Don't Wear Underwear On A Bike Ride And Other Beginner Cycling Tips

– If you're new to cycling and you didn't knowyou need to go commando or you're just lookingfor some useful tips then this is the video for you.

– Coming up are ourlists of cycling truths about the cycling world.

An undervest is a crucial item of kit for almost all occasionswhen out on the bike.

If it's wet and cold outside, then one like this is ideal for keeping you warm andyour temperature regulated.

But on the other hand, if it's hot outside, then a lightweight one likethis string one here is ideal for keeping you cool andmore comfortable for longer.

But they also serve a further purpose, too and that is creating a furtherlayer for crash protection, even one as thin as thismight just save your skin.

Trust me, we know, we'vecrashed a fair bit.

At least, I have.

– We don't see all pros use them, but gloves are a reallygreat piece of kit.

They'll keep your hands safein the event of a crash, they'll keep your hands more comfortable on those longer rides and if it gets too hot on those hot rides, they even help you wicksweat away from your brow.

But, when they really come into their own is in the winter.

You see so many riders head out with just a pair of thin knitted gloves, but if you invest in a pair of weatherproof, windproof, waterproof gloves, it will really transform yourwinter cycling experience.


I'm lost without it, something that not every cyclist considers is a lightweight windproof garment.

These are invaluable if youride in spring or autumn when the temperature fluctuates.

You can unzip them andsimply ride with them open but they're small enough and light enough that they pack neatly andeasily into a back pocket.

Most of the best ones are breathable but in a real emergency, there's nothing stopping you from using a plastic bag wedgedup underneath your jersey.

– Drink and be merry is the old saying.

And that's true on the bike, too.

Become dehydrated and yourperformance will suffer, your motivation will take a dip and your immune systemwill be on the back foot.

So, drinking at regular intervals is key, especially five minutesinto the start of your ride as this is when your body is acclimatizing to the change of temperature.

Water isn't actually thebest liquid for rehydrating.

An electrolyte tab isspecifically designed to put in electrolytesthat your body needs and it's really easily absorbed.

Now, onto fuelling, and it's a bit like hydration but the body can last alot longer without food that it can without fluids.

Well, if you're doing a ridethat is longer than 90 minutes, then taking a bar is really well worth it, especially around the 45 minute mark, it's work taking a goodbite or even the whole bar and that will help you push through for the end of the session.

So, after the 45 minute mark, you'll want to take a biteof food every 20 minutes.

This will sustainperformance and your ability to sustain that effort, and will also help youbuild your metabolism, and it's also a great reward on the ride.

– Make sure when planning your route, you stick a distance thatyou're comfortable with, something like a circularroute around where you live or even a figure or eightwhich gives you a get-out in case you get tiredand can't make it back.

There's nothing worse thanbeing miles away from home with no way of getting back.

As you get more confidentwith your ability, though, you could start to becomemuch more adventurous with your route planning.

– One of the great things aboutriding a bike is descending, and the way to get good at it is to relax.

So many riders tense upwhen the gradient changes but you wanna do the complete opposite.

Relax and enjoy it.

After all, you spent so long going up to the top of the climb then you might as well enjoy the way down.

And we're not sayingyou pushing the limits and screaming into the corners, but going down and enjoying it, relaxing, is the best way to do a descent.

Your gears are there to help you but if you don't like thegears you've got on your bike, then you can change them quite easily and they're also quite cheap.

You gearing is there tomake your chain easier or even harder but it's bestfor helping you get over all those different types of terrain you're gonna be riding on.

From the mountains to the flat plains.

– There's only one thing worse than not washing your kit at all.

Yes, I know, not washingyour kit will breed bacteria and your kit will stink, meaning no one will want toride near you, but equally, if you don't rinse outall of the detergent after hand washing your kit, you will look like a foam monster.

When I think back to my amateur days and I think of some ofthe stage races we did where the facilities were pretty awful and we all had to handwash our kit in the sink, there'd always be one ortwo riders on those wet days out on the road with roamingknees and shoes and shammies because they haven'trinsed all of the detergent out of their wash after hand washing it in the sink that night.

And finally, the big one.

Never, ever wear underwear.

At least not underneathyour cycling kit, that is.

Modern cycling kit is designed to fit seamlessly against your skin without the need to anything in between, putting something in betweenis just gonna create chafing and that is gonna beincredibly uncomfortable and then when you start sweating, well, your underwear isn'tdesigned anti-bacterially like cycling kit is, so that's gonna create a wholehost of it's own problems.

And finally, it just looks wrong.

Cycling kit is designed tohave a neat, smooth finish with no bunching.

Certainly not on moving parts.

So, leave the underwear in the cupboard.

– There you have it, ourlist of cycling truths.

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Colleen Ballinger ADDRESSES Sending Underwear To A Minor & Racist Past

Colleen Ballinger is addressing some recentmajor backlash she’s received from racially insensitive videos from her past and interactionswith a minor fan.

BUT, she is determined to try and put allof the backlash behind her thanks to her new YouTube video.

What’s up you guys, it’s Sussan Mouradhere with Clevver News and nobody thought 2020 would bring a major scandal that involvesColleen Ballinger aka Miranda Sings, but here we are.

So, where to begin? Well if you’ve been on the YouTube gamefor a while you know that 14 years ago Colleen and her sister Rachel were posting YouTubevideos as teenagers… in a very different time! And I would like to first give a quick triggerwarning as the videos you will see are racially and culturally insensitive and completelyunacceptable, Colleen even admitted this.

So please only continue watching if you feelcomfortable doing so.

Recently, one of Colleen’s early videosresurfaced in which she and her sister both do impressions based off of what she describedas quote, “Latina character stereotypes.

” In the now deleted video that has begun toresurface online, Colleen and her sister can be seen posing with dark and exaggerated makeupas they act out racial stereotypes.

But this video wasn’t the only example ofColleen’s distasteful behaviour that the internet dug up.

Now, fans of Colleen know that one quirkything she does to interact with her subscribers and followers is send out random items asgiveaways including pieces of toilet paper, old shoes, and even a pair of underwear.

Unfortunately… the pair of ladies underwearwas sent to a minor who is a male.

Which, if you could guess, did not go overwell, and the teen’s mother even had to get involved.

Yeah, not a good look.

And Colleen agrees.

But, now it seems as though she is tryingto right all those wrongs that she has accumulated over the years by addressing all of the skeletonsin her closet throughout the years.

In the new 13-minute video titled, “AddressingEverything”, Colleen also addressed how she body-shamed a woman that she sat nextto on an airplane when she was younger as well as how she talked about making the decisionto put her family dog down when she was younger in a very insensitive way.

For Colleen’s first topic, she talked abouther video and comments about Latin American women, and well, this is what she had to say.

Colleen went on to add that she is QUOTE “ashamedand embarrassed that she ever thought this was okay.

” She went on to call herself a quote “shelteredteenager” who was “stupid, ignorant, and clearly extremely culturally insenstive.

” She went on to conclude and advise her fansthat racial stereotypes are “not funny” and are “not a joke.

” Before switching topics, Colleen said thata couple of years later she and her sister realized how inappropriate the video was andthey took it down on their own terms, not out of fear of getting caught, but becauseit was wrong.

And when it came to the backlash that shereceived for talking about racism because of the things she said 14 years ago, thisis what she had to say.

Now, to go back to the underwear scandal.

Colleen went on to say that at the time, shethought the underwear was no different than the taco costumes and bobby pins that shehad given away in the past.

She went on to add that she quote “doesn’tknow what part of her brain was missing at the time” when she thought that it was agood idea.

The teen who won the prize has since addressedthe underwear scandal and even revealed that his mom was uncomfortable by the entire thing.

In the video, Colleen addressed those accusationsand opened up about her relationship with this fan in particular saying, Many fans in her YouTube comments appear tobe on board with the apology and let Colleen know that they fully have her support withone fan writing “Colleen actually owned up to what she did without saying anyone’snames or crying.

She doesn’t deserve to be canceled.

” Another wrote, “Youtubers! watch and learn:She’s not crying or twisting her words to make it seem like it wasn’t her fault.

it’s very easy!” And another user called Colleen “mature”writing, “She’s being a mature person.

and maybe other people should realize thateveryone grows from their mistakes.



how would all these people attacking Colleen feelif we brought up their mistakes and their past?? It's disgusting that everyone hates Colleenfor her past mistakes.

She's a queen and she’s trying to put contentout there for everyone to feel comfort through this difficult time.

I love you Colleen and I'm glad that you addressedthe truth and were mature about it.

” However, many fans on Twitter weren’t asunderstanding over the whole ordeal and didn’t hold back when sharing their thoughts.

One fan wrote, “You’re missing the pointthat Colleen interacting in that intimidate personal level with a 15-year-old fan forso long is just plain wrong to begin with.

Lies or not!” Another said, “Inappropriate at best, engagingwith a minor in such a way, you really should know better.

I hope you take time away to be with yourson and family.

Read some books, reflect and slow down.

Your videos are becoming increasingly manicand needy.

” Clearly, fans are split on Colleen’s apology.

So, I guess the only question left to askis, what do you all think? Be sure to let us know in the comments belowbelow.

And to find out what Colleen previously toldClevver about Cancel Culture, click right over here for another Clevver Video I’m Sussan Mourad and I’ll see you soon.


7 Underwear Questions You're Embarrassed To Ask | Common Questions About Men's Briefs

Gentlemen, Antonio here.

Today, I'm going to be answering seven questionsthat you have about underwear, but are perhaps too embarrassed to ask.

Guys, I'm going to have a little bit of funwith this video.

I would love to hear from you down in thecomments below.

Where do you disagree with me? Where do you think, oh, Antonio, I would haveanswered that a little bit differently or Antonio you are exactly right.

Let me know in the comments below, guys.

I really do appreciate it.

And if you want more, go check out the article.

In the article I go into a lot more depthinto the seven questions and answers.

In addition, I've got two additional bonusones over there which I'm not going to cover in this video.


So, the first question what is the perfectstyle, Antonio, what is the style that is best for all men? And the answer, there isn't one, but thereis my personal preference and I'm going to tell you it's the boxer briefs.

I love a good pair of boxer briefs.

Now, going back I started off like probablymost young men.

When I first got stop stopped wearing diapersand started wearing regular underwear that my mom chose for me and I loved Star Warsunderwear I loved all the, you know, Transformer underwear.

Then, when I became a young man, went offto college it was something, I went to boxers and I stuck with boxers for a good decade.

And, it really just out of habit, I didn'ttry changing up, but boxer briefs I have to say fit I really like I run cross-country, I exercise quite a bit and for me I can wear this to the gym, they are very comfortableunder my clothing, the clothing that I choose to wear, it sometimes, you know, fits me verywell and it's something that I just find that this works for my lifestyle and the way mybody is and I just enjoy the boxer briefs.

Question number two.

How often to change your underwear? Gentlemen, the answer is when it's dirty.

Now, how to know when it's dirty? Okay.

So, that's going that's probably for anothervideo, but I will say change it daily.

That is the easiest way just get into thehabit of changing your underwear daily.

If you exercise, after exercising in yourunderwear you should have an additional pair to change into.

Sweaty underwear, guys is just not somethingthat you want to have lying around and that takes me to question number three.

How many pairs of underwear should a man own? I personally have about twenty pairs.

I went through my closet count them up abouttwenty pairs.

I think I'm a little bit on the higher endthough.

I think a man can get away with about fourteenpairs of underwear.

Why fourteen pairs? I think you need to have at least and forme, I do my laundry once a week, so I need to have at least seven pairs.

And then, if I'm going to exercise, then I'mgoing to use a few other pairs here and there, I probably got three to four times a week.

I also think you should have some backup onesif you're about to take a business trip.

If you don't have time for laundry, all ofa sudden you've got your four to five pairs that you're going to take with you that waywhen you get back, yes, then you can make it happen.

So, fourteen pairs at a minimum, twenty pairsmaybe a little bit higher up.

So, question number four.

What's the best fabric out there? What we're going to see in general and I thinkmost of you guys if you just have the shopping in department store what you're going to seeis cotton and modal.

So, I'm going to talk about each of them separately.

Now, cotton is going to be one of the mostcommon fabrics out there in underwear.

It probably has about 80% of the market.

Reason being it's tried and true, it's common, you can get access to anywhere.

I really do like cotton with a little bitof a mix, something that brings a little bit of elastic or stretch to it.

It doesn't have to be usually more than 10%, but that stretch is going to give it the right properties because cotton one of the issueswith it though is when you expose it to extreme heat, all of a sudden it's going to shrinkdown.

Cotton also can be susceptible to mildew, so if you've got moist underwear and you throw it in the corner and wait a week, you couldactually overtime you wouldn't really see it, but it can actually start to break down.

But, again, cotton is common, it is goingto be usually least expensive of all the types out there.

Now, modal actually absorbs 50% more thancotton, it has great elastic properties, it's not going to shrink in heat and you can basicallybe really rough with it which is another advantage of cotton.

So, these both are my two favorite fabricsbecause you can be incredibly rough with them, they're going to be durable over time andthat's what you want to look for in your underwear fabric.

So, question number five.

When to throw out your underwear? Guys, throw out your underwear if you haveholes, if you have stains, or if it doesn't fit.

Why would it not fit? Some of you guys are going to have extremeweight loss, weight gain and in that case you're going to want to go with something, you don't want to wear an underwear that doesn't fit you.

If you have a stain problem, guys, improveyour hygiene habits.

I don't have a video for that, but I'm sureyou can find one out there.

But, let's talk about holes because that'san area where I think a lot of underwear actually is initially you start to see holes in alongthe waistband and you just throw it out.

The problem is cheap underwear oftentimeshas a waistband that's been attached after manufacture after they did the body part or, they actually use an inferior stitch.

So, when I'm looking at quality underwearI want to make sure there's oftentimes a double stitch in and along the waistband and thatthey made it from the same material.

So, they usually take the material, they'llwrap it around.

Whenever you see a waistband that's been attached, you want to make sure, again, look for double in some cases like this a triple stitch.

That right there is a sign of quality andit's going to make sure that it doesn't separate, all of a sudden holes don't develop thereand that the underwear, you know, life of your underwear it's going to last two to threetimes longer.

So, question number six.

Specialty underwear, what do I think aboutit? I think specialty underwear is awesome.

The fact that you can go out there and lookon the web and if you have a particular need you have a particular problem and you cansolve that with a specialty type of underwear, great.

So, if you want a better looking butt, yes, there is underwear that can help with that.

If you want compression underwear, they canhelp you recover from your workout, it is out there.

If you want underwear that is specificallydesigned to actually it has a pouch for your package, so that you can exercise better andnot worry about everything bouncing all over the place or, to actually be able to havea layer of separation so that it's more comfortable, you're not going to have the sweating issue, guys, there is underwear like that.

In fact, if you wanted to check out Sheath, you guys know I'm a big supporter of this veteran-owned business.

I've got a number of their pairs and I'vebeen using their samples.

I go to the gym, what? Three times a week and I use their stuff andI think it works.

So, go check them out.

The point is, guys, if you have a particularneed, search it, find it, try it out, and you'd be amazed there's a lot more than justyour typical tidy whitey out there.

Question number seven.

Going commando.

What are my thoughts on going commando? I personally don't like the feeling of goingcommando.

I understand some guys maybe you leave yourunderwear at home and you go out to the gym and you decide just to go for it, but be carefulgoing that way.

Let's just say that there is no protectionbetween you and your your higher end clothing.

So, all right, guys, that's it.

Let me know what you think in the commentsespecially if you disagree or if you agree with any of the answers to the questions thatI put out there.

And, go check out Sheath, they were kind enoughto provide me multiple sample of underwear that I was able to use in this video.

A lot of the things I talked about such asthe fabric modal, they actually have underwear that's made from that.

I really, guys, I have five pairs of underwear, every time I go to the YMCA here in Wausau I'm just enjoying the fact that I'm a littlebit more comfortable when I'm running those laps when I'm going into the weight room andI've even had people reach out to me and say, Antonio, I had an issue with one of my testicles, it was very sensitive.

Using this underwear has really helped me.

So, guys, whatever your issue is, remember, there is probably some specialty underwear out there.

Go out there, look for it.

That's it, guys.

See you in the next video.


$9 Vs. $64 No-Show Underwear

there's so many things in my life I need to control not one hey I'm Chloe and I'm jasmine and today we're trying cheap versus expensive no-show underwear panty lines do really annoy me I feel like you can have a really cool outfit and then if you just like see all the lines just kind ruins the outfit obviously so my solution is usually just to go with no underwear I got underwear if you want to do it's totally fine I just feel like if it's something really short I just pack up always pulling it down it would be cool to find something that totally doesn't show and that I can wear so that I can just go up a car like this I started thinking about I hate the word pant set away actually okay I started thinking about underwear line pretty early on because I played volleyball and we had to wear spandex and if you wore your granny panty underwear with spandex they were like what are you doing this so now I don't wear underwear literally ever unless I'm on my period we're gonna try these with body con dresses and with leggings or like yoga pants to clothing items that you can often see underwear lines and yeah you show cheapy that was the cheap pair these bad boys in $9.

99 apparently yep my mine r12 was pretty cheap yeah I just don't need something that's control there's so many things in my life I need to control not one I just want like silky and yeah that was like no volume this even has seams on it well so this is a thumb rectangle and a line that let's go try them on [Music] yeah this is good if you can't tell this is the underwear like it's kind of digging in here oh yeah really – yeah yeah yeah I'm like why does this part need to be so tight oh like it's actually fine on me but like apartment fetish shows but like it feels fine yeah but this part is uncomfortable and then this is just really high up couldn't make that into a whole outfit yeah look no it's at all mine definitely are rolling down yeah this is a really bad boy I just want to like be able to wear it pants without showing no all right let's try these with body con dresses okay well I think it's just the dress look at ya you can still see the end of my ass I think that dress is forgiving for lines because it's like got the ruching yeah if it was like a dress like this you'd probably I'd see oh for sure which this is fun you can see the thumb oh my gosh yeah yeah really can like yeah even more than you put on the pants really I usually don't wear underwear with this dress because it is really hard to wear underwear with and this doesn't work with it I mean being that these are like nine and twelve dollars I'm like it's not a lot of money but also like if I'm gonna spend any of my money I'm gonna expect it to work in the way that I want it to like they show the end thing is they show show bring the expensive pair out I was just given these expensive underwear and I am not kidding you these are the exact same underwear that are on my body right now the tags the same ruching in the back is the same like this is the same it's so messed up so I'm wearing nine dollar underwear these are 48 and I you not they're the exact same underwear scan school we did scam this is Frank's brand which are definitely higher quality you have this line I don't know if I want this yeah I think he's gonna be more uncomfortable honestly they have like tighter for a start I think they all gonna do the thing where like it's gonna do that yeah this might be good though like there's stickiness on here this might be good where you can like adjust it yeah and not have it roll make it look smoother yeah so I don't know how I feel about that but we'll see well since I'm wearing the exact same underwear from before they show I think actually was some yeah right we know yeah that line is pretty intense it's it's there it's an indent I forgot your name yeah how do you feel with the stickiness um it definitely feels like it's gonna stay it's not gonna like roll down uh-huh but I don't want my underwear up to my booth oh look it's doing that thing yeah I minor but it's like but still still squishing here it's still squishing my skin I don't want shapewear so that's oh yeah this is legit shapewear it's pretty invisible clothes it's like I know I'm feeling it right here but I can't see that yeah feel smoother and the fabric feels like nicer it's more expensive than you can tell us more expenses yeah at least there's something there and that you're getting better quality with the price and like you yeah that's what a scam that's good yeah I see if it's a bad with dresses you're just gonna be the same yeah the same the same it's annoying the same I can see it by than if you can I can see it a little bit these are definitely better than the other one yes I agree it's best for me there are other one I can say it's a little bit giving me kind of a double but mm-hmm yeah look if I move my leg although I don't stand like this obviously if I uh no I normally yeah well I just think it's better with no underwear Oh 100% I could see my no the ones that I'm wearing no for you if I found them in my size I could see justifying spending sixty-four dollars if I was getting married like I personally don't but I could see people doing it to where like if they had one of those like dresses or something like that and you really wanted it but to me no one's gonna see it and if they do who cares they just know you're wearing underwear I wish I would have been told at a younger age that that really does not matter because now that I'm older I'm like I really don't care if people know I'm wearing underwear I mean yeah is it that shocking that we could possibly wear underwear right thing that sucks is that like a lot of I mean though everyone we've tried on today when you're talking about seamless it also seems like they go hand in hand with shapewear yeah and I think that's weird I guess I'm gonna stick with my lungs oh yeah mm-hmm [Music] [Music].

Attempt at Making Victorian Underwear

I suddenly wanted to make a piece of clothing this summer so I chose to attempt a project I've been wanting to do for a long time (actually it was to procrastinate learning econometrics) This combination is based off Bernadette Banner's video, which is linked in the description check it out if you want to see an actual professional make this This video will just be a log of my own process The first step is making the patterns I just traced them from tank tops and shorts I already owned and made a mockup After trying on the mockup, I modified the pattern and here I'm just tracing the revised patterns onto wrapping paper (cuz I'm cheap) (also I've been trying to get rid of this roll) Next, I pin the patterns onto my cotton and cut out the pieces Then I pinned the insertion lace onto my cotton, making sure the angles match up Then I basted the lace into place and cut the cotton behind it This is what it looked like after I put in the insertion lace Next I pinned the top lace into place.

I formed peaks on both sides by folding the lace Once this was all done I felled the hem of the top Then I began to gather the hem The historically accurate method (as shown in Bernadette's video) is to take up 2 threads while going over 4 But I'm not as patient as she is so I tried to take up around 0.

5 mm of thread each time while going over 3 or 4 After I finished gathering, I pinned the waistband lace on and sewed it onto the gathered hem I kept the lace behind the cotton parts and brought it in front of the insertion lace so the edge could be finished off nicely Here's the top attached to the waistband Next I cut the fabric for the pants I had to do this like 3 times because I kept forgetting to leave a seam allowance oops Historically(?) Victorian drawers are open at the thighs but I didn't really want to have that so I designed my pants to be like normal shorts But once I sewed the butt seam, I realized my front seam has to be open because my waistband is not gathered by elastic (so there's no give when I slide it over my hips) Here I'm sewing the pieces together with a backstitch Look at my neat butt seam Next I attached the top and bottoms together At this point I realized my top was too big because I didn’t take into consideration that the insertion lace couldn’t be gathered To make it less poofy, I sewed seams into both sides in the front and back (basically darting) But this made my lace look mismatched T__T I guess I'll know for next time.


(there is no next time Next I attached the shoulder straps I also marked where I wanted to end the pant legs and hemmed them and attached the lace Next I ironed the cotton for the ruffle This piece was legit taller than me with my arm raised and I felled it for 2 days straight Here I’m attaching the ruffle lace I actually bought a three-tiered ruffle which I'm really glad for because I found out the length I had bought was wayyyyyyy too short Here is the gathered ruffle.

At this point the ruffle is actually too poofy so I had to take out the gathers and redo everything.

… Next I cut the diamond lace to insert my ribbon! It’s a super pretty color but I couldn’t get it in the width I wanted.

This was the closest I could find Then I sewed the ruffles onto the legs Next, I sewed the buttons onto the top This was my first time sewing buttons correctly lmao The video I watched was like a men’s sewing tutorial and in the beginning they had to say “don’t think sewing is unmanly because it comes in handy when you need to stitch your wounds” I forgot to film this part but I sewed the button loops!! It involved making two loops and then knotting all the way around them It wasn’t difficult but I was honestly blinded by the white on white Finally finally finally I am sewing on the top ribbon!! It sounds like the easiest part but I had to redo this so many times because I couldn’t get them in the right position And at last I clipped the ends and here is the finished product!.

Stalking wild boar in your underwear

[Music] Max Götzfried is not a traditional stalker- the self-confessed crazy German stalks wild boar in his pants at night.

So this is what I wear when I go normal hunting.

When I go boar hunting this is what I wear, or what I don't wear.

To find out if there's method in his madnesswe are in central Germany just a few miles south of Frankfurt at his hunting ground.

He has thousands of acres to protect and if he doesn't manage it properly he faces massivefines.

If they don't come to me.

I have to go tothem.

Max shows Dom where they will be stalkingtonight.

There is plenty of damage and evidence of boar.



but how do you get to them? We will simply heat our steak over there, drop our trousers there and walk towards the wild boar.

For a clean shot and accurate identification, Max needs to leave the high seat and get into the long rye crop.

How do you rate this experience of stalkinginto a few yards from wild boar, barefoot, bare arsed naked maybe.

How does it rate foryou? It has been absolutely my favourite, becauseit is so much tension, you have to react on there, you have to prove that you have a lotof instincts.

You have to predict where they are going next, if they move into the field.

You have to look at the winds.

Sometimes you don't see anything and have them all aroundyou.

It is like you are standing in the group actually, one metre there, two metres there, three metres there and the big sow is chewing there, but of course you don't want to shootthe mother because then it is just woooer.



It is not easy and that is the tension.

Itis absolutely perfect.

I am very excited about the prospect of comingand joining you, but if you think I am crawling along a tractor wheeling when you haven'tgot any trousers on, I think we are going to have to have a discussion about that.

Well the thing is you will have to take offyour trousers as well.

There is no chance about it.

We don't have otters like you, nosnakes.

The one hedgehog maybe.

I will be in front I will cover you.

For me hunting wild boar is probably my favouriteshooting sport.

Absolutely love them as a quarry and lucky to get the opportunity tohunt them in the UK quite a bit under the moon.

I have also had the privilege of doinga driven hunt in Germany and also stalked them in the hills in Croatia.

But the soundof this and the opportunity to stalk so close to them at night just sounds like the mostexciting way to go hunting and with the exception of having to drop my trousers in a pub carpark I cannot wait.

We originally sold Dom on the idea that wewere out here to film barefoot stalking, which was bad enough, so to get him to strip offMax needs to convince him that it's all for a good cause.

So what we are going to do is put Max's claimabout silent stalking to the microphone test.

It is not just the difference in volume Max.

There is a big difference in the terms of sensitivity when you are wearing socks.

Yes of course because with your shoe you won'tfeel anything you will just smash it.

If you go in your barefoot you will feel somethingand you can avoid an obstacle then.

With trousers, skin is not as loud as any kind of textile.

So there is a lot of difference to that as well.

Dom needs a drink.

Handily enough, 200 yardsfrom where we will be stalking is a beer garden.

The noise of the pub is an advantage.

Maxuses whatever sound cover is on offer: a passing car, an aeroplane over head.

They all presentan opportunity to take a few steps closer to the boar.

And presumably if there is a large numberthat is easier for you to get close than if there is one on its own.

Yes of course because a single wild boar knowsthat it doesn't do any more noise than itself.

If there is a group and there is some noiseover there they will think it is a brother or sister.

A single wild boar is always verydifficult to stalk because he has ears.

They don't see very well but they have got earsand they will smell you and it is difficult.

With the darkness upon us, the time has arrivedfor the stalking and disrobing.

I hate you David.

But in all honesty, straightaway, having socks instead of shoes, you can feel the ground so much better.

David the camera man heads up to the high-seatto get an overview of events.

Max and Dom stalk the crop.

Both Max and Dom have Zeiss Victory nightvision kit to spot the animals.

Hunting with night vision riflescopes is not allowed inGermany, so Max has a traditonal scope on the rifle.

More about that later.

It's exciting for all concerned but even thoughthey get within feet of the boar there's just too much crop.

The wind and rain would normallyhave knocked over more of the standing crop by now, offering more shooting chances.

It is like being at a feast with Jabba theHutt, you can hear chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp all around.

You can see the corn moving throughthe night vision, but you couldn't actually see the animals.

I think whether the windwas swirling every now and then and you could hear a warning blow where they knew somethingwasn't right.

Then of course we got very, very close but I think they just weren't confidentenough to come out into the clearings, but as you can tell Max is on a mission to goto another area so we best go.

The other spots offer nothing so we get somewell earned rest before more reconnaissance work.

Max is happy there are boar on this farmlandtoo.

He has shot them close to here before.

A close inspection shows there is activity, plus there is a track leading to the crop and the woods behind.

Max explains to Dom just what kit he needsto do his job effectively.

In order really to say what animal is in frontof me if it is a sow or if it is a male or a piglet or not, I usually take a night visionas well not on a scope.

It is not allowed in Germany.

But in the normal observationoptics and that helps a lot.

It really helps you to see that this is something I can shoot, or I don't want, or not allowed to shoot.

It has to be easy to handle, it has to beeasy to carry in weight and very importantly it has to be only one eye, because it is artificiallight in it so when you look through it you will be totally blinded.

So it is importantto have only one eye and to have to do it on your not shooting eye.

Because then ifyou go into the scope and do your shooting eye you will be totally blind.

So there isno use in that.

So you need a single one and you need to do it on your non shooting eye.

So it is day two of the big boar hunt andwe are about to set out on second hunt and as you can see it is a beautiful evening, still.

It has been a warm day and we are quite optimistic.

We got very, very close to theboar last night, but without any success.

We have come to scout some different groundtoday.

We have got some good intelligence to suggest that there is boar activity inthis area at the moment.

So yes we are very hopeful and I know Max can't wait to get histrousers off.

And you? Not so keen.

Tonight Dom is taking a back seat and ourcameraman heads off with the crazy German.

Now and again, we have to knock out our brightIR light to stop interferring with the Zeiss.

In the darkness we can hear the boar moving.

It's a thrilling hunting experience ending with another close call.

It is getting windy and it tried to smellwhat was in front of it.

That is what hunting is like you are not always successful.

We return to the pub car park with a backbeatof soft rock.

This time, we're all scantily clad and get within just a few feet from aboar.

You can hear the Jabba the Hutt chewing sound, just as Dom describes.

We can alsosee the crop moving, but there's no shot.

It's just one animal.

We have to move backwardsto avoid it winding us.

The chewing stops and we manage to get the camera on our boarjust as it dives for cover.

Max was clearly too interested in listening to Whitesnake, and our chance is lost.

I actually heard her come out I actually spottedher with my night vision and actually put a finger in my ear expecting to hear a shotfrom Max, but when I glanced across he obviously hadn't actually seen her.

When I went to tryand let him know with a little tzzzz.





Because we were so close that was enough tosend her scurrying off.

So a fleeting glimpse is all we have had.

So proof that the stalkingmethods work.

We got so close again.

But when the crop is like this and you are stalkingindividual animals it feels like you are attempting the impossible, but we gave it a shot andwe have got a couple more places to check tonight fingers crossed but it is last chancesaloon.

With dawn on our heels we split up – Thistime we keep our distance as Max heads into a much shorter wheat crop.

He's spots a singleyoung female – and shoots.

The boar is hit but heads into thick cover.

It means Max putson more clothing than we ever knew he owned.

Filou tracks the boar though the wood and70 yards in Max shoots when the chance presents itself.

Spot what the camera is probably telling younow it is very close to dawn so it really was our last chance to get something and afterwhat can only be described as an eventful weekend we have finally managed to get a wildboar and I think Max has probably earned it he has put in some serious graft and someserious miles in his pink socks and he has introduced us to a whole new way of stalkingand I know that I will certainly go away with a few ideas to think about next time I go, perhaps a few new techniques to use whether or not it will result in stalking in my underpantsin the future I wouldn't have thought so.

I think the British countryside is prettysafe.

In terms of how to move quietly, in terms of how to listen more intently it hasbeen an indication and I am pleased for Max and I am pleased for us that we have managedto get what we came for.

We have spent the weirdest most wonderful48 hours with a crazy German boar fanatic, delivering heart pumping moments.

It's safeto say you would struggle to find more exhilarating things to do in a field with your trousersaround your ankles.


Anti-Rape Underwear

a company known as AR where has come outwith anti-rape underwear and they're hoping to raiseenough money to actually put these I undies in production so we'll see ifthat actually happens are looking to raise about fifty thousand dollars but the way that it works is up airwhere users something

known as cut proof walkable straps that fix theform fitting underwear on to a woman's public area to thwart would be sexual assailants so a is a good idea obvious is the firstquestion that comes up in for a couple different reasons inumber one if you know if the guy

gets angry that waycreate a more hostile situation yes so I'm I I did research on this becauseI I tried to figure out exactly how it is that you can put themon but not take them awfully right therewas an ass Equus yeah it's just it just seems strange and

theylook like shorts I mean how are you gonna wear it just for so it's okay many criticismsabout the first of all the most important criticism it's going to makesomeone angry its they're gonna they're gonna have ahard time taking it off and as a result there gonna people woman

up there gonna takeit out on her and I'm not saying that their intentions were bad or or thisthis was it thought out carefully but I'm justworried it could make someone I gotta go ahead say it wasn't %uh care okay alright it up it's just sillyI mean like it's

fine look here's why here'swhat is good for if it makes a woman feel safer and more secure then great then go forward I don't II the reaction trying to figure outwhat the reaction other well violent sexual assaulter is you know i mean that thatgoes back to that whether

it's gonna make you mad at the same argument is you know do you resist do you carry macedo you keep a knife on you do you carry a gun all those things could make thesituation worse but those are all decisions that individual people rightly get tomake yeah I

am NOT you know it's easy for me yeah but I Iwould I take my chances in terms about I thinkI'd want you know want to resist so I actually I'm moreopen to this thing you guys are you are no I'm not I'm totally open to it Idon't think

it's gonna save anybody your help anybody but itmight make but here's here's a scenario which might help you know we done these stories about thegirls who pass out on a guy's raped them and then they take picturesand moved up on the front lawn in one case in serra

in if they kept the any guys were alsodrug K take it off maybe now in that scenariooutside a point yeah I didn't think about tape date-rape I didn't think about you knowsomeone who could be drugged up his work perfect example love a situation wherecould possibly work whenever I

think rape I always thinkabout you know someone who's walking on the street by lol we also got the guide like lay in ambushis waiting for you governor yeah but that is a good example of howit could work so I'm going to open up now look but it has

lotta difference I see Iso don't know how you take it off but I'm sure they figure that out I hope aand but I also I hope you where'd in a very rarecircumstance for your party any word about that specific issue its era because it really had a person

wasconstantly wearing rape on your way around there's some chance that like your little like it's something you haveto be very careful about and you should take precautions but atthe same time you don't want to dominate your life where you wanna go out in theworld like I can okay

I gotta make sure I'm preparedagainst rape today yeah I mean it's also a it's it's it's a terrible way of goingthrough life it's absolutely even if it's just for the party you bring up anexample where it sounds like there's a casewhere might have helped but thats that's crazy

but you have to thinkabout that when you go to a party or Mesa talking about where it seems to be latest stories ur high school kids youknow who should be going to parties where that happens liked fucking guy should I mean the girlshould we go to those parties

there Paul in this party shouldn't exist ok I thinkI goes to a party and has sex with a girl was struck like who who gathered so that but I knowthat that's happened for but now like its it's easy appealsworst companies they keep it like to further humiliateher and

near its center is so stupid it sovicious as the suspect that should have people get drunk we understand thatgreat but like it's almost to me like wearinga bulletproof vest that every day like gay you could get shot in whichcase like thank god you're the best on but you

know what that mentality foryour life you don't put that on every day yes so that's my actual story to methat's why this feels like just this is just marketing in a way to raise fiftythousand bucks but you know whatever went to it it its essentially harmless until the

daywhere somebody goes to a party in their trip goes on a date with their friendand then they have a great night may come homewith the likes an oval pitch like the girl big girl can't figure outhow did they get off their get out

What Your Underwear Says About Your Personality Type

What Your Underwear Says About Your PersonalityType Fashion has long been a big part of people’slives throughout history.

It was back in 1926 when economist George Taylor showcased somethingcalled the Hemline Index.

It revealed that when a country was about to enter into a recession, women were more likely to wear longer dresses whereas during times of prosperity the hemlineson dresses would be reduced.

But what we wear under our clothes is justas integral to our personalities as our outerwear.

Whether it be a pair of boy shorts, or a thong, or some ‘granny panties, ’ here are things that your underwear reveals about your personality.

Here are ten of the most common types of underwearout there.

Pick one that you wear on the most regular basis and see if it matches with yourmost dominant personality traits.

Before we begin this video, don’t forgetto subscribe to our channel for more daily tips like this and turn on notifications soyou never miss our new videos! The t string.

The T-string is a scandalouspiece of underwear that is usually reserved for those who are extremely comfortable intheir own skin.

People who regularly wear this form of underwear are confident, independentand not shy to show off what they have.

There are studies to support this conclusion.

For example, in 2005 a study conducted byJoseph Benz at the University of Nebraska found that men were more likely to exaggeratetheir financial independence and willingness to commit while women were more likely tobe deceptive in regards to their body image.

This meant that men were more likely to dressin a way that accentuated their wealth or status while women would dress in a mannerthat showed off their physique.

The g string.

The G-string is similar to theT-string but the characteristics differ.

Someone who regularly wears a G-string is usuallya person who can balance work and pleasure with ease.

These types of people are comfortablein their own skin but also willing to reveals parts of themselves both physically and mentally.

Thongs are generally reserved for those whoare ambitious, motivated and driven to succeed.

Discomfort and being out of your comfort zoneisn’t something that really bothers them and their motivation to reach their goalscannot only define them as a person but also inspire others as well.

If you wear a g stringyou are probably comfortable with your body and your sexuality, and love stepping outsideof your comfort zone.

You thrive off of excitement and adventure and aren’t ashamed to be whoyou are! Keep watching til the very end, because afterwe tell you about what your underwear reveals about your personality, we’ll give you alittle test that can reveal even more about your personality! The tanga: In 2010, a study was conductedto identify which colors were deemed more desirable and attractive by the opposite sex.

The researchers found that wearing red clothes resulted in a higher rating of attractivenessby the opposite sex as opposed to wearing other colors.

The tanga is a type of underwearthat is usually preferred by those people who are traditional in nature but progressivein thoughts.

They can enjoy the simple things in life but they also require their closecircle of friends to be open-minded and current.

People who wear red tangas, in particular, are usually seen as more attractive by the opposite sex.

The bikini.

The bikini is usually worn bywomen who are outdoorsy, athletic, and sporty.

These underwear are usually worn by womenwho are extremely comfortable with their own bodies and they can also be playful and sexybut can be serious and practical as well.


The cheeky underwear is usually wornby people who are cheeky as well.

These people tend to be alert, smart, witty and funny.

They are quick to respond to a joke or a jest and love to be playful and charming.

In astudy conducted by Timothy Brown and other researchers at the Department of Psychologyat Old Dominion University, they found that posture and the way people moved could greatlyaffect people’s judgment of their attractiveness.

The study found that males who wore tightfitting clothes ranked higher on the perception of masculinity than those who wore baggierclothes.

Hipster underwear.

Hipster underwear?! Isthat actually a thing? Well, it sure is, and people who wear hipster underwear tend tokeep to themselves but don’t necessarily avoid social contact.

They are usually markedby a multitude of layers of personality.

The “hipster” underwear is a cross betweenshorts and underwear.

These are usually worn by people who are reclusive and quiet.

Justwhen you think you know who they are they surprise you with another layer of their personalities.

Boy shorts.

Boy shorts are usually worn bythose with an outgoing personality and those who are sporty and athletic.

These peopleare usually outgoing and charming and love to engage in outdoor activities.

In a 1982study conducted by Solomon and Schopler, they found that men were actually more self-consciousthan females when it came to personal dress sense and how the public viewed them.

Classic Briefs.

The classic briefs.

If theseclassics are your preferred form of underwear then most likely you are someone who caresabout practicality and comfort over aesthetics and appearances.

You are also someone whocan remain calm in a difficult situation and will think of solutions rather than panicking.

High waisted underwear.

The high waisted underwearis for those who are easy going and fun loving.

They don’t really care much for other people’sopinions but they have the innate ability to comfort and make those around them feelmuch better.

Now that you know what your underwear canreveal about your personality, here’s an extra test that will tell you even more aboutyour personality! What you see in these next pictures can say a lot about personality types! What animal are you most like?To determineyour personality, just take a quick glance at the image and see which animal jumps outat you first.

The first animal you see might say a lot about what you are like as a person.

Whichever one stands out to you the most isthe one that says the most about your personality.

Here is the image.

Look at it very quicklyand see which animal stands out to you the most.

Alright, you’ve seen the picture, and nowthe big question: which animal did you see first? What type of person are you really? Butterfly: If you saw the butterfly first, then you are the kind of person who is comfortable with change.

You are flexible, adaptable, and transformative.

Crab: Like the crustacean, you have a hardexterior that is difficult to break through, but on the inside, you are soft, caring, andloyal to a fault.

Dog: The canine qualities you possess makeyou loyal, selfless, and brave.

You are willing to stand up for the people you love and willalways be by their side.

Dove: Like the universal symbol of peace, if you saw the dove first, you are calm, peaceful and full of love.

You are nurturing and wishto care for others.

Hawk: if the hawk was the first animal yousaw, it means that you are focused, driven and rigid, much like the predator of the skies.

Praying Mantis: Like the mantis, you are patient, and also a master of your domain.

You have strong guiding principles, and you trust yourselfmore than anything.

Rooster: If this was the first animal yousaw, then you are persistent and tough.

You don’t let anything stand in your way, andwill work hard toward your goals.

Stallion: You are wild, free, and ambitious.

You are not afraid to put the work in for what you want.

You are also not afraid tofight for what you believe in.

Wolf: Fierce and fearless, you have a personalitythat stands out, even in a crowd.

Like the wolf, you can walk alone or in a pack.

So, did we get it right about your personalitytype? What is your personality type? Let us know in the comments section below! Enjoyed this video? Hit the like button andsubscribe to our channel for more videos like this! Thanks for watching!.

I tried and tested period underwear! Knixteen, Lunapads, Moondog | CBC Kids News

Have you ever noticedhow much packaging waste we go throughwhen we have our period? ♪ [upbeat] Hey guys, it's Spencer.

so I have to admit, I am really into the save the turtles movementand I'm starting to actually pay attentionto all the single use plastic that I'm using every single day.

I found this amazing National Geographic article and it says that every womanuses between five and fifteen thousand pads and tampons in their lifetime.

The majority of which will end up in landfills as plastic waste.

So that'sgot me wondering.

Now, I've triedmenstrual cups before and it didn't work for me, but lately I've seen a lot of advertisingfor period underwear.

Now, could they be a cheaperand more sustainable alternative to padsand tampons? I want to puta few brands to the test and see if they work.

I mean, what makes periodunderwear even possible? ♪ ♪ Well, it's interestingbecause the fabrics that are in period proofunderwear have actually been around for a long time.

It just took a number of savvyand innovative entrepreneurs to apply the technologyto women's health.

So the best metaphorthat I can think of is kitty litterthat clumps.

So kitty litter that clumps, stores liquids in a solid so that you canscoop it out easily.

Period proof underwearis essentially doing the same thingwith your blood.

It's storing thatliquid moisture inside, until you saturate it laterand then it will rinse out.

Now, I will say, every brandhas different construction and so they're not allgoing to work exactly the same.

Look for discount codesand coupons and make sure that you take care of themreally well because they're more expensivethan traditional underwear.

Good luckwith your research.

Spencer: A quick search and it was clear, there was a lot of companies selling these.

Basically, wearing these eliminates the need for pads or tampons.

I decided on these three.


The Sleepover Shorts.


The Moondog Basic.

Lunapads: The Maia Bikini.

[chimes]♪ ♪ OK guys, it is kicking in.

I just spent almost $100on three pairs of underwear.

I mean, they are specialand if they cancel out pads and tampons, they could be worth it, but let's try this out.

[swoosh]♪ ♪ [rustling] It kind of feelslike a swimsuit.

You can kind of see, like, a little pad here.

They kind of justfeel like spandex shorts.

Like, I don't feel likeit has any protection.

That's why I'm so scared and I'mgoing to school right now.

Oh my gosh.

So, I've had them on for, from 10:00 in the morning till 3:00 now and it's, it's really strange because I was reallysceptical, but it's holding up pretty good.

[pop]♪ ♪ OK, so, these underwear look alot more like regular underwear and the pad on this, actually feels thinner than the other one.

So that fears mea little.



a lot.

OK guys, so I am now on hour sixwith the Moondog underwear on.

They're holdingup pretty good.

It doesn't feel like a diaper, but I want to say, like, they don't hold as much or like, I don't feel as secure as I did in the otherones from yesterday.

[pop]♪ ♪ The other one's feltlike a sporty material, but this is cottonand then they already have like thatbig absorbent pad, and then it also comeswith like these little flaps, and it camewith an extra pad and then this padis like, washable as well.


So, as you can see, my face is really red, because I just worked outwith the period underwear on and they held up really good and I still feel like, perfectly fine.

I want to say, so far, thatthese are like, my favourite pair that I've usedand they feel like the driest and the most comfortable.

OK guys, so I leaked.

[tires screech]Oh my gosh.

That's like, my biggest nightmare.

That's everyone'sbiggest nightmare.

So I'm lookingback at what happened, It's time to wrap this upand come to a final conclusion.

Are period underweara cheaper and more sustainable alternative to padsand tampons? I spent on average, $12 a month on period tampons, pads, and liners and period underwearrange anywhere from $20 to even more than$40 per pair.

And I would needto buy multiple pairs to fully eliminate the needfor disposable products.

So the up front costis more expensive, however you could be savingmore money in the long term.

It really depends onhow well you take care of your period underwear.

And what aboutpackaging waste? There definitely isn'tas much disposal waste with period underwear as thereis with tampons and pads, but there is a needto use a lot more water.

So, when you're washingand drying your period underwear it takes a lot of waterand a lot of time and which brand of periodunderwear did I like the best? Well, they all camewith pros and cons, so I had to relyon a ranking system.

Let's look at design, performance, comfort, and price.

As you can see, Knixteen came in second.

Now I really likedthis boy short style because they covereda lot more area, however they were the mostexpensive of the bunch, so.



Moondog came in first because of the comfort and the price was the best, plus they were the ones that felt and looked the mostlike everyday underwear.

And Lunapads came in last, but not by much.

I really like the designof these underwear and the replaceable insertis a great idea, however they weren'tthe greatest for leaks or odour.


So, I likeperiod underwear for comfort and sustainability, period.

Except they weren'tvery convenient, especially whileI was at school.

Here is my final verdict.

I would invest in periodunderwears for my light flow days and sleeping at night.

Now, if I do that I'll beable to slightly reduce the amount of tamponsand pads I'm purchasing and that might make a teenytiny difference in the amount of plastic wastethat I'm generating.

[pop] and hey, the more we talkabout stuff like this, the better it isfor all of us, right? ♪ ♪.

Chai Time Comedy with Kenny Sebastian : Clothes, Ironing & Mens Underwear

If you have washed your own clothesyou will never take your clothes for granted.

You'll always be.



thank you! Thank you.


'Cause there's no washing techniquewhich involves you to look nice.

If you wash clothes by hand you willlook like the hardest working farmer on the planet.

There's no civilized, like.






yes, the biscuits are there.

'Cause you have to like.



slap it and shit.

Sweating, you're reconsideringwhy you bought half the things.

You squeeze your underwear andyou're like, “Why's a black liquid coming out?” How much do I sweat? Every ironing board ismanufactured in five minutes.

Because people who manufactureironing boards.



hate their life.

Okay?Look at this.

Every ironing board is like this.

Now, by the way, there'sno option with ironing boards.

This is the shape.



or it's the bed.

There's no other.



You can't be like, “Sir, do you have a circular one?” He's like, “No! Getthe fuck out of my store.

” Okay.

I hate putting clothes for drying.

It's the worst thing.

I don't like it.

But, some people like it.

And then, my momhas a very strict rule.

Three clipsor.



go home.

I'm like, “Mom, I've faith in this clip.

I think one clip is enough.

” 'Cause I'm lazy to go downand get more clips.

I'm like, “No, mom.

One clip is enough, ” And the clip is telling me, “Bro!” One gust of breeze andI'll fly like a bird.

And you're sitting by the window andsee all your underwear flying by.

Mom, I'll be back in a second.

Three clips, man.

You need three clips.

And then, comes the worst partwhich is.



folding clothes.


This is where, my dad or mom, depending on whose folding, gives life advice.

Don't walk into a parent.









they feel likegiving advice at that time.

You know, have you thought about your job.






oh, shit! How many clothes are there to fold? It's been a while sincewe went on a vacation.

How's that girl you've beendating for so long now? Just.



The beautiful life-cycle iswhen you give away clothes.

Okay? And that's the heaven version.

When you give it to the watchmanor someone, that's like after-life.

It's nice.

We give it to people who need it.

The shirt is happy.

He's like, “Oh, I've a new family.

” Yay.



I'm adopted.

Yay! Hell is when you use itas a car washing cloth.

That is hell for the life-cycleof clothes.

As a watchman passes by the car.



the cloth is like, “WHY!” Why? Just because there was a holein the crotch.

Guys, if the most common partfor the pants to get ruined is the crotch, why don't they put a triple stitch there, I don't understand.

They instead put one stitch there, dude.

I think about all this.

I think about all this.

There's another iron that most womenwill relate to, which is the hair iron.

Which I've also used.

I used to have long hairand I used to iron my hair 'cause I'm a Malayali and the moment I used to bring the hair ironclose to my hair, it used to give up.

Oh, Mallu hair.



it's not working.

Bye! It's weird.

They're not safe at all.

But, no one gives a shit.

They give it to young girls and all.

You won't let a young girl catch a.



It's hot! Don't touch the cup, it's hot.




It's damn dangerous.




I don't know.



women go into this.



meditative state whenthey're ironing their hair.

Where they have to follow the ironand it's movement.

The poor girl's been doing thissince two years.



Since her Pomeranian has run away.



she's been ironing her hair.

It's the funniest to see when you divide it into sections.



the same hair clip from the terraceis coming.



One clip is enough, bro.

One clip is enough.




have you used the.



There's another version of thiswhich is the previous version.

Which is the same thingbut it runs on coal.


It's the 'giantest' upgrade of any equipmenton this planet.

It went from coal to electric.

That's an amazing jump.

That's like before you bought a hatchback, your family traveled in a steam engine.

Oh my God! I've seen people iron with that.

It's like an arm workout.

The whole shirt below's like.



It's super scary.

No, that's the thing now.



I'm scared of assembling this.






I hate this ironing board.

I'm going to try and clean this up.


Now, please when you dispose off irons, put them in a respectful place.

Don't leave them on the dining tablelike this.

'Cause your young cousin, who's an idiotwill do this.



No, seriously.

My parents said, “Please don't put it here, put it.



here”I'm like, “Why?” “'Cause someone will pick it up.

” I'm like, “Dad, if someone in our familyis so dumb, I think you should let them go.

” Oh, this is the miniature versionof a bedsheet.

Which is the hardest thing to foldon this planet.

'Cause you need a trusting family member whose going to mimicyour hand movements.

Now, we shall do the right side.

Now, not the right.



the left side.



no, shit! And then, one of you has to take the fall.



Okay, I'm going to run towards you.

I'm going to run towards you.




we're going to havea weird sexual moment.

Where both of us hold hands.

No, not today.

Prakash, not today.

The difference between menand women is.



after my dad folds it, he does.




He folds it and puts it down.

My mom.



she gives it love.

She'll do this, she'll do thisand she'll do.



I was going to do a segment aboutmy underwear but I didn't want to do it.




because that's a really weirdpart of a family when.



your washing stuff.



I have flatmates.

We have two guysand this one girl.

And it's all chilled but then, the moment she washes her clothes.



we're not allowed to walknear the washing machine.

'Cause she's like, “What ifyou see my bra?” Yeah, you're right.

Then we'll stop being friends.

It was like.



It's like.



you walk into drying bras and.






bras also lookso amazing when they're drying.




Ah! Like male underwear's like.



Also, male underwearare staring at the bras.


Clothes also are fuckers, dude.



Male clothes.



Did you guys.



any women herewho stay with male flatmates? Please.



if you see that underwear like.



cotton fibers flying everywhere.



yeah, like it's too worn out.

I don't know what they're savingtheir underwear for? They hold onto their underwear likethey hold onto their jeans.

Like bro, this underwearhas seen my graduation.

I'm not letting go of this one.

Bro, there's a hole in the front.

Yeah, it's easy, dude.

For peeing.



for peeing.



You guys are all sick, you know that? You guys are all sick.

How do you honestly.



? When you're checking which underwear is usedand all.



how do you check? I asked.

It's a personal question.

I don't know why we do that? It's the most horrible way to check.

But, why do we all do that? Yeah, it's used.

Why do we all.



? Why do we all do that? Don't act like you don't do it.

Why do we need to? Don't act! There's no Sherlock Holmes detectivewho like.



March 8, 5:30 pm.

Yes, this was.



Said it!Someone had to say it.

Women will nicely foldtheir underwear.

This is how guys fold underwear.

Where is my pile of underwear? It's clean! Don't act.

Can you do some.



? He was telling meto stop giving him looks.

Throughout this segment.

-Guilty conscience.


Are you guys flatmates or something? -No.

Best friends.

-Best friends.




What is relatable about that.



then? I was telling her not to give me looksbecause that's not what I do.

He stays at IIT, Bombay.

He stays at IIT, Bombay? Fuck it.

You don't wash them.

What're you saying? What's he acting noble for? Six months, minimum.



you have to use it.

Till it's not foldable.





top ten sexy movie underwear scenes these guys and gals look great my wife I mean she's just a cheap stripper David nice in regular clothing and even better without it welcome to our Channel and today we are counting down our picks for the top ten sexy movie underwear

scenes for this list we have looked at big screen scenes during which a character is underwear clad and we have ranked the sexiest although for this countdown anything sharp on you that I can stick myself with number 10 Salma Hayek Dogma 1999 a little retro new addition serves

as the soundtrack to this pseudo strip scene brought to us by Salma Hayek with her pale pink undies librarian glasses pigtails and bubblegum hey accounts is around the stage pitting one group of slack-jawed spectators against the other to see which will get her full attention in this case

it may be more about what you [Music] number nine Halle Berry swordfish 2001 Halle Berry was about as big a movie star as was walking this planet you don't like the situation she also happened to be one of the hottest women in Hollywood so when news broke that

she would be stripping off for swordfish the anticipation levels were ludicrous and we were not disappointed we are with Hugh Jackman as he voyeuristically walks into Barry bedroom and the gun in her hand does little to avert our gaze Jackman might be more concerned about the wire but

we see little bit lingerie and loveliness number 8 Liv Tyler Empire Records 1995 [Music] as if the schoolgirls skirt midriff top and solo dancing were not sexy enough Cory gets the chance of a lifetime when the former pop star she'd had been crushing on since her youth visits

Joe I have to bring Rex his lunch Berko is Joe I need to bring him his lunch Berko is Empire Records desperate for him to see her as more than a young groupie this overachiever pulls out all the stops you're sweet clearly unfazed by the half-naked girl in

front of him number seven Jessica Biel I now pronounce you chuck and Larry 2007 [Music] really what are you doing there when Adam Sandler read the script for this one he must have thought that Christmas had come early you could be the best body I've ever seen in

my life along with his birthday Thanksgiving the fourth of July and any other festival you can think of the scene begins with Jessica Biel's barely closed behind and it ends with her natural breasts horace sandler describes then her bodacious bahamas mamas if anything is a recipe for sexy

success then this is it by the way I mean nobody thinks they are everyone thinks they're fake but they are real we're sure the life of an actor can have its testing times number six Jamie Lee Curtis True Lies 1994 Mustard's West down slowly Jamie Lee Curtis wants

to feel more alive and her quest for excitement leads her here Arnold Schwarzenegger is her husband but she does not know it is he who sits before her [Music] it is a complicated trail of titular True Lies but we will worry about the complicated storyline when the strip

scene is over shall we Lee Curtis is a little awkward a little nervous [Music] number five margot robbie the wolf of wallstreet 2013 my wife naomi the Duchess of Bay Ridge Brooklyn the beginning of wolf of Wall Street involves Jordan Belfort trying to make you jealous of his

lavish lifestyle and all the cool shit he has and he wastes no no no no no my Ferrari was white like Don Johnson's and Miami Vice not ready time before he starts bragging about his wife played by Margot Robbie naomi is a blonde bombshell in every sense of

the term and she shows off her assets the one with my kind of mouth in the Ferrari so put your dick back in your pants

Love Tie with Underwear 2

we continue with the second part of this ritual to have it at your feet spell to have it at your feet and despair of wishes well we already have our underwear already dry dried in the moonlight and kept in the dark in the room now tonight let's continue

with this second part and well let's start this way the first thing we should do is with this nail with a metal tip we must write our name on the candle red in this way I'm going to notice my name Joseph world i be world on this other

black candle we will write down the name of the other person we want come to us I will write a anyone's name love night there the name of the other is noted person Now we will do the following with the oil made of olives we will only wet

our finger once with a little bit only we will gather in the candle like this throughout the candle again with olive oil in all truth above all it has to cover our first name now we will do the same on this other candle we must pass the olive

oil are the two candles once we have this the red candle goes on the left the black candle goes to the right Now what we will do will be with the thread Red high several laps several laps thus towards we turn them first the red thread and sides

they have to stay the same for later be able to stop together now in black thread see you too several laps and cut with that it reaches that's fine with that we will see ensure that the candles look good and that both can stand still Now that we

have them like this, we will light and now we will place them here this ritual requires patience and whenever we are doing all this we will be thinking about the person remember the one on the red on the left the right black to right now once we have

that we go with the photo you can use a paper and write down the name of the person and if you have a photo to we will notice our name our name on the forehead of the person and now will notice in my name now I do not

want this person in the picture be seen that's why I'm covering it what we must do is leave the photo put it here on watch leave it like this with our name noted on the forehead and I will show with our name noted on the forehead of the

person and leave it here until finish the two candles are going to end once the candles are finished it will remain a candle waste the candle wax will remain then and now in the video I have here from another ritual that I did before I show black candle

waste and red candle that this is what we are going to meet us when both candles finish then we will follow the ritual I will show you this, remember this it ends until it ends then once the candles our underwear will do what next we will put our

clothes like this then now we will put the photo here of the person and above what we will do will be as first throw him the cinnamon powder as well as the photo we will ride cinnamon powder well everything like that now that we put that next will

be the pepper we will put the pepper in grains up there like that that's enough for that and finally the wormwood we had saved the wormwood we had saved of the first stage of the ritual we will place it we will leave like this and we will place

there as it is now the debris from those candles sold out we will also put them inside of what our underwear is and of all this work try not to touch it with hand always take it out with a knife or with something that I can scrape and

take out these waste now once we have everything this reminds us that our clothes

Book Break with Miss Melissa: Creepy Pair of Underwear!

Hi everybody! My name is Miss Melissa!Thank you for joining us for our book break.

Our book breaks are for picturebooks that are a little longer than ones we would use at storytime and also onesthat might appeal to a slightly older audience.

The book I chose today I haveused for kindergarten, first, and second graders and they have absolutely lovedit.

It's not terribly long, but it's not really something that I would use in oneof my younger storytimes.

It's a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy it.

It is called”Creepy Pair of Underwear, ” and it is by Erin Reynolds with pictures by PeterBrown and I am reading it with the kind permission of Simon & SchusterBooks for Young Readers and I'm so excited to share it with you.

Creepy Pair of Underwear There we go! So we have our little rabbit shopping with his mama.

Jasper Rabbit needed new underwear.

On Thursday, Mom took him to the underwearstore and grabbed the last three packages of plain white, but as theyheaded for the checkout, Jasper spotted them.

Creepy underwear.

So creepy! So comfy!They were glorious! “Mom! Mom, can we get these?” Jasper pleaded “I think they're a little too creepy, ” said Mom.

“They're not creepy, they're cool!” said Jasper.

“I'm not a little bunny anymore.

I'm a big rabbit now!” Mom agreed to buy one pair.

That night, Jasper wore his cool new underwear to bed.

“Do you want me to leave the hallway light on? asked Dad.

“Dad I'm not a little bunny anymore!” said Jasper.

“I'm a big rabbit now!” His dad shut the door and, that's when Jasper noticed.






the underwear glowed a greenish, ghoulish glow.

Can yousee his underwear? He closed his eyes.

He pulled up the covers.

He buried his face in his pillow, but it didn't help.

He could still see that ghoulish, greenishglow.

Jasper leaped out of bed and put on apair of plain white.

He stuffed the creepy underwear into the bottom of hislaundry basket.

You see him doing it? He finally fell asleep.

But when he got up the next day, he was wearing the creepy underwear! Jasper threw that into the garbage can.

He was still a big rabbit.

He wasn't scared or anything, but he wasdone with scary underwear.

After school, Jasper was doing his homework when heheard it.

A scratchy, scraping sound coming from his dresser.

He opened thedrawer and.




They were back! Staring at him with that ghoulish, greenish glow! He snatched the creepy underwear out of the drawer.

He grabbed a big envelope andsome stamps to China.

“Bye-bye, scary underwear he said dropping the packagein the mail.

When he opened the front door the next morning – there they were! And were those.



chopsticks? His creepy pair of underwearhad somehow returned from China and it had brought back souvenirs! Look how scared he is! Jasper grabbed his Mom's good sewing scissors.

She didn't like him using them, but this was an underwear emergency! What's he gonna do? This time, the creepy underwear were gone for good.

He cut them all up! At bedtime, he slowly opened his underwear drawer.


Just plain white undies.

He searched under his bed.

He shook out his lampshades.

Phew! There was no sign ofcreepy underwear.

He went into the bathroom to comb his ears.

They were back! “What's the matter with you?” his Mom asked.

“You're so jittery lately.

” “Nothing!” He yelped.

A grown rabbit couldn't bescared of his own underpants.

he sees the He seized the underwear.

He snagged his shovel from the garage, and he rode.

He didn't stop pedaling until he reached Creek Hangar Hill.

What's he gonna do? Jasper began to dig.

He dug until his hole was dark and deep and 100% underwear proof.

He dropped his underwear in.

They gleam from the bottom, that ghoulish, greenish glow, but not for long.

What did he do? He buried them! When he got home, Jasper crept up to his dresser.

They couldn't be there.

There was no way, right?He reached for the handle.

He peeked in.

Nothing!Just plain white! Jasper smiled and turned out the light.

They're gone! There was just one problem – it was really dark in there! Even for a big rabbit! Those are his bigold eyes! Jasper turned on the light.

He looked athis non glowy pair of plain white and he knew what he had to do.

He's got his shovel back and he's going to the hill.

The creepy underwear were a little muddy, but they still filled the room with that gentle greenish glow.

The next day, Jasper gathered his allowance money and went to the underwear store all by himself, justlike a big rabbit.

That night, Jasper wasn't scared at all.

As he lay down tosleep, he smiled.

And so did his underwear, because they had finally found someone who wasn't scared.






of creepy underwear! Look at all thoseunderwears! They're all over his room! The end.

I hope you guys enjoyed that and I hope to see you soon! Bye!.