Best Underwear for Kids – DadLabs Video

even though it may land us on a federal watch list today in the lab we're talking about children's Underpants [Music] today's underwear epic is brought to you by BabyBjorn makers of a full line of potty chairs and toilet seats and they're all cute and ergonomic as well BabyBjorn so potty training is successful at least completely underway parents now face a momentous decision what kind of panties to buy oh I've been warned by the staff not to say panties some women object to that word Oh would you rather I say undergarment so in order to prepare for this segment I went out and went shopping for children's undergarments a panty raid I went all over Austin buying children's Underpants and I found myself at one point in a big-box retail store and I wanted to demonstrate the dizzying array of Underpants that are available for purchase so I whipped out my camera and began snapping photographs of the underpants and you were immediately arrested no but I definitely felt very creepy didn't I say anything no that's the thing everybody is incredibly nice and it gave me this aha moment ah underpants Epiphany yes exactly there I was feeling awkward and and terror like I was an inappropriate place and everybody was being so nice and supportive and it made me realize that some of these stereotypes and restrictions that that men feel when we're dealing with being fathers and parenting it's just self-imposed we have to break out of these roles struggle internally to overcome them can we talk about the panties now yes sew on your pants this work from the most economical to the most expensive not surprisingly most economical Underpants can be found at Walmart yeah absolutely big-box retail you know right out of diapers or training pants sometimes it's good to go with the cheapest definitely because accidents are going to happen I know with my wife and I we had a policy sometimes if you get a total number two disaster those Underpants just aren't worth saving we would keep children's scissors in the diaper bag and actually go all yar I just cut the diapers off and think about the numbers this pack of 10 Underpants from Walmart faded glory costs about the same as these 26 pull-ups so the price difference is significant but these things are less than a dollar each if you have to sacrifice a couple for a bad accident that seems worth yeah absolutely and you know what you've got to have accident so you might want to think about using characters you can always say you don't want to pee on SpongeBob or Patrick don't look Scheck is crying don't don't whiz on Thomas so as we move on up the line a little bit what you're gonna see is a higher grade of cotton a little bit more comfortable waistband and of course a better fit the waist bands were key in our household like my son would always complain about oh the waistband gave him scars like wherever it bit into a side so I really appreciate these pairs that have sort of a thicker waistband like that and this is one of my best fat finds I got this three pack of underwear at Gap Kids this is only four bucks wow that's great I like the gap kids and you know even even a little higher of the Jim Murray I like the jumpers I've heard great things from parents about the Gymboree again you've got the higher quality waistband and those are going to be able to be folded up nicely and of course I went to Nordstrom's and I found this three pack of underwear I'm gonna take these out just briefly because I'm gonna I'm gonna return these for sure but with three pairs 28 bucks Oh 28 bucks for three pairs I don't know look I don't I don't know about the monkey in the banana either boxers or briefs hipsters or boy shorts there's style choices to be made whether you're talking about girls or boys what you guys choose in your house so the boys we move the boxer briefs and for the girl the traditional bikini Underpants you know I'm with you on the I'm with you on the boxer briefs yeah they're nice and neat I hate it when I see my older son he's got the boxers kind of hanging out of the shorts it's a terrible look the girls you know I like thicker fabric I hate those little cheap girls Underpants because you put them once through the washing machine they turn a little calamari you like to granny pan and you know and I just want something that I can fold you know that's interesting because 56% of women actually admit to folding their underpants before putting them away but only 10% of women admit leaving the house commander if you have any interesting underwear statistics or want to discuss what's the best kind of underwear for kids join us at dadlabs.

com let your opinions be known we want to hear from you we'd like to thank our sponsor BabyBjorn makers of a full line of potty chairs and seats baby bjorn that's all for us here this week in a lab we'll see you next time and we'll talk about something less awkward I'm command [Music].