Best Underwear for Travel? Woolx Daily Review | Merino Wool Anti Microbial Boxer Briefs (Tech Wear)

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And in this video we're going to be taking a look at the Woolx Daily Boxer Briefs.

These are antimicrobial, they are lightweight, they are packable.

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So let's jump into the Daily's from Woolx.

[upbeat music playing] These are some of the softest and themost lightweight merino wool briefs that we have come across in our search.

And we found that they are tight enough to provide some structure onto your body, but also loose enough that they don't feel constricting; there is a lot of give.

Of course a lot of this fit is going to depend on your body type and yourpersonal preference, but we found that these are the best for most people thathave used them.

Aesthetically these come in many different colors and of coursethat's not going to matter that much as you're going to be wearing pants overthem quite a bit.

[upbeat music playing] And of course these merino wool boxers have the standard brand – brand – brand – brand – brand across all the elastic here which we're not superinto, but we will take that as a trade-off for comfort when it comes to briefs.

So here's the kicker with these things – each pair we've tested (we've tried aboutsix pairs over the course of a year and a half) they all blow out the same wayafter about six to nine months, or seventy-five wears.

And that's on theinner thigh – so we do see holes that develop there.

We think it's becausethere's the most friction there and again, degrading about the same exact way on every pair that we've tested.

So with these coming in at around $30, they're alittle bit more expensive than traditional boxers.

And they're going to beabout a forty cents per wear expense.

Give or take you can wear them about 75times.

Now it's important to note that we really put these through the wringer.

Inthe year-and-a-half of testing – me, myself, I was on the road all the time.

Thesewere some of the only pairs of briefs that I would wear.

So it kind of cycledthrough two or three pairs, depending on where I was in the world at the time, andif I threw another one that was degraded.

Also had somebody else on our team that has been testing these ran into the same exact issue.

So it is a pattern that wesee that is repeatable.

So overall these are a little bit more expensive than wewould like to see in a pair of briefs, but they're so comfortable and they fitso amazingly well that we feel that it's worth that risk.

We definitely recommendthem! For some of the pros – these things are really comfortable and they can fitto a lot of different body types very well.

Some of the other wool briefs thatwe've tested out there are either a little bit too loose or too tight, or they kind of bunch up.

These don't really bunch up hardly at all.

These are made of merino wool and you can get a bunch of wears between washes.

So if you can't wash them for a couple days, a couple weeks, maybe even a couple months, or if you're feeling extreme – you're gonna be okay with just a quickair dry with these things.

Out of the six pairs we tested, well actually seven, one came down on arrival with a small hole in it.

Woolx was super eager to help us out, and very quick to replace.

So that'sreally great – their customer service is awesome.

And we have noticed a couple of similar stories on the Amazon reviews.

So for some of the cons – you're looking at about a six to nine month window with seventy-five wears.

So if you're reallyputting these things through the wringer and you want to have them for years tocome, these may not be the best pair of briefs for you.

But they are supercomfortable.

Another con is that we have seen, more than other brands, some of this stuff being shipped to people that's kind of dead on arrival.

So maybe thereis a hole in it.

Again Woolx is really great about replacing that, butmaybe their quality control could be improved a little bit.

They could makesure that they're sending the people that order the products the bestversions possible.

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