$9 Vs. $64 No-Show Underwear

there's so many things in my life I need to control not one hey I'm Chloe and I'm jasmine and today we're trying cheap versus expensive no-show underwear panty lines do really annoy me I feel like you can have a really cool outfit and then if you just like see all the lines just kind ruins the outfit obviously so my solution is usually just to go with no underwear I got underwear if you want to do it's totally fine I just feel like if it's something really short I just pack up always pulling it down it would be cool to find something that totally doesn't show and that I can wear so that I can just go up a car like this I started thinking about I hate the word pant set away actually okay I started thinking about underwear line pretty early on because I played volleyball and we had to wear spandex and if you wore your granny panty underwear with spandex they were like what are you doing this so now I don't wear underwear literally ever unless I'm on my period we're gonna try these with body con dresses and with leggings or like yoga pants to clothing items that you can often see underwear lines and yeah you show cheapy that was the cheap pair these bad boys in $9.

99 apparently yep my mine r12 was pretty cheap yeah I just don't need something that's control there's so many things in my life I need to control not one I just want like silky and yeah that was like no volume this even has seams on it well so this is a thumb rectangle and a line that let's go try them on [Music] yeah this is good if you can't tell this is the underwear like it's kind of digging in here oh yeah really – yeah yeah yeah I'm like why does this part need to be so tight oh like it's actually fine on me but like apartment fetish shows but like it feels fine yeah but this part is uncomfortable and then this is just really high up couldn't make that into a whole outfit yeah look no it's at all mine definitely are rolling down yeah this is a really bad boy I just want to like be able to wear it pants without showing no all right let's try these with body con dresses okay well I think it's just the dress look at ya you can still see the end of my ass I think that dress is forgiving for lines because it's like got the ruching yeah if it was like a dress like this you'd probably I'd see oh for sure which this is fun you can see the thumb oh my gosh yeah yeah really can like yeah even more than you put on the pants really I usually don't wear underwear with this dress because it is really hard to wear underwear with and this doesn't work with it I mean being that these are like nine and twelve dollars I'm like it's not a lot of money but also like if I'm gonna spend any of my money I'm gonna expect it to work in the way that I want it to like they show the end thing is they show show bring the expensive pair out I was just given these expensive underwear and I am not kidding you these are the exact same underwear that are on my body right now the tags the same ruching in the back is the same like this is the same it's so messed up so I'm wearing nine dollar underwear these are 48 and I you not they're the exact same underwear scan school we did scam this is Frank's brand which are definitely higher quality you have this line I don't know if I want this yeah I think he's gonna be more uncomfortable honestly they have like tighter for a start I think they all gonna do the thing where like it's gonna do that yeah this might be good though like there's stickiness on here this might be good where you can like adjust it yeah and not have it roll make it look smoother yeah so I don't know how I feel about that but we'll see well since I'm wearing the exact same underwear from before they show I think actually was some yeah right we know yeah that line is pretty intense it's it's there it's an indent I forgot your name yeah how do you feel with the stickiness um it definitely feels like it's gonna stay it's not gonna like roll down uh-huh but I don't want my underwear up to my booth oh look it's doing that thing yeah I minor but it's like but still still squishing here it's still squishing my skin I don't want shapewear so that's oh yeah this is legit shapewear it's pretty invisible clothes it's like I know I'm feeling it right here but I can't see that yeah feel smoother and the fabric feels like nicer it's more expensive than you can tell us more expenses yeah at least there's something there and that you're getting better quality with the price and like you yeah that's what a scam that's good yeah I see if it's a bad with dresses you're just gonna be the same yeah the same the same it's annoying the same I can see it by than if you can I can see it a little bit these are definitely better than the other one yes I agree it's best for me there are other one I can say it's a little bit giving me kind of a double but mm-hmm yeah look if I move my leg although I don't stand like this obviously if I uh no I normally yeah well I just think it's better with no underwear Oh 100% I could see my no the ones that I'm wearing no for you if I found them in my size I could see justifying spending sixty-four dollars if I was getting married like I personally don't but I could see people doing it to where like if they had one of those like dresses or something like that and you really wanted it but to me no one's gonna see it and if they do who cares they just know you're wearing underwear I wish I would have been told at a younger age that that really does not matter because now that I'm older I'm like I really don't care if people know I'm wearing underwear I mean yeah is it that shocking that we could possibly wear underwear right thing that sucks is that like a lot of I mean though everyone we've tried on today when you're talking about seamless it also seems like they go hand in hand with shapewear yeah and I think that's weird I guess I'm gonna stick with my lungs oh yeah mm-hmm [Music] [Music].