7 Underwear Questions You're Embarrassed To Ask | Common Questions About Men's Briefs

Gentlemen, Antonio here.

Today, I'm going to be answering seven questionsthat you have about underwear, but are perhaps too embarrassed to ask.

Guys, I'm going to have a little bit of funwith this video.

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So, the first question what is the perfectstyle, Antonio, what is the style that is best for all men? And the answer, there isn't one, but thereis my personal preference and I'm going to tell you it's the boxer briefs.

I love a good pair of boxer briefs.

Now, going back I started off like probablymost young men.

When I first got stop stopped wearing diapersand started wearing regular underwear that my mom chose for me and I loved Star Warsunderwear I loved all the, you know, Transformer underwear.

Then, when I became a young man, went offto college it was something, I went to boxers and I stuck with boxers for a good decade.

And, it really just out of habit, I didn'ttry changing up, but boxer briefs I have to say fit I really like I run cross-country, I exercise quite a bit and for me I can wear this to the gym, they are very comfortableunder my clothing, the clothing that I choose to wear, it sometimes, you know, fits me verywell and it's something that I just find that this works for my lifestyle and the way mybody is and I just enjoy the boxer briefs.

Question number two.

How often to change your underwear? Gentlemen, the answer is when it's dirty.

Now, how to know when it's dirty? Okay.

So, that's going that's probably for anothervideo, but I will say change it daily.

That is the easiest way just get into thehabit of changing your underwear daily.

If you exercise, after exercising in yourunderwear you should have an additional pair to change into.

Sweaty underwear, guys is just not somethingthat you want to have lying around and that takes me to question number three.

How many pairs of underwear should a man own? I personally have about twenty pairs.

I went through my closet count them up abouttwenty pairs.

I think I'm a little bit on the higher endthough.

I think a man can get away with about fourteenpairs of underwear.

Why fourteen pairs? I think you need to have at least and forme, I do my laundry once a week, so I need to have at least seven pairs.

And then, if I'm going to exercise, then I'mgoing to use a few other pairs here and there, I probably got three to four times a week.

I also think you should have some backup onesif you're about to take a business trip.

If you don't have time for laundry, all ofa sudden you've got your four to five pairs that you're going to take with you that waywhen you get back, yes, then you can make it happen.

So, fourteen pairs at a minimum, twenty pairsmaybe a little bit higher up.

So, question number four.

What's the best fabric out there? What we're going to see in general and I thinkmost of you guys if you just have the shopping in department store what you're going to seeis cotton and modal.

So, I'm going to talk about each of them separately.

Now, cotton is going to be one of the mostcommon fabrics out there in underwear.

It probably has about 80% of the market.

Reason being it's tried and true, it's common, you can get access to anywhere.

I really do like cotton with a little bitof a mix, something that brings a little bit of elastic or stretch to it.

It doesn't have to be usually more than 10%, but that stretch is going to give it the right properties because cotton one of the issueswith it though is when you expose it to extreme heat, all of a sudden it's going to shrinkdown.

Cotton also can be susceptible to mildew, so if you've got moist underwear and you throw it in the corner and wait a week, you couldactually overtime you wouldn't really see it, but it can actually start to break down.

But, again, cotton is common, it is goingto be usually least expensive of all the types out there.

Now, modal actually absorbs 50% more thancotton, it has great elastic properties, it's not going to shrink in heat and you can basicallybe really rough with it which is another advantage of cotton.

So, these both are my two favorite fabricsbecause you can be incredibly rough with them, they're going to be durable over time andthat's what you want to look for in your underwear fabric.

So, question number five.

When to throw out your underwear? Guys, throw out your underwear if you haveholes, if you have stains, or if it doesn't fit.

Why would it not fit? Some of you guys are going to have extremeweight loss, weight gain and in that case you're going to want to go with something, you don't want to wear an underwear that doesn't fit you.

If you have a stain problem, guys, improveyour hygiene habits.

I don't have a video for that, but I'm sureyou can find one out there.

But, let's talk about holes because that'san area where I think a lot of underwear actually is initially you start to see holes in alongthe waistband and you just throw it out.

The problem is cheap underwear oftentimeshas a waistband that's been attached after manufacture after they did the body part or, they actually use an inferior stitch.

So, when I'm looking at quality underwearI want to make sure there's oftentimes a double stitch in and along the waistband and thatthey made it from the same material.

So, they usually take the material, they'llwrap it around.

Whenever you see a waistband that's been attached, you want to make sure, again, look for double in some cases like this a triple stitch.

That right there is a sign of quality andit's going to make sure that it doesn't separate, all of a sudden holes don't develop thereand that the underwear, you know, life of your underwear it's going to last two to threetimes longer.

So, question number six.

Specialty underwear, what do I think aboutit? I think specialty underwear is awesome.

The fact that you can go out there and lookon the web and if you have a particular need you have a particular problem and you cansolve that with a specialty type of underwear, great.

So, if you want a better looking butt, yes, there is underwear that can help with that.

If you want compression underwear, they canhelp you recover from your workout, it is out there.

If you want underwear that is specificallydesigned to actually it has a pouch for your package, so that you can exercise better andnot worry about everything bouncing all over the place or, to actually be able to havea layer of separation so that it's more comfortable, you're not going to have the sweating issue, guys, there is underwear like that.

In fact, if you wanted to check out Sheath, you guys know I'm a big supporter of this veteran-owned business.

I've got a number of their pairs and I'vebeen using their samples.

I go to the gym, what? Three times a week and I use their stuff andI think it works.

So, go check them out.

The point is, guys, if you have a particularneed, search it, find it, try it out, and you'd be amazed there's a lot more than justyour typical tidy whitey out there.

Question number seven.

Going commando.

What are my thoughts on going commando? I personally don't like the feeling of goingcommando.

I understand some guys maybe you leave yourunderwear at home and you go out to the gym and you decide just to go for it, but be carefulgoing that way.

Let's just say that there is no protectionbetween you and your your higher end clothing.

So, all right, guys, that's it.

Let me know what you think in the commentsespecially if you disagree or if you agree with any of the answers to the questions thatI put out there.

And, go check out Sheath, they were kind enoughto provide me multiple sample of underwear that I was able to use in this video.

A lot of the things I talked about such asthe fabric modal, they actually have underwear that's made from that.

I really, guys, I have five pairs of underwear, every time I go to the YMCA here in Wausau I'm just enjoying the fact that I'm a littlebit more comfortable when I'm running those laps when I'm going into the weight room andI've even had people reach out to me and say, Antonio, I had an issue with one of my testicles, it was very sensitive.

Using this underwear has really helped me.

So, guys, whatever your issue is, remember, there is probably some specialty underwear out there.

Go out there, look for it.

That's it, guys.

See you in the next video.