Bras for Backless Tops & Underwear for Tight Fitting Dresses, NuBra, Spanx (Weddings, Formals)

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Today I'm going to talkabout undergarments.

Undergarments that you can wear underneath something super-fitted, or a backless top or dress.

So let's go over the types of bras that you can wear forbackless tops and dresses.

First of all, a strapless bra usually doesn't work because the strap itself is too high up that it's still visible.

So what I find veryhelpful are sticky bras.

And I have a variety.

The first sticky bra that I have is my– the first one I actually got was the Victoria's Secret push-up sticky bra.

So these sticky bras look like this.

It's not sticky on your chest, but it is adhesive onto the sides of you.

So when you put it on, it sticks onto the side of your skin.

The problem with these bras is that if your dressis completely backless, and it kind of angles at a certain way, the adhesive still show.

So these are not the best ones to pick, and plus I think paidaround $60 for these.

So this is not the best choice, because it still kind of shows.

And so, let's go on to other ideas.

Other adhesive sticky bras are the ones that stickdirectly onto your breasts, such as the silicone-basedsticky bras such as these.

I actually have two.

This one is very thin, and doesn't provide any nipple coverage.

And I wouldn't really recommend this one because it doesn't provideany type of support or shape to your breasts.

Personally, when I wearsomething backless, I still want the coverage of a real bra.

The type of coverage thatcovers everything completely, and still gives it a goodshape, and some padding.

And I actually found areally great sticky bra.

It's called NuBra, and it looks like this.

It comes in a box, and it comes in this plastic container.

And what you do is, you remove the bra andit's completely sticky.

I mean, look at it.

It sticks onto you.

So you remove it, and what you do is you place it onto your chest.

I'm actually gonna just demonstrate, just to help you friends outin case you need some help.

And plus, this is– We're girls, and this is a girls' channel, so it's not that big of a deal.

So if you want cleavage, you place your NuBra all the way to the ends of your breasts, and then you snap it on like this.

And close it, and it'll stay on you, even when you're sweating.

You just kinda have to kinda push it back when you're sweating.

And at the end of the day, when you're all done wearing your bra– And by the way, if I were wearing something backless it would never show'cause it's right here.

And at the end of the day, all you have to do is peel it off.

And that wasn't really a goodexample of how it peels off, but let me actually show you.

And as you can see, it reallydoes stick on to the skin.

And again, let me show you.

The only problem is that itis rather painful to remove after the end of the daybecause it was on you all day, and it was stickingonto your chest all day.

But other than that, I findthat this the best sticky bra that I have found because it provides amazing shape to the breasts, it covers it, it doesn't show ever on any backless garment, and I just like the cloth feeling of it.

It kind of feels like a real bra, but it's not really covering everything.

Let's talk about thatthings that you can wear underneath fitted garments.

What I like to wearunderneath something fitted, like a fitted dress, is Spanx.

And I actually recently purchased this.

This is called the Spanx thong.

(giggles) It's not the cutest piece of undergarment you ever did see, but the reason as to why aSpanx thong is so fantastic is because when you wearit, it really feels tight, and it gives you theillusion of an amazing shape.

It gives you that hourglass figure, it flattens up your stomach, it kind of removes all bulges, it kind of smooths everythingout, and it looks fantastic.

A lot of celebrities wearthis for red carpet events, or on a regular basis becauseit makes them look fantastic in whatever they're wearing.

And I think I actuallysaw Spanx the first time on “The Tyra BanksShow”, but I'm not sure.

One of those talk shows that kind of talk aboutfashion and beauty.

The Spanx thong I wouldrecommend; it's my favorite.

And in the color nude, because it looks great with anything white or any colored clothingbecause nude kind of blends in with your skin tone soit won't really show.

It's non-detectable, no one can see it.

And the reason as to whyI chose the Spanx thong is because the Spanx thonggives you that great figure, that hourglass figure, flat stomach.

But it doesn't take awayfrom your hips and your butt.

So if you still like havinghips and butt, this is perfect.

And if you want to havea smaller butt size, and less hips, the Spanx shorts are actually great, too.

I also own the Spanx shorts.

And the Spanx shorts are great for when you kind of wantto slim down your thighs and your hips and yourbutt and your stomach.

Thank you, friends, so much for tuning in.

So if ever you're inneed of something to wear underneath a backlessgown or a backless top, remember that the the NuBra padded bra is actually one of the best.

I've tried a lot, andI've found that the NuBra is the best because it's padded, and it gives you a half-size cup larger.

And then if you're lookingfor something to wear underneath a fitteddress or a fitted gown, the Spanx thong orshorts works really well, and I tried a bunch, and I just really likethe line of Spanx products 'cause it makes you look like you've spent hours at the gym.

And I wish you all a fabulous time at whatever specialevent you plan to attend wearing your backless dressand your super-tight outfit.

Have a great day.


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