Book Break with Miss Melissa: Creepy Pair of Underwear!

Hi everybody! My name is Miss Melissa!Thank you for joining us for our book break.

Our book breaks are for picturebooks that are a little longer than ones we would use at storytime and also onesthat might appeal to a slightly older audience.

The book I chose today I haveused for kindergarten, first, and second graders and they have absolutely lovedit.

It's not terribly long, but it's not really something that I would use in oneof my younger storytimes.

It's a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy it.

It is called”Creepy Pair of Underwear, ” and it is by Erin Reynolds with pictures by PeterBrown and I am reading it with the kind permission of Simon & SchusterBooks for Young Readers and I'm so excited to share it with you.

Creepy Pair of Underwear There we go! So we have our little rabbit shopping with his mama.

Jasper Rabbit needed new underwear.

On Thursday, Mom took him to the underwearstore and grabbed the last three packages of plain white, but as theyheaded for the checkout, Jasper spotted them.

Creepy underwear.

So creepy! So comfy!They were glorious! “Mom! Mom, can we get these?” Jasper pleaded “I think they're a little too creepy, ” said Mom.

“They're not creepy, they're cool!” said Jasper.

“I'm not a little bunny anymore.

I'm a big rabbit now!” Mom agreed to buy one pair.

That night, Jasper wore his cool new underwear to bed.

“Do you want me to leave the hallway light on? asked Dad.

“Dad I'm not a little bunny anymore!” said Jasper.

“I'm a big rabbit now!” His dad shut the door and, that's when Jasper noticed.






the underwear glowed a greenish, ghoulish glow.

Can yousee his underwear? He closed his eyes.

He pulled up the covers.

He buried his face in his pillow, but it didn't help.

He could still see that ghoulish, greenishglow.

Jasper leaped out of bed and put on apair of plain white.

He stuffed the creepy underwear into the bottom of hislaundry basket.

You see him doing it? He finally fell asleep.

But when he got up the next day, he was wearing the creepy underwear! Jasper threw that into the garbage can.

He was still a big rabbit.

He wasn't scared or anything, but he wasdone with scary underwear.

After school, Jasper was doing his homework when heheard it.

A scratchy, scraping sound coming from his dresser.

He opened thedrawer and.




They were back! Staring at him with that ghoulish, greenish glow! He snatched the creepy underwear out of the drawer.

He grabbed a big envelope andsome stamps to China.

“Bye-bye, scary underwear he said dropping the packagein the mail.

When he opened the front door the next morning – there they were! And were those.



chopsticks? His creepy pair of underwearhad somehow returned from China and it had brought back souvenirs! Look how scared he is! Jasper grabbed his Mom's good sewing scissors.

She didn't like him using them, but this was an underwear emergency! What's he gonna do? This time, the creepy underwear were gone for good.

He cut them all up! At bedtime, he slowly opened his underwear drawer.


Just plain white undies.

He searched under his bed.

He shook out his lampshades.

Phew! There was no sign ofcreepy underwear.

He went into the bathroom to comb his ears.

They were back! “What's the matter with you?” his Mom asked.

“You're so jittery lately.

” “Nothing!” He yelped.

A grown rabbit couldn't bescared of his own underpants.

he sees the He seized the underwear.

He snagged his shovel from the garage, and he rode.

He didn't stop pedaling until he reached Creek Hangar Hill.

What's he gonna do? Jasper began to dig.

He dug until his hole was dark and deep and 100% underwear proof.

He dropped his underwear in.

They gleam from the bottom, that ghoulish, greenish glow, but not for long.

What did he do? He buried them! When he got home, Jasper crept up to his dresser.

They couldn't be there.

There was no way, right?He reached for the handle.

He peeked in.

Nothing!Just plain white! Jasper smiled and turned out the light.

They're gone! There was just one problem – it was really dark in there! Even for a big rabbit! Those are his bigold eyes! Jasper turned on the light.

He looked athis non glowy pair of plain white and he knew what he had to do.

He's got his shovel back and he's going to the hill.

The creepy underwear were a little muddy, but they still filled the room with that gentle greenish glow.

The next day, Jasper gathered his allowance money and went to the underwear store all by himself, justlike a big rabbit.

That night, Jasper wasn't scared at all.

As he lay down tosleep, he smiled.

And so did his underwear, because they had finally found someone who wasn't scared.






of creepy underwear! Look at all thoseunderwears! They're all over his room! The end.

I hope you guys enjoyed that and I hope to see you soon! Bye!.