Attempt at Making Victorian Underwear

I suddenly wanted to make a piece of clothing this summer so I chose to attempt a project I've been wanting to do for a long time (actually it was to procrastinate learning econometrics) This combination is based off Bernadette Banner's video, which is linked in the description check it out if you want to see an actual professional make this This video will just be a log of my own process The first step is making the patterns I just traced them from tank tops and shorts I already owned and made a mockup After trying on the mockup, I modified the pattern and here I'm just tracing the revised patterns onto wrapping paper (cuz I'm cheap) (also I've been trying to get rid of this roll) Next, I pin the patterns onto my cotton and cut out the pieces Then I pinned the insertion lace onto my cotton, making sure the angles match up Then I basted the lace into place and cut the cotton behind it This is what it looked like after I put in the insertion lace Next I pinned the top lace into place.

I formed peaks on both sides by folding the lace Once this was all done I felled the hem of the top Then I began to gather the hem The historically accurate method (as shown in Bernadette's video) is to take up 2 threads while going over 4 But I'm not as patient as she is so I tried to take up around 0.

5 mm of thread each time while going over 3 or 4 After I finished gathering, I pinned the waistband lace on and sewed it onto the gathered hem I kept the lace behind the cotton parts and brought it in front of the insertion lace so the edge could be finished off nicely Here's the top attached to the waistband Next I cut the fabric for the pants I had to do this like 3 times because I kept forgetting to leave a seam allowance oops Historically(?) Victorian drawers are open at the thighs but I didn't really want to have that so I designed my pants to be like normal shorts But once I sewed the butt seam, I realized my front seam has to be open because my waistband is not gathered by elastic (so there's no give when I slide it over my hips) Here I'm sewing the pieces together with a backstitch Look at my neat butt seam Next I attached the top and bottoms together At this point I realized my top was too big because I didn’t take into consideration that the insertion lace couldn’t be gathered To make it less poofy, I sewed seams into both sides in the front and back (basically darting) But this made my lace look mismatched T__T I guess I'll know for next time.


(there is no next time Next I attached the shoulder straps I also marked where I wanted to end the pant legs and hemmed them and attached the lace Next I ironed the cotton for the ruffle This piece was legit taller than me with my arm raised and I felled it for 2 days straight Here I’m attaching the ruffle lace I actually bought a three-tiered ruffle which I'm really glad for because I found out the length I had bought was wayyyyyyy too short Here is the gathered ruffle.

At this point the ruffle is actually too poofy so I had to take out the gathers and redo everything.

… Next I cut the diamond lace to insert my ribbon! It’s a super pretty color but I couldn’t get it in the width I wanted.

This was the closest I could find Then I sewed the ruffles onto the legs Next, I sewed the buttons onto the top This was my first time sewing buttons correctly lmao The video I watched was like a men’s sewing tutorial and in the beginning they had to say “don’t think sewing is unmanly because it comes in handy when you need to stitch your wounds” I forgot to film this part but I sewed the button loops!! It involved making two loops and then knotting all the way around them It wasn’t difficult but I was honestly blinded by the white on white Finally finally finally I am sewing on the top ribbon!! It sounds like the easiest part but I had to redo this so many times because I couldn’t get them in the right position And at last I clipped the ends and here is the finished product!.