose to get any underwear that you want or you can get them to surprise you I will let you know though.

My first box was a 'surprise me' so I was like, oh, I don't know how this works I want to do it.

I wasn't very happy with the choices.

Like I still I still wear them.

I still have them but I much prefer being able to pick and select the underwear that I want because Like I got the Flamingo underwear like uh hello and then I got all the underwear that I put there and then the underwear on Skell like come on! It's just so much fun! Oh my! Let me know in the comments below! I'll see you later.

I hope you have a great day Let me know if you get a box and oh my god, tag yourself on Instagram tag me in the picture itself people have been doing that and I just look I feel so empowered getting these underwear every month and being able to like share it with you and like take pictures Of myself in my underwear and I feel so great and seeing other people being able to do that on Instagram has been so [HAH] rewarding And so amazing to see other people feeling uplifted and empowered to do that So if you're one of those people you don't have to be oh my god You don't have to get this far do whatever you want But if you do get the box and you do post pictures, please please please tag me I would love to see them and I would love love-love-love to like it.

Alright, I will see you later I hope you have a great week Have a great day bye! [tongue click].

Decorating Your DIY Underwear

hello Frida here, so today I want toshow you how you can decorate your repurposed underwear from my previousvideo, I'll link that above and also show you an underwear pattern that assemblesdifferently, so this pattern from a wardrobe by me has three pieces, a fronta back and the gusse,t and

you'll need some fold over elastic to, connect thefront and back pieces directly without a gusset in between and then attach the gusset piece on topof this with the help of markers on the pattern I have used an organic bamboo fleecehere, it's what I use as a core of

my cloth pads and I thought it would benice and soft just making sure everything is straightand pining it in place the gusset is then sewn in place with astretchy zigzag and this is the seam that will more or less show from theoutside depending on thread and fabric this

is a construction choice you willhave to take into consideration you get a bigger gusset piece with no foldedover seams while in the pattern in my last video you get no visible seams witha shorter gusset piece then the sides are sewn together pinning the gusset in place inpreparation for

the fold over elastic I start with the waste, placing the startand finish close to the middle back gently stretch the elastic as beforelining up the edge of the fabric with the fold in the elastic, going all the wayaround almost away you started remember to hold the side seams

allowances to theback then gauge how much elastic you need forthe fold and overlap and cut the elastic, line it up how you want it sew to theedge of the fold turn the panties 90 degrees and zigzag over the edge of thefold trimming the fabric before folding over and

sewing the elastics to theother side for the leg openings I start on the backpiece close to the side seam I thought that would be the least noticeable placeto have an overlap and sew the elastic in place in the same way as usual make sure the gusset piece gets

nicelyenclosed and here they are finished, you can seethe seams from attaching the gusset piece but since the thread is matching it'svery minimal and does not show when you are wearing the underwear I chose todecorate this with a simple little bow on these blue ones I have used adecorative

bra elastic instead of the fold over elastic for the waist hem this is not designed to fold over so youattach it by first zigzagging it right side to right side with the decorativeedge facing down, close but not touching the decorative loops then as you can see me doing,

folding itto the back and zigzagging again from the front which makes the decorativepart stick up above the fabric very nice, these ones also got a little bow, here wehave a pink example of not having enough fabric I decided to put panels of alighter pink fabric on the sides

of the front, I made them too big and then cutit out according to the pattern I found this little strip of ribbon onthe inside neck of the original sweater I seam ripped it loose and attached it to oneside of the panels, I used a straight stitch here as

the ribbon does not haveany stretch anyway, cut off the excess and hid the edges in the fold overelastic I really like how these ones turned out next we have my stripey prison underwearI got the panel with the buttons of the sleeve and it was fun matching it withthe

stripes of the underwear I sewed this on by hand, it was easierthan trying to navigate around the buttons and hem with the sewing machineI really like how the red elastic liven up this fabric, and here you can see thatthe seam from the gusset is much more evident, this

dusty blue ones came from asweater that had see-through lace at the top of the front and back, in this caseI cut out a full front of the pattern and then found two matching pieces oflace and zigzagged them on to the sides then I cut away the fabric

underneathmaking these see-through lace panels, adorned with a tiny mother-of-pearlbutton this teal ones was a bit of an accident,I made them too low for my liking and made a large double folded hem piece toget the correct height, in this case I had a tunic to start with and thereforemore

fabric so I decided to make something fun with the stripes, I cutsome strips on the diagonal and meticulously pined them together matchingevery stripe a miss here would ruin the effect I made two of these, sewed them togetherand put them in the center of the front piece with the

stripes pointingdownwards then I sewed on the side pieces and an extra bit for the gusse,t I love the green fold over elastic on thisit really complements the colors of the fabric and the little bird decoratingthe front came with the tunic, thank you so much for watching if you

like thevideo don't forget to give it a thumbs up, that really helps me, and subscribefor more crafty content, if you do like what I do consider sponsoring me viacoffee to help make these videos possible and thank you so much to JanetFord who did just that, thanks again for

watching and see you next time

Best Men's Underwear Brands Under $30 – Calvin Klein, MeUndies, Mack Weldon & More

Welcome back to the Gentleman's Gazette!Today's video is about the best underwear for men, $30 or less.

Over thelast 10- 15 years, the underwear market has changed dramatically.

While it used to besomething that was just stuffed to the dark corners of a department store withbig brands like Calvin Klein and Hanes, now, you have a lot of specialist brandsjust focusing on underwear, oftentimes, they sell directly to the consumer.

And alsothe materials, while they used to be just cotton or cotton with a little bit ofspandex, now you can find all sorts of nylon, modal, micromodal, you nameit! So in today's video, we'll find out what's worth your money, what isn't, no matter if you are on a super low budget or if you can affordsomething closer to $30.


So first, let's talk about materials because apartfrom the cut, it's a very important component of your underwear.

Let's start withthe most traditional, cotton.

It is a great fabric, it's a well-known staplefor most men that wear underwear.

It's a natural material and if you want to learn moreabout it, please check out our cotton guide, here.

It's really in-depth! Overall, itis a great natural material except for one reason, it is very absorbent and for underwear, you don't want moisture to be stuck nextto your skin, you want it to be moved away from it.

Personally, I like cotton with a bitspandex if you are not very active and you don't sweat a lot because it stilldoes the job, it's somewhat breathable, and it's very affordable.

Of course, you canalso get very luxurious cotton that costs over a hundred dollars a pair butto learn more about the different quality ranges, again, check out the cotton guide.

Whatabout longevity? While shorter cotton fibers twisted in ayarn are less expensive but they're all more prone to pilling which just looksold and you have to throw them away.

Another important material in underweartoday is Modal.

It is made by the Austrian company, Lenzing.

Just likeviscose, it is a semi synthetic fiber, meaning everything starts out withcellulose derived from trees or bamboo or other sources.

Modal is stronger and softer than viscose.

It's also not as absorbent ascotton, you can dry it in the dryer without any damage, and it doesn't pilllike cotton does, for example, or nylon.

A variation of modal is Micromodal.

Itmeans that the fiber is even finer, meaning it can be woven more tightlythat it's also softer but it still has those same characteristicsas the regular modal.

The result of it is often that the touch is almost likesilk but because the fiber is a little finer, it may not last quite as long as aregular modal.

For underwear, Micromodal is considered to be the cashmere ofsynthetic or semi synthetic fibers.

Lenzing manufactures micromodal onlyin Europe so even if the underwear is made overseas or in Asia, the material wasstill produced in Europe.

It has only been around since the 90s but Lenzingdid some good marketing and they have a really good product.

It's softer thancotton, its moisture wicking, and it's shrinking resistant.

Again, you can put itin a dryer without any damage.

It's also breathable and there's a low heatretention making it the ideal fabric for an undergarment.

On top of that, it has avery high stretchability and again, it's not prone to pilling.

So in my mind, micromodal is the best material you can have in a pair of underwear.

That being said, regularmodal is still a good material.

So what about spandex, elastane, or lycra? They're allmade from polyurethane which means they're derived from oil.

It's basically allthe same stuff.

In the US, it's known as spandex and Europe, it's known as Elastane.

Lycra, again, is a brand name for Elastane so don't get yourself confused, it's allabout the same stuff.

You will never find a pair of underwear made out of ahundred percent of elastane or spandex or lycra, they're usually blended with other fibers such as cotton, polyester, or nylon.

The threads are nearly invisible so it's very easy to weave it into other fabrics.

The fiber's characteristics are that it's very elastic, it's very stretchy, it's very durable and it has a low heat retention.

On top of that, it'slightweight so it's a good fiber to be blended into underwear.

So what aboutpolyamide? Well, that's a category that contains a number of different productsincluding nylon and Kevlar.

Yes, that's the material they use for bulletproofvests.

Polyamide is a product derived from crude oil.

When blendedwith other fabrics, it adds an element of elasticity and a silky smooth finishbut sometimes also a little bit cool.

Unfortunately, it has a low breathabilitybut it's very prone to pilling.

It also has a moderate heat retention and just amoderate ability to be moisture wicking.

Because that, in my book, nylon orpolymide is not the best material you can have for your underwear.

So what aboutJersey? Well, Jersey itself is the category of a knit type of fabric.

It canbe made by many brands and made of different materials so it's difficult togive a blanket statement about Jersey.

In the past, it was often made from cottonor cotton synthetic, it usually was very stretchy because it was a knit and it wasa popular material for underwear.

It's usually very soft, has a high elasticity, but alsoa high heat retention and with other materials like modal or micromodaI, thinkJersey has become less and less popular.

Now, one of the most popular materialsfound in less-expensive underwear other than cotton is polyester.

It ismade from a synthetic polymer that's essentially a kind of plastic.

So whatdoes that mean for underwear? Well, polyester has a high stainresistibility.

It's also wrinkle resistant but unfortunately, it has a very highheat retention which means you're more likely to sweat which is notadvantageous for underwear.

It's also not very breathable, it is lower moisturewicking and very prone to static build-up.

So again, not a good materialfor underwear.

Why, you ask, is it used then? Well, it'sdamn cheap and that's why companies still use it these days.

So what are the characteristics you want in a good underwear fabric? First of all, you want it to be soft.

You want it to be breathable, want it to be elastic, want it to beresistant to pilling, you want it to be moisture wicking, quick-drying, it's supposed to have a low heat retention, and you justwant to be able to just throw it in a dryer and be done with it.

So that means modal and micromodal are your top choices.

In theory, theycheck all the points and in practice, I saw those results when I tested them too.

Next in line for me are cotton, one with elastane or maybe cotton modal blend.

In last place comes in polyester and nylon because they're just not made forunderwear.

Now, before we take a look at all the different brands and tell youspecifically what's good and what's bad about them, here are a few importantthings about the hallmarks and characteristics of underwear and thecut.

So what's the most important thing in a piece of underwear? For me, it isdefinitely that there is as little skin-to-skin contact as possible.

Becauseof that, pouch underwear is out in the market in multiple different variations.

No, not all special pouches are constructed equally.

The brand Saxx wasvery early to market.

There's also Sheath or Bn3th andwe'll go over all those brands later.

That being said, a specific pouch toprevent skin-to-skin contact it's not always necessary if the cut, otherwise, is very ergonomic and the fit is close so skin doesn't touch skin.

Other things to look at on your underwear is the rise.

Even though longer rises aremore popular, I found that a shorter rise of about two to three inches is idealbecause it makes for a better fit and less skin-to-skin contact.

While in thepast, seams were a big deal, all the brands we tested had the same kind of flatcomfortable seams and I couldn't even tell that my underwear had any seams soit's really a non-issue these days.

When it comes to the waistband, bigger isn'talways better.

We found that you want something that issoft but has a certain structure that doesn't give you a muffin top.

Now forthis video, we tested 10 different brands ofunderwear and sometimes, the same company also sells underwear that is a lot moreexpensive but we did not get those simply because we wanted to be fair inthe under $30 segment.

By the way, this videois not sponsored, no one is paying us to say anything, this is 100% my unbiased, honest opinion.

First, let's start with the classic Calvin Klein.

Ever since the 90s or even the 80s, it has become somewhat of an underwearstaple, especially in the US.

They are not exactly innovative but they're a preinnovation classic.

How do I know? Well, I've personally worn Calvin Kleinunderwear for over 10 years.

I first bought it in 2006 when I first came to the USbecause there was a deal at Macy's and in Europe, Calvin Klein underwear wasa lot more expensive so I bought a bunch of them.

I still have some of these oldpairs of underwear in my drawer even though I've to admit, I don't wear them asoften as I used to since I had better underwear these days.

In the past, I'vehad cotton versions and polyester versions; over time, I really came toprefer the cotton ones because they make me sweatless.

Just to see where things are at today, we ordered a three pack of CalvinKleins in a cotton and elastane mix with 95% cotton.

They have a flyless pouchand the cut has improved compared to their old cotton underwear, Ithink.

Overall, for$8.

32 a pair, I think they do a pretty good job.

The waistband on the CalvinKlein is noticeably tougher than on other pairs we tested.

Otherwise, theseams and the cut on the Calvin Kleins are very similar to many other brands outthere.

The Calvin Kleins were made in Kenya which is unusual and it's the onlypair of underwear in our lineup that was made there.

Looking at the workmanshipand stitch quality, it's all top-notch and there's no reason to complain.

Thereis some skin-to-skin contact because there is no pouch but overall, I think agood value pick.

My rating would be 3 out of 5 stars.

Brand number two is Saxx.

I've personally owned Saxx since 2012 and they wereprobably one of the first companies that introduced a pouch style underwearthat reduced skin-to-skin contact and therefore, sweating, thus increasing the comfort.

Back then, pretty much all of their underwears are under$30.

These days, it's different.

There are few that are above $30 like the Volt andthe Vibe and there is a few that are under $30.

Now, all Saxx underwear is made in China.

The only pair under $30 are theUndercover, the Daytripper, and the Sport Mesh.

The undercover costs $28 and aremade out of a blend of cotton, modal, and spandex.

I find the fabric to be reallycomfortable and I think, for $28, it's a fair price.

If you want a slightlyshorter inseam, go with what they call trunks, the boxer briefs are a littlelonger.

The Daytripper boxer briefs cost $25 just like the Sport Mesh.

Both aremade of a blend of polyester and spandex and I would suggest you stay clear ofboth of them because I don't like the way they insulate everything down thereand make you sweat and uncomfortable.

Now, the main feature of Saxx underwear iswhat they call the ballpark pouch.

Basically, they use mesh panels on theleft and right side, as you can see here, that are supposed to keep everythingaway from your thigh skin.

Overall, I've always found that the Saxx constructionwas an improvement towards having nothing there at all.

At the same time, Ialways felt that the mesh was too thin to really provide a good separation.

Personally, I would prefer if they use the actual same material they use forthe underwear.

Overall, I would say my comfort was increased and it was anupgrade from a Calvin Klein pair.

If you look at the market materials, they toutabout their flat seams which, again, everyone in the industry has and their9 panel construction which, in theory, sounds like a good idea to yield abetter three-dimensional fit, however, in practice, I found that when I was wearingSaxx underwear, it didn't feel any different than most of the other brandsthat had a good cut.

In terms of colors and patterns, they come in solidsand a few patterns.

That being said, one of the most underrated things in men's underwear isthe color.

In an ideal world, I would only wear skintone underwear for regularfabrics especially some that are thin such as white pants and if there's awhite pants lining, I would even go with a white pair of underwear so youwouldn't see that contrasty line between thepants' lining and your underwear.

Otherwise, if you have a striped pair ofunderwear that you wear underneath a pair of seersuckers, you can see itthrough and it doesn't look very good.

The same is true if you have maybepineapples or a bold color like red.

Overall, the Saxx havegood material composition and I would give them a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Why not five? Well, I think the pouch is a way in the right direction but it'snot perfect yet.

The next brand is Meundies.

They retail for $24 but they alsohave a monthly subscription plan where you just pay $16 for a pair.

They'remade in Sri Lanka which is a big textile sewing center in the world.

Thematerial composition is 92% micromodal and 8% elastane which is a very goodblend, very good base fabric that checks all the boxes as discussed before.

I alsolike their inseam of about two and a half to three inches.

Meundies are flylessbut on the inside, they don't have any extra fabric layers that preventsskin-to-skin contact.

However, for me, I found they wereanatomically very well cut.

They had a rounded pouch than just straightflat seams and so there was a very minimal skin-to-skin contact without aseparate pouch.

So while Meundies doesn't make any claims beyond thebasics, I found their pouch to be rather three-dimensional and large so maybethat comes in handy for you.

They offer quite a wide range of colors, you can getseven classic colors, at the same time, they don't have a single skin tone.

Theyalso have a brighter color lineup as well as very adventurous patterns withdinosaurs and pizza which I think no self-respecting gentleman should everwear.

Of course, I tested all of them including the bold patterned ones but thematerial is all the same, the weave is all the same, so there's no difference inthe different colors and patterns.

In my mind, Meundies provide a great value, especially if you buy them as part of the membership deal but even if you don't, $24 is less than other underwear brands charge you for a micromodal with a verygood cut.

I would also give them a 4 out of 5 stars because there is still aminimal amount of skin contact and that could be improved by a more inside designpouch.

The fourth underwear brand we reviewedwas Bn3th.

Look at the name, it's a little weird and before, they werebranded as My Package which was likewise weird, so I guess they can't really wraptheir head around a proper brand name.

Their classic boxer brief costs $30, youcan buy them in packs for 55 bucks and they also have sales.

The material composition is95% tensile modal and 5% spandex.

Overall, very soft, very breathable, excellent choicefor underwear.

It's made in China and has an inseam of 3 and a half inches, I thinkmaybe half an inch or an inch less would even be better.

That being said, in thiscase, it's ultimately not that important because it has a special pouch.

Unlikethe Saxx that just has mesh strips on the side, the Bn3th has the same fabricthat is sewn in a u-shape all around.

It's a little more noticeable than theSaxx underwear but it does a much better job at preventing skin-to-skin contact.

Overall, I prefer the My Package pouch of Bn3th to the ballpark pouch fromSaxx.

Overall, the Bn3th material is verygood, the cut is, in general, good.

Their pouch is functional, I think it could beslightly improved to make it even more comfortable and at the same time, theircolor choices are very bold and I don't want a pink orange purpley desertinspired pair of underwear.

That being said, it is comfortable, youcan get it in more muted colors, not in skin tones, of course, because why wouldanyone do that? Nevertheless, four and a half stars from me.

The next brand is ExOfficio Give-n-Go.

It cost $26 a pair, you can also get them in two packs whichbrings the price down to 23.


They are made in China from a 94 percent nylon and 6%spandex blend.

It has a very interesting weave that's really light and airy, has acool silky smooth touch but overall, it's a fabric that will eventually pill andit retains heat more than micromodal and will make you uncomfortable.

Now, what Ireally don't like about this pair of underwear is it's very roomy and airyso for me, this underwear is a no-go.

If you like this style of underwear, go forit.

Otherwise, I will just give it one star out of five.

The next brand is called T-Bo.

They don't just have an unusual name but they arealso different in a sense that they use a viscose 95% with spandex.

They heavilyadvertise that their viscose is derived from bamboo and for any type ofviscose, you need to start with cellulose but whether it comes frombamboo or a tree or other sources, it doesn't matter in regard to the endproduct and the quality of it.

It's made in China, has a two inch inseam which isa bit shorter but that allows for a tighter fit that means there's less skinto skin contact.

At first, I thought their label was quite rough and I realizedit's a tear-off label which is actually a smart idea.

It costs $24.

95 and has awaistband made out of the same fabric that's reinforced on the inside, which Ifind quite comfortable.

Overall, they felt good in day to daywear, they had very little skin-to-skin contact, no extra special pouch on theinside or any bells and whistles and I am not a big believer in viscose becauseviscose is popular because it's mainly cheap.

So, overall, I would give it arating of 3 out of 5 stars.

Next up is Tommy John.

We looked at theirstuff and most of it really comes in at above $30.

They had one option that had areally long inseam, almost all the way down to the knee, which I'm not a fan ofat all.

And another option was just plain cotton but we refrained from testingthem because I think their heart is really at more expensive underwear sowe'll test them at a later point in time when we talk about premium underwear.

The8th brand in our lab is Ribbed Tee which are out of the ordinary in the sensethat they produce in the US but under $30.

I think if you buy three pairs, they areeven just 28.

So for a made in the US product, it's really affordable.

They comewith a six inch inseam which is a little longer but the cut is overall, good sothere's not much skin-to-skin contact.

The material is what they call a coolnylon and spandex.

Touch and feel is silky smooth and good but again, nylon, not thebest material for underwear because it pills andretains heat.

The pouch is very three-dimensional and the waistband isnon-existent so it's very soft and comfortable to wear.

Now, I've tested different Ribbed Tee products over the year.

Originally, theycame out with kind of a silicone strip on the side that was supposed to keepshirts coming out, I didn't think it really worked and they probably didn'teither because they don't do it any longer.

They then switched to the nylon spandex fabric and had a shorter inseam and thecut wasn't ideal.

I think the cut of their latest iteration is really themost superior one of all of them.

I would just wish they would switch to a micromodal material because that would even be better and that would really elevate uptheir rating from a three and a half to probably a four and a half.

That beingsaid, if made in the US is important to you, they're a really good choice andpretty much the only choice in our lineup.

The ninth brand in our lineup isMack Weldon.

Most of their stuff is made in Thailand these days but they havedifferent options in a below $30 price segment.

I've had some of their olderpairs of underwear in cotton and comparing them to the newer ones, I can definitelysee an improvement.

The two kinds we looked at were the 18-hour Jersey for$24 and the Airknit X for $28.

The 18-hour Jersey is a blend of 47 and 1/2 percentmodal, forty seven and a half percent cotton and the rest is spandex.

It is supersoft, it's a very comfortable fabric, and even though it has cotton which absorbsmoisture, I find it to be very comfortable if you just go to the officeand live in a climate that's not super hot.

The waistband is noticeably improvedfrom the old underwear, it's much softer now and it's advertised as no roll.

I've had no issues with it.

It has a fly less pouch and areas with mesh that'ssupposed to increase breathability but there's no separate inside pouch the waywe know it at Sheath, Saxx, or B3nth.

One thing that's weird about them is thatthey put material information on the outside of your underwear which makes mefeel like I have a big tag on the outside that's visible that I just don't like.

The Airknit X is made of a material that is a blend of polyamide, polyester, andelastane, which they called breathable microfiber.

In my mind, it's an attempt torecreate some of the characteristics, the softness, stretchability of a modal or a micromodal but it's simply not as good a fabric.

The other thing Mack Weldon does is theyput “for daily wear” on the inside of the waistband so I have accidentally worn theminside out.

I think they are a decent pair of underwear but not reallythat much special and I think I'd rather prefer the Saxx underwear over the Mack Weldon because it has a little mesh insert.

So for Mack Weldon, I'd say threeand a half out of five stars.

The 10th brand we tested extensively was Sheath.

Theone I like is the Sheath V sports performance underwear.

It'smade out of 92% modal, 8% elastane.

It costs $29.

Now, just like Saxx or Bn3th, Sheath heavily advertises their pouch but honestly, I found their pouchis designed so poorly that it doesn't really do its job and I have skin toskin contact all day because it doesn't stay inside.

Also, the pouch is cut sohigh that even if it stays inside, you can constantly feel it which I don'tthink it's beneficial.

So while the material is nice, I actually have this extra layer onthe inside which I can feel and it's not ideal so I'll just give them a two and ahalf out of five stars.

So what about brands like Tani, Hanro, or Zimmerli?Again, just like Tommy John, they are more premium brands and we'll discussthem at another time.

Overall, my favorite in this lineup was Bn3th, just by ashort margin.

If Meundies had a pouch system, I think they would have been myfavorite.

The best made in the US is Ripped Tee and if you really want to gobudget, I think you go with Calvin Klein because they're inexpensive and they dothe job.

If you can afford a little more, maybe Meundies is the best bang for thebuck but overall, this was our lineup.

If you enjoyed this video, let us know whatelse you want us to test in depth because these things take a lot of time becausewe really have to test them so we don't want to do stuff that you guys aren'tinterested in.

if you enjoyed this video make sure to check out our Is it worth itseries where we review iconic products so in today's video I wore tonsof underwear I even had to get creative to stay warm in a cold studio when weshot B footage yep that's right for you guys I do almost anything otherwise Iwas just wearing a dress shirt that is yellow and charcoal gray striped withgold Monkey Fist knot cuff links from Fort Belvedere they match the belt buckle andmy boots are British boots from Trickers in a nice tan color with a matching beltwhich is a prototype from Fort Belvedere so stay tuned I hope we can soon offerthem to you in the shop.


we would like to think the underwear expert for sponsoring one of our videos again yes today's gonna be a challenge video yeah do you know what it is I don't know the name of your challenge you don't know no it's a tricky name it's putting on pants with

no hands putting on pants with no hints yeah and we'll be doing it in our underwear yeah cuz well the underwear expert as you guys can see the box is very discreet there's a black box it doesn't show anything about any wear underwear the shipping label doesn't say

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pants and she is gonna be harder so the logo is on the inside the underwear expert friends don't let friends wear bad underwear do you have bad underwear up I have the ones on from the last time really so my I have good one scary oh nice yeah

let's see that these are the ones that I'm not sure this let's do this one first that one what about yours – mine excited you underwear oh right you chose some good ones oh that's the same I think it's the same as you chose the same ones yeah

for the first one we're gonna wear the same law scene once it's garson model who you really like the brand we likes and the the fabric is really nice I like the blue outline the blue borders yep and he has a nice contrast with the pink yeah I

like blue and pink together let's do it and hopefully it will fit our buddies I don't know about yours but so we're gonna try these on you ready I'm getting ready wait I like these okay so we have our we have our pant from the floor I guess

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have kind of kidding we're gonna do our current of all costumes they're really tight one two three go yeah loser one out is the same one [Music] oh yeah [Music] [Music] [Music] okay okay I think I won over if you do like the underwear you can't wait well

it's back home so if you guys want to get some new cool underwear you can use our code which is s o 2f as steps of two foreigners and you'll get 55% off all the first order or you can click the link down below just put the coupon

code so2 F yes 55% off what's good it's a good deal and I would like to say that the big thing for us is that the underwear expert has always supported the LGBT community yeah big thing yeah true and the customer services has always been amazing so remember

to go out make memories with some new other way and you're ready to celebrate your birthday mmm I think so but I can't have any cake but you're gonna be wearing that you can wear the underwear and we can you really for sure okay thank you again to

the underwear expert thank you so much okay bye bye dance Billy is amazing that's my birthday spanking [Music]

Small business story: Knobby Underwear (Part 1 of 5)

it really does give them this hidden confidence in their pants that feel really special about themselves my name's Rob Brown and I'm the founder and managing director nabhi under way nabhi is a subscription underwear love my wife and I we first started in 2014 we're a fun light-hearted

colloquial Ozzie brand we ship a new unseen design to members all over the world every month this is our genius in Australia and designer Phil yeah this one is working on now which is a bit of a sneak peek big inspiration that Tiger nothing more powerful then I

guess this is the original design on screen that's our comes out on the yeah so the brand is quite unique because it it's created a culture about guys no longer hidden with their underwear so they're now quite open about their underwear they'll take your photos their underwear they'll

talk others about what designs they're wearing we use social media more to you know engage with our customers we listen to our customers for feedback it allowed us to create new products new styles a couple of the feedback and reviews we get coming in I think like my

favorite one is just the social and sweet you're less of a company more of a mate massive complained about nabhi they're so perfect how am I ever meant to go back to wearing anything else we never in a slider set out to create women's range when when we

first started the brand we were getting emails all the time from women saying why can't I get mine I see my husband get his surprise in the mail where's mine and so in the end were like why not let's do it we have two sides to the business

there's the subscription side and then there's also the online store the online store has some previous month's designs in there but it also is an avenue for us to do some special edition releases we see Nabi is very much a tech company we struggle to just be able

to purchase and like an off-the-shelf shopping cart system you know we're so much more on that base in the subscription model that entailed us having to create our own software applications behind the scenes it allowed us to really integrating with Australia post system it all just creates a

really seamless integration this is a part of our back-end software called backbone you know we're building some real-time mapping technology it allows you know everybody in here to really stay aware of where every single payer has been packed and where it's been sent to we reached some crazy

corners of the country I still scratch my head as to how Australia pose money just to get it to some of these places a big focus of what we do is we call it the Nabi experience so everything has been meticulously designed and crafted from the package that

arrives the way it's opened the messaging that is written on the box as you open it until we finally open up your underwear which is a surprise design people love that a straight post has been with us since the very first people sent we're now really fortunate have

a really nice local support network with Australia Post it allows us to ship our product to so many places in the world dependent on the weather the customers budget and was that with spend how quickly they need it we approach our work life with more of a work-life

integration approach it's so handy having us both work together because we can go the beach with the dogs and the kids and be working we might go from talking about what we having to seen enough to talking about the marketing strategies are talking about the kids are kindy

we have a small team our team is very much what creates nabhi we were always really looking for somebody who fits the brand the culture and just you know the personality as well so the cool thing about having really awesome people is you can just let them go

and do the job and you just have so much trust and and you know it's gonna be awesome

Primark Underwear Try-On Haul 👙 Testing Cheap Lingerie!

Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel.

I think at this point you might have noticed I've been filming quite a few videos about having small poops I'm a size 32 see and that sounds a lot bigger than it actually is a lot of people have been commenting like 32c is not even that small and first of all, it's not a competition and second of all My boobs are a lot smaller than you would expect for them being a 32c because they are quite far apart I'm not wearing a bra right now And this is what my boobs look like on a day to day Because they're quite far apart from each other and they sit sort of like that way on my body They do seem a lot smaller than they technically are according to my bra size Your bra size does not dictate the shape of your boobs.

It's the shape that dictates what they look like And so that's what's going to influence whether or not you have small boobs or big boobs Does that make sense? The fact of the matter is that I have friends who are like a 34 a or 34 B and they can look like their boobs are bigger than mine in certain outfits and certain bras and Yeah, so that's my reasoning for saying why I have small boobs I know that I shouldn't feel the need to explain that before I film a video But it's literally like the top comment on every single video that I film about boobs that being said I really wanted to bring a series onto my channel where I try underwear from lots of different places because at the end of the day, I'm a 32c.

I'm quite lucky in that most places that stock underwear do stock my size and bras are Expensive right bras are expensive and nice underwear can be such a huge factor in making us feel good about ourselves Nice underwear isn't just for the people who were sleeping with We're not doing it for boys or girls whenever you're into wearing nice.

Underwear is such such a huge part of who I am as a person even if I'm not expecting to see my boyfriend that day even if I'm Not expecting for anyone to see my underwear I still wear matching sets and I still buy underwear that I feel really good And that doesn't always mean I'm spending a lot of money on my underwear I'm very lucky in that I can go into almost any single underwear shop and they will have my size I know that girls who have much bigger boobs They really really struggle to find like shops that stock their bra sizes at all And if they do have that bra sizes they're extortionate ly priced and so I wanted to bring a series on to my channel or I just go through and I test all of The underwear that you might want to try but don't know if is any good Do you know what I mean the thing about this video and I put it off for such a long time It was like I can't do like a try on hull with like underwear and bitch.

Why the fuck not Really why the fuck not I have filmed bikini Tryon holes in the past and I didn't think twice about that So why is this any different? You know, so today we're going to be trying on underwear from Primark.

I went in and I spent 37 pounds on underwear now 37 pounds is usually maybe what I would spend on one Bra and underwear sets and I got a lot more than that.

So I'm excited to see What you guys think this bag is so big.

I literally don't know what to do with my life so this is the first set that I picked up it was 12 pounds and you got two bras and two thongs like Brazilian cut type of cheeky underwear.

Well, actually it says right here plunge, bra and Brazilian for 12 pounds so this is the first thing that I picked up I Really love to the colors first of all I thought the underwear looked super cute and I'm excited to try them on my first criticism and I will say this from the beginning of this video is that Stuff like this is amazing.

Right because it matches.

It's pretty it's cheap and hopefully it looks good We'll see but Primark doesn't really do matching sets and him bothers me I went in and I found such lovely bras, which you will see and they didn't they didn't have a matching set It wasn't displayed.

It wasn't hiding anywhere I even asked a few of the sales girls and they were like, no it doesn't have a matching bottom and I'm like wow You have such nice bras Literally the things I picked up are beautiful and yet there's no matching set what do you mean and I'm gutted because I really wanted this video to be like Here's a matching set for really cheap.

You could look so cute and like look It's all put together and one well And I can't do that because bar this one none of the other bras had matching sets.

And so I'm quite excited about this I hope it's nice.

I hope it looks good.

I hope it's comfortable.

I will insert the clip of me trying it on So this is the green one out of that pack of two that I've bought.

I love the matching bottoms I think they're so cute.

These are so flattering They look really nice on the bun and I just these cutaways the lace.

I love it I love the color the bra I have to be honest is not my favorite.

It is quite comfortable I can't really kick it for that.

I think you know as far as bras go.

It's a very comfortable bra I like of the straps are adjustable because it means that I can sort of like gauge the right Kind of lift that I need very little I can do about this noisy guys.

Fuck are they doing? You're gonna have to excuse that fucking noise.

Honestly, there's nothing I can do about it.

The only way it falls short for me Really is that the cups unite right at the front in the middle here? there isn't a gap in so my natural breast shape they want to sit a little further apart and this bra is currently pushing them together a little more than they would like So I know that slowly they would like move back into place and I would have to pull my boobs back and forth and readjust Throughout the day.

I'm gonna give this set a 9 out of 10 It would be a 10 out of 10 if there was that slight different design, but you know That's just me.

If your boobs are shaped differently to mine.

Then this might be perfect for you.

I think this is so comfortable I love the color.

I love the design.

I love the bottoms and I'm just very very happy with this entire set So this one's obviously the second one in the set.

It's got all the same criticisms for me I don't really like the color of this like I wouldn't personally go into a shop and see this and be like, oh, That's so pretty.

I definitely got this set because I loved the green one, but you know, I'm not mad at it I think it's pretty huge.

I think you know, it's not gonna be my most worn out of this set I'm definitely gonna wear the green one a lot more but y-yeah, you never know Maybe one day I'm gonna be feeling especially girly and like this will come out It does look nicer since I think tens, but I think if I had been my usual pasty white self This probably would have blended into my skin, too And I really wouldn't have liked it.

Then the second bra that I picked up with six pounds and it was this beautiful number Oh my god.

This does not look like it belongs in Primark If I saw someone wearing this on like an Instagram picture or something I would never have guessed Primark and for six quid are you kidding? I've paid like triple that amount for bras exactly like this one and this is a push-up bras Well, which I'm quite excited about so pretty I have to say I'm a little disappointed in this bra I thought I was going to like it on me a lot more than I actually do I have quite a few bras that are this shape and there's some of my favorites but this just doesn't do Anything for me it's a push-up bra but I see no push-up here whatsoever.

I love the design of the bra I think the color is so pretty It does fall short on the fact that it doesn't have a matching underwear set because where are you going to randomly find? Some underwear that suits this exactly you're not design-wise.

I think it felt short and that it's not true the size it's a lot bigger than every single one of my other 32c bras, and I'm just generally I Just feel a bit matte in it.

It doesn't scream.


I look good to me And that's what I want out of my underwear.

So I think I'm gonna give this one maybe like a 4 out of 10 It's just not my favorite this next one.

You're gonna have to excuse me.

It's a bralette and it's the world's most Simplest like Jersey soft.

This is the softest thing I've ever seen in my life.

And that's totally why I picked it up So it's a bralette I can imagine myself wearing this to the gym I don't always wear like sports bras because I don't need the support because my boobs are quite small and so I can get away With wearing stuff like this.

I just thought it was so cute And it was totally the softness that sold it for me.

They had extra small small medium large and extra large I picked up a small because Although it's stretchy.

I kind of put it around here and this I feel is going to be quite snug I could have probably a fit into an extra small But I didn't want to take the risk because I love this and I don't want to have to go back and return it So you guys I am so excited And happy with this bralette.

It's honestly the single most comfortable thing.

I have ever worn in my entire life It's so soft it fits perfectly.

But then again it's a bralette and like brought Let's just fit good, you know, but it's so soft.

It's super comfortable around the back It doesn't dig into my shoulders because it is so soft honestly This is gonna go so well with like my cookie green jim shark leggings I'm just very excited about this ten out of ten does everything I want a bralette to do and more.

I love it.

I'm quite excited about this one So this is the boost your bust by up to two cup sizes I don't know if I buy that I'm excited to try this on multi way maximize your assets yeah, it's just a simple black bra but the straps it comes with an instruction kind of design at the back where you can put Your straps in any which way that you want which I thought was quite good because I like to wear kind of like different tops I my vibe is very much like jeans and a nice top and so I have tops that like cut kind of weird and I usually Have to go for wearing no bra with it because I can't get a bra to look nice And so I quite like the fact that these straps can go in like five different ways.

So I'm excited about that I'm excited to try it on my experience with these bras is that they aren't super comfortable and they're very expensive, right? But instead I picked this one up in a 32 seat for 7 pounds, so sorry, but if this works out for me It's going to change the bra game forever I was quite excited about this bra and I'm not gonna shit all over it because I think For what it is and what it's meant to be.

It's a very very good Dupe of a lot of bras like multi way bras that are going to like make your boobs 2 cup sizes Bigger all of those really expensive bras that you see advertised everywhere and you see in like Debenhams and stuff like that This is a very good dupe for that.

I feel like every single bra that I've tried like this is exactly like this And so if you're gonna spend 6 pounds or if it wasn't six pounds However much you're gonna spend on this the first is spending like 30-something 40 something pounds on Is entirely similar you're better off going for this? However, it's just not really my thing First of all the band right here is really tight and I know that it's kind of meant to be that way because it's meant to like Hold you up really tight and secure, but it's just quite uncomfortable And I know that it would get very very painful like throughout the day the push up in this bra is immense Like it's so much and it's so hard and it's made it makes the bra feel like rock I literally feel like the mom from Mean Girls You know for the amount of push up that is in this bra, it doesn't make my boobs.

Look that good So I just don't know if this is the right bra for me.

It's quite structured I feel like my boobs are going to slip into the sides as they usually would and because it's so tight I think it would get quite uncomfortable I would spend most of my day like Readjusting my tips and I just don't want that in a bra one thing about it is that this would be a really good really? Supportive strapless bra if you took these off this thing isn't going anywhere and your boobs aren't going anywhere So if you're looking for a strapless bra or you have like a top that's like weirdly cut or a dress That's weirdly cut and you need a very specific bra for that.

This is your friend You should go get this so I'm gonna give this bra a 7 out of 10 because I feel like it tried really hard I feel like it's achieved all the things that it wanted to achieve But for me, it's just not comfortable and I wouldn't wear it Just like I wouldn't wear the bras that it's trying to dupe.

You know what I mean for what it is I think it's a really good option And if you're looking for something like this, I absolutely recommend it But I know I will be wearing it and hopefully I'm able to return this and last but certainly not least I was quite excited to find this It's this nice little very number super simple t-shirt bra But then it has these straps along the bust here, which is so flattering I have quite a few bras that are like designed like that And I just I like that extra little bit of detail any attention that I can bring to my non cleavage I'm very appreciative of this isn't a push-up bra.

So I feel like it's going to sit really nicely under a bunch of tops It's not going to feel super uncomfortable I don't think my boobs will sort of like fall into the padding girls Did you feel me does does that happen to anyone else? I'll wear like a push-up bra and I'll sort of like put my boobs in it and then throughout the day my boobs just sort Of like go back into the side of it.

And then the padding is going over my boob and it's just Not cute and not comfortable either but this bra was to pound 50 What do you mean to pound 50? I love this bra.

I think it's so comfortable It doesn't try to push my boobs into a shape that they're not this is the magic of wearing a bra that suits and fix your boobs the way that it's meant to even though this is the cheapest bra of the lot and Definitely the least fancy one.

It's just a normal t-shirt bra.

I feel like this is my favorite This is the best bra out of the entire lot.

I love these little straps I think they're the cutest little detail and if you're wearing quite like a low-cut top It's just a little bit of something in your cleavage.

Do you know what I mean? If that sounds like a giant wasp It's not it's building outside my house and it's been going on for like a year and I'm really mad about But I'm gonna give this bra a 10 out of 10.

It's everything it's 2 pounds 50.

It's a beautiful color It fits like a glove it's so comfortable.

It's true to size And I just there's nothing else for me to say The only thing it Fulshear on obviously is it doesn't have a matching bottom and that infuriates me Primark Can you please please please please please? Make matching sets for your underwear because the amount of stuff that I picked out at the Bross that I picked up They looked beautiful and just because they didn't suit me and like my boob shape It doesn't mean that it won't suit other people the bras are so pretty They're so pretty but you just falling short in not having a matching bottom.

Why would you not have a matching bottom? It just doesn't make sense.

But I love this a lot It's totally gonna be one of my next to go to bras for two pounds fifty two pound fifty I spent more money on coffee on my day to day life Then I did buying this bra let that sink in but that's it for my under eye primer haul I hope you enjoyed this video.

I hope it was helpful.

I hope it was interesting for the bras.

That didn't work out I'm really crossing my fingers and hoping that go back and return them I walked out of the shop with my receipt and I was like, hold on.

I don't think I can return underwear So actually I don't know if I'm gonna get my money back on the ones that didn't quite fit, right? So I hope you have Advil turned off the kids you girls gonna need that Adsense, you know But thank you guys so much for watching.

I hope this video was fun for you guys Let me know down below Which brand you think I should try underwear from next and I will be sure to film that for you Please give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it subscribe to my channel if you haven't yet And I will see you next time for a brand new video.

Bye everyone.

Louie Anderson Is an Underwear Hoarder

-This is a wonderful jacket.

I want to just start by saying.

This is my — listen, this –I may never wear another thing.


[ Laughter ] -I lost it, you know.

-I did know.

What happened? -You saw it on the –I — I got so — I was at the airport, and I left it or dropped itor someone took it.


[ Laughter ] -You know people will.

-I know how they do it, yeah.

-They see a jacketand go, “Ooh.

” [ Laughter ] “Got to have it.

” And they could be big and –but quicker than me.


[ Laughter ] -So I put it on Instagram.

-That you lost it? -Luckily, I had a thousandpictures of it.


-And so I posted a pictureand said, “I lost my jacket inMinneapolis/St.

Paul airport.

” That's my hometown.


-Yeah, give it upfor Minneapolis.

-Glad to see you got out here.

[ Laughter ] And I didn't get any response.

And then I said, “Maybe I'll just callthe lost and found there.

” Which don't — You know how thatis, calling the lost and found.


-You never get through.

Boom, guy picks up, John.

I go, “Hey.


” [ Laughter ] You picked up.

I turned into Romney therefor a second.

Hey! And I go, “Do you have — Can you check to seeif you have a giant –” [ Laughter ] What is the name ofthat stuff they call it? There's a name for it.

Anyways, I think I said herringbone which is wrong, but jacket.

And he comes back and he goes, “We got a big blue checked one.

” [ Laughter ] I said, “Will you send it?” This was, like, Thursday.


-I said, “Will you FedEx it to me? Because I'm on Seth's show —Oh, yeah.

-Monday and I'd like towear it.

” -And they did.

-And he did.

[ Cheers and applause ] I think his namewas Don Gubosch.

-Don Gubosch.

Look there you are.

You're so happy.


-There's the FedEx boxand everything.

-You know, cause you need — Nowadays, when you're going onsocial media, you need a story.


[ Laughter ] -It's obviously — I'd justgotten back from the new “Solo.

” My “Star Wars” shirt.


-And I opened the package.

And what was in it? Of course, that jacket.

It's obvious.

-No, it's like —It's all wrinkled.

-It's like a three-act play.

[ Laughter ] -Happiness is that I amon Seth Meyers' show.

-With your jacket.

-With my jacket! [ Cheers and applause ] And Fred is back! -Fred's back.

-Yeah! -What is –You're on a newer tour.

What is the name ofyour new tour? -“Big Underwear” tour.

-The “Big Underwear” tour.

How do you come up — how do you name your tourthe “Big Underwear” tour? -I was washing my clothes.

[ Laughter ] Which I don't normally do.

[ Laughter ] But when you're on the road, you've got to do things.

And I fold– so I put themin the dryer.

And then I was folding them.

And I took out the underwear.

And I went, “Jesus.

“[ Laughter ] I did.

It was an involuntary “Jesus.

” [ Laughter ] Like I go, “Jesus!” And I'm looking aroundfor someone to tell.

And no one was there.

I go, “Are these mine?!”[ Laughter ] “Are these mine?! No!” 'Cause you don't knowhow big your underwear on while you're — are while you'reputting them on.

I got ahead of myself.


-But you don't know.

And then I go, “My God.

” -Yeah.

-And so I said, “I'm not — I'm gonna do it.

I'm gonna do a tour called'Big Underwear' tour.

” [ Laughter ] 'Cause I'm an underwear hoarder.

I don't know if you know that.

-What are we talking? A total — -Six big boxes when I cleanedout my storage of big underwear.


[ Laughter ] -From different decades.

-Oh, wow.

-'80s, '90s.

-So you've never — And looking back, has the style changed a lotover the last four decades? [ Laughter ] -Well, yeah.

The '80s, they were carefree.

[ Laughter ] The '90s, ew.

And, you know, just –yeah, they were.

You know, I was a poor kid.

So I always thinkI'm out of underwear.

-Oh, okay.

-And that's why I had them all.


-No one wants them either.

[ Laughter ] -Oh, have you tried togive them away? -Yeah, Goodwill won't.

They shame you.

-They shamed you at Goodwill? -Yeah.

They go, “It's unsanitary.

” I go, “They're clean!” They were clean.

-They won't take them?-No.

So I make artworkout of them now.

[ Laughter ] -So you — obviously, you play a mom, on “Baskets”, which is fantastic.

It's a fantastic portrayal.

-Thank you.

-And did that inspire you then to write this bookabout your mom? -Yes.

I came home one day.

I was working on the showwith all my good friends.

There's Zach Galifianakis and Jonathan Kriseland Martha Kelly.

And I was overwhelmed.

And I was thinking about my mom.

Because I'm reallyplaying a mom.

I'm not playing Louie Andersonas a mom.

-You're really not.

-I'm not.

I'm telling you, some weird thing happens to mewhere I disappear.

It just does.

Anyway, I can't explain it.

Wish I could.

So I wrote, “Dear Mom, “and I wrote this long letter.

And I sent it to a couple people because it mattered to me, the letter.

And they — they were –both said, my good friend Abraham and mymanager Amos, and they said this would make a good book.

And I said, “Ugh, that seemslike a lot of work.

” [ Laughter ] -Your mom seemed to be quitea character, especially at restaurants.

What was your mom likeat restaurants? -Well, she didn't –any Midwesterner, if they aren't waited on within15 seconds, they do this.

[ Laughter ] “Is there anybody else here?” It's true.

Honestly, my mom's first wordswere always, “Could we getsome extra butter?” And the maitre d' would say, “Well, let us seatyour party first.

” [ Laughter and applause ] -It's really a lovely book.

-Thank you.

-And she seemed likea lovely woman.

And it really is truly, for my money, one of the great portrayalson television.

And I'm so gladyou're still doing it.

And thank you so muchfor being back.

It's just always so greatto see you.


Dan and Phil fighting in their underwear!

P: Hello DanandPhilGAMES, pubs!D: Hi! D: Pubs because you are dank (P: Yes) and sticky P: Sticky? D: and you smell like someone spilt beer on a carpet 20 years agoP: Dan, everyone's gonna leave the video nowD: Welcome to British culture P: Yeah, we're coming to you live from Hong Kong.

D: This is not live.

P: Oh (giggles) D: This is a- this is a YouTube video, Phil.

P: This is a video.

D: This is not a live recording.

P: You could be watching this when I'm 80 years old.

D: The world is not gonna be around in 80 years.

D: Spoiler alert; I know that.

P: I'm feeling positive.

Both: Anyway.

P: So as we've discovered, gaming while travelling is quite a challenge.

D: Yes, absolutely.

P: But, thankfully coming in to save the day (D: Mm?) was a special delivery from OnePlus! D: Ooh.

P: Who have sponsored this video.

D: Yes, and they – they are smartphone makers for Android that do ones that are great for gaming.

D: And they gave us their new flagship OnePlus 6.

P: Ooooh.

D: Which is very black and shiny.

P: Yes.

D: As you can tell, definitely my aesthetic.

P: It's like you compressed Dan's soul into a phone.

D: No colourful phones for me please.

Get those away from me.

P: So we were thinking of what we could play to put this phone to the test.

D: Yeah P: And I had a genius little twinkle in my brain.

P: Which was, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds D: This is a terrible idea, okay?P: Why!? It's not! D: Phil has never played PUBG, okay? D: He's never -P: But this will be the last day I can ever say that.

D: Absolutely.

P: We can experience that together.

D: He was like, 'It's like Fortnite, but without building, right?' And I said, 'That's probably offensive, Phil.

' D: I played a lot of this on the PC, (P: Yeah?) before I got into Fortnite D: I feel like the people that play it are very good.

P: They are? D: So I feel like we might not last long.

P: It'll be fun for them to experience us playing the game.

D: Definitely – we're playing against other mobile users.

D: And we do spend most of our lives looking at our phones.

So maybe that's an advantage.

P: Also I wore this, especially.

P: Because it is a: Pug Tee.

P: You get it? P: You get it!? P: You get it? D: Bye.

P: No! D: See you later.

P: I need you! D: Nope.

P: Come play!D: Nope, I'm out.

P: I need you for this war, you need to carry me out with my wounds! D: I literally quit the channel.


D: Phil has got another one, so we're actually gonna play it together as a Duo P: YesD: But before we start we're gonna put the phone into GAMING MODE G A M I NG D: Which is – good reference.

D: – Which is a mode where, basically, it can block your notifications, save battery and network boost while hiding other apps.

D: Although you have to add it, so go to Add apps, and then scroll down and select.



D: PUBG mobile.



D: And now, boom.

D: I feel like I need a gaming mode but, for life.

P: And what is that? D: So I can just turn it on, and then nobody can call me or text me, and then also my network is boosted mentally (P: Yes) for the video game.

D: Less time thinking about anxious things.

P: That would be good.

D: Like cringe attacks from ten years ago.

D: I feel like we probably should, because this is your first experience, both actually dropping completely naked.

P: W- Why are we naked? D: I think other than (P: What kind of war starts with everyone naked?!) the body armor and the helmet, P: Yeah D: The clothes don't actually matter P: Is there no crotch protection? D: We're gonna go for the strat of scaring our enemy P: Ok D: By exposing ourselves to them.

P: Fine.

That is a bit weird.

D: It'll work, though P: Danisnotonpubg invited you to a team D: Wait a minute, Phil, our two characters look exactly the same.

P: No, no, mine's got darker hair.

D: Right, no, look at me, look at my character.

P: yeah.

D: That is very me.

D: My one looks way more like me.

Firstly, Phil, you are like three more shades paler P: True D: Secondly, there are a lot of emo haircuts there that look more like yours P: I think, I think I was trying to go for the new quiff hair D: Alright, ok P: Yeah might be bit confusing.

D: I see what message you're trying to send here and I'm taking it as a compliment P: Yeah, I'm just making us both spin around a lot P: That's why I'm enjoying doing.

You spin me right round, Philly, right round.

D: Stop ruining my character.

P: Sorry D: Alright, we're gonna go on Erangel, which is a place of bushes and trees.

P: I love Erangel D: Or is it (says Erangel weird) P: (repeats) D: Orange jelly? P: Orange jelly.

D: Are you ready? P: I'm ready! D: Let's drop! Phil, do you actually even know how to control this on mobile? P: No! D: Basically, just imagine you're holding, like, a controller.

P: Okay D: And then press the target button to shoot.

It'll be fine.

I love that this is a mobile version of the game and it's fully running with no, like, frame drop P: This is a- You would not think you're playing on a mobile phone, would you? D:It's low-key more powerful than the Xbox One P: Dan, let's go swimming.

Live your Free fantasies D: Yes, okay.

Battle royale, more like battle hangout Woo! D: Yeah, man, pool party! (P: Who's this?) D: There we go.

(P: Hello) Just two bros chilling in swimming pool.

Oh- P: There's a clown D: Hey thereP: Erm, ok (laughs) D: See, this is what I'm talking about.

P: That was weird D: We just fully made that person Blair Witch themselves in terror, (P: I'm punching you) okay.

D: What are you- hello, excuse meP: Die, die, die! D:Look at the bruises that we're giving each other right now D: Who are Dan and Phil, these naked men punching each other in a pool D: Right.

P: That's what it is D: Where do we want to drop? P: Holy crapola.

The ruins? D: I always, I always drop in the ruins! P: Or the hospital.

P: The hospital'll have loads of good things D: If you want to die immediately P: You can just slam someone with an x-ray machine D: The hospital is the Tilted towers of this map P: Okay, let's not do that.

D: See? Understood that.

D: Welcome to Air PUBG P: I can jump now.

D: There will be no service included in this flight D: But there is free Wi-Fi if you want to connect.

The password is Pug Tee D: Jump! (P: Oh my, God) D: Right, go down.

Come on, Phil.

And remember fly immediately face down.

P: How do I face down? D: By tilting up.

P: There we go, there we go Ya dingus P: ♫ I believe I can fly ♫ D: ♫ I believe I can-P: Fall out of the sky D: Nice P: Okay, mine's opened D: Yep, now let's just gayly drift forward P: I'm nowhere near the ruins, Dan! D: Are we both nowhere near the ruins- where are you?! P: I'm falling into a barn house D: Where are you? Where the hell are you? D: Oh my, God, okay.

Plan's changed.

I'm finding Phil, guys P: Find me! D & P: Oh my god, Oh my god D: This whole thing is a disaster (P: Cabbages!) D: There we go, right.

P: Alright if I can just find a cabbage, I can whack someone over the head with it P: And then I'll get (unintelligible) D: Phil, I cannot believe D: I am now sprinting, naked, across half the map to try and find you P: Save me, dad! P: Ooh, I've got a gas can D: If somebody starts shooting me D: I am just running around in underwear right now, Phil D: We're gonna be in the bubble when it shrinks so that's good P: I found a backpack! D: You've got a backpack, okay.

You could- P: I mean what more could I want?D: Y-You could want a gun? P: Ooh! Found a helmet.

D: Okay, there we go.

See? You're not naked now.

You've got a bag and a helmet.

D: You're good to go P: I mean, it's pretty weird just wearing boxer shorts, a bag, and a helmet D: Oh my god you're so far away P: How did this happen? D: How did this happen? It happened because you have no idea how to parachute (P: No) Phil P: That's true P: I just want one gun, and then I'll be happy D: Well, I'd be happy if I had one gun, a lot of ammo- Ooh, look, there's a bike that we can steal D: What? P: I've got a gun.

D: We're in some messed up situation right now where you need to protect me P: I can see you! (D: Hi!) Run to me! D: Don't shoot! D: Have you explored all these houses? (P: I've had a little look) Or is- P: Oh my god, there's someone there! D: Where? P: Crap! D: Kill them! Kill them, Phil! Go on! D: Right.


P: Ah! D: I'm gonna squat D: Yes, yes! Punch him in the ass! (P: In the ass!)Both: Yes, yes! D: Oh my god P: I killed someone! D: That was actually incredible P: Oh my god I'm still being shot, I'm still being shot D: Christ, alright.

Run inside the house, run inside the house P: Holy crap! P: Oh my god D: Yes! (P: I'm coming!) Oh my god, how have we actually got two kills right at the start P: This is great D: Dan and Phil, king of all battle royales P: We could win P: I can't come in this door D: I feel like- wait, shh P: Oh, there's someone there D: Where? P: God! Dammit, die!D: Oh, immediately outside P: Yes! Come and help! D: Yes! Oh my god, okay.

This is very dangerous P: I'm scared D: I feel like we should go in the house, Phil.

Come in the house.

(P: Protect me!) Come back in the house P: Protect me! P: I'm just gonna crawl around D: Okay, well, I feel like we need to go outside and loot them.

P: Okay P: Right, I'm just gonna worm over P: This does not look comfortable in boxers on this hay.

D: Oh a flight attendant top and the chimpanzee mask P: What the hell? D: Um, okay.

Great D: Phil, look at me a sec (P: What is that?!) This is a strong aesthetic right here, people.

P: That is horrifying.

D: I invented style D: We were completely naked P: Ah! Oh it's- there's someone there!D: Where? Where? Where? P: There D: Oh my god.

No, I didn't want to jump! Oh (censor) Right P: I'm coming! *gunshots* P: Get them D: Yes! Okay.

Wait, there's another personP: Oh, they're still there! D: Yes! (P: Oh my god, oh my god) Four kills! Ninja who? Dr DisRespect who? D: Ooh, a first aid kit.

Yep, okayP: Am I in a maid suit? D: You- I think we're both very kinky right now, Phil D: That is, that is a whole look right thereP: (laughing) How did that happen?! D: You are full on- You are full maid cafe P: Come to the maid cafe! D: No, okay, we are not doing swimming pool roleplay and maid cafe roleplay D: We are in a- P: Senpai! D: Oh god, this video is so much weirder than I hoped it would be D: if somebody comes into this house and sees Danisnotonpubg and AmazingPhilly D: and I'm dressed as a schoolgirl and you're dressed as a maid P: We're just living our best life!D: -and this gets out before we upload this video.



D: Se- se- senpai! P: Grab the guns for me, senpai~D: Can I have a chai tea latte? D: Please! Please, miss! P: Oh my god, someone's gonna kill while we're roleplaying- someone's coming P: Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.

Oh, I can see themD: Where? P: There, they're outside P: This could be it *gunshots* D: Yes (P: Yes!) headshot.

I've peaked guys, this is it.

P: Give me your loot-ussy D: Ooh.



ruined that right there.

I like this- oh my god D: Move, move, move! D: Where, where, where, where? P: *squawk* I don't know! D: Run inside.

P: I'm scared, I'm scared! P: I'm in a different house to you D: No, we're in the same house.

Shat D: Wait wait, they're outside.

P: Why does everyone want to kill us? P: What is happening?! D: Yes! *blows raspberry* D: Did you see that? P: Yes, I was just struggling to turn around it was fine.

D: I am so jammy this is utterly ridiculous P: How many people did you kill? D: Six I think? P: I've killed two, that's eight kills between us! D: I mean I'm probably gonna do better in this one mobile game and then I did in like two months of playing it on the PC P: What is actually happening? P: Should we get in a car, or something? D: I think we should run across the map to the guy that looted us.

Have you got my back? P: I've got your back.

D: Have you got my back?? P: I've got your back! D: Right, I'm gonna tap this loot I'm gonna loot him and I need you to tell me if someone's shooting us.

P: Okay D: Here we go P: I'm watching out for you.

D: Okay.



Well, there was like a motorbike near where I came from Did you want to go on a vehicle rampage? P: Yeah, I wanna go on a rampage.

D: A buggy! P: Yas.

D: Yes, please.

Oh my god, this is incredible P: Let's buggy! Do we need to put fuel in it? D: Yess, lad! D: Drive D: Okay, and you're in.

Right, you can shoot, okay? P: I can shoot.

D: We are going right into the middle, are you ready? P: Yes! D: Here we go lads! P: It's like Mario Kart D: *sings song* Speed boost, speed boost! Kill that bitch!.

Yes! Shoot, shoot, shoot! D: Kill them! P: I can't! D: Kill them, Phil! D: Come on.

Come on, they're there.

P: I need to reload.

D: I'm gonna drive in laps.

I'm gonna drive in circles D: There they are! Behind us, behind us! Oh God, Christ.

P: This is stressful.

D: They're there on the house to your left, to your left! P: Where?? D: Oh God, I'm just gonna run.

P: Okay, run away D: Phil.



P: That was too fast.

D: You are on the back P: I'm overwhelmed.

D: you have to save us, okay? P: I should be driving.

D: I'm in me mum's car D: Vroom vroom P: *giggle* D: That's us right now, playing this game D: We are serving looks, P: We are.

D: and bringing in the death toll.

So, we are, really.



you know .



the MVPs of this entire battle royale right now.

P: Would you trust me to drive a real car? D: No! Are you kidding me?! P: I've got a driving license! D: Sticking to the road is very dangerous because people, you know, They'll pick you off they'll do whatever, but I feel quite confident, and I respect the rules of the road So here we go.

P: I'm tryna be like Eagle mission looking out for people.

D: Well, when you do see a person will you be able to shoot them, because there was someone right behind us before.

D: I feel like it's more likely that we're gonna die by me driving us off a cliff any moment now P: Don't drive us off a cliff.

D: You know what I mean? P: Someone's on the floor.

D: Let's get off here.

P: Don't know how to get out of the car.

D: I killed them.

Right, you tap the button that says off.

D: I feel like there might be someone in this building.

P: Really?! Why are we going into the building!?! D: Wait, is someone looting? Someone is looting.

D: Look, I mean what is going on right now? P: What? How many kills now? D: Eight.

I'm gonna go loot them, or is that dangerous? P: That's dangerous.

D: I think we need to P: Okay, D: I think let's go loot them.

You have to get my back though D: Okay? P: I've got your back.

D: I put away my guns so I ran faster D: Tips, tips there.

D: I Love that we're both just doing this in a hotel room.

P: I know D: We're having such an intense experience.

P: I'm so stressed.

D: *whispering* Yes, steal all the stuff.

P: Oh my God, oh my God! P: Die! D: Yes, knock them out.

You get the kill, Phil.

You get the kill.

Come on Phil.

Come on, Phil P: Yes, yes D: You did it, loot them, loot them P: Take that, Gordon! D: Poor Gordon.

Don't mess with the kawaii lads P *giggle* D: That's what our clan is gonna be called.

P: Is that our new gang? D: Cute boys, with a K [Kute Boys] P: Cute boys on tour.

D: Do you want to go up here onto this top or are we going to be like, in.



The obvious zone of too much attention.

P: I feel like I'm gonna get shot in the ass D: Well, in the event that we do, we'll still be fine.

I don't get sniped by somebody though.

I like that we're keeping moving.

But all right.

Let's just go in here I don't wanna just walk around like a headless chicken.

D: You in [here] with me? P: I'm in D: Right.

P: Right, shut the door.

D: Who have we got, and where? I'm scoutin'.

P: That is not a good look for me.

D: What, where? P: My skirt has risen right up! D: Oh! Phil!! D: Oh my- okay, and also why are you on the floor? Hello? P: I'm hiding! D: BAKA P: [There's] someone here! P: *Dramatic gasp* D: *blows raspberry* P: That's- that was so stressful.

D: There is nothing worse than the sound of another rapidly approaching player in a battle royale P: Oh my gosh.

D: Those tippy taps of doom.

D: To be fair, for your literal first game of PUBG ever.



P: I'm lovin' it! D: .



And for my first ever time on mobile, I think we're doing fairly respectably.

P: We are! D: We're doing better than the actual video where we played Fortnite on PS4 P: Yeah, D: And you've played that for dozens of hours.

P: *screams* *both laugh* D: I was ready.

P: I was not! D: Good to know that you had my back there, Phil P: I just screamed! D: That was really great.

P: I froze, I couldn't even press the button! D: That's like, it's a good tactic though; you scream in fright.



I think he just opened the door Saw two men wearing schoolgirl outfits and just went “Kill me.

Just straight up kill me, fam.

” P: Yeah, “This is the end.

” D: “Just shoot me in the head right now.

” P: Final ten! D: Shhhhh.

SHHHHH P: What are you doing? D: Just appreciating your thighs.

P: Stop it! D: That's a very high skirt.

It kinda makes me feel uncomfortable.

I don't know how I feel about this.

P: Don't shame me and my outfit choices.

D: Look, it was the first thing we saw.

P: It was.

Nine left.

D: See, now all the idiots have died and it's just the people that actually know how to play.

P: Oh my god! P: *fricken screams* P: Yes, yes.

D: I mean, this building has just won us the entire game.

P: What if they post something through the letterbox? D: I don't think that's a feature D: It would be really good if it was detailed enough so that they could actually post things through letterboxes.

D: I don't feel like the genre is there yet D: We are right in the middle, do you have any idea how lucky we got? P: Shh, don't even think about it.

D: People are just gonna keep coming into this building because it's like the safe place P: Right, let's just get ready to kill them all.

My finger's hovering over the bullet, Dan D: That is the sound of the plane going ahead.



D: Dropping the really valuable weapons.



D: That we don't have.

P: We've got the power of our kawaii outfits, we dont need- D: We don't need rocket launchers or.



D: thermal goggles- P: Shh! D: Never do that again.

P: I heard something! D: my hands are starting to sweat.

P: My face is sweating.

D: I feel like at this point in the game My clammy hands are the biggest enemy.

Battle royale is a horror genre.

P: It is, I find it so stressful! P: I don't know D: The colourful lights of Fortnite are the only thing that makes it less scary P: *gasp* Oh my God, oh my God.

D: Are you ready? Shh.

D: Don't move P: *gasp* Yes! I killed him! D: Close the door.

P: Close the door! D: Or did you want to loot him? P: No, just close it, we don't need it.

D: Yeah, we do.

P: What are you doing?? D: There's three alive.

P: How is- that means there's one person left.

D: That means it's us, and one person.

D: I feel like we're gonna do this, Phil.

P: We can't.

D: When it gets really really tiny.



P: Yeah? D: We just need to run outside- P: And kill one person.

D: And if one of us distracts them.



P: *gasp* D: Shh.

Both: YESSS!!! D: WHAT D: THE HELL?? P: How did we do it? D: WHAT? D: WHAT?? P: *claps* D: Are you joking??? Are you joking?????? P: I can't believe it! D: KFC, mate! Chicken katsu curry, mate! P: My first ever game! D: Chicken kiev, mate! D: Cheers, boop.

D: Thank you OnePlus for sponsoring this video, thank you Hong Kong for having fast WiFi.

P: Oh my God, I'm so happy! D: Thanks to my mum, the academy, Phil's hair.

P: [Thanks to] the dog that I don't have yet.

D: There's just, I mean, okay.

P: It's the lucky shirt.

That's what did it.

D: Can you see- look, look at the sweat on my hand.

P: My ass is sweating.

D: Right, I'm gonna take this phone, I'm just gonna leave on this app forever, and mount it above my bed, like: “This is what I peaked, everybody.

” P: I can't believe we won and we've got video evidence of that fact.

D: Let's just go delete our Fortnite video.

That never happened, yeah? D: This is how good Dan and Phil are at battle royales.

P: Yeah, this is it, this is it, yeah.

Look at us- video games.

D: And this little guy here was recording that footage and playing the game at the same time P: Yeah D: One thick bih- actually it's very.



P: It's a thin bih.

D: It's very skinny D: But inside it's got that 8 gigabytes of RAM, so it's good.

Do you think you'll ever play PUBG again? P: I just want to ride the high of winning so I don't think I need to.

I think that's it.

D: So that's it, now.

P: So you want to find out more about this beautiful phone there is a link in the description below D: Yes, indeed and look forward to us Streaming battle royale games everyday and just becoming the most well-known pro gamers in the world.

P: Yeah D: Cause obviously, you know.



P: That's what awaits.

D: We'll be like.



Cosplay gamers that wear schoolgirl outfits and maid outfits while streaming P: Yes! D: Whilst also serving the pro gameplay Which is the niche that not many other people have managed to get in P: Totally.

D: The future of DanAndPhilGAMES, there you go.

P: So, give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed our win.

You can subscribe to our channels below, watch our last video.

P: I hope you have a good day.

D: Hope your having a nice day.

P: Don't shoot people while wearing anime costumes.

D: But do look good in skirts.

See you later.

P: Bye!.

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I am a huge fan of sleek well taperedworkout joggers.

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Sobecause of that if you want some workout pants at a decent price, you were gonnaget this dumpster fire! No bueno! I'm SD we ain't got time for thatlet's sew! Let's start by flipping these bad boys inside outside that we canmeasure and pin them.

Wait, what? Yeah, I'm gonna measure them and I'm gonna pinthem inside out because it's a lot easier to do it that way and it stillgives you a really good idea of what the finished product is gonna look like.

These pants, these pants are just hideous! Honestly, whose idea was this? Whose ideawas this to make these pants like this? I want names! And the worst part, UHH! Theworst part about these pants is that ridiculous rise! The rise is gonna bethat distance that's between your waist and your crotch.

And on these pants? It'swider than the Nile River! Seriously look at it! It looks like I am wearing adiaper.

Let's uhh, let's let's change up that whole depends look we got going on.

Nowthese pants are 31 inches from the crotch seam all the way down to the cuff.

Whichis just another way of saying the end of the pants.

What we did is we put a pinthat's an inch from that crotch seam, and then another one four inches down.

Andthen we put a pin every four inches until we get to the bottom.

But wait waitwait wait wait, SD slow down, how do I.

How do I know where to put the pins? Howdo I know how much I'm supposed to measure? And do I measure from the seamor do I measure from the end of the pants, like I dude I don't get it!Well as far as measuring goes you can kind of sorta do either or.

You canmeasure from the seam or you can measure from the edge of the garment.

But youjust want to make sure that you're consistent and you want to be aware thatif you measure from the end of the garment that seam is actually they addlike a quarter of an inch so heads up.

If you think it's an inch and a half, it'sactually more like an inch and three quarters.

Yes!Math! Said like no one ever.

And this is the part where you just get creativewith it.

Test out different widths and see how you feel about it.

See how itlooks, start with taking an inch off and just kind of work your way up from there.

Or even work your way down from there.

Once you start doing this for morepairs of pants they're gonna kind of sort of develop a baseline as to whatyou like to take off of your pants.

But since you have never done this beforehere's what I did.

I've got these pants pinned from the waist down to the knee atan inch and a half.

And then from the knee all the way down to the cuff itcomes in to two inches, which is really gonna give me a nice taper.

After youpin them up try them on and see how they feel.

Is it too tight? Well just move thepins out by about a quarter of an inch to a half an inch.

They're too loose? Thenjust go the opposite way in those same increments.

Keep watching till we get tothe sewing part because I messed up bad! When you are done measuring and pinningand trying them on and spinning in circles on stools like I usually do.

Makesure they look exactly like this.

All that fabric will be on the left sidewell out of the way of our sewing machine so that it doesn't get allbunched up under there.

And we can just feed our pants through that machine likea hungry hungry fabric monster.

Oh and I wonder why I have no friends.

We aregoing through the whole thing in one shot.

One line all the way from the cuffthrough the crotch on down to the other cuff.

Don't worry it's easy.

And if you'vesewed a shirt before you got this but hang on there's there's kind of a bigdifference.

We for the first time ever are going to be using the safety stitch.

Bloop! Now it's very similar to a straight stitch.

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And because of that stitch going backwardsonce it creates an incredibly strong stitch.

And yo I got a squat butt so I need all the protection down there that I canget.

And look at that we are at that crotch seam but we're just gonna keepgoing straight through.

No stopping at all and now what we did is we just gaveour pants a lower rise.

We got rid of that diaper butt! Man the things that Ithought that I would never say.

Oh wait for it, wait for it, here it comes BOOM!I lost it.

My thread it got all frayed and then it broke.

Just like that I wasalmost done and I lost my top stitch.

Oh and uhh that that actually happened threetimes.

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And if it does just don't panic it's not a big deal all you got to do iscut off that bottom stitch from your bobbin.

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HONEST Buffbunny NEW Fall 2019 Launch Review | Game Changer Backpack, Joggers, Leggings, and More!

– Hey, guys, and welcomeback to my channel.

And today, I'm so excited'cause I'm reviewing a bunch of stuff from theBuffbunny Fall launch.

Okay, Peach wanted in here early.

Fall is like one of my favorite seasons.

Not because the weatherjust gets, I don't know, nice and temperate, it's just nice outside.

But also the flavors of fall.

We know I'm talking about pumpkin spice, but there are other flavors, too.

Anyway, Buffbunny reallygot all of these colors really on point for fall.

I feel like a lot of brands kinda forget about the fall colors, but it's such a mood to have a nice little warmorange, a little wine color, a little green.

Like, yes.

So we got some joggers, we got a nice hoodie.

Okay, now she's done.

We have leggings, sports bras.

There's some really cute sports bras.

And the Game Changer backpack.

So I got my Buffbunny GameChanger bag in August, and then I recently started dental school, and I have worn that bag every single day.

I am carrying around one bag to class, and all my friends havelunch bags and everything.

And I just put my lunchliterally in my bag.

But sometimes, I feel like the only one without a backpack, so one day, I was like, what if they made a backpack with the same compartment? And literally that day, theyposted on their Instagram.

'Kay, I'm gonna go into thedetails of this in a minute.

But I'm just really pumped about it.

Anyways, this might be one ofmy favorite launches so far just because I think a lot of the pieces, they're not just gym-wear pieces.

You can wear them elsewhere.

And the colors are just so cute.

Also, I do have an affiliatecode with Buffbunny.

If this review helps you at all, it would mean a lot to me if you could put that code in at checkout'cause it does support me.

Also, you guys always DMme with sizing questions in anything, and I'm literallyalways happy to answer.

You guys are always surprised.

You're like, “Oh, I can'tbelieve you responded.

” I respond to every single DM I get.

So, unless you're a creepy guy.

I won't respond to you.

This is still gonna be an honest review.

The most important thingto me on my channel is that I always give my honest opinion, so you guys always know that.

And just a brief little update on some of my old Buffbunny stuff.

I've been wearing it tothe gym all the time, and I haven't had a singlequality issue with anything.

Like, no rips or anything.

And a recent pair of leggings I reviewed just kinda like split up the butt, and they were like $50.

Never had an issue withanything Buffbunny.

That is just my experience, but I don't think any of you have messaged me saying that you've had issues with Buffbunny.

Anyways, I just feel goodrecommending this stuff to you guys because Iknow it's gonna last, and it's just so darn cute.

So without further ado, let's get started.

So first, we need to talk aboutthe Game Changer Backpack.

So here it is.

I did measure it, and it'sabout 17 to 18 inches tall.

So it should fit most laptop sizes.

The laptop compartment, it's kind of hidden.

The zipper on the laptopcompartment is black, so it's not like, hey, steal my stuff, you know? But yeah, you just kindaslide it all in here.

It's pretty spacious.

It is padded, as well.

Then you have these side pockets, so you have kinda this little situation.

This wouldn't fit my water bottle.

I have a huge Hydro Flaskbecause I drink water like nobody's business.

If you have a smaller water bottle, this would probably fit.

Another little side zipper pocket, and they have the same on the other side.

These straps are adjustable, and they're padded.

Also, the backpack onlycomes in one color.

Comes in black with silver accents.

So here is what thelittle logo looks like.

I'm not really sure if this is focusing, but here's what the logo looks like.

Just a little B, it's very subtle.

I'm also running a Buffbunny giveaway on my Instagram right now, so be sure to go enter that sothat you can potentially get a $50 gift card before the launch so you can snag yourself one of these.

Anyway, here is the inside pocket.

So you have kind of along mesh pocket here.

Maybe put some pens or whatnot.

Then this is another water bottle pocket.

Kinda keeps your waterbottle inside your bag if that's a better spot for you.

It won't fit my Hydro Flask.

At least, I don't think.

So I have a Hydro Flask.

Yeah, the Hydro Flask won't fit.

So this is a 32 ounce Hydro Flask.

So just know that if you havea really big water bottle, you probably won't beable to carry it in here.

Then we have a zippered meshpocket in here, as well.

And then you actually have adecent amount of space in here.

It's not like the biggestbackpack in the world.

It's not like, I used to carry around a hugeNorth Face backpack.

So it's definitely more petit, but I still think it's gonna fit everything that I'm going to need.

So that's that, and then ithas a meal prep compartment.

And this one's spacious.

This is even bigger than theGame Changer handbag one.

And that one, I've never hada problem fitting my lunch.

Okay, so here is my normal lunch-size Tupperware that I have.

And we're just gonna pop it.

But look at that.

Fits perfectly, you can zip it up.

And there's stilldefinitely room on the side.

I can push this over, and you can see, it has extra space.

So yeah, that just kinda makesthe bottom of this part flat, so you do have a littleless space this way.

Now, I'm gonna put, I believe this is, I thought this was 15inch, it might be 13 inch.

But pop her right in there.

And yeah, that is plenty of space.

Still have space in the top.

And then I'll put my iPad in.

The iPad is in there, and now we zip.

And here we are.

We're ready to go.

This is honestly really cute.

I'm a huge fan.

You can also see the fabric.

It has that kinda like, kinda scratchy, almost like windbreaker texture.

But basically, it's just water resistant, and you're not gonna get anyscratches or stains on it.

So it's not leather, butit is that nice kinda like, you know what the fabric isbased on the sound, right? Okay, next we have the Beyond Hoodie.

This hoodie is so cute.

It's hard to see on the black, but the logo is soembossed into the fabric, you almost can't see it, butthen you know it's there.

It is a hoodie, but it almost kinda has a little cow neck vibe, so it's gonna keep your neck nice and warm for those chilly days.

I will definitely be wearing this to class because I get so cold.

They always refrigerate.

They always air conditionschools so much, so you know.

It has one of those little koala pockets, maybe kangaroo pockets, if you will.

Oh, the inside is so soft.

That's the best part of sweatshirts.

Like, before you wash them or anything, and the inside is literally like a cloud came down and just freshed your skin.

So the inside has thatsuper soft fuzziness.

Don't you worry.

This also comes in a a moth color.

I have black, so let's try it on.

Okay, I'm sorry that this is black 'cause I know it's alittle bit hard to see.

This is so cozy.

I am wearing a small in this, but I would recommend sizing up.

I don't know, I would'vepreferred a medium just because I like when my jackets are a little more, I don't know, just kinda like baggy and cozy.

The arms are just a teeny bit tight on me, so I wouldn't be able to layer a lot of long sleeves underneath.

But again, this is my normal size.

I would size up in the sweatshirt.

So I would be in amedium in this sweatshirt if I had my ideal size.

I love this little highneck because I feel like when I'm cold in class, Ican just kinda pull it up and be full cozy turtle status.

I love the embossed logo.

I think it's so cool.

The pocket here is really big, but it's also not sticking out a ton.

I don't feel like I'm, you know how sometimes that looks weird? Maybe it's just me.

Super cozy little hood.

Yeah, I think this is asuper fun, cozy sweatshirt.

I love it.

Next we have the Rosa Leggings.

I have this in the cinnamon color, and it also comes in Windsor wine, which I have a few otherthings in that color.

And this is made of theirsuper soft NuBre fabric.

This is what the NuBre looks like.

Basically, it has alittle brushness to it, so it's super, super soft.

It does have a little bitmore hold in compression than like a Lululemon Align.

Okay, so if we're being honest, the first time I tried the Rosa Leggings from the last launch, I got them in black, which black just never really wows me.

So I was just like, okay, these are, they're a good pair of leggings, but I just wore these tothe gym the other day.

I'll insert my gym clip soon.

And I just really loved how they fit.

Like I said, they have thatbrushed exterior like Aligns, but they also have a goodamount of hold to them.

And I don't think I've pulled them up a single time during my entire workout, and I was doing leg day.

So yeah, these just held upreally well during my workout.

I loved how they felt.

And this color is so, so cute.

Seamless waistband, of course.

You know, you know.

They do have a gusset crotch, but it's not an extended gusset crotch.

So yeah, I'll insert the gym try on now, and then I'll do the try on, try on.

Okay, I am about to headto the gym to do a leg day.

I'm really loving it.

The fabric is very soft.

Collecting a tiny bit oflint, but it's not crazy.

The lint is what I wouldexpect out of a fuzzy, kind of brush legging like this.

But it's honestly not too bad, so.

Okay, so I just back from the gym, and I see maybe the tiniestbit of under-boob sweat.

I'm sweating, I'msweating a decent amount.

It was also leg day.

And these totally held up to leg day.

I had my hip band and usedit for a bunch of things, and I didn't get anypeeling on the leggings, which tends to happen tome with Lululemon Aligns.

But these, I don't know, it's just one workout, but usually, I do see some fuzziness.

Didn't see any.

There's really no lint or anything.

There was a teeny bit oflint every once in a while.

They have about a medium compression, so I do feel like theyhold me in really nicely.

And I really like thewaistband compression, too.

Like, it stays up reallywell, no seam at the top, but they just reallysnatch you in and hold you.

I did have a little bit of camel toe when I first put these on, but I just adjusted it, poppeda little pantyliner in there, and as you can see, we're good to go.

There is a little risk for camel toe 'cause it does have a front seam, but I was able to fix it and wear them without feeling self-conscious at the gym.

Because these are a littlethicker than like an Align, they have that compression, I would say they're probablymedium cellulite-friendly.

It probably won't coverup all the cellulite, but I do think you'dprobably be pretty safe because these honestlydo have a decent amount of hold to them.

Medium, maybe high on the booty scale because I saw those videosof me working out in the gym, and I was like, whose butt is that? 'Cause like, it's not hers.

I don't know, maybeit's these curved seams.

Maybe it's the seam placement.

I was just, I was liking it.

They are about a 7/8 length on me, so they do hit just alittle bit above my ankle.

But I am really tall, so.

These are also very true to size.

I wear my size small, they're perfect.

Goes to my belly button.

Anyways, I have just fallenin love with the Rosa Leggings after this launch.

I really want the wine colored ones, too.

(gentle music) Next we have the Monarch Bra.

I think if I had to name one thing from this launch that's my favorite, I think it might be this bra.

I mean, are you joking me? Are you joking? I know why they call this a Monarch Bra.

It looks like you're a butterfly, right? This just looks so cute.

Such a cute little open-back design, a nice little V-neck, and again, it's made of the same NuBre fabric.

And if you've watchedmy videos in the past, Buffbunny sports bras are some of my all-time favorite sports bras.

Not only are they reallygood for larger chests, I'd say medium to large chest, but they also just havereally good support.

They're cute, and they have good support.

These actually supportyou and cover you up.

I never feel like I'mspilling out of them.

You can just tell that these were made by people who have boobsand have boobs in mind.

So if you're ever worried about side-boob spillage, not happening.

Okay, here is the Monarch Bra.

How are they so cute? My only thing about it is sometimes, I feel like it might be alittle bit much cleavage for me.

It does come down a littlebit, and, I don't know.

I'm a little bit exposed, butI'm not exposed on the side.

So if you do have a smaller chest, you're not gonna have this problem.

But if you have bigger boobs, and you don't wannaexpose a lot of cleavage, it does show a little more cleavage.

It has this really nicelittle long line piece, so you're just covered up alittle more on the bottom.

It feels like more of atop than a sports bra.

This back, I mean, have youever seen a more beautiful back to a sports bra? It's about, this one, I'd say is definitely on the lighter side of medium.

I wouldn't say it's a light support because I still do feel supported.

But the other sports bras were more supportive than this one.

And I think that's just due to the fact that this is a little more exposing.

I did get a teeny bitof boob sweat in this, but it is the NuBre fabric, shows a little bit of sweat.

But yeah, overall, I love the sports bra.

And these straps, theydid not fall down on me.

I'm honestly really impressedbecause it looks like since they're so scooped, itwould fall off, but it doesn't.

It's crazy.

(upbeat pop music) Okay, another favorite fromthis launch, the Stripe Joggers.

These definitely giveme like an adidas vibe, but the adidas joggers, they just are not that cute, to be honest.

They've never really fit me that well.

The waist doesn't snatch me.

And let me tell you, I'venever been more snatched than with this waist.

I thought I loved theBuffbunny Jasmine Joggers, but my one thing was that sometimes I couldn't quite get thewaist to be quite as high as I would like on those.

But this one goes up to my belly button.

It snatches me in, makesmy booty look popping, and they're full-length on me.

They're just, there's nothing wrong.

They're made of a different material than the Jasmine Joggers.

The Jasmine Joggers are super, super, super buttery soft.

These are almost more oflike an athletic material, but it's not the shiny athletic material.

Here's a closeup of the fabric.

As you can tell, it's not brushed, but it's also not shiny.

So I do think it's a good happy medium.

I also really love the logo on this.

It's like this thick, kind of rubberized thing, and it just feels luxurious.

Here are the joggers.

This might be another oneof my favorites things from this launch just because like, look at how snatched my waist it.

This thing, they just come up, and the waist is just perfectly fitting.

I am wearing a small in these.

So if you want a looserfit, I would size up, but the smalls, they fit fine.

They are tight on my legs, but it's not constricting.

I still feel like I'm wearing sweatpants.

Because of this extra highwaist, they're so flattering.

You can tell it goesup to my belly button, which is higher than most joggers.

The pockets are fairly deep, and the material just feels really nice for a pair of sweatpants.

These go just above myankles, so a good high for me.

But yeah, these are so, so flattering.

I think these in the blackwould be just the perfect pair of basic joggers.

Bold stripes, yes.

(upbeat pop music) To go with the joggers, we have the Soulstice Bra.

So it has that little striped element to kind of fit in with the joggers.

So yeah, it has this cutelittle high neck detail.

Again, you can tell this is going to be a very good coverage bra, but it's still cute.

So it has the high neckand the little stripes, and then you turn it around, and it has two straps that crisscross, so you're not gonna have any issues with the straps falling off.

And then you have two strapsthat just go straight down.

Buffbunny logo on the back.

And the sports bra ismade of the NuBre fabric, so super soft and a littlebit of compression to it.

Okay, here is the sports bra.

It has a little bit of anextension below the sports bra so it covers a littlebit more of your torso.

I like when they do thisbecause it just feels like more of a toprather than a sports bra, which I don't like to buysports bras and tops, you know? I just wanna buy one so Ijust bring a sports bra.

The back is super cute.

I love the little crisscross.

I feel like there is potential for these little side straps to come down, but so far, they'veactually been pretty good.

So I haven't had an issue with it yet, but it is something to keep in mind.

I would anticipate a little bit of sweat to show in this bra.

The NuBre fabric isn'tcompletely sweat-proof, but it's not like, a littlebit of sweat shows a ton.

Don't have to worry about anyspillage or cleavage in this.

And I would give it asolid medium support.

(upbeat pop music) Then you have the Charis Bra.

Charis, Charis, I don'treally know how to say it, but it's this bra.

Anyway, they obviously, they saw an opportunity, they were like, let's makeyellow into a fall tone, and they did it, they did it.

It's like almost thisamber kind of yellow.

I'll show you their previous yellow color.

This was the yellow fromtheir August launch, and this is the yellow from this launch.

And as you can tell, it justhas a little more orangy to it.

So it's just a little more of a fall tone.

This is not made of their NuBre fabric, and it's not brushed, butit still feels very soft.

Going to be a nice medium coverage, and it has this little strappy kind of crisscross detail on the back.

And actually, the fabric is almost kind of like a heathered color.

Let's see.

Okay, this is the fabric, and you can't quite see, but it's the tiniest bit heathered.

So it's not a super intense yellow.

But honestly, I think this would pair well with a lot of the colorsthat they're launching.

So Charis bra.

Okay, so I'm having no problemswith the straps coming down.

The straps do kind of go ina little bit at the back, so you shouldn't have a problemwith the straps falling off.

I give this about amedium support, as well.

You can see the pads a little bit just because it is yellow.

But I'm not really seeing it on camera.

I'm mostly seeing it in the mirror.

But just know, you mightsee the pads a little bit.

I'm wearing a size small inthis, and that's my normal size.

So stay true to size.

I'm not getting any cuttingin in any weird places, so I feel like it's going to be a fairly comfortable sports bra.

Definitely has a little scoop neck, but I don't feel likeI'm ever gonna fall out, and I don't have any side-boobspillage or anything.

It's decently compressive, butit's not squishing me down.

So from the front, it just looks like a basic sports bra, very comfortable, and the back has the cutelittle strappy detail.

(gentle pop music) Next we have the Cheeky Leggings that come in black and a forest color.

They have a seamless waistband, and they're made of their more slick, performance-type fabric, whichis really good for leg days.

I think they're called the Cheeky Leggings 'cause they do have a little mesh insert right below the booty.

It's gonna be like a bootycontour, but a mesh insert.

I don't know if I've seenthat yet, but it's cute.

I'm here for it.

They also have the mesh at the bottom, and at the front, they're basically just like a classic black legging.

They also come in forest color, though.

So yeah, I think that these will be good for the next performance leg day.

Okay, so here are the Cheeky Leggings.

And if you like really slick fabrics, this is definitely for you.

The waist comes up a good amount, right to my belly button.

Seamless waistband.

The front looks pretty basic.

You can't see any of the mesh cutouts.

But the back, as you can see, has the mesh cutout rightunderneath the butt.

So I did have to kinda really work it to get underneath my butt.

I feel like it kinda wants to fall a little bit below my butt.

That might just be my body.

But if you have a pet peeveabout butt booty contours not being exactly below the butt, this one, it just didn't comeright underneath my butt.

I had to kinda work it to get there.

That being said, I do thinkit's really cute and flattering once it's there.

The seams of the butt do go over your butt so you're not gonna getthat seam that cuts off in the middle of your butt.

No Buffbunny leggingsever done that for me, so.

They're about a 7/8 on me.

I did also have to pull 'em up a lot to get underneath my butt.

No camel toe happening here.

I would say these are probablymedium cellulite-proof.

The fabric is about a medium thickness.

It's not super, super thin, but it's also not the most compressive.

I give these about a medium compression.

So with the black, you'reprobably good with cellulite just because you don'tusually see a lot of cellulite on black leggings.

The fabric, I would compareto the Lululemon Luxtreme.

You won't get any peelingon this kind of fabric, nor will you collect any lint.

It should also be pretty sweat-proof.

Of course, black is always sweat proof.

Stick with your normal size on these.

My small fits perfectly fine.

I'd give these a mediumon the booty scale.

I do think they'reflattering on the booty, but just because I thinkthe little mesh region might have a tendency to notbe entirely below my butt.

That's why I'm not giving it a high.

(upbeat pop music) Okay, next, I have the Namaste Pullover.

This was in my package, but it doesn't say that it's launching this launch, so I'm just gonna talk about it briefly.

It's honestly, it's not myfavorite item from the launch.

I think if you're gonna get a pullover, I like the hoodie way, way more.

It's made of this super, super soft material.

As you can tell, it iscollecting quite a bit of lint, so just be mindful.

It's really, really thin.

So a really lightweight pullover.

It has this kind of likecutout scoop detail.

The hand region is made of a little more, like a sweatshirt-typematerial, with thumb holes.

Here's the Namaste Pullover.

Super, super soft.

I like how it's kind of a more open neck, but I probably will endup just throwing this on to go to the gym whenit gets a little colder 'cause it kind of has alittle thermal feel to it, and it has these little warm hand things.

But yeah, I'm not jumpingfor joy over this one.

Yeah, it is really soft, but I think it is gonna collect a lot of lint.

Since I have a white cat, it just gets a little hard tohave black clothing sometimes.

Next I have the Knotty & Nice Crop, which comes in cider and Windsorwine, which is this color.

And honestly, I don't quitesee this as a gym top.

You can wear it to the gym because it is made of the NuBre fabric, but I wore this out to dinner last night, and honestly, this is justcute as a regular top.

You got a little mock neck here.

Super cute.

It has a really cutelittle knot cross detail.

Very subtle metal logo.

And it's long-sleeved.

And I don't know what it isabout a long-sleeved crop, but I just find them really cute.

And you also have little hand holes.

Yes, you would expect to have hand holes.

I mean, thumb holes.

Okay, so here's the Knotty & Nice crop.

So one thing I really love about this top is that it's actuallya really long crop top.

It's not one of those crop tops that you lift your arms up, and your whole sports bra's showing.

The mock neck is really cute.

It's not tight on my neck at all.

I do have a little space.

And it's not like full turtleneck that comes up to the middle of your neck.

The top is super, super lightweight.

It is the NuBre fabric, but it feels like half the thickness of the Rosa leggings.

It has thumb holes, which I don't know what it is about thumbholes, but I just love 'em.

This does not scream gym top to me.

This screams like, I'ma classy lady, you know? So I don't know, I'm a big fan of it.

(gentle pop music) And lastly, they made theKnotty tops into a tank.

And this is in the color hot, which is like a really cute neon.

It's not quite fall, but it is cute.

It doesn't have the tag that says it's made of the NuBre fabric, but I think it is because itfeels like the NuBre fabric.

And it's so soft.

Has a little crisscrossdetail on the front, but instead, it is a tank top, and it's more of like a crewneck instead of a mock neck.

Whew, this is neon, but I really like it.

This one, I could seemyself wearing to the gym more than the long-sleeved top 'cause I don't know, justthe fact that it's a tank top just screams gym a little more to me.

It does have the kind of high neck, but the straps, they don't, they're not gonna fall down because that does come in in the back.

So no issues with that.

Again, it's still decently long.

You're not going to getthe top coming up at all and exposing any of your sports bra.

I really think that thiscould be taken to the gym or in your everyday life.

But that's just becauseI like being comfortable.

But yeah, super soft, reallycute little cross detail.

I love that they made this ina tank top because sometimes, you just don't like wearinglong sleeves, you know? (upbeat pop music) Okay, so that's it for the review.

I have to say my must-havesof this collection are the Monarch Bra, maybe the Rosa Leggings.

I really like those.

The Striped Joggers, andif you're a sweatshirt gal, the little sweatshirt is really good, too.

And, of course, ifyou're in need of a bag, the Game Change Backpack, really cute.

I got a lot of messages beforeof people asking me like, is the Game Changer bag really worth it? And after using it for liketwo months straight now, I love it so much thatI could honestly say that you will not regretbuying your Game Changer bag.

I'm gonna be wearing myGame Changer Backpack all this week to class.

So stay tuned.

Go to my Instagram story 'causeI'll be updating you guys how everything fits, how it works, should you go for the backpack, should you wait for the Game Changer bag to come back in stock, that kind of thing.

Go check out my Instagram for the giveaway I'm running this week soyou can win a gift card before the launch happens Also, if you made it this farand you enjoyed the video, please make sure to subscribe.

Thank you so much for watching, and I'll see you next time, bye.


✅ TOP 5: Best Jogging Stroller 2020

A good jogging stroller is the secret weaponof any fitness-minded parent.

Whether you're a working mom, a stay-at-homedad, or something in-between, parenthood demands a certain level of creativity if you wantto take great care of yourself at the same time as your bundles of joy.

A standard or umbrella stroller is fine forcruising around busy city streets or shopping malls, but for running or hiking, a sturdyand zippy jogging stroller is the only tool for the job.

Before we get started with our video detailingthe best jogging strollers on the market, we have included links in the descriptionfor each product mentioned, so make sure you check those out to see which is in your budgetrange.

Starting off with the best overall joggingstroller we have the Thule Urban Glide 2.

At just under 24 pounds, this light and aerodynamicjogging stroller seems to skate across the pavement of my neighborhood's sidewalks.

I'm impressed by the way this Thule strollerhandles, especially after trying many other jogging strollers.

Of course, sidewalks are ideal conditionsand things got a bit rockier when I went off-road with it.

I was able to push my toddler over miles ofdirt and gravel terrain without a peep of complaint.

This stroller really does handle impeccablywell.

Serious runners will love the smooth rideand one-handed maneuverability.

You can lock the front wheel during runs andlet it swivel during walks around town.

I adore the ergonomically curved handle andthe twisting hand break for easier maneuvering up or down hills.

The big overhead canopy also kept my toddler'slittle legs dry during downpours.

The under-carriage storage basket isn't thebiggest or the smallest, but it's a good size, reasonably easy to access, and comes witha weatherproof zipping top, which is an uncommon feature.

The Thule Urban Glide 2 is also availableas a double stroller.

Now for the few things I thought were lessthan ideal about this top pick.

First, it's definitely not cheap.

So this stroller is not a budget buy.

Even though my average-sized 3-year-old isway under the listed weight capacity, the seat area wasn't quite deep enough for her, and her shoes were already peeking over the foot area.

Of course, this won't matter to people withyounger children and babies.

The footprint of the two back wheels was widerthan many of the other models I tested.

This means I had a bit of squeezing to doto get the Thule Urban Glide through my front gate, which is, admittedly, not super wide.

I also found it too difficult to maneuverthrough tight city spaces like my local cafe's dining room.

Still, this stroller does fold down into asmaller shape than some of its main competitors, especially if you pop the wheels off.

All in all, the Thule Urban Glide 2 comesout on top as a stroller that handles beautifully in most circumstances.

Next up we have the best jogging strolleroverall runner-up which goes to the Bob Revolution Pro.

I don't normally feel the need to includea “runner-up” pick when testing products.

But in this case, I think the Bob RevolutionPro is terrifically close to the Urban Glide 2 in performance.

The differences between these two really comedown to preference.

Plus, “the Bob” as it's called in the kid-havingcommunity, is an institution for a reason.

This stroller has a nice, smooth ride, andexcellent handling.

It's sturdy enough that I took it hiking alonga rocky path with little trouble.

When the front wheel is in unlocked mode, it handled tight turns better than any other model I tried.

has a nice big kid seat that accommodatedmy pre-schooler with room to spare, and a large canopy to protect your precious cargofrom the elements.

There are a few things about the Bob thatI wasn't over-the-moon about, though.

It's heavier than some of its competitorsat just over 28 pounds.

This matters very little on flat, smooth pavement.

But I could feel the weight difference whenpushing it uphill.

The weight also adds to momentum when goingdown hills, but the bicycle-style hand brake works well to maintain control.

It's pretty easy to fold, but still takesup lots of space.

It was a challenge to fit the Bob in my trunk.

The wheels are easy to pop off, which helps.

But it's not ideal for people small-spaceconcerns.

The under-carriage storage basket is alsoon the smaller side and pretty hard to reach.

Even though some features of the Bob aren't100% perfect, this stroller is still a star performer, and would definitely give its Thulecompetitor a run for its money.

Up next we have the best jogging strollerfor zipping around town which goes to the Bumbleride Speed.

The Bumbleride Speed stroller was a huge hitwith both me and my daughter.

I loved the large, easily accessible storagebasket and the harmful chemical-free recycled materials.

She loved the comfy seat design and the includedbicycle style warning bell.

The Speed stroller model also came completewith a tire handpump and a bumper bar that goes across the kiddo's lap.

One of my favorite things about the BumblerideSpeed is the three separate front wheel positions, which is a unique feature in all the strollersI tested.

It can be set to a fixed position, a swivelingposition, and a third in-between position.

This means that the wheel stays steady andin-place for jogging, but has just enough wiggle room to help you take tight corners.

I loved it! My 35-ish pound toddler fit nicely in thedeep seat, with head and foot room to spare.

The Bumbleride folds easily, actually fitin my hatchback, and has a nice smooth ride, although not quite as smooth as the Thuleor Bob.

Now for some of the cons.

There's no hand brake, which doesn't botherme, but many parents love that extra safety measure for going down steep hills.

The handlebar is also lacking in cushioning.

Since the wrist strap is attached right atthe middle of the bar where I usually like to hold it, it wasn't the most comfortableoption.

I also didn't love the sun and shade canopy, which didn't stay in place as easily as I wanted it to.

Still, overall, this is a high-quality optionthat rose to the top during my testing.

Next we have the best jogging stroller forsuper serious runners which goes to the Thule Glide 2.


If you're a serious, competitive runner, thenthis is likely the stroller for you.

Let me be clear, it's not the best optionfor zipping around town, or walking around in the mall.

So if you're only going to buy one stroller, this shouldn't be it.

However, if you have another stroller forcasual walking around, and are looking for a serious, running-only model, then this isthe one.

The Thule Glide 2.

0 is built for performance.

Its extra large wheels, including fixed frontwheel, may mean it'll be too much stroller for hanging out downtown.

However, the wheels do pop off easily whenyou're storing it, or putting it in the back of your SUV.

But it does have a large footprint.

This model is almost exactly the same as theThule Urban Glide 2, so you can expect the same amazing smoothness and one-handed control.

The larger, sturdier wheels are the main difference.

If you're looking for a stroller to use whiletraining for a sub-17 minute 5K, or qualify for the Boston Marathon, then boy, would theybe worth it.

But they're overkill for sidewalk joggingand are less convenient and maneuverable than the swivel-wheel options.

And for our last pick we have the best joggingstroller for multi-sport families which goes to the Burley D'Lite.

Is it a jogging stroller? Is it a bike tow? You don't have to choose.

If you are super outdoorsy but don't havea ton of extra room in your garage, or space in your mini-van when packing for a trip, you'll love the Burley D'Lite's versatility.

With the accompanying jogger kit, which includesa handle and a front wheel, this amazing multi-sport tool works for both jogging and cycling withtots in tow.

This brand new D'Lite model upgrade is freshfor 2019, and I was super impressed with several of its features.

First of all, the twin seat interior for yourheir-and-a-spare may as well be inside a luxury car.

Multiple recline positions and multiple suspensionsettings mean kids can snooze comfortably while you train for your Ironman.

Plus, the built-in water protection and retractablesun shield are major must-haves.

If you're not planning on biking with yourkids, and just want a great product for running, this isn't it.

It's not as light and maneuverable as a singlejogging-only stroller.

But if you're envisioning one product youcan use in all your outdoor expeditions, look no further.

The Burley D'Lite is certainly not the onlycombination bike tow and jogging stroller you can buy, but it's the best one I've tried, and it has all the bells and whistles.

The conversion between sport modes is superfast and easy, and in addition to running and biking, you can even convert this thingfor cross-country skiing.

At nearly 30-pounds, it's not the lightestproduct on this list by several pounds.

Nor does it fold up as super small as someof the other products on this list.

Let's face it, it's the most expensive bya good chunk of cash.

But with that extra size and cost, you getspace for two kids plus a bit of cargo, and the ability to keep your kids safe and comfythrough multiple kinds of outdoor adventure.

Worth it? This running, biking mom says yes.

So that sums up our top jogging strollerson the market.

We hope you enjoyed.

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