Anti-Rape Underwear

a company known as AR where has come outwith anti-rape underwear and they're hoping to raiseenough money to actually put these I undies in production so we'll see ifthat actually happens are looking to raise about fifty thousand dollars but the way that it works is up airwhere users something

known as cut proof walkable straps that fix theform fitting underwear on to a woman's public area to thwart would be sexual assailants so a is a good idea obvious is the firstquestion that comes up in for a couple different reasons inumber one if you know if the guy

gets angry that waycreate a more hostile situation yes so I'm I I did research on this becauseI I tried to figure out exactly how it is that you can put themon but not take them awfully right therewas an ass Equus yeah it's just it just seems strange and

theylook like shorts I mean how are you gonna wear it just for so it's okay many criticismsabout the first of all the most important criticism it's going to makesomeone angry its they're gonna they're gonna have ahard time taking it off and as a result there gonna people woman

up there gonna takeit out on her and I'm not saying that their intentions were bad or or thisthis was it thought out carefully but I'm justworried it could make someone I gotta go ahead say it wasn't %uh care okay alright it up it's just sillyI mean like it's

fine look here's why here'swhat is good for if it makes a woman feel safer and more secure then great then go forward I don't II the reaction trying to figure outwhat the reaction other well violent sexual assaulter is you know i mean that thatgoes back to that whether

it's gonna make you mad at the same argument is you know do you resist do you carry macedo you keep a knife on you do you carry a gun all those things could make thesituation worse but those are all decisions that individual people rightly get tomake yeah I

am NOT you know it's easy for me yeah but I Iwould I take my chances in terms about I thinkI'd want you know want to resist so I actually I'm moreopen to this thing you guys are you are no I'm not I'm totally open to it Idon't think

it's gonna save anybody your help anybody but itmight make but here's here's a scenario which might help you know we done these stories about thegirls who pass out on a guy's raped them and then they take picturesand moved up on the front lawn in one case in serra

in if they kept the any guys were alsodrug K take it off maybe now in that scenariooutside a point yeah I didn't think about tape date-rape I didn't think about you knowsomeone who could be drugged up his work perfect example love a situation wherecould possibly work whenever I

think rape I always thinkabout you know someone who's walking on the street by lol we also got the guide like lay in ambushis waiting for you governor yeah but that is a good example of howit could work so I'm going to open up now look but it has

lotta difference I see Iso don't know how you take it off but I'm sure they figure that out I hope aand but I also I hope you where'd in a very rarecircumstance for your party any word about that specific issue its era because it really had a person

wasconstantly wearing rape on your way around there's some chance that like your little like it's something you haveto be very careful about and you should take precautions but atthe same time you don't want to dominate your life where you wanna go out in theworld like I can okay

I gotta make sure I'm preparedagainst rape today yeah I mean it's also a it's it's it's a terrible way of goingthrough life it's absolutely even if it's just for the party you bring up anexample where it sounds like there's a casewhere might have helped but thats that's crazy

but you have to thinkabout that when you go to a party or Mesa talking about where it seems to be latest stories ur high school kids youknow who should be going to parties where that happens liked fucking guy should I mean the girlshould we go to those parties

there Paul in this party shouldn't exist ok I thinkI goes to a party and has sex with a girl was struck like who who gathered so that but I knowthat that's happened for but now like its it's easy appealsworst companies they keep it like to further humiliateher and

near its center is so stupid it sovicious as the suspect that should have people get drunk we understand thatgreat but like it's almost to me like wearinga bulletproof vest that every day like gay you could get shot in whichcase like thank god you're the best on but you

know what that mentality foryour life you don't put that on every day yes so that's my actual story to methat's why this feels like just this is just marketing in a way to raise fiftythousand bucks but you know whatever went to it it its essentially harmless until the

daywhere somebody goes to a party in their trip goes on a date with their friendand then they have a great night may come homewith the likes an oval pitch like the girl big girl can't figure outhow did they get off their get out